Our good friend Peter Grandich returned to the show after a three year hiatus. He's very concerned about the country's rapidly deteriorating finances and its escalating debt. Peter thinks that the stock market is eventually going to take a major hit due to the algo traders switching from the buy-side to the sell-side. When this happens, it's look out below. There will be blood in the streets. 

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Ellis Martin has been covering the resource sector for over 2 decades. Ellis discusses how he got into it. He was doing radio and realized there was no money in it, except for the superstars. He was looking for work and answered an ad in the LA Business Pages. He walked into the company's offices looking to become their media director. Instead, they hired him as a salesman. He lasted less than 2 years and then took off on his own. Ellis is a journalist who provides mining company execs a platform to present their companies to the public. To think it all started when as a youth Ellis started a rock collection. Who would have ever thought that his career would be rock collecting on a larger scale?

Direct download: Ellis_Martin_27.Jul.17.mp3
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In Vancouver we connected with Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments. He gave a speech concerning government misdirection and distraction. The Art of War is taught in every business school, law school and all the military college the world over. The clearly applies to the precious metals markets anomalies, which are still present and largely a result of this mindset. Why does JP Morgan have the largest silver paper short position and at the same time is accumulating the largest physical hoard of silver in history? Interesting question that Andy answers in a different and interesting way. 

Direct download: Andy_Schectman_27.jul.17.mp3
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John McCain strikes again. I guess revenge really is a dish best served cold, because McCain will soon be at room/ground temperature, but we only wish him the best of health and a lengthy retirement. On to tax reform, will they do it? Don't be surprised is the Obamacare Repeal magically rises from the dead. Like Trump says, it is imploding. 20 out of 24 Healthcare Coops have folded their tents. But whatever happens, remember, happiness is always an inside job. You don't need to react and be influenced by externalities. The world is the world. 

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Mickey joined us in Vancouver. He thinks we're seeing unexpected seasonal strength in the yellow metal. Geopolitical concerns have been driving the advance, along with Fed Chair Janet Yellen's recent very dovish comments. Gold held up above $1200 and we may very well have seen the last test of lows for a while. The Greenback has been plummeting recently as per President Trump's stated preference. The Canadian Dollar has recently shot up. Is this a permanent state of affairs. Could be good for gold. 

Direct download: Mickey_27.Jul.17_01.mp3
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What's Really Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

-Whirlybird Janet in focus, one week after here "ding dong, the Fed is dead" speech

-The "Holy Grail of Bullish Silver Statistics"

-Historic market overvaluation, and complacency

-Crypto-currency update - "Bitcoin SegWit Activation - the Gold Cartel's Worst Nightmare"

Etc., etc.

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_26.Jul.17.mp3
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Money is fungible, while the Fed may be tightening slightly China, Japan and the ECB are loosening. How big an impact is it really going to have on the US or global economic system. Japan just replaced two skeptical members of its central with hyper-doves. Draghi reaffirms that the ECB will do whatever it takes. Will Yellen's next speech be hawkish or dovish. The stock market is betting on dovish. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_25.Jul.17.mp3
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Thank goodness for researchers always on the look-out for ways to milk the federal government for research dollars. A group has just discovered that Money Can Buy Happiness! I always believed that money can't buy happiness, but it'll do till the real thing comes along. But what the actual study found is that people who spend money to avoid doing things they don't want to are happier. So it's not so much that money buys happiness, but rather can help buy a little more personal freedom and choice. Wow, what a shocking finding.

China and India may potentially go to war over Bhutan. You need to be an International Lawyer to understand why. Just keep your eye on it.

Sadly, at least to this recovering attorney, tort lawsuits are way down. It's partly due to economics and partly due to new laws passed by a number of states to help control frivolous lawsuits. Whatever the case may be it's working.

Scaramucci is taking over the Trump White House. He just canned one suspected leaker and more are probably on the way. If you want to make an omelette, you've got to break some eggs. 

Lot's more so check it out. 

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Imagine a complete Amazon newbie who joins Mike's group and sells thousands her first day. And she's not the exception. Many of his students are making Amazon's Top New Release and rising quickly through the ranks. Once you're doing $1000 per day, it's time to release a new product. You keep releasing new products and increasing your sales. One student did over $100,000 in his first three months, just by following the system. Another student, Jamey, was already selling on Amazon bringing in just $100 per day. Now he's well over $1000 and it keeps getting better and better. Mike's students' success is proof that almost anyone can do it!

Direct download: Mike_Gazzola_C_19.Ju.17.mp3
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Just celebrated the big 60 with all my children and sons in-law. We went to Cape Cod and it was truly a wonderful weekend. No matter what's going on in the world, family is what counts most. And when you need some help or someone to listen to, your family is most likely to be there for you. Certainly Comrade deBlasio won't. The subways are collapsing and he's busy protesting Trump at the G20. Cops get killed and he's just too busy to attend the vigil. And now he finally takes a symbolic ride on the subway, but first he has the cops clear out the homeless so he can ride in comfort. Nice going Comrade!

Something might be up with the US Dollar. The Canadian Looney has popped 10 percent in the past week. Gold is up and so is Bitcoin, which is back at the $2700 level. Remember, at the webinar I said the only reason this time will be different is if it's the end of the world as we know it! A little too early to make that pronouncement. Let's see what happens next!

Direct download: TLR_419_24.Jul.17.mp3
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Amazon Prime Day was a major success. It's become so big that it's now referred to Christmas in July. It's the largest sales day ever for Amazon. Even sellers who didn't slash prices saw major sales increases. It's a great opportunity to sell products. Most people are going to buy what they're going to buy, regardless of the day. But the hype surrounding the event is what really boosts sales. In Amazon retailing you always need to be thinking 3-6 months ahead. The supply chain can be unpredictable and you'll need the time to get your product properly positioned. 

Direct download: Mike_Gazzola_B_18.Jul.17.mp3
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A recent email from Lawrence asked if Amazon has peaked. Matt Behdjou is adamant that nothing could be further from the truth. Increased competition in Amazon is actually a positive. The greatest opportunities exist in the most competitive product sectors. It's the products that have little competition that are the most risky. Identifying products that are in demand is one of the things that Matt and Mike spend loads of time teaching. You need to stand out by using attractive packaging, vivid descriptions and aggressive marketing and the proprietor techniques they have uncovered. 

Direct download: Matt_Bejue_17.Jul.17.mp3
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The next China trip is fully bucked and set for July 26, 2017. It's getting to the point where Mike just keeps a bag packed for the quarterly trip. He says that going to China isn't a must, you can definitely succeed without ever stepping foot in the country, as many of his students have. Right now is a perfect time to set up your Amazon Store. Then you'll be all ready for the peak Christmas selling season. However, there's a lot more products that aren't seasonal than are. Going to China does have the advantage that you'll see thousands of products up close and personal. You'll also get many more leads on pricing and sourcing. So it never hurts to go where the products are actually manufactured. 

Direct download: Mike_Gazzola_17.Jul.17.mp3
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Gold and silver appear to have recovered from the latest decline. They hit resistance. The $1250 number keeps coming up again and again. Probably not much longer. Bitcoin and Crypto-currencies are very much in the news. Send me an email and I'll send you a replay link so you can check it oit. Is healthcare reform really dead? Don't count on it. The Republicans have no choice but to address the issue. The cure might not be much better than the disease, but it's the intent that counts. The Republicans are not as detached from reality as the Democrats but give them time. Tax reform is more important than healthcare reform. Failure to pass these items will lead to a third party and they won't be able to put the toothpaste back in the tube. 

DeBlasio goes off and protests Trump. An awful stupid leader. He just shows how hard it is to get good help. Go to ZipRecruited.com/Lutz. 

Let's hope that the next NYC election won't be a repeat performance of the last. This has been called the Summer from Hell. Due to government's inability to run railroads, half of Penn Station's railroad platforms will be shut down after decades of abject neglect. Same with the NYC Subway system. 

Direct download: TLR_418_19.Jul.17.mp3
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has headed the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) since shortly after its creation in the summer of 1997. The only thing more dangerous than fake news is FAKE SCIENCE…and Left’s so-called “science” has been exposed. According to a recent article by NewsMax, an EPA-funded air pollution study by Duke University researchers used FAKE experimental data to obtain $200 million in federal grants.

These are not the only facts the Left has blatantly manipulated to advance their agenda and repress all debate that we are living in a world of fake science. In his explosive new book, Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data.

Direct download: Austin_Ruse_19.Jul.17.mp3
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Tyler Sheff has had a varied career that has helped pave the way for his success today. Sheff’s professional career has included time as a soldier in the US Army Military Police, a Florida Certified Police Officer and Firefighter, a Contractor, a Repair Technician, and a Boat Captain. From 2010 to 2014, Sheff took time away from real estate to work with the US Government. He was busy flipping houses and thought he had found the keys to success until he got a huge tax bill. Then he started looking for a way to get cashflow and minimize his taxes. So real estate investing filled the bill. Now he's putting together a fund to hopefully cash in on the next downturn. 

Direct download: Tyler_Sheff_19.Jul.17.mp3
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What's Really Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

The End of Central Bank credibility, and beginning of the Age of the Printing Press

- The Fed’s “tightening” cycle is over

- The ECB’s balance sheet is as large as Japan’s economy

- The BOJ’s balance sheet is equally large, and may drop it’s 2% “inflation target” tomorrow

Historic Precious Metal rebalancing opportunity

The Holy Grail of bullish silver statistics

The coming two week’s potentially historic Bitcoin “scaling” events

Etc., etc.

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_19.Jul.17.mp3
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Mark Tapson warns us to beware of Leftists bearing gifts of kindness. They don't mean it and in fact they don't embrace solutions, they merely project a caring image. It worked for a long time, and then they met Trump. Now it's not working out so well for them. There's a lot of unhappiness with their current strategy and that seems to be increasing by the day. Perhaps one day the right will learn how to fight fire with fire, but until that day comes along, they should be grateful to the President!

Direct download: Mark_Tapson_18.Jul.17.mp3
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Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen is backing away from normalizing interest rates. The economy is too weak, it's hooked on easy money and this will have very negative long term effects for the economy and the world. But perhaps once we hit bottom, we'll be forced to take a hard look at all the economic corruption and incompetence and come up with something better. At least Danielle Park hopes that's the case. The final chapter has yet to be written. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_18.Jul.17.mp3
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Noted retail authority Howard Davidowitz joined us today for a review of the ongoing liquidation of the America's retailing giants. There's little good news on the retail front. Sears, K-Mart, Radio Shack, Payless Shoes and so many other former household names will soon be part of the wreckage filled bankruptcy history. Employment, real estate and so many other parts of the economy are changing at light speed. The only hope is to allow the economy to adapt by deregulating and encouraging entrepreneurship. There is no other way out. And on that score President Trump is on the right track. 

Direct download: Howard_Davidowitz_18.Jul.17.mp3
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The courts are attempting to usurp the president and the will of the country. It's a battle we should all be concerned about. There's no turning back now. This is not what the Founding Fathers ever planned for. Whatever happened to the concept of co-equal branches of government? Now the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of everything. Where will it end? 

Direct download: Daniel_Greenfield_17.Jul.17.mp3
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Dr. Gerard Lameiro has been a big Trump proponent, almost from the beginning. He believes that if the Republicans do not repeal Obamacare and continue to oppose the Trump Agenda, it will be to their detriment. The people have spoken and they want the swamp drained, the GOP Establishment be damned. Who can blame them. They're sick of the corruption and the country's decline. 

Direct download: Gerard_Lameiro_17.Jul.17.mp3
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John joined us for a discussion of Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen's retreat from so-called interest rate normalization. Looks that raising rates is off the table for the foreseeable future. Can QE to infinity be far behind. 

Things aren't so good in the Crypto-currency space. Prices of Bitcoin et al., have been hitting the skids the past week. Will it continue? As of last Wednesday there were 970  Crypto-currencies. Does the world need any more? But it's sure to get them regardless. Let's see where they head now. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_17.Jul.17.mp3
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Trent Mell is President and CEO of First Cobalt. He's in the midst of two major acquisitions and is also leading the effort to develop the company's existing projects. Interestingly, there's only one pure cobalt mine presently in existence. Cobalt is often a byproduct of copper, nickel and silver mines. The trend is greatly favoring cobalt as the E-Auto market continues its fast growth. Every Tesla vehicle uses at least 33 pounds of cobalt. And there's no substitute. The metal has a wealth of other uses including super-alloys, so there's a constant need for it. Trent sees a lot of potential revenue that's currently buried in waste piles around the existing projects. This could be the low hanging fruit that propels the company forward. Always great to see a sponsor headed in the right direction. 

Direct download: Trent_Mell_16.Jul.17.mp3
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Matt Behdjou unveils a major tool for getting your product to the market quickly and start realizing almost immediate sales. Social Media Influencers are the key. There are many thousands of Influencers out there who have thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. Their followers believe in them and will often respond to promoted products. It's often at very low cost and more effective than any other type of marketing. Matt's students have successfully used this technique many times. So start influencing your market by reaching out Influencers now. 

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