Eminent Gold Launches Nevada Treasure Hunt with CEO Paul Sun and Chief Geologist Dan McCoy


We were joined by a new sponsor Eminent Gold Corporation. CEO Paul Sun, a mining engineer with extensive experience in capital markets is at the helm. Chief Geologist Dr. Dan McCoy has over 30 years of global mining experience. He headed up the teams at Keegan Resources and Cayden Resources, which led to the acquisition of both companies.

There’s 4 PhD’s pursuing Eminent’s exploration ambitions. The company has four projects, all of which show great potential. As far is which one is the most promising, McCoy likens it to picking your favorite child, a hard task at best. To date, sampling has taken place at Weepah and Gilbert South. Results have greatly exceeded expectations, with channel grades up to 60 g/t gold and 30g/t gold respectively. This has helped form a better understand the underlying geology and to further refine future drill targeting.

Eminent is not just another Johnny-Come-Lately Nevada gold explorer. Their projects are in close proximity to other large past and present producing mines. They’ve upped the game by looking for gold in places where others haven’t previously ventured. They’re using the latest technology to re-examine historic projects. In earlier times, when less effective methods were the only one’s available, miners pursued low-hanging high-grade fruit and ignored deposits that were not then economic.

Times have changed; Sun and McCoy believe they are on to the next great Nevada discovery(ies) and expect a steady stream of news and catalysts to follow shortly.

Company Website: www.EminentGoldCorp.com

Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: EMGDF  — TSX-V: EMNT

Prior company interview: Eminent Gold Corp: Four Nevada Lottery Tickets with CEO Paul Sun

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At Financial Survival Network, we’re always in search of more ways to bring in more revenue. Adam Mesh comes on the show to talk about low risk and decent return strategies that you can implement within your investing. Mesh tries to focus on long game—doing things that won’t get him burnt out quick and provide great results. Tune in for more pointers from Mesh and myself.

-We’re always looking for more ways to bring in more revenue
-Adam Mesh talks to people about trading and takes part in trading himself
-HIs focus is on the long game—doing things that won’t get him burnt out quick
-He started out day trading, and evolved from there. He likes having premium collection as a component of his trading
-If you think the market is going to go higher, you can sell a put and take ownership of a stock at a lower price
-A diagonal calendar is a synthetic cover call—it’s based on the expected moves

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Rob Stevens comes on the podcast to help us get a better understanding of why mining stocks move the way that they do, and he gives us some context around the current situation. Companies are expanding resources and making discoveries, but people are holding back on riskier stocks due to the equity markets. Tune in to learn more about what’s to come, and to get information on resources that can help you comprehend the inner workings of this industry.

-When it comes to understanding the mining sector, you want an understanding of why these stocks move in a certain direction—especially when you don’t expect them to
-When you think you know what you’re doing here, that’s when you’re most vulnerable
-Market indifference towards drilling results
-Companies are expanding resources and making discoveries
-People are holding back on riskier stocks because the equity markets are a bit depressed
-There has been a lot of financing
-The vast majority of investors in the market are at the wrong side of the trade
-The metal price index is sitting at the same high point as it was in 2012
-We are going to see a lot more news flow and activity as we get into the new year
-There’s a lot of money on the sidelines waiting for a peak
-Electric vehicles increase interest in commodities like copper
-Copper hit its peak and pulled back, but it’s definitely in an up trend
-$4.50-$5 copper makes new discoveries really attractive—copper is something to keep your eye on
-$4 seems to be the new floor for copper
-Gold is treading water, but at good prices
-There are so many different influences on gold price
-Safety is always an issue for uranium
-You also need to understand the mining process to understand why the stocks do what they do

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How to Analyze Exploration Company Drill Results with Dr. Rob Stevens

Non-Technical Resource Investors Can Succeed if They Are Willing to Put in the Work with Rob Stevens

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It seems as if inflation is not quite as transitory as the media has portrayed. I sit down and chat with Andy Schectman about this ongoing phenomenon, which seems to be solidifying more and more as time passes. While CPI seems somewhat normal, things like commodity prices and house prices aren’t factored into this number. Tune in to hear Schectman and myself breakdown the inflationary situation that is definitely structural, and to hear about the wide-reaching implications of this matter

-Inflation is not so transitory
-The largest social security increase in decades is coming
-Companies are paying higher hourly wages and offering sign-on bonuses
-Prices are going up, house prices are going up, but these numbers aren’t factored into the CPI
-The media doesn’t do a good job of telling the truth
-This inflation is definitely structural
-Until you get a change in policy and the government is willing to make difficult decisions, this will be with us for the foreseeable future
-As money depreciates, it never has as much value as when you first had it
-The US leaving Afghanistan had a major impact on OPEC—they’re being protected by Russia and opened up oil to other currencies

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Silver Bullion Will Disappear – “People Are Waking Up” with Andy Schectman

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Crescat Capital gold macro article


great charts, including:

The gold miners are the only major sector now generating positive free cash flow

The miners' gold reserves have peaked and are now declining, forcing them to acquire more by buying up juniors.

In the VA governors' race the Dems staged a fake white supremicist rally and tried to pin it on the Repubs, and got caught big-time. Meanwhile, school board protests are a huge factor and might be a sign of things to come for the midterms. 

In Australia, the bond yields are spiking through the central bank's target levels. 


Emerging market interest rates are rising too. https://www.ibtimes.com/brazil-hikes-interest-rate-most-two-decades-3326062 Brazil is good example, but lots of other countries have interest rates up in historically normal ranges of 5%-10%. The developed world is looking like the outlier. Are central banks starting to lose control of rates?

Shiba Inu and Squid Game cryptos soar by multi-000%. It's the dot-com bubble on steroids. 

Tesla gets an order from Hertz that's worth $4 billion and its market cap rises by $40 billion. Elon Musk's net worth now exceeds Exxon's market cap. Time to short them again? 

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For October, markets were up across the board. Dow up 5.8% 35800 and S&P 500 up 6.9% to 4605, Nasdaq up 7.3%. Russell 2000 up 4.2%, TSX up 4.8%, and TSX.V posted a major 10.6% increase. VIX settled back down to 16.3. The Dollar was mostly flat closing at 94.14 and the Euro was .2%. 10 Year yield up slightly 2.6% to 1.56. Bitcoin closed at 60698 for a massive 38.5%. Gold's up an unimpressive 1.7% to 1784. Silver was up 8.1% to 23.85. Pt added 6% to 1018. Pd was up 5.3% for the month to 1937. Copper up 10% to $4.46. WTI keeps going higher 11.4% to 83.57. Brent up another 10% to 84.43. Natgas skidded 7.5% to bring it to 5.43. Uranium added to its parabolic move up 7.1% to $45.50, more thanks to the Sprott Uranium Trust. 

Ratios:  Au:Ag down to 74.7, Pt:Au .57, Pt:Pd .53. BRT:WTI 1.01, WTI:HH 15.4, and AU:WTI 21.3.  

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As you get older, it’s important to have a plan regarding retirement, social security, and medicare. I speak with Mark Singer to address how changes in the economy are affecting these things, and what the benefits will look like based on the circumstances. Social security is seeing a substantial increase, but at the cost of the funds potentially running out faster. Tune in to get insight from Singer and myself on how you can prepare for what’s to come.

-Lots of individuals are wondering what to do in terms of social security, medicare, and retirement
-Mark Singer is the proprietor of 55retire
-Social security is getting the biggest increase we’ve seen in decades…will it last?
-The first two quarters ran about 5.5-6% higher than the previous year, and for the 3rd quarter it showed a 5.9% increase from the previous year
-As a result of this inflation, social security’s liquidity decreased by a year
-If we do nothing, social security will not have enough necessary funding to provide 100% of the benefit. Starting in 2033, they will be able to pay out 80% of the benefit
-There are ways we can increase the funding
-Be cautious of long term investments in consideration of interest rates
-Inflationary prices will probably stay with us for another year
-Get your goals straight and your strategy worked out so that you can prepare for what’s to come

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'Semi-Retire at 55' with Mark Singer


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