Critics of President Trump and other so-called “foreign policy experts” would beg to differ. In the new book, America First: Understanding the Trump Doctrine 22-year State Department veteran, Danny Toma reveals Trump’s vital position as a true statesman and how he is achieving his mission to restore American principles in the realm of international politics.

America First provides an in-depth insight on the reality of President Trump’s foreign policy successes. In this book, readers will be exposed to a factual account of how President Trump’s foreign policy is finally putting America First and reviving the bold American spirit that our founding fathers intended and we thought we had lost.

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According to David Horowitz, we are at war. It isn't taking place on a battlefield but rather in the hearts and minds of US Citizens. Will we prosper and grow or become a socialist utopia? The decision is all ours but the results will affect civilization for the next thousand years. 

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Rick Mark of Harvest Gold Corp, isn't phased at all by gold's recent decline. The industry has changed drastically over the past decade. The Majors no longer have the expertise or desire to engage in exploration and discovery. Therefore, they've delegated that function to the Juniors and at the appropriate time they've been known to swoop down and acquire solid candidates. The Majors have been living off their reserves for too long. If they want to stay in the business, they're going to have to step up their pace of acquisitions and companies like Harvest Gold will be among the first to pop up on their radar screens. With a first rate property and Evrim Resources handling the drilling chores, Rick has hit upon a virtually no-lose business model for the future. Overhead is kept to an absolute minimum, so nearly all funds raised can go to drilling. It's a formula that's sure to be emulated by many once word gets out about its potential. 

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Since Jason Hartman started his podcast 13 years ago, he has proposed a very simple formula that worked during the Great Recession and has been pumping out double digit returns non-stop. The idea is as simple as it is effective, buy single family homes in low-key landlord friendly states and rent them out to quality tenants. Returns in the first year are often in the 10 percent and then when you factor in future appreciation and rising rents, it makes this strategy a no-brainer. And that's why it's so effective. If you don't overthink it and simply stick to the basics, while buying several homes in different areas, the rest will take care of itself. Join Jason and myself at his Hawaii event. Guaranteed to be fun and life changing. 

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With the economy zooming along at 4% plus growth, the natural inclination is to wonder how much longer this can continue. Andrew believes for quite a while. First, the corporate/individual tax cuts are giving a definite boost to the economy. And it's not just stock buybacks. Companies are beginning to reinvest in their core operations, which is good for everyone. Andrew believes that one of the major drivers for next year will be the modified trade deals that the President is working on now. That will lead to more jobs and more tax revenue. There's enough momentum to take the economy ahead for the foreseeable future, nay sayers and haters aside.  

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Millennials ages 25-34 have $42,000 in debt, and most of it isn’t from student loans

Over 44 million Americans have student loans, with the average debt hovering around $33,000. And yet that's not the No. 1 source of debt for the average older millennial.

Millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 have an average of $42,000 in debt each, according to Northwestern Mutual's 2018 Planning & Progress Study. The biggest source? Credit card debt.

Credit card balances make up a full fourth of the average older millennials owe, while student debt accounted for about 16 percent, according to Northwestern Mutual. The findings are based on a survey of over 2,000 U.S. adults, including an oversampling of more than 600 millennials.

"As you grow older, your expenses increase. The additional pressures that come onto the pocketbook only grow and your disposable income shrinks in a lot of cases, even if your salary is growing," Emily Holbrook, director of planning for Northwestern Mutual, tells CNBC Make It.

The pressure to start relying on credit cards makes a lot of sense, she says. Millennials also cope with many other financial burdens that other generations haven't had, including those high student loans, as well as self-funded retirement savings and soaring home prices, to name a few.

Across the board in America, debt is on the rise — even though most people have a strong desire to pay it off. According to Northwestern Mutual's findings, the average American has about $38,000 in debt, up $1,000 from a year ago.

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Major US stock markets continued their upward trajectory with DJIA up 2.2%, S&P 3.1, NASDAQ 5.7% and Russell 2000 up 4.2% to record levels. Emerging markets were down again 3.0%. TSX down 1% and TSX-V defied gravity going up 2.7%. Bitcoin the always volatile digital currency after going up 21.5% last month was down 5.7%. Gold was down another 2.0% and Silver was off another 6.5% for the month. Pt down 6.2% and Pd was up 5.1%. Copper was down another 3.4%. Energy was up for the month, with WTI up 1.7% and Brent up 4.3%. Natgas canceled last month's loss, up 5.0%. Uranium was up again showing a 2.6% gain after continued producer cutbacks. Currencies saw the Greenback rise .6% and the Euro down .8% for the month. Rate on the 10 year T Bond fell back to 2.86%. Till next month!

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With developing nations seeing their currencies collapse and bad stocks markets around the globe in negative territory (except the US) it's beginning to look a lot like 2008. We answer your questions and cover a lot of ground. Best to be prepared and understand how to protect yourself. Remember in 2008 it all started with sub-prime mortgages and spread all over the globe. Could developing country currencies be the sub-prime bubble of yester-year. 

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Kim got into investing in the mid-90s, after having made a windfall in an IPO before the age of 30, and entrusted it to a well-known Wall Street brokerage firm, which proceeded to lose everything she hadn’t managed to spend.

Out of self- defense (and a little bit of payback) Kim created the Snider Investment Method, a system of producing consistent cash flow from paper assets at a significantly higher rate than traditional, non-engineered investments. Her investment firm, Snider Advisors, which both taught and managed assets using Kim’s method exclusively, was on the Inc. List of Fastest Growing Companies two years in a row (2008 & 2009).

Kim retired at 47, sold her investment firm, and moved to South Carolina with her husband and dogs, where they built a polo farm and planned to live happily ever after. All was going according to plan... until crypto came along. While most people think cryptocurrency is too risky, Kim believes the risk is in NOT investing in cryptoassets. Motivated by the cascade of bad advice she saw pouring out all over the Internet, Kim un-retired to create SANE CRYPTO and help Baby Boomers get properly positioned for what could be a once-in-a-lifetime.

Kim Snider is no B.S. She tells it like it is. She’s an expert in her field and she practices what she preaches. On top of everything
opportunity, but not get wrecked if crypto falls through. Kim’s “why” is to learn things people think only experts can learn, make it her own in some systematic way and then teach it back to others who need that information to improve their business or life.

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