When it comes to the economy, real estate investing and North Korea, everything is coming up Trump. He's had a profound impact upon the country and the world. The economy is close to full employment, but more importantly there's real optimism present, unlike during the 8 years of his predecessor. Can it continue? Real estate is booming to the point where the types of properties Jason specializes in (cash flow income) are tight supply. But interest rates are supposedly heading higher, so who knows what's next? 

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Noted author and columnist John Tamny joined us today. John is an ardent free trader and perhaps even more libertarian than us. He's against any governmental intervention in the economy or in international trade, regardless of the motivation. He has a point, but how are you going to get politicians to withdraw from economic interference, when that's what they get paid for? He believes that China is just minding its own business getting wealthy and the US is being a buzzkill. History may have to be the judge of that. 

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According to Jordan Goodman there's 4 inescapable trends taking place in the USA now. First, higher interest rates; second, escalating student loan debt; third, a potential trade war and four, increasing inflation. How do you deal with these trends and avoid taking a hit to your investment portfolio? Jordan has some answers to a difficult question.  

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Yes, you read that right. Just when all the metals bugs are about to give up, Charles Nenner is calling for record precious metals prices. He says the rally will start at the end of the summer going into Q3. The price target is 2 years out. He doesn't currently have a silver price target, but will get back to us shortly once the cycles confirm. He believes that the USD is also heading higher once again and Treasuries will be a good place to be. Oil prices are headed for another major decline. Let's see what happens next!

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Author Ronald Kessler has known Donald Trump for over two decades. Who better to write the real story than he? According to Kessler, Donald Trump has a warm and human side that he struggles to hide from the public. He's generous to those around him and is intensely competitive. He encourages discord and dissension among those around him, but sees it as helpful in making better decisions. He was a wild youth and that earned him a trip to military school. While wanting to be accepted by the elite, he can't help but put a stick in their eye at any opportunity. One thing Ron says is for certain, he loves the country and sincerely wants to Make America Great Again!

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Mickey observed that volatility appears to be calming down.  Major US stock markets were largely flat with the DJIA up .2%. Emerging markets were down 1%. TSX up 1.6% and TSX-V -1%. Bitcoin the always volatile digital currency was up 31% for the month. Gold was down .8% and Silver was off .3% for the month. Pt down 3% and Pd was up 1.2%. Copper up 1.8%. Energy was up again this month, with WTI and Brent both up 7%. Natgas was up 4.5%. Uranium was flat. Currencies saw the Greenback up 1.9% and the Euro lost 1.2%. Rate on the 10 year T Bond spiked to 2.95%, although it had passed 3% during the month. Gold to Silver holding right around 81. The gold to platinum ratio hit an all time low at .69. Is platinum a screaming buy or will it keep sinking?  Tilll next month!

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Since Trump was elected, even before he was inaugurated, there has been a group of people from the Deep State and the Shadow Government who've been out to depose him. Some are known to us, Comey, Brennan and Clapper. Others have remained behind the scene avoiding scrutiny and attempting to further their nefarious plots. Is Trump going to strike back and put an end to this treasonous activity once and for all? It certainly appears to be the case. Let's see what happens next. 

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As Doug Casey sits back and watches from South America, the fight is on. China continues to rise and America keeps on it downward path. He fears that the US will try something militarily because it's the only part of the government that's working and it's still superior to China's armed forces. Unfortunately this is the price we pay for unlimited government. 

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It's no secret that the precious metals markets have been in a decline since 2011. While they stabilized in 2016, they basically did nothing in 2017. 2018 looked like it was off to a healthy start, but has subsequently gone back into a trendless channel. What's going to change that? A black swan, the inevitability of self-destructive monetary policy or a realization that things must change. No one knows the answer, only that everything changes and nothing ever stays the same. Figure nothing more will happen to these markets until Q3 at the earliest. So sit back and watch the paint dry. It will be more amusing. 

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When we left off last week, we portrayed an economy that was starting to run out of steam. It appears that there's a waive of retirees just waiting to overrun Social Security and Medicare. John believes that the government will simply inflate its way out of the mess and hope for the best. But will it work? And let's not forget the other silver tsunami, namely the shiny metal kind. It's been trading sideways for so long that there's little investor interest left. At some point that's going to change and change big. We know we've been saying it for years, but it's true. 

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Mike Gazzola, the master of Amazon is back. He's got several more trips to China under his belt and has helped hundreds pursue their dream of an online digital income. There's no substitute for effort and there's no substitute for following a proven system. Mike has dramatically upgraded and revised his Amazon income generator system so now there's no excuses. Find out more at OnlineSecrets.Com

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The most important thing in life is to be a free thinker, a critical thinker, capable of detaching from the masses and arriving at your own well thought-out conclusions and opinions. It is the only true path to fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Unfortunately, all too few of us ever attempt it. It's got zero to do with left/right, it's all about your ability to deconstruct stories and figure out who's trying to control your mind. The inability to engage in independent thought is a sure pathway to mental slavery. Remember 1984 and the thought police. Every government seeks to control its subjects' beliefs and wishes. It's how they get their power and keep it. Finally, people are opting for the Red Pill and freedom. It can't happen fast enough!

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Rick Ackerman joined us today for a quick look at the market and the economy. Rick says that the only stock you need to watch is Amazon. It's holdings are vast and its impact upon the New Economy is great. The market could be telling us the stock and therefore the economy are on their way down. He thinks that when it finally comes down it could go from $1400 to $200, when the eventual economic downturn eventually hits. Interest rates have definitely turned negative and will probably become more so in the near future. And watch out for declining state economies and public pension funds. That crisis is coming soon. Very soon. But Rick doesn't see much in the near future for precious metals. But let's see what happens next!

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The 10 Year Treasury has broken the crucial 3% rate level and now no one knows where it will stop. What affect is this going to have on the real economy. Oil is getting closer to $70 the barrel. This could also have a major economic impact too. Can the market resume it's bullish pace based on these factors? Let's see what happens next!

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Wayne Allyn Root is on a roll. He's become a common fixture in living rooms all over America. He believes that Trump should have fired Mueller long ago, as well as all the Deep State holdovers. They're doing nothing good, simply blocking Trump's Agenda. But the truth will eventually come out. Big changes are in store. Get ready now!

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_25.Apr.18.mp3
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Think back to the late 1980's when the plague of securitization started. It became a way to turn liabilities into assets. But not really. Would the housing bubble have blown up the way it had? Would auto, student and credit card bubbles have been blown up to the extent they are currently? Probably not. We also talk about internet privacy and speech. It's all part of the same puzzle. 

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When David began the project of describing this movement in the 1980s, the emergence of the left as a mainstream force in Amer­ica’s political life was fairly recent and inadequately understood. Conservatives in particular often failed to appreciate the anti-American animus of the left and its apocalyptic goals. At the same time, conservatives imprudently accepted the left’s deceptive claims to be “liberal” and “progressive,” ascribing to it idealistic intentions that masked its malignant designs. The contents of these volumes were conceived as a corrective to these false and disarming impressions. This is the ninth and final volume of my writings about progressivism, a movement whose goals are the destruc­tion of America’s social contract at home and the defeat of American power abroad.

The primary source of this confusion is the fact that left-wing politics are based on expectations of an imaginary future rather than assessments of a usable past. The left’s primary focus is not on practical improvements based on an analysis of previous prac­tices, or a conception of the limits imposed by human nature, but on changes designed to satisfy the moral prejudices that make up the leftist faith.

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Jeff Clark is bullish on precious metals, especially silver. The everything bubble has been going on for 10 years. How much longer can it last? Gold and silver are the only truly undervalued asset left. Between now and 2020 is a potentially very exciting time in precious metals. And even if there's no crisis, the technical indicator

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Bruce Deitrick Price says they no longer need to fluoridate the water because we have public schools. He recently wrote an article about how the educational system is deforming our children. Bruce says there's no longer any goods ideas in our nation's public schools. Enhancing children's self esteem by dumbing down the class is a poignant example. New math is another example which completely undermined children's ability to learn higher math. The examples abound, but the solutions are often nowhere to be found. Learning wasn't supposed to be this way, but here we are. 

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The Democrats have done the unthinkable, they're suing Trump, Russia and Wikileaks. What are they thinking? They're opening up Pandora's Box. They'll be subject to discovery and all sorts of embarrassing disclosures. And what about Seth Rich and the Awan Brothers? Q anon seems to imply that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is in trouble. Then there's Uranium 1 and so many other Obama scandals just waiting to see sunlight. 

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John and I have been talking for years about the coming pension crisis. And now it's almost here. 100's maybe even 1000's of government entities are in trouble.They won't be able to meet their bloated pension commitments. This will increasingly lead to municipal bankruptcies. Right now states cannot file for bankruptcy, but no doubt Congress will soon change the law. Get ready!

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America has been dealing with its debt problem in a very creative way, create more debt to pay down old debt. Sounds like a real recipe for success. How much longer can it go on? How much longer will it go on? In the meantime, the stock market has been trading in a channel pattern for a while. Twice it has failed to go below its 200 day moving average. Until that happens, the market is still trading in bullish territory. The stock market chart look dangerous, however, nothing is certain yet. 

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For all those progressives dreaming of a Mueller indictment of President Trump, dream on. It ain't gonna happen. Rudy Giuliani has ridden to the rescue. Now it's all about trading scalps. Who will be protected and who will go down. And that depends exactly what Mueller really has on Trump. Perhaps there's some bribes paid to zoning authorities or some other heinous crime. But it's not going to be enough save the Clinton Cabal or the Deep State. This thing is heading to a major climax. As Q anon would say, "Enjoy the show!" Everything Q has been saying appears to be coming true. When the first unsealed indictment is opened then I will be a true believer, but until then, it's more likely than not that Q is for real. But very soon we are going to know for absolute sure. 

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There's a new financial system on its way. No one is exactly sure what it's going to look like, but rest assured it's coming soon to a central bank near you. It might involve the SDR or perhaps Cryptos or something else entirely. It's just part of our economic evolution. All systems eventually perish due to excessive debt and this one is getting there real fast. How much longer will it be? No one knows the answer to that. It's kind of like people getting old. One minute you're in college playing beer pong and the next thing you know, the kiddies are checking you into assisted living. Time has a way of making everything and everyone accountable. This time really isn't different. 

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Mark Zuckerberg is like the state of California. Brilliant, young, reckless, self-destructive and much more. California is on a death spiral and yet so many incredible companies are crushing it. It's a real conflict. What will it take to change course? Can Trump do it? Is it even possible?

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