Todd Bubba Horowitz and I catch up on all things economy, and address some of the negative changes that have incurred over time. Essentials such as energy are going up in cost, and water is also seeing a major price increase. We are facing a currency crisis as a result of the inflationary circumstances, and debt is bound to accrue in light of this. Tune in to hear more from Horowitz and myself, and get up to speed on the economic situation.

-Most things you do to survive requires energy, and energy costs are going up
-We are in the infancy of this mess; it can be fixed easily, but it will not go this way
-Water is also going to go up in price—we’ve had water shortages and will have to de-salinize
-As an America it is your duty to minimize your tax burden; there’s a difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance
-Many Americans only focus on being able to make monthly payments—not the bigger picture
-Replace appliances when you can—you never know what will happen with the supply chain
-The more governments try to prevent crypto-space, the more powerful it will become
-Don’t take all your money and put it into one thing—it’s good to have diversity. Gold, however, is critical
-We have a debt-based currency - “buy now, pay never” plan

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The supply chain has raised a lot of concerns, especially in consideration of the upcoming holiday season. Carl Gould comes on the podcast to talk about this, and to give advice on what we can do to compensate for these disruptions. If you see something that you know you’re going to need, it’s probably wise to get it now—especially if it’s trendy, or comes from a manufacturer overseas. Tune in to get advice on how to adjust to some of these changes in preparation for the coming months.

-The supply chain has been affecting all aspects of life lately—if you see something you want now, it’s best to go ahead and get it
-Especially in consideration of the holiday season, it’s important to start thinking about purchasing things soon since the supply chain is so far behind
-Popular and trendy items will be especially hard to get ahold of at this point
-The category of item will likely be available, but not the specific item itself
-We don’t have the labor force to load/unload ships and ships are leaving without being fully loaded
-Secondary markets are equally robust, and worth considering (i.e. Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, etc.)
-The supply chain disruption affects many areas of your life
-Anything coming from overseas, especially apparel, is going to require a long wait
-Europe is going to have disruptions as well
-It may be a good year to give things that are experiential rather than tangible

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Cryptos have become increasingly prevalent, but does this leave room for the precious metals? I sit down and talk to Joshua Scigala, who is very well versed in both digital and tangible modes of currency. Interestingly enough, Scigala says that the two can and should coexist. Fundamental changes in the banking system demand that we find new ways to cultivate value—this is where crypto becomes crucial. Tune in to hear about the interplay between differing currencies and how we can view them in sync.

-Cryptos have been very high—but the same is not the case for the precious metals
-What is the future of cryptos? It is extremely bright
-We have rare digital assets
-An unfortunate misunderstanding exists between gold and crypto enthusiasts
-Gold and crypto can work beautifully together
-Charging interest that doesn’t exist in the system is fundamentally corrupt
-Inflation steals everyone’s wealth
-The schooling system doesn’t address where money comes from, and the banking mechanism is fundamentally flawed
-There has been a fundamental change in what banking is
-Don’t fight the existing system; build something new
-Put your skepticism aside and consider whether the concept of a rare number could be real
-Digital files have never been good for anything rare
-Put a little bit of money in on a regular basis
-Governments will never completely agree on crypto

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As our economy drifts into bankruptcy and financial crisis, we are experiencing a widespread loss of trust. I sit down and chat with John Rubino to dissect this, and it seems that we are within a system and cycle that isn’t working so well anymore. We discuss tax changes, healthcare issues, debt, and some of the factors that are ultimately creating a larger controversy.

-There has been a major loss of trust—people are perceiving things as either dishonesty or incompetence as we drift into bankruptcy and financial crisis
-Don’t try to change the system; leave it
-The US and Europe are tax havens in some areas
-New York is letting go 70,000 unvaccinated healthcare workers, which is going to create a massive shortage in healthcare workers
-When interest rates goes up, that means that market participants demand them to go up before lending money to anyone
-The yields on US government debts are starting to rise in response to inflation
-Other countries have to pay more to borrow—dollar denominated debt
-Many small problems will eventually create a larger energy crisis
-Energy and food are quite closely related
-Water is also skyrocketing in price—requires energy to get delivered to your home

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‘Pandora papers’ reveal how world leaders dodge millions in taxes <>  

NY deploys National Guard to replace 70,000 unvaccinated health workers 
Facebook’s covid fact-checker is funded by vaccine lobby <> 

$2.2 million raised for Marine in brig after criticizing Afghan chaos <>

Look at all the millionaires in Congress <> (1% of Americans are millionaires, but 50% of congressmen are)

Fauci says ‘too early to tell’ if Americans can celebrate Christmas <>


If we have time ...
Specter of Treasury rout comes at grim time for emerging markets <>

Ford’s sales improving but still down by 27.4% in the third quarter <>

German power plant halted after it runs out of coal <>

Evergrande crisis drives China gold buying higher <> 

India’s gold imports surge as prices correct ahead of festivals <>


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Andy Schectman and I sit down to discuss the precious metals, inflation, and some of the recent shifts in the economy that have left people wondering what’s in store for us as a nation. It seems that transitory, in regard to inflation, has taken on a whole new meaning. We are not going to see inflation disappear eventually; rather, it is most likely structural, and will continue to increase. Furthermore, we look to the precious metals as a way to maintain a sense of privacy in a world where it seems to be dissipating—gold and silver seem to be the only dependable way to secure your wealth.

-The precious metal markets have not been behaving well—silver is under pressure right now
-Many things that are vitally important are not spoken about in the media; there’s a lack of honest reporting
-What does transitory even mean in light of the current inflation?
-The shift in inflation could be structural, and continue to increase
-The Chinese are on the path to taking over the reign of the economic powerhouse; wealth is moving eastward
-Our infrastructure bill will probably not even go towards infrastructure
-China is building relationships and assets that will allow them to transition
-The biggest thing in the tax bill is the proposal to monitor all gross in-flows and out0flows of money above $600 on all platforms (Venmo, PayPal, etc)
-Precious metals give a sense of privacy in a world where privacy seems to be dissipating
-The biggest problem will ultimately be people not being able to source anything
-There will most likely be higher premiums on gold and silver
-In regard to the supply chain, there are shortages of everything
-Keeping interest rates low is the only option
-You don’t buy gold and silver to get wealthy; it is wealth

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Websites are a great way to generate more revenue for businesses. In this episode, I consult Arthur Root on how one can optimize digital content and generate calls to action that are most effective for your website. Root says that machine-learning software is key; these programs operate like plugins and are easy to implement. The software determines what features will be most beneficial, and you can then integrate them within your site. Tune in to learn more about how you can make your website better and up your sales as a result.

-How do you turn your website into a money machine? Root has a lot of insight on this
-There are so many possible combinations of content/calls to action you can try out
-First, create your content. Then, start to use advanced tools to focus on creating content, and let the machine to determine what calls to action will be most effective
-Machine-learning based solutions are most efficient
-You can focus the machine-learning software on the designated money making pages
-Look at for software provider to do this
-You can integrate the software like a plugin
-Run analyses after users visit the website
-This is relatively inexpensive, and you can make up the cost for it when you generate extra sales
-You can implement the software in about an hour
-Focusing on page load speed time can also help your website
-Taking time off loading speed increases revenue

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For September and the quarter, markets were down across the board. Dow down 4.3% 333844 and S&P 500 off 4.8% to 4308, Nasdaq of a larger 5.9%. Russell 2000 down less 3.0% to 2204, TSX off a minor 2.5%, and TSX.V slammed for another 4.2% decline. VIX took off at 23.10. The Dollar went up another 2.0% to 94.20 and the Euro was off another 2%. 10 Year yield kept going up - 16.9% to 1.52. Bitcoin was slammed 6.6% to 43836. Gold kept losing ground off 3.3% to 1755. Silver was off another 7.5% to 22.11. Pt off 4,8% to 960. Pd crashed 23.5% for the month to 1840, under 2000. Copper lost 5.4% to $4.06. WTI rose 9.5% to 75.030. Brent up 7.7% to 78.52. Natgas had a parabolic move adding another 34% to bring it to 5.87. Uranium also went parabolic adding 22.7% to $42.50, thanks to the Sprott Uranium Trust. 

Ratios:  Au:Ag rose to 79.4, Pt:Au .55, Pt:Pd .52. BRT:WTI 1.05, WTI:HH 12.8, and AU:WTI 23.4.  

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Are you wondering where gold and silver prices are headed? In this episode I speak with David Erfle, who has been spot on about prices for a long time. In our conversation we break down some of the underlying factors that have affected prices—specifically corrections and the imminent quarter close. We also discuss inflation, which has played a large role in some of these fluctuations. Tune in to hear more from myself and Erfle, and get the full picture of what’s happening with the metals market.

-Where are gold and silver prices headed?
-David Erfle has been spot on about prices for a long time
-Perception is the buzz word with precious metals
-There could be a bounce before the quarter close—it’s over-sold on the short term
-Premiums have come down a bit, but in light of the last decline, they will probably shoot back up
-The stock market is due for a correction
-Gold stocks have gone from being hated, to investors being apathetic
-In instances like this, you want to still be leveraged with stocks and still have a large cash position
-The catalyst to push gold prices higher could be an official taper announcement at the next Fed meeting
-Gold price will get hit more with a mediocre NFP
-Everything is going up in price—commodities, natgas, etc.
-Real inflation is here to stay
-We are trying to solve a sovereign debt crisis with more debt
-Insurance is on sale; the insurance is gold

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To catch up on economic trends, I sit down with Gordon T. Long and talk all things economy including the precious metals, inflation, and the supply chain. There are problems ahead as we have said before, and we’re seeing some of these now in equity markets. Some of the latest concerns include liquidity shock, global growth shock, supply shock, and Chinese credit. Tune in to hear more from myself and Long about how these debacles came about, and what to expect in the coming months.

-What are the economic trends?
-Long states that there are problems ahead—we’re seeing these now in equity markets
-Silver is getting crushed; gold has hardly moved
-Silver is so prevalent in electronics
-Silver dropping means that there is a global growth concern since the dollar is spiking in parallel
-We are seeing a liquidity shock, global growth shock, supply shock/demand shock, and Chinese credit
-We are seeing higher commodity prices/higher consumer prices
-If all money is going into buying assets, it’s not turning money
-Inflation is looming
-Labor costs are going up—there is a shortage of workers
-There is a downside on precious metals before we hit the bottom

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