It's a trend that started back in 2016 and it's been picking up steam ever since. This year alone over 5 million people will give up their cable tv in favor of other programming providers. It could be Netflix or Hulu or one of a host of others popping up around the world. One must wonder how the cable companies will survive this loss of many billions in revenue. Of course most cable co's provide the internet service that allows their customers to cut the cord in the first place. Is there anything they can do to stop or slow down the trend? 



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California congressional GOP candidate and author of “Economics for Dummies” Sean Flynn joined us today. 

Flynn destroys and dismantles the radical and socialist suggestions one by one in clear and concise rebuttals.

Sean Flynn explains why we got where we are today and more importantly how to get out. Sean proposes common sense market based solutions that have been proven to work. He looks at Singapore and how it has created a healthcare system that is the envy of the world. The best part is the US can do it too. All we need is the political will to banish the rent seekers. 

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When is a trade war not a trade war? Nick believes that the main issue is about intellectual property. And the US is winning it. The Shanghai is getting crushed, but there's a bit more to go. The reality is that both countries rely upon each other. It's time for them to step up to the plate and start acting like a world leader. Now it's becoming counterproductive. By election time this could all be settled. 

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It's no secret that California has gone off the rails, and we don't mean high speed bullet trains. We're looking at a state that has lost its collective sanity. Is there any hope? Can anything be done. Perhaps, as long as Joe Messina doesn't desert the sinking ship. Affirmative action is running rampant, with affirmative action air traffic controllers, pilots and cardiologists. How do you request a non-affirmative action professional? But Joe is always optimistic and enthusiastic about the future and you should be too. 

Direct download: Joe_Messina_24.Sep.18.mp3
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It's always good to be the king, as a wise philosopher one stated. And being the king of currencies is no exception. The US Dollar is rolling along and crushing every currency in its path. But how long can it go on? Looks like there's really life in the mining space once again, with Barrick's acquisition of Randgold. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_24.Sep.18.mp3
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By now word is out that Barrick Gold is purchasing Randgold in a transaction valued at $18 billion. Could this be the start of the mining stocks M&A rush? Perhaps, but it certainly sends out a big message to both acquirers and acquirees. Heaven knows it's a target rich environment. China seems to be having issues with it's attempt to levy tariffs on US soy beans. Seems like there's just not enough other production available to replace the US. And then there's a horrible swine flu that's hit all the world except the US. Can you spell leverage? 

For more go to FSN!

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The new jobless claim numbers are the best they've been in 49 years. How much longer can it continue? Sam believes for quite awhile. The tax cuts appear to be kicking in as well, will they keep strengthening the economy? What about the debt, it's gone way way up. When will it start having an impact? And how about those tariffs, when will they start being felt? So far everything is coming up Trump. But for how long?

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Ever since Andrew Henderson was a teenager, he had a hankering to travel and live in another country. He started actually do it a while ago and hasn't looked back. He's been in over 100 countries and is currently living in Georgia (the former Soviet Republic). Now he's teaching others how to do it too. From starting businesses in low tax areas, to helping you obtain citizenship, there's so many benefits to globalizing your life. 

Direct download: Andrew_Henderson_20.Sep.18.mp3
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What is the purpose of a corporation or business? Do they exist to simply maximize profit, regardless of abiding by a code of ethics or the laws of the land? Or are they here to serve the so-called stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, creditors and the community at large? Obviously a company must turn a profit in order to continue its existence. Every entity, whether natural or man made, first seeks to insure its own survival and for businesses that means turning a profit. When they seek profitability at the cost of everything that we all hold near and dear, then perhaps they've give up the right to perpetual existence or maybe it's time to flush out management. Culture matters and certainly the ideal of an overly altruistic company that puts its public service endeavors above those of the company will eventually fail. What's your opinion? 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_18.Sep.18.mp3
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Bradley J. Birzer's book "In Defense of Andrew Jackson," does not state that Jackson used the Trumpian term Covfefe, but the two populist presidents certainly share much in common. They both put American First. But there are many differences as well, some of them due to the times in which they lived or are living, and others due to their character. But strength of will and the refusal to take no for an answer are dominant in both. The ability to turn their backs on ridicule and anger is also a common theme. A fascinating look at our 7th president and his life and times. 

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Socialism seems to be in vogue once again. It's amazing how bad ideas never really die. We've seen it fail over and over again, and yet the left will never let it die. A look at Venezuela proves the point. The country is on the brink of collapse or even disintegration, and yet the left believes that if only the right people were running things everything would be different. But the right people don't exist, it's a failed system. It's time to put this one to rest. It never works no matter where it's tried ever. History is replete with countless examples and yet, Bernie and his Bros never give up. 

Direct download: Kenneth_Ameduri_18.Sep.18.mp3
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Has the negativity in the precious metals markets peaked? Seasonality is turning favorable and traders front running the process, we may see an increase in January. John thinks it may be a good entry point. We also talked about the coming breakthroughs in quantum computing and the threat it may pose to all encryption, even crypto currencies. No one knows when or if it's coming, but it certainly seems likely at some point it will. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_17.Sep.18.mp3
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Gerald has been writing for months that the situation in the Mideast. It gets more tense between the US and Russia by the day. Just today a Russian troop transport was shot down in Syria. Why is the US and its allies supporting the alleged terrorists in this action? Do we have any goals being there, and if so what are they? Oil prices are shooting higher and this could lead to major economic problems around the world. US interest rate increases continue on unabated. Will we soon reach a breaking point? 

Direct download: Gerald_Celente_18.Sep.18.mp3
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First they came for Harvey Weinstein, then for Al Franken and Les Moonves and now for Judge Kavanaugh. Is anyone safe from the wrath of the #metoo movement. Can they go back to kindergarten when you dipped the girl's pigtail in the inkwell? Oh that's right that can't happen anymore since we're not teaching the youth to write cursively any longer and inkwells are nearly extinct, but you understand what we're getting at. There's a reason why statutes of limitation exist and the Kavanaugh lynching is a perfect example. 

Direct download: James_Hirsen_17.Sep.18.mp3
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Karen Kataline was back on talking about the incredible assault on liberty and freedom by the left, as witnessed by the Kavanaugh lynching. Just when you though it was safe to vote on a judicial nomination, the left pulls out all the stops and accuses an exemplary jurist of a high crime from when he as 17 and a mere high school student. No one knew about it for 35 years and then boom, Feinstein blasts it out. Just what you'd expect from this bunch. Perhaps Hillary should be hired to defend him. 

Direct download: Karen_Kataline_17.Sep18.mp3
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Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik has just finished his 3rd book. This one serves as a stark reminder of 9-11 and that it could happen again. Bernie feels that we've all gotten a bit complacent and that makes it fertile ground for another attack. While the Commissioner doesn't see the possibility of another 9-11 style attack using commercial airliners, there's still plenty of possibility for a different variant, which is why we all need to be prepared. 

We also talked about his accomplishments as NYC Corrections Commissioner, the historic crime drops during his tenure as head of the NYPD and how best to handle our current crime ills and the effects of mass homeless as encouraged by the Left. One of our best. 

Direct download: Bernie_Kerik_17.Sep.18.mp3
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John Dellaportes noted attorney and expert on cryptos and ponzis, do I repeat myself. Recently two tracker stocks were put on hold by the SEC for at least 10 days. Is this a sign that the SEC is getting more involved in the Crypto Currency space, or is it a fluke. John says because the market is so new, the SEC is playing catch up. While the SEC has some extra-territorial powers, they are limited and their ability to catch manipulators is extremely difficult, if not impossible. What's going to happen in the future? It is truly unknown. 

Direct download: John_Dellaportes_10.Sep.18.mp3
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Nolan Watson, CEO of Sandstorm Gold Royalty (sponsor), joined us for a discussion of the gold mining industry and royalty streaming. For those not in the know, royalty stream companies are part of the mining industry's creative financing arm. Since prices have been depressed and access to capital is greatly limited due to the special risk factors of precious metals mining, companies have emerged to fill the void. A miner needing financing who has a viable project that is highly likely to go into production, will connect with Sandstorm to get a capital injection in exchange for a portion of future production. As Nolan says, "... there is no average deal in this business." Every transaction is different and unique depending upon the needs of the company. Sandstorm is expecting a huge production increase between now and 2022 and isn't greatly concerned about current metals prices. When prices are low, the number of deals goes way up. When prices are high, royalty profits go up greatly. It's basically a win-win situation for the streaming sector and for Sandstorm. A great place to be. 

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Dr. Gina Loudon has discovered the CURE for CRAZY!!! Trump Derangement Syndrome has become an official personality disorder, soon to be recognized by the medical profession. But there's hope. 

Dr. Loudon’s psychology expert (with two masters degrees and a doctorate), loving and devoted mother of five, and iconic American patriot with one goal: to shed light on the dirty and manipulative tricks of the crazy Left.

In Dr. Gina’s new book, Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy, she digs deep beneath the surface of politics EXPOSING THE LEFT and OWNING THE LIBS. With a well-equipped road map, Dr. Gina brings us hope and a path back to sanity through personal stories and in-depth political insights.

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Anyone who's paid any attention to the crypto currency space sees that it's been making lower lows and lower highs. This isn't the sign of a raging bull market. Sam Shames is a crypto trader who understands the market. The situation in Ethereum is even worse than Bitcoin, with prices perhaps headed back into double digits. The premise is that the crypto markets now mirror the precious metals space. Until one or the other makes a major move, we'll be stuck in sideways declining markets in both cryptos and metals. 

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Gordon T. Long joined us today. His theory as to why the stock market keeps going up is two fold. On the one hand, stock buybacks continue to proliferate and on the other, the number of publicly traded US companies has declined by nearly half over the decades (through buy-outs, mergers and taking them private). This means more concentration, more private equity and less publicly traded companies which is bad for the country. Time to put a stop to it all. 

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John and I took a number of your questions about finance, economics, the US Dollar and more. It lead to an interesting conversation about governments in the age of chronic out of control deficits. The conclusion is that a desperate government is capable of umpteen ways to loot its citizenry. If only the politicians spent as much time trying to solve profligate spending as they did thinking of new and creative forms of taxation, we wouldn't be seen as mere milk cows. More fun lays ahead. 

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Critics of President Trump and other so-called “foreign policy experts” would beg to differ. In the new book, America First: Understanding the Trump Doctrine 22-year State Department veteran, Danny Toma reveals Trump’s vital position as a true statesman and how he is achieving his mission to restore American principles in the realm of international politics.

America First provides an in-depth insight on the reality of President Trump’s foreign policy successes. In this book, readers will be exposed to a factual account of how President Trump’s foreign policy is finally putting America First and reviving the bold American spirit that our founding fathers intended and we thought we had lost.

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According to David Horowitz, we are at war. It isn't taking place on a battlefield but rather in the hearts and minds of US Citizens. Will we prosper and grow or become a socialist utopia? The decision is all ours but the results will affect civilization for the next thousand years. 

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Rick Mark of Harvest Gold Corp, isn't phased at all by gold's recent decline. The industry has changed drastically over the past decade. The Majors no longer have the expertise or desire to engage in exploration and discovery. Therefore, they've delegated that function to the Juniors and at the appropriate time they've been known to swoop down and acquire solid candidates. The Majors have been living off their reserves for too long. If they want to stay in the business, they're going to have to step up their pace of acquisitions and companies like Harvest Gold will be among the first to pop up on their radar screens. With a first rate property and Evrim Resources handling the drilling chores, Rick has hit upon a virtually no-lose business model for the future. Overhead is kept to an absolute minimum, so nearly all funds raised can go to drilling. It's a formula that's sure to be emulated by many once word gets out about its potential. 

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