Pretty much everything is falling apart. You’ve got oil in negative numbers, never happened before. You’ve got a large part of the planet still on lockdown and you’ve got central banks printing money like nobody’s business. Hopefully, there is an end in site, but how much longer can things go on before there’s a complete implosion. Danielle and I discuss what’s coming down the road and for many of us, it ain’t pretty. Be prepared and become debt-free. There are big changes coming to the economy and to all of our lives. Now’s the time to prepare. 

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Danielle DiMartino Booth is truly a global thought leader on monetary policy, economics and finance. Her book FED UP: An Insider’s Take on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America provides an insider's perspective of the potential damage an overreaching, out of control Fed can do. We discussed the economic ramifications of what will be left in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic. 15% unemployment is the tip of the iceberg. The situation is bleak and the Fed is doing everything wrong, as is the government. The stimulus dollars aren't finding their way to the people most in need. Are we past the point of solutions? What can we the people do about it? Interesting, troubling issues. 

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The price of oil hit negative numbers, a first. If you go to your local gas station will they pay you to fill your tank up. The first wave of major retail bankruptcies has started. Neiman Marcus (a/k/a needless mark-up) is expected to file shortly. The first of many. And commercial real estate is in the dumps. With bankruptcies and the shut down, no one is renting office space and companies will no doubt reduce their need after the lockdown is over. We're heading into uncharted waters now. 

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Just when you thought it was safe to leverage up the hilts, the crash comes along. Now you need different strategies and techniques to survive and thrive in the months and years ahead. Everyone who still has any assets needs to completely relearn the keys to investing. That's what Jason and I intend to do. Please join us this Wednesday, April 22, 2022 at 5pm eastern/2pm pacific time. Just click here...

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We don't have good data. We need to be doing random testing to get an exact idea of the extent of the pandemic. Dr. Huber believes that it's going to be researched more than Polio. Was the fear justified or not? A normal quarantine is when someone who is infected is isolated. Healthy people are not placed in quarantine, which is exactly what our government has done. When people are told they can go out, they're going out big, for their sanity. They'll shop brick and mortar and there will be a big bump. People are going to hit the road, bigly. 

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Our good friend Aaron Clarey a/k/a Captain Capitalism joined us. Unlike most small business people, he won't be applying for any stimulus checks. That's because the recent crash created a bumper crop of new clients for his A-hole Consulting. Because so many millennials have no solid role models and have no other place to turn to, Aaron has become a surrogate parent figure. They hardly remember 200-09 since they were so young, so now they're trying to figure what to do next. Perhaps there's hope. 

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Modern Monetary Theory has won out, AOC should be thrilled. The theory basically purports that we can have it all and don't worry about hyperinflation or currency collapses, can't happen here. And that's why gold and silver miners are going to take off to the moon. With $1700+ gold, it's just a matter of time till the juniors get rediscovered and capital gets redeployed. Keep your eye on the GDX. 

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According to noted mortgage specialist Debbie Bloyd, real estate closings are still taking place and while it's very difficult to shop for a home, especially if it's owner-occupied, there are some people who have to move and find a new place. Obviously, how much longer the lockdown continues will have a major bearing on the market. Debbie warns all to be careful about applying for a mortgage payment deferral. You need to know repayment terms and while it shouldn't negatively affect your credit score, you need to check to be absolutely certain. There's other traps that we go into in depth. Take a listen. 

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The country has been in lockdown for nearly 1 month. Has it helped, well of course the politicians think so, they've seen their power increase and they get to make pronouncements not based upon any law or reason. How much longer will it go on? At the first sign of a lessening of the lock-down, people will leave their homes en-masse and that will be the end of it. 

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On Nick's radar today:

1. Earnings season has begun with earnings from JPM, JNJ, and WFC. Earnings season will continue for the next 4 to 5 weeks. Nick doesn't think the numbers will matter much due to the recent shutdown. Tomorrow we get more financial stocks reporting such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Citibank, PNC, U.S. bancorp & United health. Earnings season is very cloudy and very bad. JPM is backing off and Nick believes it’s a potential buy within the next week and believes it could it hit $110. He’s looking for an additional pullback. JPM is the leader of the pack. Goldman’s earnings are due out tomorrow and it's looking good on the chart. Could pop to $205. 

2. Oil is trading lower again this morning. It will be important to watch the pattern this week for a possible setup. It’s been week since the OPEC cut and crude has been down. It has not given a buy signal yet. When it does Nick will be on the long side. Interesting pattern with small risk and large potential gain. Look for it to hit $30 and then $36. 

3. Gold is in an uptrend, but it is extended at this stage. Nick thinks it needs to pull back at his point of the game.  For today silver is up 4%. It’s chart is looking very strong and has increased gradually. The real test is $17.50 to $18.00. Then it’s on to $20 and then the mid $20’s. 

Member Inquiry

1. Hershey (HSY): I'm going to put 6% of my portfolio in HSY, if the price drops to $120. Nick believes that $130 could be a good entry point. 

2. Stanley Black & Decker (SWK): I'm going to put 4% of my portfolio in SWK, if the price drops to $100. Nick likes it at that level and would place a stop at $80. 

SWK chart is on the screen now. Here's Nick's analysis of the stock. This chart explains the natural ebb and flow of how equities move higher. Here is a recent chart of SWK. Notice how the stock rallied up from the March 23rd bottom, then it stalled and retraced from March 26th to April 1st under it's 20-day moving average. It then started to move higher into the $120.00 level on April 9th. 

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Great news! According to Joshua Jensen a/k/a JJ the CPA, the stimulus is starting to arrive. It's amazing to think the US Government can give away hundreds of billions in such a short period of time, but they're actually doing it. Let's hope it provides a lifeline to small businesses across the country. JJ give the latest updates on all the various stimulus programs being doled out now and how you can get your piece of it. Don't be too proud or humble, even if you think you don't need it, apply for it and if things turn out great, you can always give it back. Lot's of great actionable intelligence here. 

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JP Morgan has stopped making business loans and they’ve tightened up their mortgage lending standards to at least a 700 credit score and 20 percent down. No doubt other banks will follow. It’s reminescent of the their move last year when they completely pulled out of the repo market overnight. Gold coincidentally rose $22 per ounce while we were speaking. Not a bad move for a monday. 

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RC Peck says yes. While we can't know the future, we certainly can expect cycles to repeat themselves with regularity and RC is helping to educate people so they don't see their portfolios get whip-sawed, which is what always happens during market disruptions. It happens over and over again, you zig when you should zag and zag when you should zig. RC's system could be the cure. 

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Jim Welsh says get ready for the market retest. Stocks have been heading higher. It’s not unusual to a substantial rally after a market crash. We’ll see how long it takes to get America back to work. What will people do after the pandemic ends? It will take longer for life to get back to normal than expected. Q1 and Q2 will show awful numbers, but the market has probably factored that in. It will also depend upon treatment options and their effectiveness. 

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Globalism, Leftism and the mainstream media are truly headed down the tubes. Amazing what a pandemic will do. We're no longer fixated on transgender athletes and who should be able to use what restroom. It's on to important business. The MSM's latest fake Trump news borders on the absurd. It seems that Trump and his family trusts own shares in a mutual fund that owns shares in a big pharma company that makes Hydroxychloroquin (a drug showing promising results in treating Covid 19). From that twisted bit of logic, Trump has been pushing the drug because he will profit from it. His actual indirect interest in the company is between $99 to $15,000: hardly a potential windfall. Maybe his interest is because the drug actually appears to be helpful in treating the Coronavirus. Who would have ever believed that? 

Will Joe Biden make it to the virtual Democrat convention? Steve believes that it's virtually impossible to kick Biden off the ticket at this late date. I'm betting that a bathtub accident takes him out. What do you think? 

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Gary Wagner and I speak for a while, but to sum it all up, gold is going much much higher. Keep watching it as it goes up and up, or maybe even buy some while you're at it. And don't forget silver because it's going up too!

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Global markets have rebounded from the massive crash that took place over the past weeks. Is it a genuine recovery or just a major SnapBack rally? Danielle, reviewing market history, believes it’s latter and not the former. We’ve seen these rebound rallies many times before and they generally peter out after around a 50 percent retracement. Let’s see if this one really is different. Perhaps with the imminent of the coronavirus pandemic, things will go back to some semblance of normal, but don’t count on it. 

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In Colorado the Cannabis Industry big business and has been determined to be essential. It’s a massive part of the economy and one of the top drivers of tax revenue. A significant part of the population is engaged in health and wellness directly tied to the industry. In 10 years, medical and recreational cannabis have become essential to the state’s economic well-being.  What is vital and what’s not? It’s a fluid situation. Things will be changing in the coming month. Be ready!

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Argentina defaults on its debt for a change. Housing market implodes. While many of us working at home haven’t felt the full brunt of the quarantine, those who have to go to a physical job there’s risk involved. Housing isn’t the epicenter of the collapse this time, it’s more collateral damage. Houses are not a substitute for savings. Second homes will become a luxury that few can afford. Most people are used to bubble market prices and that’s about to change. And Airbnb hosts are in real trouble, no one is traveling or going on vacation. No one wants to go into a stranger’s house right now. 

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The private sector has stepped up to the plate. New tests, vaccines and drugs are being tested and approved very quickly. There’s been some success with Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine. Many private companies are working night and day to find treatments and vaccines. Many companies are stepping up to the plate to provide needed supplies and protective products to the public. Often the government is slowing it down or denying access to drugs in life or death situations. How are countries with Medicare for All systems working, not well in Spain and Italy. California hasn’t seen its cases explode yet. Probably because of its spread out nature and lack of mass transit. 

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Individuals need to be very wary of ETFs. We’re just getting a taste over what will be happening during the next decade. What started out as wonderful convenient way to invest in the market has turned into something completely different. Avi believes they should only be used as trading vehicles, not to be held long term. And when it comes to the leveraged ETFs forget about it. They’re designed to go to zero. Avi is also very bullish on silver and gold, for obvious reasons. Oil will remain in the duldrums but expect a snap-back rally. Lots more here for investors of any level of sophistication. 

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The Stimulus Package was signed in to law on March 28, 2020. If you're a Small Business owner, Independent Contractor, Freelancer, Sole Proprietor - The 2020 CoronaVirus Stimulus Package could be a lifesaver! Here is the link to go and get ALL of the Resources we have put together === Make sure you get at least the $10,000 COVID-19 ECONOMIC INJURY DISASTER LOAN APPLICATION ==== go to this video to learn how to apply for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Application ===== Heather Havenwood (Like A Boss Podcast and Influencer Tribe) and I recorded this special briefing for you. Welcome to your emergency financial survival briefing. Please watch and share this with other people in your community and small businesses. Small businesses, really are the health and the breathing mechanism of America today. It's extremely important that we insure that as many as possible survive. There's a lot of things that got passed in the stimulus package, but much of it still isn't well known.

It wasn't just a blank check. There are different tiers for different businesses and governments. There's state, there's federal and SBA. There's literally different things. There's emergency loans, there's emergency grants. And so much so over the last what three days, Kerry you and I had been scouring the internet. You had the audacity to read the bill Cray Cray. You are, but that's who you are. So what we're doing is he's going to be going into the details of these different kinds of packages. I'm not going to call them loans because some are some art, some are grants, some are just gifts of the government. And there's a lot of um, a confusion out there. Even lawyers and accountants don't really exactly know what's going on. So we explained to you who Kerry Lutz is. So he's a financial guy now. Absolutely. That's, that's what we're here to do. I'm actually willing to having a phone call here in a couple of hours with a doctor, an MD who's got a general practice in San Antonio, and he was referred to me, but my other friend who's a doctor, he's like, please help them. You know? Um, so everyone's freaked out. And the, the challenge with all of that is that, uh, there's a lot of misinformation happening. You know, the end of the day, this, some news package just was signed on Friday, late Friday actually. information is still being brought out. As you know, Kerry I walked, went to three banks today, uh, to talk about one particular a loan program that was talked about in, in the Congress, the bill and all the bankers are like, we don't know what you're talking about. So there's just a lot of information. Our job here today is to help you as much as we possibly can. All right, so let's kind of dive in. My job is to keep a macro view on it and Kerry going to dive in a lot to the minutia. So let's start with the individuals. You know, what's in it for the individual who's not business? It is the $1,200, is that right, Kerry? Yup. Basically $1,200 if you're a married couple and you're under a certain income level, generally $75,000 each, then you'll each get 1200 and then $500 each for each dependent that's listed on your tax return. So it could be a substantial amount of money for a married couple. My partner business partner, he's got six children and a wife. So he's Yeah, small down payment. Okay. So we're quickly though on that cause something I learned last night, you and I are talking about if you, you need to make sure that you have to file your 2018 Taxes, correct? That is correct. There's no, you can't really tell whether it's going to tie it up or not, but they're going to base these payments on 2018 on your return. Heather, it wouldn't surprise me if it goes out early next week. I've never seen the government move as quickly on anything. when I was in New York and nine, 11, we had all these programs and they took months to get and and so New York might actually have an advantage here because they still have that infrastructure in place for their grants and loans that took place after nine 11. These programs can work for you. There are programs in this bill that will help you. Gig economy, financial contractors. I'm pursuing, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a consultant basically, right? I'm a one person employee. I have people that work for me, but they're all contractors. Uh, I thought for sure I'm not going to get anything. And uh, last night I, uh, along with Kerry, we filled out information to get a $10,000, what do you calls all loan? $10,000.

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Karl M. Gibbons is quite optimistic about the future of small business. He believes that the government is giving the economy the lifeline that it needs and it's doing it very quickly.  His company is Third Eye Management in Florida and intends to help with the effort. He is a serial entrepreneur who created and sold four multi-million dollar businesses by the age of 40. He founded Third Eye Management in 1988. Gibbons merges timeless principles of success with leading-edge technologies to accelerate achievement.  He regularly works with clients to achieve growth, build business teams and recession-proof businesses.

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Dr. Luiza Petre joined us today for a discussion about the pandemic and why it's so important to keep your weight under control and stay healthy, for exactly this type of situation. She is a Board Certified Cardiologist and Weight Management specialist with extensive training and experience. She volunteers as a house doctor of the New York Philharmonic, so she understands how disease gets spread and how best to prevent it. 


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What can you say about March as the global economy shut down purportedly due to the dreaded Wuhan Coronavirus. 

Stock markets further imploded from February down 20 to 35 percent. VIX or the fear index closed at 53.5 but went over 80. Currencies fairly flat for the month after a large rise and then fall in the USD. Looney and Aussie $ killed. 10 Year yield hits another all time low of .70 going down to .33. Bitcoin down another 21%. Gold fluctuated but closed out at .5 percent to 1577. Silver down another 16% to 13.93. PT down 16%. PD down 8% for the month. Copper down a massive 12.2% to 2.21. Energies totally destroyed yet again. WTI/Brent down 55/55%. Natgas down 2.4% to 1.64 per mm. Uranium up 8.6% after widespread mine closures.  

Ratios: Au/Ag 113.2 - Pt/Au .46 -Pt/Pd .32 -WT/HH 12.5 and AU/WTI an insane 77. Crazy numbers make for crazy markets and insane investors. 

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