Julia's passion for business and finance started at a young age. Setting up lemonade stands, mowing the neighbor’s lawn and having her own babysitting club. In high school, she had an amazing teacher that taught her about business and finance. After her first mock stock portfolio and hearing about stocks from her grandfather, she was hooked on figuring out how to make this into a career. It's all she ever wanted to do.

Working at a local bank and then taking the securities exam, at age 20 she became a financial advisor. What Julia has come to realize is that financial success isn't an isolated part of one's life. All parts are connected and success in one makes it easier to succeed in others. Now she helps others to figure out the matrix and become successful investors and retiree's. And her book Fit Money tells you how she did it and you can too. 

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We sat down with Nolan Watson, CEO of Sandstorm Gold Royalty (TSX:SSL, NYSE American:SAND) our sponsor to discuss the rapidly changing global financial conditions and why gold still matters. If you're not familiar with Sandstorm, it's a royalty streaming company started in 2008 and now has nearly 200 royalty streams. They've been busy expanding their business and buying in shares, a notable feat. Nolan is concerned about the future. He sees no let up in debt creation and a complete unwillingness by the world's political leaders to address it. While he's not sure how much longer this can go on, he is certain that at some point there's going to be a day of reckoning. Why else would China and Russia still be acquiring more metal reserves? This belief has played a big part in Sandstorm's successful strategy and its growth. Until major changes are made to the system, it's still a pretty safe bet. 

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Danielle and I have been discussing the unsustainability of the current bull market in stocks for a long time. It's been going on for 10 years now, but recently the bull appears to be running out of steam. The FANG stocks may have been de-fanged, so what's left to drive the market higher. Always remember that the market can remain irrational much longer than you can remain solvent. It's my opinion that it's going to go on quite a while longer. Let's see what happens next. 

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Dr. John Huber is concerned about Millennials experiencing symptoms of PTSD triggered by the Trump election. In fact as many as 25% are currently suffering from this syndrome. But it could get much worse. Against all odds, Trump is storming the country and regularly triggering his adversaries in the media and the electorate. One can envision an increase in emergency room admissions should the Republicans retain the House and increase their Senate margin. Just remember to always be empathetic and kind to these hapless souls, and understand that they experience life through their emotions and have ceased to be rational beings. According to Dr. Huber, that's what we're all up against. Good luck!

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Avi Gilburt is an Elliott Wave theorist and practitioner. He says the signals are very clear, another upward wave is coming in the stock market, once the current correction has concluded. That's big news for investors who are fearful that this downward move is the big one. He believes that the eventual mother of all bear markets will visit upon us in the 2020's. And we're very content to wait. Gold probably has another leg down, at least if it doesn't break last week's high. Oil is going down. Dollar is headed towards the 80's range. No opinion on real estate. Interesting views that clearly go against the mainstream. As Avi says, "Each market must be looked at individually."

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The past two weeks have seen cannabis stocks take a major hit. But according to Allison Ostrander, it shouldn't be a shock. There's was so much buzz and hype and they moved up so quickly. But she believes it's just a prelude to the next run up in prices. There's too many states and countries getting ready to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis. But you've got to be extremely careful in what stocks you invest in. There's some companies that will come to dominate the industry and others will fade by the wayside. Careful stock picking is essential. 

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David Erfle believes that the current weakness in gold stocks and the GDX portend a further downturn in metals prices. In addition, we've got tax loss selling season moving ahead in Canada, which always makes Q4 a weak time for mining stocks. But once that's out of the way, things should be picking up and we'll see stronger prices. 

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Large companies are failing to protect your privacy and the sanctity of your personal data. Attorney Chris Ayers believes that it's time for an Internet Bill of Rights that will force companies to secure your data and restrict their ability to profit off it. He's not as concerned with big social media platforms barring diverse thought, as he doesn't think the government should be controlling content, but there is certainly a huge problem there as well. Perhaps freedom of express and privacy need to be handled separately. 

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Kitco's Peter Hug believes that we're close to seeing precious metals prices rise again. The stock markets appear to be getting closer to their peaks, if they haven't hit them already. It's just a matter of time. As the alternatives run out, gold will become the logical choice. And when it happens, it will happen much more quickly than almost anyone believed possible. So why not plan for the eventuality now?

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We're in the midst of an economic expansion that has surprised everyone, including us. While Trump has succeeded beyond anyone's reasonable expectations, there's storm clouds on the horizon. Interest rates are still headed north, potentially leading to slow downs across the economy. The trade war with China is still very much alive. However, we agree that these issues will probably work themselves out and the trend will continue. And most importantly, we are very bullish on Millennials. Even though they appear to be very ignorant at present, life's university of hard knocks is providing them with very valuable lessons that will enable them to succeed in spite of themselves. 

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Like any hot and relatively new sector, the cannabis industry can be confusing, with high potential for scams, as the Securities and Exchange Commission has warned, so investors need to know the basics. To start with, there are a handful of large companies that actually touch the marijuana plant — an important distinction — and there are metrics that are unique to the industry that can help investors understand the underlying business.

There are six large public cannabis companies that demand attention: Aphria Inc.APHQF, -4.04% APH, -3.97% , Aurora Cannabis Inc. ACBFF, -3.94% ACB, -2.85% , Cronos Group Inc. CRON, -3.59% CRON, -3.42% , Canopy Growth Corp. CGC, -7.57% WEED, -6.96% , GW Pharmaceuticals PLC GWPH, +1.55% and Tilray Inc.TLRY, -5.23% TLRY, -5.23% . Five are Canadian and trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange and on U.S. exchanges or on the over-the-counter market, while one is U.K.-based.

All produce thousands of kilograms of weed each quarter, which is critical, as there are dozens of smaller businesses both public and private that have yet to bring products to market. Some of those are expected to die, and some are expected to thrive.

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Hunter Thompson is extremely passionate about helping people prepare for their retirement and for the next recession. It's no secret that we have a retirement crisis on our hands and that the Baby Boomers have not adequately saved for their retirement. Hunter is very bullish on Trailer Park investments and Self-Storage opportunities. He's been through multiple cycles and has a pretty good idea of the market and proper management. Listen on. 

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Markets have been very volatile which is great for traders. Elections are just around the corner and Nick believes that the charts are saying that the dems will get a net gain of zero. Nick says that the US and China will be coming to a Kumbyah moment any day, centering around Intellectual Property. China's markets have been driven ever lower and the recent plunge in the Shanghai Index was the final catalyst. Nick believes that the stock market is getting set to go higher still, perhaps after a few more down days. Gold is trading on fear, but after one more plunge is getting ready to go higher. 

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Though many people know that American universities now offer an inadequate and incoherent education from a leftist viewpoint that excludes moderate and conservative ideas, few people understand how much this matters, how it happened, how bad it is, or what can be done about it. Professor Warren Treadgold shows the crucial role of universities in American culture and politics, the causes of their decline in administrative bloat and inept academic hiring, the effects of the decline on teaching and research, and some possible ways of reversing the downward trend.

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Investigative journalists Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer are the team behind the Gosnell Movie as well as Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer, and they have a gripping and gruesome story to tell - a story of a serial killer masquerading as an advocate of women's rights.

For 30 years Kermit Gosnell went about his evil machinations in clear view of the public and the government. Nothing was ever done and it wasn't until an unrelated opioid investigation exposed the butchery that was taking place. The police could have prosecuted him for over 100 murders but chose only to prosecute him for 7, to avoid having their crimestats go exponential. 

It's truly a story that had to be told. 

Direct download: Phelim_McAleer_23.Oct.18.mp3
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His latest book, The End of Life as We Know It: Ominous News from the Frontiers of Science, takes us behind today’s scientific explorations and acheivements – and into the dangerous future ahead of us.

Unlike his last book, this book is solid fact and serious science -- scientific reporting. In The End of Life as We Know It, Guillen explores…

It's compelling reading and helps put things in perspective.  

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It's no secret that civil debate and discourse has been reaching new lows. Whether it's Trump's fault or just a general deterioration, doesn't really matter. Is it a product of economic decline or something else? The deficit and fiscal situation, while okay on the surface appear to be sinking. Debt is rapidly increasing. So where are we headed? John has some ideas. 

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Ned's thinking that gold and silver have put in their cycle lows. Now they're out performing the stock market, which he was expecting. Will this be gold's moment in the spotlight? Perhaps. 

Ned's also bullish on soybeans, not in spite of the Chinese tariff actions, but because of them. He stated several months ago that the Chinese had jumped the shark and were now going to come crawling back, which they have. The first two American ships with soybean cargoes just arrived. Trump calls it winning!

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October 17, 2018 marked a milestone in personal freedom. That’s the day when Cannabis officially became legal in Canada. The movement had been building for years and finally the government relented. Now Canada, led by companies like ICC International Cannabis Corp intends to become a dominant powerhouse in the industry. ICC is developing relationships around the world. Dozens of countries have given up the fight and either are in the process of legalizing or will be soon. ICC and its local partners are working with countries such as Greece, Uruguay and numerous other countries to establish an international brand that will become a major player in the industry. Between the medical, recreational and research, right now this burgeoning market is big enough for everyone, but eventually victory will go to the successful brands and that’s right where ICC is positioning itself to be. 

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Everyone has heard the old Wall Street maxim, cut your losses short and let your profits run (wild hopefully). But as Rick Ackerman so aptly illustrates, that won't work very well with options and in today's manipulated markets. You need to take profits early, have preset exit points and you should always retain a small position to make a killing on the huge moves. Using this strategy last week paid major dividends for Rick's subscribers who traded options on the VIXX, Amazon and Boeing just to name a few. Rick has a Facebook get-together every Friday. Just click here and find out more!

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Many month ago we advised you that the Trump admin would be like no other in history. We weren't kidding. Every day we see more and more results of the workaholic 'n chief. It's hard to beat someone who's working 10 more hours per day than you are. Trump fought the fight needed to get Kavanaugh confirmed and the rest will soon be history. And he's just getting started. The libs are stuck in their bubble and won't know what happened to them until their party has been completely destroyed. What's next? 

Today is Cannabis legalization day in Canada. Dozens of other countries are seriously looking at legalizing medical and recreational use. It's turning into a major bandwagon effect. Even Greece is looking to get in on the tax boost. No one knows where it will stop, but it's certain that it's going to be a global multi-billion dollar industry. Just wait and see. 

Much more to hear about on the show. 

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The headlines and news reports talk about a burgeoning economy with more jobs added all the time and increasing incomes to boot. But under the surface there are many problems, such as geometrically increasing debt, increasing population, scarce resources and increasing global tensions. While the death of a supposed Muslim Brotherhood Washington Post reporter at the hands of the Saudis is reason for concern, many other more important issues are getting the cold shoulder. Count upon the news media to never give you the true story. Chris Martenson has the talent to get to the story beyond the headlines. 

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David Limbaugh needs no introduction. His work as an attorney, author and media personality is well known. He talks about how the left has taken a detour from sanity and has embarked upon a program of incivility that has led to violence. He doesn't expect the Congress to expel its rogue member, Maxine Waters, et al. They just don't have the spine for that. But progress is being made and Republicans, for the first time, are fighting back. 

His new book, Jesus is Risen, is a bestseller like all the rest of his prior works. He traces the beginning of Christianity and then its rise from a small circle of followers. Great reading! Highly recommended.


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Eric Metaxas's latest book Donald Drains the Swamp is an exploration of the humor of the nation's 45th president. Putting aside all political distractions, Trump is an extraordinarily funny human being. According to Eric, Lincoln was too, perhaps before he got married. A day without laughter is like a day without life. Let's all celebrate national humor days, when it's created, actually let's do it before and maybe Trump will proclaim it. 

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Gold is the ultimate hedge against chaos. And it's very likely we'll be seeing much chaos in the not too distant future. Now David's company has developed a new way to buy gold online that's held in the Royal Canadian Mint. It can be done on your smartphone, it's safe and secure, as long as you believe the Royal Canadian Mint is a trustworthy entity. You decide!

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