Once upon a time, you went to college, got a degree and found success in life. Now it's different. Tuition is through the roof and so is debt. Massive student loans, second mortgages and for what? Parent retirement goes out the window. Illinois's finances have led to greater unaffordability of its state schools. This has led to staff layoffs and no more tenure. Cheaper teachers and lower quality education. What's a central planner to do? Is it any wonder why the globe is embracing nationalist candidates and drastic solutions? 

Direct download: John_Rubino_20.Mar.17.mp3
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Let's face it, California is on the skids. Pension debt is out of control. Infrastructure is crumbling. The governor inhabits an alternative reality and the legislature seems to have been consuming too much marijuana before it became legal. Now we can only imagine how much their consumption will increase. Companies are fleeing and taking jobs with them. 9000 companies have left the state in the last 5 years. A record to be proud of. 

Direct download: Joe_Messina_20.Mar.17.mp3
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Gold and silver have been showing surprising strength, but it's not surprising to Ned Schmidt. He's been expecting it all along. He's very pessimistic on dollar. Ned sees a major bull market forming in agricultural commodities. Corn and soybeans are the next commodities that will see a run up. China is coming back big, buying up agricultural products, especially corn. It's been two years since that happened. Unfortunately, Ned says that the ag stocks are overvalued so you have to play the commodities to profit. 

Direct download: Ned_Schmidt_20.Mar.17.mp3
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Everyone hates Donald Trump, they always have and they always will. Nonetheless, he won and he keeps winning. All his friends left him. But he still keeps going. It doesn't matter what the critics say, they don't matter, they need to be ignored. Just carry on with your agenda and let the chips fall where they may.

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_16.Mar.17.mp3
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What's Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

The Ides of March and the Rothschilds;

-Fed meeting, Dutch elections, debt ceiling
Collapsing Cartels;

-OPEC, gold;

Historic times, and the upcoming "changing of the guard" of PM investors.

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_15.Mar.17.mp3
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Dow tops 21,000 in intraday trade‹on pace for second-fastest milestone in history, industrials lead; Jeffrey Small, President of, "Arbor Financial."

Here is a clip of him;

Fox Business Interview

Direct download: Jeffrey_Small_15.Mar.17.mp3
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Precious metals and mining stocks' prices often move together, but not always. Eric Hadik has been warning that this will be one of those times. He sees metals moving higher in the second half of the year into 2018. Not so for the stocks, at least at the present time. They could be subject to stock market movements that send them lower at first. Eric believes that March is a pivotal time for the stock markets and caution is the byword. Will this present a major buying opportunity as it has often done in the past? Talk to you in July. 

Direct download: Eric_Hadik_14.Mar.17.mp3
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Obama's third term has begun. Our Republic is in danger. A few weeks after the election, I warned that Obama was planning to run the country from outside the White House. And that the "Obama Anonymous" network of staffers embedded in the government was the real threat. Since then, Obama's Kalorama mansion has become a shadow White House. And the Obama Anonymous network is doing everything it can to bring down an elected government. After Trump secured the nomination, Obama's people filed a wiretapping request. As he was on the verge of winning, they did it again. After he won, they've been doing everything they can to bring him down. It was always going to come down to this.

Direct download: Daniel_Greenfield_14.Mar.17.mp3
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Recently we wrote about President Trump’s workaholic constitution and how the media had yet to grasp its potentially negative impact upon their lives. Finally, they’re starting to get it. The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple wrote “…journalists tasked with covering Donald Trump’s White House are growing weary thanks to the ‘unsustainable’ pace the president is setting – with long days ‘ruined weekends’ and ‘unpredictable’ moves.” His conclusion, Trump may outlast the White House Press Corps. We can only hope! 

Then we discussed VistaGold. A junior miner with a great project, money in the bank and a strong management team. They're having a Town Hall Call on Thursday, March 16, 2017 @ 2:15pm eastern time. Just click here to find out more.

US Attorney for the Southern District of New York has been fired by President Trump/Attorney General Jeff Sessions. What affect will that have upon the possible prosecution of Comrade deBlasio? This remains to be seen. 

There's lot's more here. Enjoy!

Direct download: TRL_414_14.Mar.17.mp3
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Gone are the days when shopping centers and malls were the most secure real estate investment and loan that banks and insurance companies had on their books. With thousands of stores closing across the country, retail properties are plunging in value. Online shopping hasn't helped either. Mall owners don't know what to do. This has led to many of them simply mailing in the keys to their lenders, otherwise known as jingle mail. With big changes happening in the workplace, office space doesn't look too secure either. Get ready for a tsunami of commercial real estate loan write-downs. 

Direct download: Gordon_T_Long_13.Mar.17.mp3
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This book written Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton: An Extraordinary Story of Courage and Survival in Vietnam was written by Amy Shively Hawk, Captain Shively’s adopted daughter. It's a touching story of an American hero. It's one of ultimate inspiration: despite brutal treatment in prison, the contemplation of suicide, and his beloved girlfriend moving on back home, he somehow found hope – proving, in his words, that “Life is only what you make of it.”

Escaping prison and eventually reuniting with his long-lost love, Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton is an encouraging story of hope and love that America needs in this negative news cycle. It's a great story and one that really shows what people are capable of under the worst circumstances

Direct download: Amy_Hawk_13.Mar.17.mp3
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10’s of thousands of stores closing, malls closing, it’s a nightmare. We have 3 times more stores than similar countries like Japan and France. Online is expanding by leaps and bounds. Brick and mortar companies are successfully expanding into online. It might look like they’re doing well, but this success is coming at a great cost. Staples and Macy’s and other brick and mortar retailers are doing major sales but losing money. They’re cannibalizing their own store sales. They don’t have a choice, but it’s killing them. A continuing catastrophe for retailers. This will cause commercial real estate to flounder as well. The developers will walk and send the keys off to the lender. Jingle mail on steroids. 

Howard then talks about healthcare reform, tax reform, the Trump Presidency and the economy at large. 

Direct download: Howard_Davidowitz_14.Mar.17.mp3
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Populism is sweeping the western world now. It’s getting so bad that the Pope is even speaking out against it. Bill Clinton is out there speaking out against it as well. He’s too busy reaping the rewards of globalism to care about main street. There’s nothing wrong with protectionism when it means protecting yourself. It’s a fundamental human right. During the Great Depression the US sealed off its border from the rest of the world. Why take in others when you can’t properly take care of your own population? And populism is getting ready to score major victories in the Netherlands and France, although that remains in doubt. All things considered, Populism prospects are looking pretty good!

Direct download: Gerald_Celente_13.Mar.17.mp3
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A funny thing happened with the recent economic statistics. Inflation is going up. That wasn't supposed to happen, the world has been on a decade-long money printing debt binge and yet to most people the results have been benign. Prices have gone up some, but mostly stocks and real estate have seen the largest rise, and that's a good thing right? Well maybe now the chickens are coming home to roost. Worse comes to worse, they can always change the CPI just like they did to the Unemployment Rate. A little change in perception can work wonders. 


Direct download: John_Rubino_13.Mar.17.mp3
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From a very young age J.V. Crum III knew he was going to be a millionaire. He didn't want to become wealthy for the sake of becoming wealthy, but rather to help others to learn to do what he did. He works with high-achieving service-business owners and consultants who are committed to making a bigger impact and bigger profits. He is the Founder of ConsciousMillionaire.com, a global company that provides training, coaching, and masterminds through its First Million Academy. JV is a speaker, coach, podcaster, Huffington Post Columnist, and author of the #1 best-seller, “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference.” He hosts the top-ranked “Conscious Millionaire Show” and “Health Reality Podcast – From Diabetes to Healthy and Thriving Entrepreneur” and holds graduate degrees in business, law and psychology. JV has built and sold successful companies, and is featured in the upcoming movie, RiseUP.

Direct download: JV_Crum_III_13.Mar.17.mp3
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We sat down with Gregory Crowe, CEO of Silver One, an FSN sponsor. They signed an option to acquire a very promising project from Silver Standard in Nevada. Known as the Candelaria Mine Project, it has been the site of substantial high grade silver production in the past and it is believed to still hold a substantial cache of the shiny metal. Under the terms of the option, Silver One has much to gain and very little to lose. 

We talked about other projects the company is working on. One thing about Greg, he's not sitting around waiting for things to happen. He's out there working to get things done. Hard to believe the company has only been public for 8 months. We're expecting big things in the near future. 

Direct download: Gregory_Crowe_08.Mar.17.mp3
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Don Mazzella believes that Trumpcare is a first good step. The question is a good first step towards what? He thinks that Leader Paul Ryan is a good guy who has the interests of the country and the people at heart. We disagree, but time will show who is correct. The Trump Train has left the station and the Never Trumpers have clearly been left behind. Will they change their tune before it's too late? 

Direct download: Don_Mazzella_08.Mar.17.mp3
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Larry Harbolt is a leading expert in creative Seller Financing expert as well as a popular national real estate speaker and teacher.  A former plumber/pipefitter and then residential home builder, Larry bought his first investment property in 1984, and knew he found his calling. After years of struggling financially, he developed a buying system that he still uses today, and that helped him buy 10 houses in one week.

Since then, Larry has been successfully creatively buying and selling real estate for over 30 years and has written numerous popular articles and real estate courses.  His time-tested strategies and nuts-and-bolts teaching style has helped thousands of aspiring real estate entrepreneurs realize their financial dreams with little or no money and without the need for credit.


Direct download: Larry_Harbolt_08.Mar.17.mp3
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What's Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Today's article - "how technology and stupidity destroyed the world"

-Fed hiking into historic economic weakness and political uncertainty?

-rising rates and a "strong dollar" will kill America

-Trump-Care - are you kidding me?

-"oil PPT" and historic base metal bubbles in trouble

-last week's "200 week moving average war" Cartel raid, and ramifications

-Ides of March a week away

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_08.Mar.17.mp3
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Jason's YouTube channel was growing very nicely and then all of a sudden it wasn't. Subscribers were being involuntarily unsubscribed and viewer counts were being downgraded. Adding insult to injury, they decided not to pay him any longer for his monetized videos. If this was only an isolated case we could chalk it up to a technical glitch, but it's happening more and more to conservative and libertarian minded content producers. Twitter has become a virtual censorship orgy. Where will it stop? Perhaps with a Gofundme campaign and a class-action lawsuit would help. 

Direct download: Jason_Burack_07.Mar.17.mp3
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Baby-boomers are ill prepared for their impending retirement. Therefore, it is urgent that they make major life-style changes as soon as possible. Aaron's upcoming book details a major life adjustment that will enable anyone to retire in comfort and happiness if they will take the plunge. However, time is running out and the sooner one makes the changes the better of they will be. 

Direct download: Aaron_Clarey_07.Mar.17.mp3
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The financial system has become a paradise for scammers, fraudsters and banksters and no one wants to stop the party. Let the good times roll and when they stop, the government will be there to bail everyone out. The price you pay for living in a perfect world. How did we get here and how will we ever move one? Can technology save us or will it just make things inevitably worse? Danielle has her opinion and we have ours. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_07.Mar.17.mp3
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Janet Yellen signals March rate hike is possible. David Scranton is concerned about the effect upon the stock market at this point in the rally/recovery. We've been in a recovery for many years, how much longer can it continue. What if the Trump Bump runs into trouble with delays in getting his agenda through the Congress, will the market react negatively. 

David Scranton, CEO and Founder of, Sound Income Strategies. Author of New Book; "Return on Principle: 7 Core Values to Help Protect Your Money in Good Times and Bad"

Maximize your retirement and focus on income and master the “inside game” armed with a fresh perspective of 200 years of stock market history tied to the exact lifecycle of the average investor.

Direct download: David_Scranton_07.Mar.17.mp3
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Craig Hemke a/k/a Turd Ferguson of TFMetalsReport.com joined us for a look at the latest state of the precious metals market. As usual the mining stocks broke down and gold/silver followed them. This has become a boring repetitious cycle that we've been seeing for years. The paper derivatives as usual are determining the physical price. But why would you expect anything else? It will continue on until it no longer works, it's the alchemy of synthetic gold. 

Direct download: Craig_Hemke_06.Mar.17.mp3
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Mark's co-host Scott Todd had a great job at a Fortune 300 company. Great pay, benefits and future. However, he saw the handwriting on the wall. He knew that his job was soon going to be outsourced to India. He met Mark and started buying land. When that fateful day finally arrived, he had replaced most of his income and was happy to take the golden handshake. Now he works a couple of hours per day from wherever he may be and he's never happier and he's never looked back. Sound impossible. Many of Mark's students have done the same and so can you.

Special Offer: Go to TheLandGeek.com/free-training/. Mention FSN to get $100 off your order.

Direct download: Mark_Podolsky_06.Mar.17.mp3
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