As expected the market headed down in January with the SPDR's breaking 100mm volume, but then a funny thing happened, the market went back up. Nick's uncertain of the next move but his gut is telling him it's going down again. Tesla crashed but went way past Nick's call. The short sellers have been cleared out so the next move down is unlikely to result in a free fall. Gold and silver, are in consolidation, getting ready for a breakout down the line. Dollar and treasuries were up as Nick called it. Oil went down from $65 to $50, also in line with Nick's expectations. Lots more was covered here. We'll check back next month as usual. 

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Amy Kremer is a Co-Founder and Chair for Women for America First and a former congressional candidate. By her reckoning the Democrat Party is in full meltdown mode. None of their candidates have a prayer of defeating President Trump. It’s going to be fun to watch. Get ready for a brokered convention and all the chaos that represents. Now it’s on to draining the swamp and Trump appears to be doing just that. Buckle your seat belt, it’s going to be a hell of a ride. 

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Actually it doesn't and its recent parabolic rise is cause for concern because it's an analog to the broader markets. While Tesla is a ground-breaking innovative company, it's shares are certainly speculative, bordering on compulsive gambler territory. How many record stock market closes can there be? The tree does not grow to the sky and Bitcoin still have yet to reach infinity, with Tesla following closely behind. Debt fueled markets reach levels at which they cannot go higher and, in fact must decline. We've been having this conversation for years, but that day keeps getting closer and closer. Better to sacrifice a little bit on the upside to keep your capital in tact. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_12.Feb.20.mp3
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While Dr. Huber is bound by the standards of his profession in diagnosing the mental state of political figures, because he hasn’t done an evaluation or reviewed their medical histories. However, he can offer opinions and help educate the public about dementia and other gerontological mental afflictions. And Washington DC is a veritable gold mine of such conditions. Listen to a hilarious run down of possible ailments. We also talked about what's going on with the Coronavirus and why you shouldn't be panicked, at least yet. Lot's more here. 

Direct download: Dr._John_Huber_11.Feb.20.mp3
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David Morgan says the time is right, the metals have moved and are ready to move higher. Look at how palladium and rhodium have taken off. Will gold, silver and platinum follow suit. Of course they're different metals with different markets and users. However, they've been in tight supply and demand has been increasing. Once you've got your core position in physical, then it's on to the mining stocks, where information is at a premium and failure is always an option. That means finding trusted advisors who know the score and the players, of which David Morgan has few if any peers. The potential in the mining sector at this moment in time is great, but as always proceed with caution and knowledge. 

Direct download: David_Morgan_10.Feb.20.mp3
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With the Fed and Uncle Sam manipulating all the markets, you almost can’t go wrong with your investments. Bonds up! Stocks up! Gold up! Tesla, still up and probably going higher. So what could possibly go wrong? More and more leverage and debt equals disaster. 

Now that Trump has been acquitted, it’s time to clean house and all that experience in tidying up the Trump Hotels is being put to good use. The purge and the great swamp draining can’t be far behind. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_10.Feb.20.mp3
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We sat down with our sponsor Lumina Gold's CEO, Marshall Koval. A company born of Ross Beaty's Lumina Group, things are looking up for its Ecuador Cangrejos project. With 16.7 million ounces of gold and 2.2 billion pounds of copper, there's no reason to believe that this endeavor won't be as successful as Lumina Group's others, which have returned over $1.6 billion to shareholders since 2004.

In fact, the story keeps improving and with the expected updated mine plan in Q1 2020 and updated PEA Study in Q2 2020, it should get even better. Add to that Ecuador's recently implemented mining friendly policies and laws, the project's closeness to a paved highway, two seaports, near proximity to the electrical grid and ample supplies of water, and it's no wonder that this project has garnered so much attention. But Marshall believes that the best is yet to come and if the past is any guide, he's probably correct.


Direct download: Marshall_Koval_10.Feb.20.mp3
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George Leef is editor and George G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal. A recent US District Court decision appears to have reopened the door for  students drowning in college debt to remove it in bankruptcy. Is that a good thing? One the one hand the $1.6 trillion education bubble needs to be addressed or we'll wind up with a generation of student loan debt slaves. However, is it really fair to let them off the hook and simply forgive their debts? What about those who have repaid their loans or didn't take any out? A difficult dilemma in search of a solution. 

Direct download: George_Leef_07.Feb.20.mp3
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Daria Novak, a former U.S. State Department official with significant experience in Chinese affairsChinese government officials, and even some trade experts in Beijing, breathed a quick sigh of relief as the 96-page, Phase One of the US-China trade deal was inked on January 15, 2020. But does it represent more than a short respite in the trade war?

Unlike previous American administrations President Trump demanded, and won, real concessions from the Chinese along with rules for enforcing those changes. The US stood its ground in the trade talks and refused to accept the small, incremental moves offered to and accepted without reciprocity by previous American administrations – Republican and Democrat alike. While it remains questionable that China will enforce all the new trade rules, especially if they stand in opposition to the government’s domestic economic development plan, Phase One will define the path the two nations walk going forward in 2020. For the first time there is a new law creating a domestic mechanism in China that can be used by aggrieved parties to demand a fairer playing field when it comes to the theft of intellectual property (IP).

According to the Agreement China must create a public action plan to explain how it will implement enforcement of IP rights and obligations. The requirement that China publish this enforcement data will, at a minimum, provide a more accurate method for Washington to gauge China’s progress. This was lacking in previous negotiations. In return the US has agreed only to reduce a portion of the tariffs on $360 billion in Chinese imports in the eight-chapter agreement. 

President Xi Jinping now faces a robust series of provisions in the agreement related to technology transfer and intellectual property theft designed to shed light on China’s unfair trade practices. At issue for the United States is whether or not Xi will take the pragmatic steps required to implement those provisions. On the other hand, the Trump Administration is not facing any new Chinese demands on technology transfer or IP protections – with well-deserved credit going to USTR Lighthizer who negotiated Washington’s core grievance well.  

 A less noticed but significant provision in the Agreement is the establishment of a Bilateral Evaluation and Dispute Resolution Office. This mechanism provides a tiered and straight-forward system headed by the USTR and a Chinese vice premier. Below them are designated positions to handle day-to-day issues and the appeals process. If no resolution can be reached there is a process in place that parties may use to escalate the complaint. In the past, US companies bristled at exposing their firms to the public scrutiny of making such a complaint. Whether the Office is a success may depend on American’s firms’ willingness to use it.

Remedial measures, according to the Agreement, are to be proportionate and not retaliatory with the goal of creating and maintaining a normal trading relationship. If the other side does not agree, the only possible recourse is to withdraw from the agreement with a 60-day written notice, an action China is not likely to take over a single issue. Talks on Phase 2 of the trade deal are likely to begin soon but not conclude until after the US Presidential this fall. 

At home President Xi faces a myriad of issues related to the US economic sanctions, including a cooling domestic economy with growth slowing to levels below the required 6.2% required to achieve the country’s 10-year economic plan goal. If China’s top policymakers cannot find ways to curtail the slowdown and maintain growth there may be increased instability in the Chinese economy. This is on top of other domestic issues Xi must deal with such as the unrest in Hong Kong and the Uighur minority in western China.

Direct download: Daria_Novak_07.Feb.20.mp3
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The world is a complicated place. While things often seem to be happening independently of each other, they are actually  connections that we aren't aware of or that are deliberately hidden from us. Tesla was on its way to $1000 but stopped just short. Is the financial system about to collapse or is this the best economy ever? The stock market keeps rallying, as if there won't be anymore stock issued and you've got to get it while it's still available. Everything going on in our financial system is counter-intuited. Central banks keep pumping in the liquidity. The Fed's temporary lending programs seem to be on their way to permanency. As long as they're done under the guise of repo, then they'll never have to account for it. And it's happening over the world. 

Direct download: Rob_Kirby_06.Feb.20.mp3
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Record identity thefts and record frauds in 2019. Over 3.2 million victims reported their crimes to the FTC during the year. There's a rich history of fraudsters in the US. From snake oil salesmen to IRS scammers, nothing ever really changes. Technology has greatly expanded the means to defraud, but the mindset has always been present. According to Heather it's all about how we're wired. Once you become aware of your susceptibility, you can do something about it. Otherwise you're a sitting duck. 

Direct download: Heather_Wagenhals_04.Feb.20.mp3
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John Soforic learned about building wealth from a mentor. When his son Michael was in college, to help him avoid the pitfalls that he encountered, he wrote him a personal book about building wealth. That book became the basis for John's website and books, The Wealthy Gardener. Together we discuss the lessons of life including: The Law of Attraction, participation trophies and why you need to meditate. A very enlightening discussion. 

Direct download: John_Soforic_06.Feb.20.mp3
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Ed Karr, CEO of sponsor US Gold Corp joined us for an update. While the junior mining sector has been subdued as of late, Ed keeps pushing the company forward. US Gold Corp is moving rapidly ahead with its Copper King Project as well as its Keystone and Maggie Creek properties. Copper King is getting closer to a PFS and is well along in the permitting process. Keystone's recent drill holes showed strong anomalous gold and the odds of a major discovery there have increased greatly. And things are just getting started at the newly-acquired Maggie Creek project, which is located right in the middle of the world-famous Carlin Trend. With 3 projects and high expectations, it just a matter of time. 

Direct download: Ed_Karr_04.Feb.20.mp3
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Kevin Bupp is the Founder & CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors, which invests in mobile home parks, apartments, offices, and single family homes all across the US. 

As Kevin relates the competition to purchase mobile home parks has increased greatly over the past few years. Kevin has come up on a new area to invest - parking lots. The annual returns average 6 - 7%. Cash flow increases over time with higher rates and inflation. And hopefully the lots will appreciate as well, so you're basically getting paid to wait. An interesting opportunity. 

Direct download: Kevin_Bupp_03.Feb.20.mp3
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Mickey's Monthly Market Summary

DJIA 1/31/20 28256 -1.00%
S&P 500 1/31/20 3225 -0.20%
NASDAQ 1/31/20 9151 2.00%
RUS 2000 1/31/20 1614 -3.20%
TSX 1/31/20 17318 1.50%
TSX.V 1/31/20 575 -0.50%
MCSI 1/31/20 1062 -4.80%
VIX 1/31/20 18.84  
DXY 1/31/20 98.38 1.90%
EURO 1/31/20 1.11 -1.10%
10 Year 1/31/20 1.49 -22.40%
Bitcoin 1/31/20 9370 31.00%
Au 1/31/20 1589 4.70%
Ag 1/31/20 18.01 1.00%
Pt 1/31/20 958 -0.60%
Pd 1/31/20 2190 13.90%
Cu 1/31/20 2.54 -8.80%
WTI 1/31/20 51.58 -15.50%
Brent 1/31/20 56.67 -17.10%
Henry Hub 1/31/20 1.84 -16.00%
U308 1/31/20 24.7 -1.00%
Ratios Au : Ag Pt : Au    Pt : Pd
  88.23 0.6 0.44
  1.1 28.03 30.81

For January 2020, DJIA slipped 1%, TSX up 1.5%, Emerging markets down 4.8%. VIX ended the month at 18.84, up from 13.75 the prior month. Dollar up 1.9% on Asian Flu ills. Euro down 1.1%. 10 year yield down to 1.49 and Bitcoin up 31% to 9370. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_04.Feb.20.mp3
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Buy the long bond as world central banks get ready to flood the system. China put $176 billion into their banking system Monday. While it didn’t help the Chinese market, it did help everywhere else, especially in the US. Brexit came and went and what’s next? The globalist elite is now liking Brexit as they use the next crisis to further cement their power. They’re not sweating yet as they’re playing a longer game. The next downturn will lead to greater world integration and perhaps more globalization.  

Direct download: John_Rubino_03.Feb.20.mp3
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Ignore all the posturing, all of the impeachment nonsense is coming to an end. While Romney may try to get Trump, it’s not going to work. Nice guys truly do finish last. He’s a dishonest, blow-dried slime according to Karen. His kids are knee-deep in the Ukranian corruption scandal. Politicians can’t pull it off any longer. The people have had enough. Given the next Trump term, hopefully there’s no going back. 

Direct download: Karen_Kataline_03.Feb.20.mp3
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Adam Andrzejewski of has been exposing corruption around the country for years. Recently he requested a copy of California’s main checkbook and was greeted by a denial from the State Controller that the records of some 49 million bills didn’t exist. Therefore she was unable to comply. Adam isn’t taking it and has initiated a legal action to force the disclosure. Adam wants the state to join the transparency revolution. 

Direct download: Adam_Andrzejewski_31.Jan.20.mp3
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Whether it’s the impeachment or just everyday government operation, it’s all about the big lie. But Trump has learned how to turn the lie against the Dems and the Deep State. It’s all part of the playbook. Bring in last minute witnesses to attack Kavanagh or Trump - during the election or his impeachment. He will be exonerated and acquitted, but the Democrats will say that the Senate was covering up. Will the RINO’s hold tight? Either way, it’s going to end shortly and not favorably to the President’s enemies. 

Direct download: James_Hirsen_29.Jan.20.mp3
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A new book put out by a so-called economic and political expert espouses the view that narratives shape reality and perception, which to some extent is true. But listen to Charles Nenner and learn about cycles. Perhaps it's the cycle that shapes the narrative and reality. Right now the narrative is all about the Coronavirus and its impact upon the economy. But perhaps, if it wasn't the virus, it would have been something else. Charles is looking for stock markets to tank, $36 oil, higher dollar and higher treasuries. It may be a little to late for higher Vix, Charles already cashed out.

Direct download: Charles_Nenner_29.Jan.20.mp3
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Buck Joffrey, doctor turned real estate investing expert is seeing lower rates which means lower capitalization rates and higher real estate prices. Currently the U.S. has the highest interest rates of it's peers. As a defensive maneuver, it's almost a necessity for the Fed to cut rates. But what affect will it have on the rest of the world? For now, money is flowing into the U.S. and that's working great. 

Direct download: Buck_Joffrey_29.Jan.20.mp3
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Something bad was always going to happen. Whether this is it or not, we don’t yet know. This virus is contageous before the symptoms show up. With people traveling all over the world, there’s no way to contain it. It’s already having an impact. China is already on lockdown and there’s been rioting Hong Kong over plans to place victims in public housing. Closing down of international trade could result and that will cause central banks to cut rates. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_28.Jan.20.mp3
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Expect travel stocks to be hit. International trade will be inhibited and limited. Crista says we’ve been due for a correction and that the market could fall for any reason at all. Corrections are perfectly normal and happen regularly. Is now the time to be taking profits and putting stop loss orders in place? It’s difficult for individuals to properly implement them. They should be using specific dollar amounts and not percentages. Crista is also bullish on dividend stocks. She’s got a whole list paying 4-7%. And she passes along some great advice on when to sell them. 

Direct download: Crista_Huff_28.Jan.20.mp3
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Daniel Greenfield joined us to discuss the latest non-happenings in the impeachment saga. What will the Dems pull next? They already have. But in the end President Trump will be acquitted of the charges and there will be nothing left except but the losers' tears. 

Direct download: Daniel_Greenfield_27.Jan.20.mp3
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When it comes to understanding resources and resource stocks, Rick Rule truly has few peers. He's been in the game for over 4 decades and has profited accordingly. He's pretty certain that this new gold/resource bull market is for real. While it's encouraging that the noble metals (Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium) have been going like gangbusters, Rick says it's separate from what's going on in gold and silver. There's great opportunities out there for willing knowledgeable investors. The time is now. 

Direct download: Rick_Rule_27.Jan.20.mp3
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