Chris Martenson believes we're in a unique time in history. The truth is being suppressed at every turn. Ordinary people are being kept in a bubble. Our only hope for the future is to accept where we're at and plan accordingly. 

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Jeff Small believes that we’re in a time when we need good financial information and excellent financial advice. We’re not getting it, and that’s a huge problem. Life expectancy is longer, medical costs are rising, Social Security is tenuous, and markets are rocky. The information that enters our homes, whether it is through the mail, the TV, or the internet, is dubious at best. The smiling investment guy in the suit offering to help may not be any better. This book was written so opportunities won’t be lost behind everything else you’re bombarded with concerning your finances — and so you can put your interests first.It will clear up a lot of misconceptions, stop the leaks, and provide a clear view and best path to viable options. Although I work exclusively with retirees and pre-retirees, Turning Financial Planning Right Side Up is invaluable to people of all ages. As a financial advisor, I help everyday people prepare for what my staff and I call “the art of financial self-defense.” Their retirement funds are designed so they pull out as much income as they can, but leave their assets intact and avoid losses.

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There's a established pimp running for the Nevada legislature, but Wall Street has been pimping itself out for years. Just look at the array of so-called financial products that can help you get higher yields in a low yield environment. But at what cost? Now, more and more sub-prime auto bonds are finding their way downstream. This is going to have a negative impact upon many people who can least afford it. And best of all, according to John, we're heading into the peak seasonal precious metals buying in Sept-December. 

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Trump is in Singapore looking to do the deal of a life time. John thinks it will start off a multi-year process that will hopefully end in a more peaceful planet. We believe that the deal has already been done and a nuclear free North Korea is right around the corner and there will be a McDonalds on every corner in every city, with electricity for all. The G7 and Justin Trudeau be damned. 

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Congress finally got around to modifying Dodd Frank which could be very good news for real estate and the financial system in general. The threshold for a too big to fail bank has been raised to 250 billion dollars in assets from 50 billion. Mortgages will be easier to come by as well, community banks and credit unions will no longer be over regulated and should result in easier mortgages. We also discussed identity theft and the steps you need to take to avoid getting trapped. It's so prevalent but changes are coming soon!

Check out Financial Survival Network!

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Author Rick Richman's book Racing Against History is the story of three powerful personalities who sought to turn the tide of history, and the American Jewish community at the beginning of the most consequential decade in modern Jewish history.  

In 1940, David Ben-Gurion, Vladimir Jabotinsky, and Chaim Weizmann—the leaders of the left, right, and center of Zionism—undertook missions to America, a country paralyzed by isolationism, to campaign for a Jewish army to fight Hitler.

Their efforts were at once heroic and tragic. The fast-paced, dramatic narrative is supported by extensive research, including previously unpublished letters, speeches, and diaries, shedding new light on both Zionism and the history of World War II. The Epilogue takes the story in 1948 and the establishment of the Jewish state.

The book aims to stimulate discussion about the evolving relationship between Israel and American Jews, as the Jewish State celebrates its 70th anniversary under the continuing threat of annihilation

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Jordan Goodman joined us today. He's worrying about the G7 meeting and the fact that they all hate what Trump is doing regarding trade? Des every one hate us or are they just upset that the exploitative party is almost over? Then there's the prospect of another interest rate hike. The stock market has been shaking them off for months. And congratulations to all the newly minted college grads. It's time to start paying down your student loans. At least in the Trumpian economy you have a chance of finding a job. 

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Danielle believes that there's a technological revolution coming in transportation. Tesla is leading it. But that doesn't mean you should run out and buy the stock. There's a point where a good company's stock becomes extremely risky and clearly Tesla is there. But technological revolution always comes at a price. 

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Lew Weiss joined us for a discussion of taxes, the economy and the latest on manufacturing and employment. Right now everything is headed up. The market seems to have gotten over its protectionist jitters. The outlook for manufacturing employment is quite bullish and there's a shortage of qualified employees. Starting salaries for welders is $70,000 and in certain specialties can top $150k. There's too many jobs and not enough applicants. 

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These days, in those rare moments when I find myself feeling down, I go to YouTube and watch the election night coverage of Trump’s shocking surprisevictory. To me there’s nothing more uplifting than watching the mainstream media completely blow it and then go into a pronounced sense of morning, uncontrollable rage and total meltdown. Seeing the likes of pseudo-intellectual whining talking head Rachel Maddow on the brink of tears and a psychotic breakdown is good as nectar from the gods. It’s not that I’m a raving Trump fan (I’m not) or the fact that I called Trump the likely winner in July 2015 (I did) that brings such joy to my heart, but rather that Trump epitomizes the ability of the human spirit to prevail over all obstacles and to achieve to what the naysayers is an impossiblevictory. It’s kind of like being in on an inside joke that none of your friends or relatives get.

Big news coming out from Spygate. And more...

Here's some entertaining links.


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According to Ned gold will stay dormant, but the one to watch is silver. It's been holding very steady for quite some time, just getting ready to pop. Ned is also extremely bullish on the Ag commodities. China is switching to ethanol blended gasoline to help with its air quality disaster. That means corn has nowhere to go but up. The other Ags are soaring as well. Ned believes the rumors of a China-US trade war are greatly exaggerated.

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David's new book has just been released. As he explains it there are two conflicting ideas in the world. The American Ideal which says you judge people by their merit and the quality of their character. It's all about the individual. And there's the Marxist Ideal which is all about identity politics and judging people by race, etc. The battle is being waged and the outcome is still in doubt. Look at Al Franken and so many others. It's totalitarianism at its worst. A very timely book that looks at America's second civil war. 

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John adeptly answers FSN Member Jessy's question wondering if this time really is different. As Mark Twain said, "History doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme." Back in the Great Depression we were still on a gold standard, even though private holdings were outlawed. This put a lid on potential spending, although it wasn't perfect. Now, with the dollar being backed by nothing but a promise from the government, the world's governments can't print us into oblivion, which they are hell bent on doing now.

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The recent dramatic market volatility  continued throughout April, as the yield on the 10-year treasury rate topped 3 percent for the first time since 2014. Fears of rising interest rates and inflation helped drive the volatility, along with uncertainty about how aggressive the Federal Reserve might be in its efforts to “normalize” monetary policy under new chairman, Jerome Powell. The Fed plays such a key role in determining how all this uncertainty and instability will play out in the months ahead.

Wall Street knows very well that Powell’s job is a tricky one. In a sense, he’s charged with landing an experimental airplane that was launched nine years ago in response to the Financial Crisis. That’s when the Fed, under then-chairman Ben Bernanke, embarked on a historically unprecedented effort to jumpstart the economy with artificial stimulus, a.k.a. quantitative easing.

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Robots and AI is taking over. Captain Capitalism a/k/a Aaron Clarey believes that the employment shift taking place is quite profound. Cubicle jobs will prevail for now, until the robots really take over. Will robots ever have true artistic ability or discretion. We're not there yet. Aaron thinks that AI is way overblown. There will still be a need for burger flippers and fast food workers. Will YouTube and podcasting become a viable profession for hungry Millennials? Only the proud few will be able to handle it. The rest need a plan for success and fulfillment. 

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Major US stock markets bounced back with the DJIA up 1%. The NASDAQ up 5.3% and Russell 2000 up 5.9% to record levels. Emerging markets were down 3.7%. TSX up 2.9% and TSX-V -2.7%. Bitcoin the always volatile digital currency was down 18.5% for the month. Gold was down 1.3% breaking its 200 moving average and falling below 1300 and Silver was off .6% for the month. Pt down .2% and Pd was up 2.3%. Copper was up another .9%. Energy was mixed this month, with WTI down 2.1% and Brent up 3.1%. Natgas was up 4.3%. Uranium was up 7% after major cutbacks by leading producers. Currencies saw the Greenback up another 2.3% and the Euro losing another 3.2%. Rate on the 10 year T Bond fell back to 2.83% after rising above 3% last month. The WTI to Brent ratio hit 1.15, an increase so notable that even the Wall Street Journal took notice of our humble indicator. Mickey believes it's very bullish for American crude oil.  Tilll next month!

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TRUMP IS RIGHT TO SAVE ZTE Senators are lining up to tell Trump he shouldn't cut Chinese company ZTE
any slack. They're wrong. Trump is right. Here's why. 

Punishment should fit the crime
They're main argument is that the rule of law should not be intermingled with outside issues like trade negotiations. But within our system of law, "the punishment should fit the crime" is a well accepted principle. Plus, within our system, it is not unusual for the judge to have a certain amount of discretion when it comes to sentencing, including the ability to consider factors outside of the infraction at hand. This is what Trump is doing relative to ZTE.
An investigation concluded that ZTE had violated sanctions against countries like Iran and North Korea from 2011-16. ZTE has already paid a substantial fine and there are no new assertions relative to recent sanction violations. The additional penalty comes from ZTE not following through on all of its promised remedial actions, particularly dismissing employees who actually executed the violations. Because ZTE only completed part of its agreed
remedial actions, the Treasury Department decided to ban US companies from doing business with ZTE. Because so much of its key componentry comes from American companies, that punishment has an extremely severe impact on ZTE, almost a death penalty. 

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So go Deutsche Bank so goes the world? Deutsche is kind of like a combination of Lehman and AIG. It was just bailed out 6 months ago and it's ready for another, larger one. The global banking system is a lot like the electrical grid, losing one tower can cause a complete blackout. Losing several major power plants can cause the nation to go dark. Are the central bankers smart enough to avoid this fate? 

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We reconnected with Dave Kranzler. Ever the skeptic, he believes that the market and especially its leaders, such as Amazon and Telsa, are heading for hard times. The fraud can continue for only so long. Same with Cryptos and housing. But other opportunities will take their place, including of course, gold, silver and mining stocks. They're holding steady and their chart patterns are extremely encouraging. Buckle your seatbelts, there's more fun on the way. 

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Brad Williams explains, for the first time ever, there’s a job opening for every unemployed worker

The big pickup in job openings has done what’s not ever been accomplished in the nearly two-decade history of this economic series — there’s now a job opening for every unemployed worker.

According to the latest data from the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, there were 6.55 job openings in March. In March, there were 6.59 million unemployed, meaning there are 1.01 unemployed workers for every job.

In July 2009, just as the U.S. exited the Great Recession, there were 6.65 unemployed people for every available job.

The question now of course is how to get those unemployed workers into those jobs. It won’t be easy.

The fact that job openings have climbed so steadily — at a time when jobs growth is slowing — suggests that companies are now having a hard time finding the right workers.

A separate survey from the National Federation of Independent Business found that 88% of companies hiring or trying to hire reported few or no qualified applicants for the positions they were trying to fill. Other business surveys report similar complaints.

Related: Small-business sentiment barely registers an increase in April

The standard retort to that point, is if the job market is so tight, why aren’t companies aggressively raising wages?

The fact is companies are increasing pay, though not at the rate typically associated with a tight labor market. While average hourly pay was just 2.6% in the 12 months ending April, the three-month average of median wage growth in March was a stronger 3.3%, according to Atlanta Fed data.

With higher-paid older workers leaving the workforce, the average rate of pay may be depressed.

Besides, the JOLTS report put the quits rate at the highest level since the recession. Workers are choosing to ditch their jobs presumedly because there’s incentive for them to do so.

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Eric Hadik joined us for a look at current market conditions. With the exception of the US$, everything has pretty much been trendless or sideways. But getting towards the end of the year, Eric sees that all changing. Oil could be breaking $75 per barrel, gold could be hitting or exceeding $1450 per ounce and there could be declines in bonds and the stocks. As he explains, it's all connected and there's always the potential for wars, both the military and trade variety. Stay tuned till after the summer when this could get really interesting. 

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Everything that can possibly go wrong in Italy is now going wrong. Once again they're edging into chaos. Right now they'd like to pull a rabbit out of a hat and save it all, but it's getting to the point where nothing can save them. The debt is just too high.

And speaking of that FSN Community Member Bill wants to know when the global monetary reset is coming. John is absolutely certain and believes it's just a matter of time. Where do you put your gold?There are a number of places to choose from. Hope we answered the question to everyone's liking. 

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Sprott Asset Management's Jason Stevens is bullish on a few under-performing sectors, chief among them Uranium, fertilizer, dry bulk shipping and Canadian oil companies. These sectors have largely been left out of the recent financial orgy and for that reason, Jason thinks high quality entrants are the way to go. Every dog has its day, and while we may be late in the cycle, these industries could be ready to pop.

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There's trouble brewing in Italy. The people have spoken and now the powers that be are seeking to set aside their verdict. As Gerald explains, the Italians have many just reasons for being upset. The so-called refugee crisis, the banking crisis and many other factors are making Italy increasingly less stable. If oils starts climbing due to Middle East instability, then gold should start rising quickly as well. Beware of the key $1450 per ounce resistance point. 

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It's quite amusing and entertaining watching the Q anon cottage industry respond to the latest drops. Much of what is contained in these drops appears to be coming true. I'm still waiting for Hillary's arrest, but who knows? I'll settle for everyone other than Hillary and Obama being brought to justice. Many of you ask why isn't it happening sooner, faster. You're impatient for the swamp to be drained. The answer requires a little thought. Trump could simply sign 10 executive orders demanding that the whole matter be disclosed and action be taken. He could be just like Obama with his pen and phone. But will that really help restore the rule of law to America. We've been living in a state of increasing lawlessness arguably since the execution of JFK. The rule of law must be restored and using it in an uncorrupted way to bring these deep state actors will go a long way in that regard. This is a case where the process is almost as important as the substance. Trump and Sessions get that and they're doing their best to bring it about. Also a little Trumpian showmanship doesn't hurt either. Timing is everything and Trump is a master of it. 

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