Thomas a member of the FSN community asked us a question about the viability and future of the US Dollar. While the dollar might be the best looking horse in the glue factory, it's still headed for the glue pot of history. If all fiat currencies are going down, you need to look elsewhere to protect your wealth and your future. 

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It's been a while since Mike Gazzola was on the show. But he hasn't been sitting around waiting for something to happen. He's been investing in his courses an expanding his online selling knowledge base. Amazon and other online selling sites keep evolving and moving forward. What worked a year ago may be useless today. That's why you always need to stay on top of the latest trends and technology so you don't get left behind. Over 1000 students have taken Mike's training so far, but he's got plenty more to give. Take a look at his latest offerings. 

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Gerald is outraged. Why are we attacking Syria? Why was it done on Friday, other than to avoid a hit to the markets. And it seems to have worked. But are conventional weapons really more humane than chemical weapons? Gerald thinks not. It's amazing that we're in this situation. Gerald doesn't believe we're heading for a crash, at least not now. But the underlying economy is not so swell. It's weaknesses will become more apparent as we go along. Will that cause the Fed to pause interest rate hikes? 

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We connected with economist Steve Keen who unlike most practitioners of the dismal science actually proposes solutions that might even work. As almost anyone will tell you, the world economic system is a mess. There's way too much debt and not enough equity. Steve proposes paying everyone in the US a fixed amount of money. For those in debt, it would have to be used to pay it down. Those few among us who are solvent would use it to buy shares in companies who would be required to pay down their debt. It might not be practical but there's a certain sense to it. And in any event, it sure beats QE. 

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The stock markets are in transition from ABB (Always be buying) to ABS (Always be selling). Unfortunately there's going to be a lot of collateral damage along the way. Even if the markets don't decide to finally come down now, it's a certainty that that day is coming soon. So why not get out ahead of the cycle for once? If you're in cash, you'll be king and all sorts of great companies will be wildly  discounted when that day finally arrives. 

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Heather joined us again to talk about the FBI scam. Scammers got a hold of the FBI's identity theft reporting data base. Then they started a sophisticated campaign to convince those already victimized people to disclose financial information and scammed them yet again. The people thought they were communicating with the FBI, because the scammers already had all their info. Very sophisticated and very effective. 

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During most of the bull market, momo money flows have been positive to extremely positive in FAANG stocks. Now for the first time, there are early signs of the momo crowd turning on FAANG stocks.

To be clear, this is not an all out “sell” signal on FAANG stocks for two reasons. 

• The smart money is still not selling into the weakness. As The Arora Report has been sharing with its subscribers, the smart money has been lightly selling into the strength.

• The momo crowd is fickle. 

Three fundamental changes

Here are the three fundamental changes behind the turn.

• Facebook is under fire because its data has been misused. Is Facebook data a weapon that Facebook cannot completely control?

• The European Union may impose a 3% tax on gross revenues on big tech companies. If this happens, it will hurt earnings.

• There is a report that Apple is working on its own display technology. This will hurt many Apple suppliers. The ones that are seeing an immediate effect in their stock prices are Universal Display OLED, +5.37% LG Display LPL, -0.74% and Synaptics SYNA, +0.94%

Five stages you need to know

To profit from change, investors need to know the five stages of change. Please click here to see the chart showing the five stages for a “buy” position. Please click here to see the five stages of a “short” position. A short position is a bet on a decline in a stock. 

What to do now

The Arora Report subscribers have been provided with detailed guidance. What you do now depends on the following factors.

• Are you overly concentrated in FAANG stocks?

• Are you overly concentrated in tech stocks?

• Have you been taking partial profits along the way? 

• When did you buy those stocks?

• Based on the size of your unrealized gains, what are the tax consequences?

Finally, watch the flows to see if a buying opportunity develops or more partial profits need to be taken.

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Author and reformed hedge fund manager Joel Salomon joined us today. He's a prosperity coach and calls himself the Money Shrink. Investing is about having the right attitude and mindset. It's not easy to avoid the investment mine fields but Joel helps his clients do it. It's all about confidence. But how do you know if your self-confidence is misplaced and that comes down to belief levels. 

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The world is changing rapidly. The US Dollar was once as good as gold. China is now the largest petroleum consumer in the world. They're attempting to take over the oil futures market and thereby set the world price. Up until now they've received very little pushback from the US. You need to be ready for the tumultuous events of the future. 

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Another film by our favorite filmmaker Joel Gilbert. The movie is a hilarious look at the president's master branding techniques and how it helped him win the election. His ability to brand his opponents with derogatory nicknames such as low energy Jeb, little Marco, lyin' Ted and so many others is well honed. This was part of a well thought out strategy that led him to the White House. You can't argue with success. 

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The trade wars are coming to Walmart near you, or are they? Another example of the Art of the Deal. There will never be a trade war. This is just pure posturing. So be merry and buy some electronics, everything will be fine. Remember the cycles create the news, not the opposite. When in doubt, count your Bitcoin, or what's left of it anyway. The only thing to fear is bankruptcy, and even that isn't so terrible. 

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Ten years after the start of the financial crisis that erased $16.4 trillion in assets from U.S. households, Americans have yet to embrace the U.S. stock market with the same fervor as before, holding fewer individual stocks and putting less money into equities overall despite an uninterrupted 9-year bull market that has pushed the S&P 500 up nearly 310 percent from its 2009 lows.

Overall, U.S. households have $900 billion less invested in stocks than in 2007, according to Goldman Sachs research, leaving buying by U.S. corporations now the greatest driver of demand. In 401(k) retirement plans, meanwhile, investors now hold an average of 52.4 percent in equity-only funds, down from the 64.7 percent they held in 2007, according to Fidelity.

Instead, investors now hold an average of 33.2 percent of their assets in blended target-date funds that combine stocks, bonds and cash based on a person's expected retirement date, more than double the 14.5 percent of assets invested in the category in 2007.

The decline in the assets invested in stocks comes even as investors have largely benefited from the recovery in equity prices. The average 401(k) balance at the end of 2017 was  $104,300, up 112 percent from the average of $49,000 at the end of 2008 and up 54 percent from the pre-crisis average of $67,600 at the end of 2007, according to Fidelity.

"There just doesn't seem to be the same level of interest or animal spirits" among investors now for equities, said Mark Paccione, director of investment research at Raleigh, North Carolina-based Captrust Financial Advisors, which oversees $250 billion in assets.

Clients are much more concerned about the effect of rising interest rates and inflation on their bond portfolios, he said.

"They're very worried we will have a bear market in bonds and direct almost all of their focus there," he said.

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The trade spat between the world's two largest economies worsened over the weekend with China hiking tariffs on a slew of U.S. goods in response to Washington slapping duties on Chinese aluminum and steel. The measures announced Sunday matched a list of potential tariffs on up to $3 billion in U.S. goods published by China on March 23. And it keeps on going. Where will it end?

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First a big thanks to the hundreds of you who sent your prayers and wishes concerning my sister's passing. It really meant the world to me. You are amazing!

The Stem Cell show that I spoke of 18 months ago is now a reality. Stem Cell Solutions will report on new advances in regenerative medicine, interview people who've gotten these procedures done and let you know the inside info on how it's going to revolutionize medicine in our life times. If you've got any orthopedic issues, you need to check it out. Call the doctors for a no fee consult at 800-420-2869 or check out their website

We talk about the so-called March for our Lives. Bogus, manipulated kids being used as pawns. If new laws and regulation were the key, we'd be the happiest and safest place on the planet. Heck, Congress could pass a law requiring everyone to live in total bliss and happiness. But as you know, it don't work that way. Think about it!

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President Trump has been using access to US markets to force countries to modify their anti-American trade practices. It worked with South Korea and it's working with other countries too. The US is finally standing up to China to prevent intellectual property theft and trans shipment of Chinese over production. Even the EU is starting to fall into line with their own interests. We'll see how it progresses over the next several months. 

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Houston we have a problem, actually a lot of them. The current bull market in global stocks has been proceeding a pace for 9 years. That makes this one the grandaddy of them all. Meanwhile, back in the real world, there has been little if any growth and if you adjust inflation accordingly, it's arguable that we've actually been in a major downturn since 2008. What's a central planner/central banker to do? Add to that picture, burgeoning sovereign debt on global scale, public pension plans about to go bust in the Western world and more currency units than can be appreciated, and you know there's big problems ahead. 

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Minesh Bhendi started investing in real estate when he was just 16 years old. In 2009 he got into investing in Gold & Silver. Minesh set wanted to create an investment strategy that worked like an appliance, just plug it in and it works. Through Gold And Silver For Life he shares that strategy, a proven concept with clients worldwide. With returns of 1-2% per month, he might just have hit upon something. 


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The re-release of Roseanne set all sorts of records. More than 25 million people watched the first show. Where's all this enthusiasm and interest coming from? It seems to have hit a nerve in the collective conscious of the American public. Can we look forward to more shows displaying a pro-Trump conservative bias? 

Facebook is failing for now. Will it continue? Everyone has known that they've been selling data to the highest bidder, but it seems that they've been giving it away to groups that embrace their politics, like the 2012 Obama campaign, and they may have just crossed the line. Remember, buy Facebook, sell Zuckerberg.

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Ron Hosko tells us that last week, the Washington Post committed half of an entire page of newsprint to a Wesley Lowery article entitled “Police are still killing black people. Why don’t we notice?” Lowery, as he tends to do, works hard to keep alive the notion that police wantonly hunt and gun down innocent blacks and now his frustration with the lack of attention on the subject is pointed, unsurprisingly, at President Trump. He’s right on some points, including that Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, played regularly into the Post’s preferred theme of abusive and racist policing in America. Yet Lowery gives more, salting his complaints with the wholly misleading dog whistles that presumably help him make his point. He buries three seemingly important names in his article – Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray – each working as triggers that will get his undiscriminating readers nodding in vapid agreement.

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It's no secret that John has been a raging bear on Tesla. With it's bloated valuation and insatiable need for ever larger amounts of cash, it's a disaster waiting to happen. And then the unthinkable, one of its cars crashes and burns, killing its owner. 

The market is down another 555 points today, just 111 away from the magical 666! And now France is saying it can't regulate social media companies. Who would want to do such a thing anyway? It's about time we cracked down on the censoring social media giants and data miners. Their product is you and I, using our data to control our behavior. Enough is enough!

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Dr. Jerome Corsi joined us again to talk about his new book Killing the Deep State - The Fight to Save President Trump. The level and depth of the corruption and the plan to depose the President is breathtaking in its audacity and its naiveté. Never before in American History has a secret cabal so openly attempted to subvert the will of the electorate. Now they're on the defensive and we all hope and pray that they'll finally be exposed for what they are. It's coming soon to a courthouse near you. 

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