WHO official walks back statement that asymptomatic transmission is 'very rare'


The Social Distancing Double Standard is Real and Absurd

Always beware of people from the government who want to help you. Dr. Steven F. Hotze, M.D. is a best-selling author of Hormones, Health and Happiness.

He discusses the pandemic and the overblown world reaction to it. As an example, he points out the a World Health Organization [WHO] official on Tuesday attempted to clarify a previous statement about coronavirus transmission by asymptomatic individuals being “very rare.”

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO infectious disease epidemiologist, said there had been "misunderstandings" about her comments made on Monday. Yes, evidently she told the truth and undermined the entire reason for the lockdown. In a Facebook Live video, Van Kerkhove said asymptomatic people can in fact spread the virus, though the degree to which they can is unknown.

"We do know that some people who are asymptomatic or some people who don't have symptoms can transmit the virus on," she said. "What we need to better understand is how many people in the population don't have symptoms and, separately, how many of those individuals go on to transmit to others." She said she was referring to two or three studies when she made her statement on Monday. So was she lying when she said it or when she took it back. 



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The virus is being used to shutdown the world economy for the climate change group. They’re cooperating with socialists as well. They’ve all gotten together to change the world economy. When it’s done the socialists will turn against the billionaires, Gates, Soros, Steyer, etc. Europe is done and falling apart. The two proposals will be eliminating all paper money, they’ll be forced to spend it and bring it back to the banks. Bond markets in Japan and Europe have been destroyed. They do invountary conversions of perpetual bonds, you’ll get an interest payment but you’ll never be able to redeem. Never get involved with government paper. They set the rules and there’s no way to fight it. 

The Socialists are being led by Thomas Picketty in France. A convergence of climate change people and socialists who are deliberately destroying the global economy. The end of western civilization. The financial world capital will move from the US to China. There’s no reversing the trend. That’s why they’re so intent on getting rid of Trump. 

The Dems are trying to convert to a fully digital dollar to force everyone into depositing all funds into banks. 

By all accounts they’re trying to stifle gold and silver and cryptos. Metals won’t be usable. Equities could be the safest place to put funds. Real estate might pick up after. Socialism is collapsing. 

A paradigm shift towards the stock market is occurring. Have to look at the indexes differently. Nasdaq is becoming the blue chips. Old brick and mortar are failing so the Dow is on the downside. That’s why the Nasdaq is leading. We’re moving away from the old world order. Last Christmas online sales beat mall sales. 

This is not a racial issue and it’s not a new issue. Police immunity is wrong. 40 million people are unemployed and are losing it. It’s called a race riot but it’s really a rebellion against the shutdown. Everytime you have an economic decline and unemployment rises, you’ll always get civil unrest. 

Over 300 million people have lost their jobs around the world. Statue removal is about anger towards the decline. They’re going to try for another lockdown to influence the election. Martin believes they’re seriously underestimating the American people. They better not try this again!

Dow could still make a new low after a retest. Then we’ll see a slingshot higher in 2022. We’re seeing charts never seen before. We saw the Dow take out the 2019 high and 2019 low this year. A collapse in confidence in the government. Smart money is going to equities to be liquid and movable. Gold will be for individuals. Europe may confiscate gold this time around. We’re going to see stock markets go higher and higher in the decades ahead. 

Mass exodus out of cities is happening now. So many people are moving out of draconian Blue States. New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc., are all dying. Tax burdens are going up and this will feed the outflow. New York City will be the new Rome. RV sales are way up for this reason. The urban cycle has peaked and declined. 

Inflation shouldn’t be upsurging soon. The world is having a major dollar shortage, over 100 countries have applied for relief from the IMF. The Fed can’t hold up the entire world. The demand is so great for dollars that we’re not seeing inflation here. 

To Gen Z, look toward tech. They’re not going to have the freedoms that we’ve come to take for granted. Look how easily it happened with the lockdown. And they’re just getting started. 

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Danielle comments on the Stock Market. Fed is buying corporate bonds. Nothing new, every time there’s a decline they promise new action and it magically goes up. So much corruption. Robinhood is selling trading data to algo traders who then front run them. Hedge funds are the most invested since the crash. At the same time money market fund assets are at an all time high. People have a lot less income to spend. In Canada there’s 20 percent less household income. People are spending less and saving more. It's just a matter of time before the reality catches up to the stock market. 

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1. These markets are like the old weeble wobbles toys, they wobble but they don't fall down. That is what seems to be what is going on right now. This is still an options expiration week and traders should still remain on guard. Last week's high volume decline has not been exceeded yet. So far markets are holding up well.

The reality is we’re above all the moving averages and that indicates that markets are heading higher.

2.  May Retail Sales +17.7% vs +9.0%,  May Retail Sales Ex-Auto +12.4% vs +5.2%. Means more bullish sentiment. You can question the numbers, but they are definitely a mood enhancer.

These are better than expected numbers, but the market was already sharply higher in the overnight futures market. Some say it is due to an infrastructure bill by President Trump. I really do not believe that was the reason. The reason is likely that the central bank is now buying corporate bonds which was announced yesterday afternoon. 

3. Gold and silver recouped most of their losses yesterday, which is very bullish. Longer consolidation period ahead. Watch the pattern.

4. Trading off your high is bullish depending upon where you’re coming from. Volume is always important.

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Market cCycles are topping in a week. Time to get out of the market and buy the VIX. Charles just had a huge VIX trade last week buying calls. Nasdaq hits a new high based on the Fang stocks. 

Charles also had an amazing call on Crude Oil. He was calling for a decline to $4.90 per barrel. Starting selling it at $68 per barrel and closed position out at $4.90. 

Always remember when it happens is much more important than what will happen. The virus happened and then the cycle came to pass. A second cycle of Covid 19 is in the cards. The virus will mutate and second wave comes in the fall. 

Gold is consolidating now, Charles got out in the 1760’s. 6 weeks or so to two months we could see a move.  Charles is negative on bonds, liquidity crisis. Dollar has a bounce and goes down again. Euro is going to have 2020. Bitcoin has no fundamentals and trades purely on emotion.Before news markets still behaved according to cycles. There was no fundamental analysis. RobinHood will end in tears. 

History is God’s story and mystery is my story.Social unrest cycle will be far worse than in the 1960’s. Political correctness is death sanity and rationality. 

Charles talks about Tesla, cycle is up until middle November. Upside target is $1128. Sell signal will be given if it closes $933. 


War cycle is slowly coming up with China. It will end in a big conflict, but social conflict is far more threatening. 

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In this day and age, we can be made or broken based on what we do online. Examples of poorly crafted strategies from inappropriate attire to political goofs, keep popping up. And this shows the need to carefully craft your video and social media identity in the era of Covid. Many people don't have a clue on how to optimized their video image.

Just a few days ago, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was videoconferencing on air with MSNBC from his home. In the middle of the interview, the bathroom door behind him opened and what appeared to be his African American house cleaner came out with cleaning supplies. She looked awkwardly toward the video and he at her. Then she wandered quickly out of the frame. She was not wearing a mask, and neither was he. Ironically, this was just moments after Senator Schumer had been speaking about the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on black Americans. To be fair, Senator Schumer is not the first person – and he certainly won’t be the last – to make a bad videoconferencing faux pas. 

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Peter Hug, as director of global trading is paid to care about the price of gold, not that he doesn't anyway. 

At the beginning of this year Peter was bullish on gold when it was in the mid $1500’s. After all, the economy was vibrant, stocks were trading at near all time highs and the outlook while  positive, was not overwhelmingly so. Then came Covid. Peter warned investors that gold/silver would drop initially and then head higher. Stimulus lead to stock price recovery and stock market reflation. Peter then targeted $1750, which gold hit and then pulled back. The equity markets may come under renewed downward pressure, which again may be a negative for gold. Peter is now calling for $1911 by year end. Remember, his call for last year was $1550, and he was very close.

As for the next generation of investors, millennials are more interested in digital gold products than physical gold. As the boomers drop, millennials will be dumping their inherited metals hoards. Or perhaps they may wise up. 

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he great reset is coming. A monetary reset is backed in the cake. The World Economic Forum in Davos has an intiative called the Great Reset. They’re using the pandemic to restructure the global economy. The details aren’t completely clear, will there be a word government?

Stimulus money has been going into RobinHood accounts. Millennials are buying stocks based on name recognition and a cheap price. Day traders are snapping up Hertz Rent-a-Car stock to the point that Hertz is looking at doing an offering, while in bankruptcy. The disclosure document is hoot, informing purchasers that they'll likely be wiped out in the eventual reorganization, because equity holders are seldom left with anything once a Chapter 11 is complete. But in fact, Hertz is a great brand, known for superior service and a positive consumer experience. And if you're a Millennial what else matters? 

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Kathy Barnette, author of Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America. Kathy is also currently running for U.S. Congress in the 4th District of Pennsylvania.

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets across America again Sunday, with peaceful demonstrations against police killings of black people overshadowed by unrest that quickly ravaged parts of cities from Pennsylvania to California.

City and state officials had deployed thousands of National Guard soldiers, enacted strict curfews and shut down mass transit systems, but that did little to stop many cities from again erupting into unrest.

Protesters in Philadelphia hurled rocks and Molotov cocktails at police, officials said, while masked crowds broke into upscale stores in a San Francisco suburb, fleeing with bags of merchandise. In Minneapolis, a truck driver drove into a massive crowd of demonstrators nearly a week after the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded for air as an officer pressed a knee into his neck.

Conservative political commentator Kathy Barnette shares how liberal leadership has failed the black community and how being a democrat is not synonymous with your skin color. 

During his first historic run for the presidency in 2016, Donald Trump made an impassioned plea to the black community. "Give me a chance," he said. "What the hell do you have to lose?" 
According to Kathy Barnette, black Americans have nothing to lose, except for crime ridden communities, neighborhoods that have become shooting galleries, more social welfare programs, and the mocking indifference of the Democrat party. Barnette argues that even a cursory look into the black community reveals the destabilizing effect liberal policies have had on the black family. 
There was a time when Barnette bought into the same lie as everyone else-that if you're black, you must be a democrat. In fact, she was born into the Democrat party just as much as she was born into brown skin. There was no point of separation. Until she began to understand what it truly means to be black in America. Barnette contends that being black is more than just the color of her skin. It's a culture and a consciousness, too. 
In NOTHING TO LOSE, EVERYTHING TO GAIN, Barnette writes about why liberal policies have failed the black community time and time again - and will fail the larger American community as Democrats rush to the hard Left of the party. From the "Great Society" to Kanye West's ongoing war with the liberal establishment, this book provides sharp, eloquent commentary on the most pressing issues facing black Americans today: broken family structure, loss of identity, the legacy of slavery, and more.
Barnette argues that President Trump has not been willing to presume that the "black vote" is a foregone conclusion resting comfortably in the back pockets of Democrats. With his plainspoken style and willingness to face harsh truths, the president has done more for the black community than any president since Abraham Lincoln. Barnette insists the time is now to get back what has been lost, to fix the brokenness, and to recognize and support those who are actually working in our favor. 

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The Comex seems like a very mysterious entity where precious metals prices somehow are set and supplies get shifted around the globe. But according to CPM Group's Jeffrey Christian, it's a lot simpler than it looks. Anyone who's in the precious metals food chain, miners, fabricators, jewelry manufacturers, bullion dealers, etc., must hedge their inventory and production to avoid sudden unexpected moves in metal prices. Volatile moves could otherwise easily bankrupt the industry in a very short period of time. 

Banks often require their pm borrowers to fully hedge their position, thereby lowering default risk. For fabricators and jewelry manufacturers, this has led to an extensive leasing market. They lease gold and silver until it's been made into finished product, at which time it's sold to customers. The manufacturer then purchases the leased metal. And the process is repeated over and over. Since all participants in the market are hedging, this helps explain why there's such a huge multiple of contracts to actual physical metal. We hope this helps clear things up. For a better explanation, listen to Jeffrey Christian's own words. 

Oh and about those huge silver and gold inventories that JP Morgan Chase is holding, Jeff says they're being held for customers, not on the bank's own account. Next time, we'll find out why their inventories have gotten so enormous. 

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Ken LaCorte, is the founder of LaCorte News. With a motto of “news unspun, talk uncensored” the site highlights media malfeasance and Silicon Valley censorship. Ken was a senior executive at the Fox News Channel from 1998-2016 where for the last decade he headed the editorial team at FoxNews.com. We talk extensively about why the news business has devolved into one big click funnel. Their purpose is no longer to inform, there's no money in that. Rather, their purposes to help further their team's goals and the news be damned. Interesting take from someone who's an industry insider. 

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Kirk Chisholm was most recently ranked the #7 most influential Financial Advisor in the US by Investopedia. He is a 20-year veteran wealth manager and has been a consistent thought leader in the wealth management industry with his innovative ideas and focus on helping people make their lives better. Unlike many, Kirk isn't pushing various bank's products, rather he's about helping you to develop an investment philosophy that will work for you. He's not married to any particular sector, but rather is looking for what's the right sector for you. And that could be real estate, tax lien investing and almost any sector that you have an expertise in and the ability to capitalize upon. That's what makes Kirk very unique in this world. 

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David Erfle's Junior Miner Junky has compiled an enviable record picking junior gold and silver mining stocks that have substantially appreciated. David says now's the time to start cashing in on the gold/silver bull market that's been underway for a while, but now should be kicking into high gear. Precious metals and miners got creamed during the March crash (along with everything else), but since then they've not only recovered, but have gone back to prior levels, with some stocks putting in new 52 week highs. But you didn't miss the rally, for the best is yet to arrive. Following David's Top Ten List could help you cash-in on what's to come. 

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It’s hard to believe that in less than 1 year Osino Resources stock price has tripled. Like most stocks Osino took a hit in March, but rapidly rebounded, recently hitting a new 52 week intra-day high of $1.20(CAD). And it’s no accident. CEO and Founder Heye Daun started two successful companies before Osino that were eventually sold-off for major gains. It looks like the third time will truly be the charm. So far, Osino has had one successful drill hole after another. This year it has embarked upon an ambitious 20,000 meter drill program, of which 10 percent has been completed. There’s been a slight delay due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but Namibia has reopened for business and it should be smooth sailing ahead. Best of all, Heye has the cash to get it done. Fortuitously, the Company did a major capital raise in January, before the pandemic. It now has enough cash for two years of operations. Look forward to a maiden resource in sometime during the first half of 2021. (Disclosure: Shareholder and FSN Sponsor). With everything it has going for it, no doubt more big gains are ahead. TSXV:OSI www.OsinoResources.com

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Well at least the riots are over, for now. Defund the police seems like a truly insane idea, unless you're a progressive, then it makes total sense. Even if someone wanted to solve the underlying economic problems, it can't be done, we're too far gone. But at least we can wear our masks and avoid the Coronavirus. Oh wait, that's over too, if it's safe enough to publicly protest and riot then surely it's okay to open one's business back up and get this economy started again. That's already happening based upon the magnificent job numbers. Nothing to see here folks. 

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Vince was born on a cotton plantation in Haywood County in West Tennessee to parents who, at the time, were sharecroppers. Through hard work and faith in Jesus Christ, his father prospered in the insurance industry, pulling himself and his seven siblings out of poverty and into the middle class. The Ellison Family gospel singing group was formed when Vince was in grade school. The group continued performing through his college years with broad exposure in the Black Church and gospel music community. Through his experiences in gospel music, Vince gained intimate knowledge of the inner workings and failings of many of the Black Ministers in the Black Church.
Vince studied academically at Memphis State University; however, he received a real-world education while working as a correctional officer at a maximum-security prison in South Carolina. Vince later worked in the non-profit arena with many African American civic organizations. He experienced the underworld of politics in 2000 after becoming the Republican nominee in the 6th Congressional District of South Carolina.
These many life experiences have given Vince a unique insight. From this vantage point, he has been able to recognize, dissect, expose, and answer many of the questions regarding race, religion, and politics that have dogged America for years. His books, blogs, interviews, and podcasts share required knowledge for all Americans who desire understanding, reconciliation, and freedom.

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Tom is from the East and has been  enjoying FSN for many years. Tom and I connected after he was moved by a show I did discussing my family relationships and how important it is to reconcile with your loved ones before it's too late. Tom took the advice and reconnected with his daughter, after many years of estrangement. Now they're closer than ever and as a bonus, he gotten close to the grandchild he never knew he had. There's a lot of common sense in what Tom says. Please listen. 

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Nels Stemm is  a principal at Fairview-Partners a company that acquires distressed secured assets. He's extremely bullish on the precious metals stock sector as well acquiring precious metals to preserve accumulated wealth. He believes there are great opportunities coming in distressed debt, but you've got to have a disciplined approach towards when you invest. Nels and his team have been at this for many years and he's ready, willing and able to make the profitable trades. 

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Small business is tanking in Canada. 45% of the population is on some form of government aid. Too many people have no chance of going back to work. The government appears powerless to do anything about it. Of course our neighbor to the North is dependent upon the US economy, or what's left of it. The civil unrest will also have an effect upon the Canadian economy. Perhaps there are countervailing forces in effect, for example the coming brain drain from Hong Kong and China. Lot's of things at work. We can only hope the system will cleansed and we can eventually get back to work. 

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Kelly Sadler, is the former Special Assistant to President Donald J. Trump and Communications Director at America First Action.

Voters in nine battleground states trust President Trump more than presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden to hold China accountable for the coronavirus crisis, and they overwhelmingly support Republicans’ proposal to shield small businesses from lawsuits related to the pandemic, according to a poll obtained exclusively by The Washington Times.

As the president weighs sanctions against Beijing this week for its crackdown on Hong Kong, the survey for America First Policies found that 57% of voters in those key swing states also favor punishing Chinafor its role in the coronavirus outbreak, which has killed 100,000 Americans and battered the U.S. economy. The nonprofit group promotes policies aligned with Mr. Trump’s agenda and is affiliated with the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action.

Voters gave Mr. Trump a 17-point advantage over the former vice president, 50% to 33%, on being better able to stand up to China and hold it accountable for spreading the virus. Three-fourths of voters have a negative view of China.

READ: www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/may/27/swing-state-voters-favor-trump-over-biden-china-su/


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Since the COVID-19 crisis began, we've seen unprecedented government coercion. State and local governments have ordered everyone to stay home and have shut down businesses, schools, and churches. The federal government has sent debt to record heights with its spending. What's missing here? Cooperation.

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John Wisniewski served in the New Jersey State Assembly from 1996-2018. He was a Democratic Party candidate for governor in 2017 and led the investigation into the Bridgegate scandal in which aides to then Governor Chris Christie closed several lanes of the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ in retaliation for the mayor's refusal to endorse the governor for reelection.

He completely disagrees with The Supreme Court's recent Bridgegate ruling could be the opening to overturn former Trump aide Michael Flynn's corruption case and, in the view of the man who led the Bridgegate investigation, open the door for more legalized corruption. 

"What the Bridgegate ruling makes clear is that anti-corruption laws no longer function," says former NJ State Assemblyman and attorney John Wisniewski ."In short it says corruption is not corruption if nothing material is exchanged in return." Which is exactly the legal rationale used to clear Senator Menendez of corruption charges. What's good for the red elephant isn't always good for the blue donkey. 

Lawyers for the president are already talking about how the Bridgegate ruling can and should exonerate Flynn. Wisniewski believes that conservative and liberal leaning justices appear united in the belief that the courts should no longer be in the business of holding government officials to account for violating the public trust. 

So how could the Bridgegate case and the Flynn case mean Michael Flynn, and future administration officials, can operate with impunity? 

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John and I had been warning you for years that this moment was coming. We take zero pleasure in being right. Our only purpose was to help you perceive what was really taking place all around you. The riots and the pandemic may end shortly, but the damage will be felt for years, if not decades. But there's more downside on the way, remember, bad things come in threes. Whether that's a killer hurricane season or other natural disasters or perhaps a war, we're not willing to hazard a guess. Only an admonition that no matter what, you need to be prepared. 

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Retired critical care physician Dr. Ted Noel again blows the lid off the Covid 19 lock down scam. If you’re under 60 with no major health problems, you have very little chance of getting. If you’ve got major health issues, or co-morbidities then be very careful to avoid exposure. Finally, don’t worry much about social distancing. Go outside as sunlight is the best disinfectant and staying inside could be a death sentence. There is actually very little if any chance of infectiion from outdoor contact. Medically proven. Also, Hydroxychlorquin is effective as a propholaxsis and is an effective treatment in the early stages of Covid 19 infection. 

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Stock markets were up again, regaining much of their March losses Dow up 4.3% to TSX.V up 17 percent. VIX or the fear index calmed down again to a still high 27.5. Dollar was down .7% and Euro gained 1.3%.  10 Year yield nearly flat at .65. Bitcoin was up 8.5%. Gold was up 2.5% to 1729. Silver up 19.4% to 17.84. PT up 7.2%. PD down 2.2% for the month. Copper bounced up 3% to 2.42. WTI up a staggering  88%. Brent 40%. Natgas down 5.1% to 1.85 per mm. Uranium up slightly to .6%. 

Ratios: Au/Ag 96.9 - Pt/Au .48 -Pt/Pd .44 - WT/HH 19.2 and AU/WTI 48.7. 

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