John and I discuss the way in which the layaway concept is re-inserting itself into buying procedures; time and time again, individuals are slaves to debt and seek out more methods of borrowing money. We touch upon gold and silver getting whacked due to banks feeling pressure about unemployment rates as well as what the markets will do. However, the stock market is not crashing--and the drop in gold and silver prices should not induce panic. Tune in today to hear about some of the latest phenomena in tech, debt, and investing, and stay for the entertaining South Park references.


-Concept of the layaway - ‘Layaway America’ - debt slaves don’t have enough ways to borrow

-We are becoming the layaway nation - everything that’s old is new again

-Gold and Silver take major decline

-Medically necessary creeping fascism

-Bitcoin is back up

-Tech companies have revived the idea of the layaway - making interest free payments until something is paid off

-Debt slaves don’t have enough ways to borrow


-It’s not a surprise that gold and silver are getting whacked - banks are feeling pressure about unemployment rates and what the markets will do

-The stock market is down a little bit today, but isn’t crashing; only gold and silver are struggling. This is opportunistic and should not cause panic

-There are far more jobs than unemployed people—something has to give

-COVID era benefits need to eventually go away

-We are experiencing accelerating inflation

-Baby boomers are retiring; it’s going to be expensive when the government starts paying for all our needs

-some people see cryptos as tech stocks and buy them when they’re optimistic, while some people buy them when they’re worried. This means that there is always a market for them

Useful Links:

Financial Survival Network

Dollar Collapse

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I was joined by Fury Gold Mines’ Chair Ivan Bebek and CEO Mike Timmins for the latest sponsor update. The news has been coming out at a fast and “Fury-ous” pace (pardon the pun) and as expected yet more high-grade gold has been found. In the latest results, three drill holes focused on the untested Hinge target had significant intercepts - including 1 meter of 12.81 g/t gold…showing that Hinge has high-grade veins as well as broader mineralization zones.

Results like these demonstrate that Fury is the perfect case for why one should invest in the junior mining sector. Many times the market appears indifferent to highly positive results, but when the news really starts flowing, it catches on and great shareholder returns routinely follow. As Ivan said, “Patience …will always pay off.” The company now has 4 drills turning and while the assay labs have been slow to furnish results, things should pick up shortly. Website: - Ticker Symbol - TSX/NYSE: FURY

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In today’s episode I speak with Crypto Professional Shahar Abrams about the basic fundamentals of cryptocurrency, its future, and why you should educate yourself on this increasingly prevalent industry. Shahar entered the crypto sphere in 2017 and has since become an expert on the digital revolution in value that is taking place. Crypto offers an amazing opportunity for passive income that you can’t make with traditional stocks, and is essentially the backbone for what is going to become the internet of value. Tune in to hear captivating stories from Shahar about his background, the future of crypto, and his online course where you can learn the inner-workings of cryptocurrency investing.


-What people think crypto is, what it really is, and why they should educate themselves

-Perhaps losing money is the best learning experience in the industry

-why it has a future, why you should be interested and perhaps even take a course

-started out consulting for IBM (data science track), dove into blockchain in 2017

-Interested in personal finance

-Rich Dad, Poor Dad

-Creating passive income streams and buying assets that put money in your pocket

-Bought in in 2017

-Felt like he was developing an edge in crypto - quit the corporate world and wants to now focus on education. There is a big educational gap, amongst investors—especially within crypto

-there is a big range of what crypto can be worth

-actual liquid market is a lot smaller than what people think

-Long-term/medium-term investing in crypto - best trade-off between financial benefit and stress levels

-Passive income you can’t make with stocks

-If you want to trade, carve out a bit of your portfolio, start small, and increase as fit

-goal of the course: predicated on view that this is a legitimate, maturing industry that will result in massive disruption to any industry that mediates value

-crypto is the backbone of what is going to become the internet of value

-we will be able to send value by way of crypto very regularly

-wants to push people to take the long-term view

-the best investors in the world don’t invest in something they don’t understand

-great opportunity whether you are more aggressive or passive - it is worth learning about so you can better assess risk and create a strategy to reach your goals

-crypto from the technical and market perspective


Useful Links:

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! By Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Richest Man in Babylon by Sam Sisavath

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We just went through the usual precious metals bottom in late July, early August. Volume on juniors is completely anemic. GDXJ has double bottomed which is usually a very bullish sign. David Erfle sat down with us to give an update gold, silver and mining stocks. 

Mining stocks have continued to go down leading to investors take tax losses in the summer, which is quite unheard of. David says this is the exact time when the opportunity in the sector is greatest, at the bottom. Therefore, you need to have a watch list and be ready to pounce. The juniors are in particularly strong position now. Since the last move up, they’ve cashed up and are ready to go. Drilling programs are happening right now and results are being release. There’s lots of value in the sector. Of course it’s always possible we could have another down leg that drops gold to 1600-1650. in this sector you never know. However, = if gold stays above 1750 it will soon be off to the races. The Fed is working overtime on pushing gold prices higher. It finally admitted what we all know, inflation is here to stay, and with its decision to not raise rates or taper, the secret is out of the bag.

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Do you want to minimize the amount you pay in taxes? Today, Mark Myers gives us the inside scoop on how we can do this legally and ethically. Mark highlights the distinction between the tax systems for the informed and the uninformed, and how we can equip ourselves with the resources to be on the informed side. Many small to medium business owners are not aware of some of the benefits they can take advantage of that are non-taxable and very attainable. Most importantly, it is critical to understand how we can stay within the black and white boundaries of the IRS while keeping more of our own money. Tune in to get direct insight from Mark on some of the up and coming potential tax strategies and some useful tips to ensure that you minimize your taxes.

Important points:


-Business owners (small to medium, $150M revenue) most of these owners don’t know that there are benefits they can take advantage of that are non-taxable. This is by creating another entity with a separate service

-Low hanging fruit in the informed tax realm—needs to be structured right so it doesn’t fall under IRS rules in control and consolidation. This needs to be done under the right guidance

-Make sure you are in the black and white, and not stepping outside of the boundaries

-Highest tax break Mark has helped someone achieve was 7 figures

-What is the next largest potential tax strategy one can utilize?

-capital gains - selling appreciated assets

-How can you ensure you don’t trigger the capital gain tax event when selling an asset?

-Trust structure - when the buyer goes to buy the asset, they aren’t paying you but the trust which you have control over

-utilize family structure to minimize taxes - passive income can be offset by passive losses

Useful Links:

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Noble Drakoln is long Robinhood and not for the reason you might think. True it’s a hot market trading app that has millions of clients and makes its living selling their data to high frequency traders. It’s doing quite well and according to Noble has leveled the playing field and enabled the public to turn the tables on the pros, but that’s only half the story. They’re really a crypto play as they are one of the largest holders of the infamous Elon Musk promoted Dogecoin. And they’re all set to become a major crypto trading platform that could easily surpass Coinbase. And that could really result in huge profits to early Robinhood investors, and perhaps that’s why the price has rebounded and gone higher than the IPO price. Perhaps another Facebook in the making. 

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Robert Stevens and I discuss the mining industry, and set out to address some of the challenges and changes within the field in today’s podcast. The mining industry is experiencing quite a boom, and the demand for metals only increases and will continue to do so in the following years. This is especially significant in consideration of transitioning to a more electrified economy. 


Robert talks about how he got into geology, and the underlying entrepreneurialism in the field that sheds light on the scope of the industry. It is imperative to look at the bigger picture in mining to account for each facet. Mining is essentially the ultimate treasure hunt and mastery of the earth’s resources, but it requires that we understand what it means to bring mines online. 

Robert offers valuable insight into the implications of drilling, and the necessity to create a working understanding of why we drill, because results are affected by these reasons. Finally, we get into how mining is a different industry today than it was historically. We can now recover metals in greater quantities and processing methods operate with increased efficiency. 

The regulatory requirements in place that allow for more environmental preservation contribute to these shifts in mining practices, which need to be acknowledged by regulators and governments. Anyone interested in exploring this topic more can check out Robert’s book, Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials, and participate in his online courses that provide an overview of the industry. 

Links and Resources

Online courses -

-Pre-recorded online courses as well as a live one taking place September 28th-30th (12 hrs) that provides an overview of the industry

Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials by Robert Stevens


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The good side. Social security recipients have shortchanged by fake inflation numbers. They’ll probably get a 5% increase or more for next year. In most recessions we have supply chain issues. This has resulted in higher prices. The actual numbers are probably running ahead of that. The supply chain issues are starting to get resolved and prices will come back down. Mark believes it will be a short-term blip. 

When to take social security? It’s situational dependent. Your health, your financial situation and your history. Most people take it too early. It depends on your family situation. There are over 500 different scenarios dealing with Social Security benefits. You need an expert like mark to unravel the mystery. 

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Carnivore Trading was started by Dutch, Donk, and Trader Z, all professional Wall Streeters that have worked together at some of the biggest and best firms on Wall Street and have 100+ years of combined trading and Wall Street experience. They believe that Wall Street has become fundamentally flawed and is now structurally designed to produce mediocrity. Wall Street is living off its former reputation, not who they are today. They are no longer money makers for you, they simply want to keep your money invested at all times and keep making big fees off your account. Unfortunately, they just want the annual fee, and absolutely DO NOT CARE if you make any money.

Carnivore Trading is a group of professional traders that deliver to its subscriber family (“The Carnivores”) Instant Text Alerts for trades it is recommending. We find explosive trade set ups and deliver them in real time to the Carnivores. Their family of Carnivore Traders act on them if they wish at whatever brokerage firm they hold their accounts. Carnivore is not a brokerage and will not do any trades for you. Rather, they give you the recommendation, you do the trade yourself.

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