While silver may be down, it's not out. Things are happening at Greg Crowe's Silver One. At the Candelaria Project recent drill results were quite encouraging, with one hole returning 1129 over 8m true width, within a 27.62 meter interval that averaged 350 gm/t silver grams per ton.

As if that wasn't enough, a sample from the Company's recently acquired Phoenix Silver Project yielded a 417-pound native silver vein fragment in which a specific gravity test indicates high-grade silver. No assay was performed since this is an extremely rare museum grade specimen, worthy of preservation in its own right. While this might not be indicative of of the mineralization hosted on the property, but it's an amazing very positive find. 

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Joe Biden has entered a new phase of his cognitive impairment, it's gone from disorientation, verbal gaffes and speech impairment to uncontrolled anger, bursts of profanity and a general loss of control. The next phase will be uncontrollable anger leading to violent outbursts. Visit any nursing home and you'll find people in a similar state. There's one very close to my home in FL and regularly there's multiple police cars and ambulances called to quell residents' acts of violence. Joe's well on the path and therefore, he's never going to make it to the nominee. His illness is progressive and soon it will be obvious not only to the world, but the Democrat Party as well. 

Coronavirus/Wuhan Virus has apparently run its course in China and it will run it in the US shortly as well. Spring is coming and pretty soon the so-called civilized world will come to this conclusion. The rate of confirmed infections in the US isn't doubling daily. Rather it seems to have topped out at 30 percent per day. And looking at the map, northern states are being affected far more than those in the south. It is becoming more likely by the day that the virus will subside when warm weather moves in. Then we'll see how pointless this entire exercise was. 

Central banks are priming the pump and blasting money out into the world. At some point this is going to lead to a massive rally in stocks and precious metals. So fear not. Maybe not stocks but certainly precious metals are building up for a massive increase. Get ready for more. 

Direct download: TRL_478_13.Mar.20.mp3
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Noted conservative commentator and YouTuber joined us for a look at the coming Democrat landslide loss. It appears that Bernie Sanders has lost his fight, if he ever had any in the first place. He refuses to address the Biden Crime Family and their documented acts of corruption. He ignores Joe Biden's obvious cognitive impairment and says it's off limits. Much like he did in 2016, when he refused to address Hillary Clinton's damn email server. That doesn't sound like much of a winner to us.

Biden on the other hand seems ready to fight the world, especially his prospective voters. He is losing it and our guess is he's not going to make it to the convention and in any event is never going to be the Democrat presidential candidate. He would have lost against Sanders, had not the Party Elites forced Buttigeg and Klobuchar to drop out of the race. What were they promised. It seems likely that the elites refused to give Liawatha Warren anything, so she dropped out after Super Tuesday, when it became obvious she couldn't win (which everyone but her already knew). 

Bill and I discussed Joe Biden's rapidly deteriorating mental state, which can no longer be hidden from the public. Bill, unfortunately has personal experience dealing with a close relative in a similar situation. How long will it be before Biden turns violent. This is a clear case of elder abuse and the enablers should all be held accountable. 

We also discussed the Coronavirus and how bad it is and how bad it will be. While there are many opinions to the contrary, it has  already peaked in China and we're seeing slower spread in the Southern States than in the Northern. California which has many cases, is showing far fewer cases in the Southern Cali than Northern. Which may lend credence to the seasonality effect, but it's too early to tell. 

And finally we discussed Trump's character flaws, of which he has many. But he's willing to fight for capitalism and to fight for the preservation and prosperity of Western Civilization, something no president since Reagan attempted. And that's important for the future of America and the world. We've seen China's inhumane response to the Coronavirus and we don't want to see them leading a world where the individual is completely subservient to the totalitarian state. 

Direct download: Bill_Whittle_12.Mar.20.mp3
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Nick's been warning about a market plunge for months now. And now here it is. It's been very quick and painful, but great opportunity is ahead. So many people are jumping out of the plane, it's leaving much more room for the remaining passengers. The news is secondary, the market always tells us what the price will be. Nick believes there will be a huge bounce in the markets, probably around or shortly after the election. Gold's case has not changed. Silver, the red-headed step child will follow suit, but later. If it wasn't the Coronavirus, it would have been something else. 

Direct download: Nick_Santiago_12.Mar.20.mp3
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Coronavirus fears are clobbering the stock market — is it doing the same to your retirement?

Concerns about the spread of COVID-19 have pushed stocks lower. 

The coronavirus has reached a handful of countries across the globe, including the U.S. — and now, it’s touched retirement plans too. 

Concerns about the spread of the disease and a global financial slowdown are driving deep dips in the stock market. Retirement portfolios are not immune to market volatility, worrying some savers that they may lose valuable assets they’ve been stashing away. 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -2.00%   and the S&P 500 SPX, -1.90%   both dropped more than 6% over Monday and Tuesday, in part due to fear of the coronavirus spreading around the world. The S&P 500 suffered the biggest two-day loss since 2015 this week. Naturally, some retirement portfolio balances are waning as well, requiring advisers and financial firms to talk through these issues with their clients. 

As always, many financial advisers are telling investors to remain calm. Market volatility is normal and expected, especially for long-term goals like retirement.

Investing can be emotional — after all, people are putting their life’s savings in an account to generate enough income for them to live comfortably in their old age when they can no longer work — but financial advisers say that even though the uncertainty can seem frightening, most retirement savers should not act on any market volatility at this time. 

“For people who have a financial plan that tells them how they should be invested, deviating remains the single most destructive action to their wealth,” said Chris Chen, a financial adviser at Insight Financial Strategists in Boston. “For those who have no financial plan, now seems like a good time to get one.” 

Investors may be worried about the impact of the coronavirus on their portfolios, but it’s still too early to say what meaningful effect it will have, said Scott Bishop, partner and executive vice president of financial planning at STA Wealth Management in Houston. The sooner the virus is contained and there’s a sustained recovery, the faster the economy will rally, he said in an email to his clients. The longer the virus is out and affecting other regions as well as travel, the greater the impact on corporate earnings, which is a long-term driver of global stock markets, he said. “In hindsight, we will know for sure, but we have some past experiences that are very similar — and in the past experiences like this, the market has been very resilient,” he said. 

The Dow dropped 800 points, or a 3.05% decrease and the fourth biggest single-day drop in history, on Aug. 14, 2019, but investors’ portfolios were not harmed in the long run, said Andrew Westlin, a financial planner at online advisory firm Betterment. Those who bought shares on Jan. 2, 2019 and held on to them were up 24% at the end of the year (so someone who invested $10,000 at the beginning of last year would have $12,428 at the end of the year). Those who sold out of the market entirely on Aug. 14 lost out on 12% of gains. In the previous scenario, they’d have walked away with $11,061, Westlin calculated. For those who decided to buy back in when the Dow recovered the 800 points (which was two weeks later) would have seen a gain of 19%, compared to the 24% for those who simply stayed invested. 

Similarly to the Aug. 14 drop, the impact of coronavirus fears will likely be short-lived for the stock market, as it has been for other pandemic-level health issues, including HIV/AIDS, SARS, Ebola and Zika, said Melissa Sotudeh, director of advisory services at Halpern Financial in Rockville, Md. China’s economy is larger than it was in 2003 during the SARS outbreak, and is much more integrated into the global supply chain, but there are many reasons to believe the impacts will be temporary, she said. “The coronavirus is not a reason to change your portfolio strategy,” she said. 

Still, some investors may just not feel comfortable with the market fluctuations, at which point now may be an appropriate time to adjust the risk in their portfolio, Westlin said. “The approach we take is looking at how long you have to save for a goal — that’s how we come up with the right level of risk,” he said. “At the end of the day, the investing strategy and risk we choose is a trade off.” The key is to avoid rash decisions sparked by fear of a downturn, he said. 

Market volatility often shows the value of having bonds in a portfolio, Sotudeh said. “The ongoing income from your bond funds helps stabilize your portfolio, and these securities become more attractive to investors when equity markets are unstable, causing their prices to rise,” Sotudeh said. 

There’s one other time when a person may want to consult a financial professional about their portfolios amid market volatility: when they’re nearing retirement. These investors have less time for their portfolios to recover, and if they’re too heavily invested in equities, they could curtail their future assets. Studies have shown some baby boomers are investing much more in risk than they should

That’s why advisers typically suggest investors stay logged out of their retirement accounts, or tune out any sensational talks about a market downturn or steep drops in stock indexes. 

“Timing the market is futile but sticking with your allocation in the up and downs prove to be the best course over the long term,” said Christopher Beste, a financial adviser at RFG Advisory in Vestavia Hills, Ala. “We can’t control the markets but we can control emotions.”

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As part of a forthcoming package of proposed tax cuts, the White House is considering ways to incentivize U.S. households to invest in the stock market, according to four senior administration officials familiar with the discussions.

The proposal, one of many new tax cuts under consideration, would see a portion of household income treated as tax-free for the purposes of investing outside a traditional 401(k). Under one hypothetical scenario described by multiple officials, a household earning up to $200,000 could invest $10,000 of that income on a tax-free basis, although officials noted these numbers are fluid.

“Nothing’s ruled out,” said one senior administration official. “Nothing’s been ruled in, either.”

Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, told CNBC the approach looked at most closely centers on creating universal savings accounts, which would combine retirement, education and health care savings into one vehicle.

Money put into the account would be done so on an after-tax basis, and taxed when withdrawn as well; but any accumulation of profits during the investment timeframe, known as capital gains, would not be taxed. Kudlow told CNBC this policy, if pursued, may extend to bonds as well as stocks.

Kudlow noted that this and other ideas have yet to be fleshed out, and no decisions have been made.

The development comes as President Donald Trump seeks reelection this fall. He has sought to distinguish himself from his potential Democratic rivals by accusing of them of pursuing “socialist” policies while he has touted tax cuts and deregulation under his administration.

After the Great Recession, the percentage of American households owning stocks fell to 52% from 62% before the crisis, according to Gallup. That percentage reached 55% in 2019, a year when the stock market hit record highs.

The tax break, if enacted, would represent “a pretty substantial amount of money for people” to have for retirement, according to Stephen Moore, economist at the conservative Heritage Foundation and close confidante of the White House.

“That’s the type of thing that would expand ownership,” Moore tells CNBC.

The stock market’s rise under Trump’s tenure is a well-documented point of pride for the president and his top economic officials, who have called the Dow Jones Industrial Average a “barometer” and a “mark-to-market indicator” of the administration’s performance. The S&P 500, seen as the broadest index of corporate performance, has risen 49% since Trump took office.

The White House publicly has been pointing to the package as a new shot of adrenaline in an economy whose growth shows signs of slowing 10 years into an expansion. A payroll tax cut would become an option only if the economy experienced significant decline, according to two senior administration officials. Separately, Kudlow has suggested cutting the tax rate to 15% for middle-class earners.

Kudlow and Vice President Mike Pence have suggested that the package could be unveiled in early fall, as voters are deliberating whether to elect Trump to a second term.

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For years Danielle Park has been sounding the clarion call about overvaluation in the financial markets and the lack of accountability and risk management. She was often looked upon as an outlier and a Cassandra, until now. Her clients have greatly profited from her approach and it's beginning to look like she was right all along. Sometimes, it takes a pandemic or some other black swan for the world to wake up to financial realities. 

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John spent 4 years in Las Vegas learning how to win and discovering how people really are—especially about money.

For the last 30 years, John has helped CEOs and production teams win deals and close more business. Technology companies with a complex sales process are his specialty, but he deals with and helps all kinds of businesses. His analytical approach and intricate formula for success is a power within itself!

“The direction you’re headed in is more important than where you’ve been.”

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John and I have been warning you for 9 years about what the economy and the stock market. On numerous occasions we were berated as being "stopped clockers." We always stated that we didn't know when it was going to happen, only that we were certain it would. And surprise, surprise. It finally has. We're not happy to finally be right, since the current situation is truly a tragedy on so many levels. But here we are, massive stock market losses, a global financial pandemic and gold has finally started going up. We were right about this and so much more. And have you seen Tesla's stock? Down over one-third in just a few weeks. It's only just begun. Stay tuned for lots more. 

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Head of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Daniel McAdams joined us. We talked about Julian Assange's persecution. Assange is by any definition a journalist, in the truest sense of the word. But that hasn't stopped governments, especially the US, from going after him for exposing their tightly held dirty secrets. Will Trump support him?  We also talked about the Coronavirus and its implication for freedom and the excuse it provides for taking even more of our rights away.  

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Eric reviews all relevant markets and explains why they're all going down, except for precious metals. Expect gold to resume it's upward trajectory later in the year. Lots of important info here. 

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Trilogy's Arctic Project - Ambler Mining District, has been dreamed phase for decades. The deposit includes vast amounts of copper, zinc, lead, gold and silver. There was just one problem, it's a remote stranded asset. Developing this mine has always been contingent upon building a 211 mile long road, which would connect it to the Dawson Highway. This would allow the vast riches to be transported to market. However, even though the road was specifically allowed by legislation, there was no political will to build. With lower oil prices and decreased production, that's all changed. Alaska is looking for new sources of revenue and so is NANA, a native regional corporation that is a partner in the project. It's a case of win-win-win. Trilogy wins because they get to develop these potentially profitable resources. The State wins because it gets added revenues and NANA wins because it gets a share of the profits and its members get jobs. 

Interim President and CEO Jim Gowans has spent his life developing these remote high value projects. He's expecting imminent approval of the Environmental Impact, which will allow road construction to begin, thus enabling the mine to finally come on line. This will be a game changer for all interested parties, especially the Trilogy's shareholders. 


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We sat down with Jamie Keech, well know mining engineer and expert. Gold was shooting up and then all of a sudden it crashed. Now it’s come back and Jamie believes that PDAC’s upbeat and optimistic was justified, once gold bounced back after losing big the week before. But as far as Jamie is concerned, it’s full steam ahead. And the proof is that many of the better companies have been raising substantial capital and this trend will continue. You can’t let the Coronavirus stop you from living life.We’ll just have to see what happens next. 

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Demand for gold is sky rocketing and much of it is due to interest rates. The 10 year is yielding less than one percent, the lowest in history. Real rates are negative. As long as this trend continues the demand for gold will stay strong. Silver is lagging but demand is going to take off shortly. Substitution of silver for gold is already starting. Not to mention the silver to gold ration is closing in on 100, a level not seen in decades. Manipulation is still alive and well, just look at the Comex Silver futures. The question is how high will it go. What is the right price in dollars? Craig defers, especially since we have no idea how many ounces have been leveraged and therefore cannot determine a price. Clearly with global asset allocation to the precious metal sector at just 1 percent, any increase will be chasing a finite amount of metals and then the fun will begin. Click here to get Craig's 2020 forecast...

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The system was so overleveraged and debt so out of control that it was just a matter of when, not if. Will the bank derivative blow up and will that pull down the European and global economy? The stuff that could happen is insanely scary. Turkey is fighting with Russia and demanding that the US enter on their side. Will the US honor its Nato committment. 

Hong Kong is giving out helicopter money, Fed rate cuts and no end in site. Let’s see what happens next!

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David Enrich's new book, Dark Towers, tells the story of how Deutsche Bank became a global symbol of recklessness, greed and destruction—and the primary financial enabler of Donald Trump. 

This isn’t just an exposé about a dangerous bank. It’s also the deeply personal story of a senior executive, Bill Broeksmit, who served as the unofficial conscience of Deutsche Bank. In January 2014, he committed suicide. Nine days later, I started talking with his son, Val, and I followed him on a wild journey as he tried to understand why his father did what he did. Along the way, Val discovered that Bill’s personal email accounts were jammed with official Deutsche Bank documents.

It's a story worth telling and one worth reading. 

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We met up with Ivan Bebek at PDAC in Toronto. Stocks were slammed, and may have stabilized, but volatility will remain high. On the Corona Virus, while it's serious, panic is uncalled for. Perhaps it's been overplayed by the media. And let's not forget it's an election year and the market was obviously topping. While virtually all markets sold off, copper was stable, which is a very bullish sign. Gold's big move down was probably due to margin calls. Several large banks are calling for $1800-2000 gold by the end of 2020. QE and rate cuts are coming coming. And that's good news for gold and for Auryn Resources, which may explain why Ivan was able to raise multiple years of working capital last week. Add to that the possibility of splitting Auryn into 3 companies and 2020 could be a bull market in the company's stock as well.

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DJIA 2/29/2020 25410 -10.1%      
S&P 500 2/29/2020 2954 -8.4%      
NASDAQ 2/29/2020 8567 -6.4%      
RUS 2000 2/29/2020 1476 -8.6%      
TSX 2/29/2020 16263 -6.1%      
TSX.V 2/29/2020 498 -13.4%      
MCSI 2/29/2020 1006 -5.3%      
VIX 2/29/2020 40.11        
DXY 2/29/2020 98.18 -0.2%      
EURO 2/29/2020 1.10 -0.6%      
10 Year 2/29/2020 1.13 -24.2%      
Bitcoin 2/29/2020 8060 -14.0%      
Au 2/29/2020 1585 -0.3%      
Ag 2/29/2020 16.58 -7.9%      
Pt 2/29/2020 862 -10.0%      
Pd 2/29/2020 2475 13.0%      
Cu 2/29/2020 2.51 -1.2%      
WTI 2/29/2020 45.26 -12.3%      
Brent 2/29/2020 50.52 -10.9%      
Henry Hub 2/29/2020 1.68 -8.7%      
U308 2/29/2020 24.90 0.8%      
Ratios Au : Ag Pt : Au Pt : Pd BRT : WTI WTI : HH AU:WTI
  95.60 0.54 0.35 1.12 26.94 35.02

What can you say about February without getting sick to your stomach. The last week was a real sh-t show plain and simple 

Stock markets down from 5 to 13 percent in one week! VIX or the fear index closed at 40 but hit as high as 50. Currencies fairly flat for the month after a large rise and then fall in the USD. Looney and Aussie $ killed. 10 Year yield hits an all time low of 1.13. Bitcoin down 14%. Gold down .3 percent after hitting a 7 year high. Silver down 8%. PT down 10%. PD up 13% for the month but lost $300 on Friday. Copper down 1.2%. Energies totally destroyed. WTI/Brent down 10/13%. Natgas down nearly 9% to 1.67 per mm. Uranium flat.  

Ratios: Au/Ag 95.60 - Pt/Au .54 -Pt/Pd .35 -WT/HH 26.94. Crazy numbers for crazy markets. 



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Steve Maggi is a lawyer, former immigrant and naturalized U-S Citizen noted that lost in all the primary election news is the implementation of a new policy which began this week aimed at making it harder for low-income LEGAL immigrants to get public benefits. Immigrants who cannot show they are making more than $60,000 will be denied a visa or green card, despite having entered the U.S. legally. 

Is this fair? The Supreme Court by 5-4 said yes. 

Direct download: Steve_Maggi_28.Feb.20.mp3
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We connected with Andy Schectman, the proprietor of Miles Franklin, one of the nation’s largest bullion dealers. Andy shared that he’s been experiencing record sales in terms of number of ounces sold. However, his average sale is 10 times higher than it was in the peak of 2011, which tells us that the small investor has been very slow getting back into the gold market. When the small investor starts coming back, then we will know something major is afoot. Until then, we’ll keep seeing the fits and starts we’ve been experiencing. 

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