Jay Conner is a real estate developer expert in private lending. He's been buying and selling houses for 14 years and has been involved in over 52 million dollars in transactions. For the past 7 years, Jay has completely automated his 7-Figure Income Business to where he works in his business less than 10 hours per week. He is a contributing author to the best-selling book, "Real Estate: Getting Deals Done In The New Economy."

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No other guest in FSN history generated as much email and interest as Mike Gazzola. From real estate to opening an Amazon Store, he has helped numerous members of the FSN community realize their financial dreams, including yours truly. So when the opportunity arose to start doing the show again, we jumped at it. To date, his stores have done over $2 million in sales. He has a number of employees working for him in China. Life is good. 

He discussed using influencers to promote products, which we're doing right now for a kitchen product just launched on Amazon. Also, we discussed the importance of packaging; just like clothes can make the man, so too can packaging make the product. In the past 18 months, Mike has truly become a merchandising dynamo. Listen in on our long-anticipated reunion. 

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I was greeted yesterday morning by an email from a person named Gerry. He appears to be an anti-fan. My first missive from him came November 7, 2012, right after Obama’s re-election. His exact words were, “Take that, you dumbass AGW denier, right wing hebe nutjob.” He’s somewhat of an anti-semite, but his words mean nothing to me.

We look at the Comey firing and what it really means. Who's next? 

Connecticut is going broke and its state capitol Hartford is preparing to file for bankruptcy. Sometimes you just can't tax enough.

Comrade deBlasio is trying to close the City's notorious penal colony Rikers Island. Good luck on that one. 

Trump's Agenda will get passed through in some form. 

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What's Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Post-French election - who's better for PM's, Macron or Le Pen?

Political and geo-political tremors - Syria, North Korea, Obamacare, debt ceiling;


Across the board plunge in U.S. economic data;

Chinese commodity/credit bubble deflating - is the big Yuan devaluation coming soon?

Most oversold silver in years;

Record Bitcoin prices;


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Danielle joined the show yesterday. We talked about the emerging real estate bust in Canada. Home Capital Group, a large Canadian RE lender is on the skids. This is emblematic of what's happening or will happen elsewhere in the world. The US's markets are clearly starting to peak, where will the next bubble pop?

We also discussed cooking at home. Nothing is more vital to the family than spending dinner time together. It has been shown that children in families that eat dinners with their parents are much more likely to do well in school and stay out of trouble. And the expense of constantly dining out is an unhealthy trend, both economically and nutritionally. So think about that the next time you're trying to figure out where to eat dinner. Your kitchen is always the closest place.  

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Ron Frost author of Getting Unstuck: The 9 Keys to creating more Prosperity, Fulfillment and Joy, joined us today. We discussed the fear of success being a much larger problem than the fear of failure. Everyone understands their fear of failing, but few understand they might be suffering from a fear of success. It takes different forms but it's often present and holding you back. A lot of good advice here. 

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Lew Weiss has spent his entire life in the manufacturing sector. He's happy that President Trump has devoted much attention to the importance of manufacturing to the US Economy. He sees the sector rebounding, but not necessarily because of Trump. Yes Trump's proposed tax policy and regulatory relief is a major plus, however he hasn't gotten it through congress yet and may never. Rather, it's the US's supply of cheaper energy, access to water and proximity to major markets. He's seen a pick-up over the last year that's quite encourage. Lew encourages younger people to take a serious look at a career in this sector. Jobs are plentiful and the pay is way above average. Imagine if there's a positive move on the policy front to further help things along. 

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With the VIX making new lows daily, fear in the stock market is reaching all time lows. The last time this happened was in 2006 and we all know what happened after that. The market went up for a number of months after the VIX hit its low but then crashed and lost 50 percent of its value. Ned thinks this is a Black Swan event in the making. People are getting way over the top in their optimism about the market. The good news is gold and silver will soar once the market goes through its crash. Don't worry about the daily moves in gold and silver. Sanity will soon be restored. 

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It's no secret that finding the mother lode keeps getting harder and harder to do. A new generation of miners is entering the industry. They are younger, creative and don't hesitate to utilize the best new technologies that are revolutionizing the industry. In addition, the majors have effectively abandoned exploration and have subcontracted it out to the juniors. Large mining companies are very slow to move and are generally unable to take advantage of new opportunities. Thus the junior miners exist to locate and uncover new mines that will eventually be taken over by the majors. That's why a conference like the Metals Investor Forum has taken on so much more importance in recent years. 

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Jordan Roy Byrne writes The Daily Gold and is quite skilled in evaluating mining/resource stocks. We sat down with him at the Metals Investor Forum. Jordan believes that for the next couple of months metals prices will be under pressure. Real interests, while still negative, are rising. This is negative for metals short term. However, Jordan believes that 2018 is going to be a great year. We also discuss inflation in commodities versus inflation in service prices. Have we really turned the corner? Let's see what the markets say. 

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We spoke with Max Porterfield at the Metals Investing Forum in Vancouver, BC. Much has been happening since we last spoke. Callinex is unique among the junior mining sector. It has been around since 1927 - ninety years. The company has been recapitalized and is now well situated to take advantage of a booming zinc sector. There's just 29 days of above ground supply, which means that supply issues could come into play. Since it's mostly a by-product of other mines, sufficient attention has been paid to expanding output. The price has recently risen to $1.16 per pound and could be going much higher, perhaps as high as $2.00 per pound. Which makes Callinex's portfolio of proven projects that much more valuable. Combined with a seasoned battle-tested management group, it looks like Callinex has found its way. 

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Most history books and biographies haven’t told Teddy’s full story—that our bombastic twenty-sixth president was created from the ways of trappers and thieves in the Wild West.

In a new book Forging a President: How the Wild West Created Teddy Roosevelt by William Hazelgrove sets the record straight. Using Roosevelt’s own writings and reflections, Forging a President shows how heartbreak – and life in the Badlands – formed the spirit of T.R. It's amazing how much you don't know about someone you think you know a lot about. 

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What's Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Collapsing U.S. economy - GDP, auto sales, construction, personal spending, etc.;

FOMC meeting today;

The biggest Precious Metal "losing streak" in history;

Record Bitcoin prices;

French election;

"Itchy" Central bank trigger fingers;


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Robert Bakke, says his hope for Trump is fading rapidly, and for a pointed reason. “The Johnson Amendment marked the unraveling of America,” says Bakke, “Unless Trump follows through on his pledge to destroy it, Trump will fail.” Bakke, who says he avoids organized religion at all costs, is referring to legislation that was introduced back in 1954 when Texas Senator, Lyndon Johnson, was fighting to retain his senate seat. While being challenged by Texan, Dudley Dougherty (who was supported by a non-profit organization) Johnson introduced an amendment to the federal tax code, banning charitable organizations from supporting political candidates. The amendment became law and overflowed to prohibit churches and pastors from supporting political candidates. “Just imagine what would happen if women were banned from politics,” says Bakke.

Bakke says America’s success was a direct result of keeping Biblical principles at the forefront. “This isn’t about religion,” says Bakke, “It’s about everyone working together, just as a football team needs a playbook to keep everyone on the same page. You don’t have to like the play, but check the results. The Bible was America’s playbook, but the Johnson Amendment took it away.” Bakke says Trump doesn’t stand a chance unless the principals that built America are reinfused into our government. “Check the divorce rate, check the economy, check the debt clock,” says Bakke, “The Bible says a nation shall never borrow money, but now we’re 20-trillion in debt. That better scare you.”

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Noted author and speaker David Horowitz was all set to appear at Berkley a/k/a Berserkerly but the administration had other ideas. They put up all sorts of obstacles, both financial and procedural. As a result the event was cancelled and the college will remain a safe-space for now. David wants the DOJ to crack down on this state of affairs and withhold all government funding from these so-called institutions of higher learning. 

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Andrew Zatlin is upbeat about hiring and the economic situation of the country. Trump is transitioning the country away from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan into things that are directly involved in the US's interests. Trump's pro-business team know how to run things. Unfortunately, the Congress has been resistant and unaccommodating. Can Trump get his program through? Let's see what happens next.

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Is Trump about to change your 401(k)'s biggest tax break? The Trump administration is embarking on new efforts to study and possibly dismantle some of President Obama’s tax and financial regulations.

Lawmakers are looking at dramatically changing these retirement plans. President Donald Trump was elected, in part, because of his championing of income tax reform, with promises of a simplified structure of tax rates for individuals and lower tax rates on corporations. Yet at no time during the campaign did the president signal that the way his administration would pay for those moves would involve taking away one of the most popular and widely used tax breaks in the income tax system.


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2016 turned out to be a pretty decent year, economically speaking anyway. The latest 2017 economic numbers are decidedly downcast. Can Trump's proposed tax plan fix it? The current recovery has been going on for 9 years, almost a life time. A recession now would lead to even higher deficits and more pressure on the Fed and the government. Eventually, there will be a day of reckoning. It's not if, but when. A recession will bring us that much closer. If the US doesn't grow than no other country will grow either. 

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Eddie Ghabour is a bull and Trump's Tax reform proposal has made him even more so. There's a lot of great things contained therein:

1. Reducing corp tax rate to 15% will be a huge windfall that will get reinvested into the economy.

2. What is not talked about enough that I feel has a huge impact is the corp tax rate affects the small business in America that are pass throughs. This is huge for the small business owner.

3. Simplifying the code to 3 brackets makes a lot of sense. It's too complicated as it stands now.

4. Doing away with AMT is another windfall that is well overdue.

5. In summary this is a pro growth tax plan that is a big change from where we stand that has the potential for big positive results.

6. If this passes I believe the bull market is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

But will Congress pass it in some form? 

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Virtually all stock markets were up in April, Dow 1.3%, TSX.V down slightly, everything else keeps going up. Dollar down breaking 100 on the index, Euro up 2.3%. Rate on the 10 Year is coming back down. Bitcoin was up 22%! On the metals front, Gold was up 1.5% and silver was down almost 6. Platinum down palladium up. Dr. Copper down almost 2%. Down month for WTI and Brent -3.0%. Natgas defying the weather up nearly 6%. U308 down nearly 7%. Gold to silver ration back over 70. Platinum to Gold hits .74, very very low.  

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Josh has been trading for 8 years and has over 16,000 hours of experience. Hasn’t had a losing month since February 2016. No losing days since February 13, 2017. He’s won on over 76% of his investments. Oil looks like its heading higher and this is good news for the Canadian Dollar. The Euro should be heading lower. Josh says with opportunities like this, it’s a great time to be investing. 

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Bryan Slusarchuk is a director of First Cobalt (TSXV: FCC & US: FTSSF). We used to think that adequate supplies of Lithium were required to power the growing numbers of electric vehicles. And while at the present time Lithium is the preferred energy storage battery component, Cobalt is every bit as important. The supplies are rapidly shrinking and what we do get is often the product child mining slaves. As with many vital minerals and elements, Cobalt is often a bi-product of base metal mines. When the underlying metal becomes uneconomical to mine, Cobalt products stops as well.  First Cobalt is out to change all that. They've got an amazing project in Canada - Keeley Frontier that has yielded large amounts of Cobalt and Silver in the past. Now restarting it is a major goal. It's blue skies ahead for the blue metal. 

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There's a new computer security hack that uses your children to open the door to wholesale data theft your data. The kids believe they're downloading a Nintendo Emulator that will allow them to play unlimited games on their computer. Instead they're allowing a trojan virus to get in and cause all sorts of havoc with your data, identity and files. Warn  your children about this exploit before it's too late. 

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Joe Park is a leading Cyber Security Analyst and Author of
"The Rise of the Chosen Ones: How to Choose Yourself for Greatness"

Security Professionals are aware that cyber criminals have increasingly sophisticated weapons at their disposal for maneuvering through online commerce systems and stealing information. Traditional firewalls do little to help online businesses understand the behavior of online visitors. Instead they narrowly focus on the network and server exploits only.

These costly threats are growing significantly, making the job of IT professionals extremely challenging. What does this mean for online business protection? Where should you turn to protect your data and your life. 

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What's Happing Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

-Historically cheap PMs prices, amidst the "PiMBEEB-a-looza" of (PM bullish, everything-else-bearish) headlines;

-GDP plunge, government shutdown?, French election, debt ceiling, North Korea;

-gold STILL well above its 200 WMA;

-record Bitcoin prices - and Miles Franklin NOW ACCEPTING BITCOIN AS PAYMENT https://www.milesfranklin.com/miles-franklin-now-accepting-bitcoin-for-precious-metal-payment-online/;

- an "historically unsustainable https://www.milesfranklin.com/historic-unsustainability/ " environment, of "dotcom valuations in a Great Depression Era https://www.milesfranklin.com/audioblog-192-dotcom-valuations-and-sentiment-in-a-great-depression-era/"


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