40,000 sealed indictments, that's what Q anon says. I've studied these sealed cases on the Pacer database. I'm not convinced about 40k cases against the swamp. I'll settle for 2,000. That would be enough to knock the stuffing out of the Deep State/Shadow Government. One thing is for certain, there's something happening that has got the Elites running for their bolt holes. The rule of law, which for so long has been just an abstract concept, is about to make a major return on the American stage. Get ready now! I also address a number of your questions and concerns. Let's not forget that while Bitcoin is down, it's by no means out. Let's have some fun while it all lasts. 

Direct download: TRL_456.mp3
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Imagine if in the early 2000's AI based computers were responsible for reviewing all mortgage applications before final approval was given. Imagine further that they were drawing on the big data repository of mortgage information for the past 30 years. It is highly likely that the real estate bust would have never occurred or that it would have been greatly mitigated. While you didn't need AI to know what was going to happen, it certainly could have shown in great detail the inevitable damage that would be inflicted upon the global financial system. And it would have given political leaders advanced warning and a real reason to start reigning it in. Perhaps in 2020 AI will avoid the next great real estate bust. But, we'll never know. This is just one example of the projects that Globalive is working on right now. Its work will be felt in medicine, media and virtually every other aspect of our world. The company just went public and you can find out more by clicking here!

There's a whole new world in front us and it will be ushered by a convergence of new technologies, AI, Blockchain and others we haven't yet dreamed of. 

FSN Website

Direct download: Anthony_Lacavera_04.Jul.18.mp3
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Mexico has elected a leftist-populist. Canada would like to unelected theirs. China started to wonder and the EU is in full panic mode. Welcome to the world of Trumpian Trade Policy. No one knows where they stand until the chips have fallen where they made. No one but Trump that is and he's holding all the cards. Welcome back factory workers and the middle class. To think it was all so easy. 

FSN Website

Direct download: Jeff_Ferry_03.Jul.18.mp3
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Tom Meredith is the Co-Founder & CEO of BitMinutes and is an Expert on Bitcoin and says: "In short, the problem with Bitcoin is that it is not tied to an asset and there is no practical use for it". Tom is a serial entrepreneur who has been crafting solutions in online security, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and other ventures for over a decade. He founded P2P Cash in the mid-2010s to focus on the fintech space, which led to the creation of Smart Token Chain, a breakthrough combination of block chain advances, cryptocurrency innovation and cyber security mandates. He founded BitMinutes to apply these new tools to the social mission of profitably removing the structural constraints on the expansion of financial service delivery globally. About BitMinute: BitMinute is a cryptocurrency tied to a real-world asset called a prepaid airtime minute. On the surface, the prepaid minute is just prepaid airtime on a mobile phone. However, it is fast becoming an informal currency in thousands of less developed communities where formal banking services are scarce. This opens up an enticing opportunity to apply fintech advances to build a new financial services delivery system

Direct download: Tom_Merredith_03.Jul.18.mp3
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In the swamp, six figure salaries are the norm; there are 78 agencies where the average salary is $100,000 or more. Federal bureaucrats are paid $1.1 million every minute, $65.6 million every hour, and over half a billion dollars per day. In 2016, there were more than 330,000 disclosed federal bonuses paid.

There are more than 35,000 lawyers in the administrative state. The army of lawyers in the employ of the federal government assures that no aspect of American life is untouched by the swamp’s appendages.

The VA is offering anything but care for our great vets. While veterans were suffering at the hands of a broken bureaucratic machine, the VA doled out tens of thousands of undeserved performance bonuses: $150 million per year.

From 2015 to 2016 the VA made 20,711 new hires, but just 2,091 were doctors, continuing the historical 10:1 doctor to non-doctor employee hiring ratio.

In 2016, the VA employed 3,498 police officers at a total cost of $172 million - all names and locations of these officers, however, were redacted.

The average physician at the VA makes around $205,000 a year, meaning the VA could employ 840 doctors instead of 3,498 police officers and lots more!

In America today, “the swamp” is a real thing: a permanent government within our government that will outlast this administration and the next one and the one after that. It has a massive architecture that can be measured. It is composed of tens of thousands of individuals and lobbyists - many of whom operate well outside the confines of Washington, D.C.



Direct download: Adam_Andrejewski_02.Jul.18.mp3
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Major US stock and international markets were mixed with the DJIA down .6%, NASDAQ up 1% and Russell 2000 up .6%. Emerging markets were down a serious 4.4%. TSX up 1.3% and TSX-V down another 3.0%. Bitcoin, the crashing crypto currency was down 17.7% for the month. Gold was down a large 3.5% keeping it well under its 200 moving average and Silver was off 1.8% for the month. Pt was down a major 6% and Pd was off 3.5%. Copper was off 3.5%. Energy was the month's stellar performer with WTI up nearly 11% and Brent up 2.5%. Natgas was up 10.6%. Uranium was up .3% and 7.3% for the quarter, perhaps showing a potential recovery from its dismal performance for the past several years. Currencies saw the Greenback up another .6% and the Euro flat. Rate on the 10 year T Bond was steady at 2.84%. The WTI to Brent ratio sank back to a more earthly 1.07, after hitting new highs last month. Wall Street will forget all about this measure until the next swing, but we'll keep covering it anyway. Tilll next month!

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_02.Jul.18.mp3
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Is options trading worth the risk and hassle for the ordinary investor? Christos Vasiliadis believes that it certainly is. But you've got to have the knowledge to maximize your potential gain and limit your possible losses. It's certainly a specialized market, but Christos believes that anyone can learn it. He's been doing it for years and has certainly drunk the Koolaid, but it has been profitable Koolaid at that. And he says the risks are manageable and the gains are predictable and repeatable. It's just takes practice and more practice. 

Direct download: Christos_Vasiliadis_27.Jun.18.mp3
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Gregor is bullish on electric vehicles and especially nickel. While Lithium gets all the glory, nickel is extremely important. Here's what Gregor says about batteries. 

Nickel manganese cobalt (NMC). Nickel provides the performance, cobalt keeps the battery safe and manganese allows for high current discharge without heating up excessively. The more nickel is used, the more powerful and inexpensive the battery becomes but it must be more carefully fine-tuned to maintain safety. This chemistry has high energy density and a long life span. There are three reference NMC generations: NMC111 containing 33% Nickel and 33% Cobalt is the simplest NMC622 contains 60% Nickel and 20% Cobalt, greatly improving the power/cost ratio NMC811 contains 80% Nickel and 10% Cobalt, the highest theoretical performance vs. cost Lithium nickel cobalt aluminum (NCA).
A power/costs improvement over NMC 111 because it increased the percentage of nickel while reducing expensive cobalt. Tesla uses this extensively but will likely switch to the 3rd generation NMC811 chemistry once mature. NCA has relatively lower energy density but a long-life span. Lithium cobalt oxide (LCO). Used extensively in the portable electronics industry, e.g. in iPhones, this chemistry has good performance but, due to its very high cobalt usage (around 55%), is expensive. LCO has a high energy density but a short life span. Lithium iron phosphate (LFP). Intrinsically safer than other chemistries but not nearly as powerful as NMC811.
This was the early preferred choice in China, but the trend is now to switch to NMC which meet the minimum energy density levels required to qualify for Chinese government subsidies. Lithium manganese oxide (LMO). It was used in early EVs, such as the Nissan Leaf, because of its high reliability. LMO's downside is low cell durability and mediocre power compared to competing technologies. 
Direct download: Gregor_Gregersen_28.Jun.18.mp3
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The numbers: A measure that tracks consumer prices shows the cost of living is increasing at the fastest pace in six years, reflecting a strong U.S. economy and ultra-tight labor market that’s stoking inflation.

The consumer price index increased 0.2% in May, the government said Tuesday, in line with Wall Street’s forecast. The report came out one day before a Federal Reserve meeting in Washington that’s expected to result in another increase in U.S. interest rates.

A more closely followed measure that strips out food and energy also rose 0.2% last month. It’s known as the core rate of inflation.

The consumer price index has risen 2.8% in the past 12 months, up from 2.5% in April. That’s the fastest rate since early 2012.
The yearly increase in the core rate edged up to 2.2%.

What happened: The increase in the cost of living last month was spearheaded by the rising cost of gasoline, medical care and shelter — rent and home prices.

The cost of medical care has accelerated again after a slowdown toward the end of 2017. Ditto for rents and home prices. Gasoline prices have climbed after what the IEA calls solid demand, reduced OPEC output and geopolitical developments.

Americans are paying less for new and used cars, airline fares and communications services such as wireless and cable, but that hasn’t been nearly enough to offset a broad increase in prices.

The steady uptick in inflation is taking a bite out of household income. Real or inflation-adjusted hourly wages rose a meager 0.1% in May, and they are unchanged over the past year.

Big picture: On guard for rising inflation, the Fed was already poised to raise a key U.S. interest rate. The central bank is expected to take action Wednesday after the end of a two-day meeting.

The big question now is whether the Fed raises rates one more time before the end of 2018, as previously planned, or takes a more aggressive approach as many on Wall Street now expect.

The answer is likely to be found in inflation readings over the summer. If inflation tapers off around the Fed’s 2% target, the central bank is likely to stay the course. Yet if prices keep rising and the economy remains strong, the Fed could lift rates at least twice more this year.

Direct download: Sam_McElroy_27.Jun.18.mp3
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Another police shooting in the Pittsburg area. Was it justified? Ron believes that we shouldn't rush to judgment. Just because the media says something doesn't make it true. While the officer in question has been charged, it's important that this not become another Freddy Gay case that ripped Baltimore apart. 

Ron is very concerned about the attacks on ICE. We either have a country with a border or we don't. It's about time Congress took the lead on this important issue. Drug trafficking is at an all time high and it's ravaging the country. 

Direct download: Ron_Hosko_27.Jun.18.mp3
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Bill Powers started his podcast/mining stock website much the same way we did. The financial crisis hit and he was looking for options. But Bill didn't just stop there. He got deep into the weeds and became a mining stock expert. Now he's keeping busy interviewing mining company CEO's and mining stock experts. And he's become a bit of an expert himself in the process. One thing is certain, the mining industry plays a vital role in our capitalistic system and is very under-followed and under-appreciated. Bill is doing his part to change all that. 

Direct download: Bill_Powers_update_26.Jun.18.mp3
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We began today's session with a review of some FSN member's queries. EFT's at least GLD and SLV have a number of questionable practices that make one wonder about whether they really have the metal in the vault. Your call, just be careful and use for trading vehicles only. Tom asked whether it makes sense to never retire and keep stacking gold and silver. There's lot's more so listen up. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_25.Jun.18.mp3
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Mark Skousen, proprietor of Freedom Fest, which bills itself as the largest conference of libertarians in the nation. This year is number 11 and it promises to be exceptional. In 2015, a well known billionaire had just announced he was running for president. He was a last minute guest and the rest is history. Who knows if the next president will appear at Freedom Fest 2018? It could again be history in the making. 

Direct download: Mark_Skousen_25.Jun.18.mp3
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First time guest, Bob has written a number of books about what going to happen next. We're in a buy now pay later economy. But eventually the bill is going to come due. No one is worrying about the debt right now but at some point it's going to be an issue. Borrowing helps for now but in the long run it's going to make a difference. Right now the money printing is on hold, but we're going to have to print more and then we're going to see inflation and that's when the problem really begins. And there won't be a Paul Volcker there to save us. And then there will be a collapse. And you can guess what happens then. 

Direct download: Robert_Wiedemer_20.Jun.18.mp3
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The problem with regulation is that in Canada you need to be licensed to call yourself a Financial Adviser, but to call yourself a Financial Advisor there is no such requirement. Things are a little different in the US, but the real issue isn't your licensing status, but rather the concept of fiduciary duty and putting the client's interest above your own. 

Tariffs are about to take hold and there will be blood. Canada's economy is going to take a hit and to a lesser extent, so will the USA's. The system is unsustainable. It's not just here in the Western Hemisphere, it's all over the world. Whatever happened to the concept of creating competition instead of we're creating corruption. Beware of a rising tide because eventually it will subside. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_19.Jun.18.mp3
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Kitco's director of global trading Peter Hug returned to the show. Commenting on the recent metals decline, he believes it was triggered by the ECB's continued quantitative easing program which makes the dollar particularly attractive to European participants. Of course it's somewhat predicated on the Fed's continued effort to normalize interest rates. Between interest rate hikes and trade concerns, the Fed has made a conscious decision to be more tolerant of higher consumer prices. All of these factors bode well for gold and silver. Up coming seasonal trends should see them go higher after the summer doldrums have passed. 

Direct download: Peter_Hug_19.Jun.18.mp3
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Steven Mosher has been studying China from a birdseye vantage point since 1979. He believes that Trump's recent triumph in negotiations with North Korea is nothing short of amazing, especially in light of China's repeated attempts to sabotage his efforts. How much further is this rapprochement going to continue? Can Trump pull it off? 

Direct download: Steven_Mosher_18.Jun.18.mp3
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We receive so many questions from you daily. I answer them all as quickly as possible. John and I covered a number of questions about gold, silver, metals etf's and economic stats. There's no limit to the sensory overload that we all face daily. We try to cull out the most important questions and answer them on air. So don't hesitate to keep on sending them. They all get our personal attention. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_18.Jun.18.mp3
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Keith offers a fresh look at some of those “oft-repeated yet difficult to get your mind around” macro problems with the dollar and our monetary system. Of particular interest is Keith's concept of Yield Purchasing Power the Marginal Productivity of Debt. They help shed light on where the economy really is. The value of each dollar of additional debt undertaken is helping economic activity less and less, until the system collapses. 


Direct download: Keith_Weiner_18.Jun.18.mp3
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Precious metals and mining stocks have been trading in a very tight range. That means that the slightest catalyst can set them moving higher. David has noticed that metals and stocks have zoomed higher with each rate increase and yesterday's was no exception. Gold broke $1300 and silver broke $17, both on the same day. David looks first at share structure, the less shares the better. Then he looks at Canadian insider buying, when it picks up there's a very good chance that an opportunity is knocking. 

Direct download: David_Erfle_14.Jun.18.mp3
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President Trump fired a shot across the G7/EU's bow. Whether it's trade or military obligations, it's time for our allies to get with the program. The US will no longer act as Europe's piggy bank. The US will act in the best interests of the country first and foremost. 

Direct download: Bruce_Thornton_14.Jun.18.mp3
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Just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore winning, history is made. The US and North Korea signed a major agreement to denuclearize and to head on to the goal of normalizing relations. It’s quite obvious to most observers, or it should be by now, that this deal was already cut well in advance of the actual meeting. That’s the way countries roll. It should also be obvious, even to the most deranged of Trump haters, that this historic meeting and agreement could never have happened without the tireless efforts of the President and his advisors, not to mention China’s President Xi as well.

Tucker Carlson finally discovers the world of affirmative action air traffic controllers. Seems like the Obama admin back in 2014 wasn't happy with the number of minority controllers and set about recruiting more minorities regardless of their qualifications and their potential threat to safety. Would you go to an affirmative action dentist or heart surgeon? Do you want an affirmative action pilot flying your plain. Affirmative action in the legal profession probably couldn't hurt anyone.

Oh and all those very important cases that finally make it to the United States Supreme Court are often contrived cases who's sole purpose is to propagate new public policy, which is a gross violation of the canons of legal ethics, which specifically prohibits such frauds upon the court. 

Direct download: TLR_455.mp3
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The winning keeps on coming. Are we tired of it yet? The midterms are coming up and there's reason for optimism among President Trump and the Republican Party. Things are starting to look up, the economy is improving, employment is getting better and there's much to be happy about. November is no longer looking like a romp.

Direct download: Matt_Nye_13.Jun.18.mp3
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Noted physician Elaina George joined us today. She's concerned that the big money players are pushing AI medicine. It might be okay for treating a cold, but it's no substitute for a trained medical doctor. The average doctor trains for 27000 hours before going into practice. The average nurse practitioner trains for just 600 hours. Who would you rather have treat you? Trump is cracking down on the Big Pharma rip-off. The link in the corrupt chain is the pharma benefits manager who decides what drugs you will get and how much you will pay for them. They're taking in over $300 billion per year. It's got to be stopped!

Direct download: Dr._Elaina_George_12.Jun.18.mp3
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Another day, another Trump victory. It appears that there will be peace on the Korean Peninsula and that North Korea will be giving up their nukes shortly. After ripping the G7 PC Gang to shreds, Trump has done the impossible and met with Kim Jung Un. It was a loveliest almost from the beginning. Expect a McDonalds to open up very shortly in the Hermit Kingdom. And that's just the beginning. Sometimes all you have to do is just dare to be great and the rest falls into place. 

Direct download: James_Hirsen_12.Jun.18.mp3
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