John Rubino sees increasing storm clouds gathering around stocks and bonds. Their biggest boosters seem to be deserting them in droves. The metals face ever bigger negative commitment of traders reports. What's an investor to do? How do you find safety in an unsafe world? When will the commitment of trader reports turn out to be wrong and set off a commercial signal failure? Is it coming soon? John discusses this and more. 

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Where's It Going Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Collapse of the European banking sytem, NOW!  Sovereign Bonds next?<>

Historic silver breakout above $20.46/oz 50 month moving average - Cartel's demise imminent, IMO.

Largest ever, global financial crisis on the verge of starting - potentially, by year-end.

And much much more...

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Ned Schmidt was with us today. According to him, gold and silver are Free Lunch Trades.  Exactly what all the gold bugs have been saying for decades is now coming to pass. Central bankers really are out to destroy their currencies and there's nobody and nothing out there that can stop them. Once the insane short positions have been eliminated there will be no place for the metals to go up, no matter what the trolls think or say!

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Chris Martenson believes that you're going to need all of your wits about you to make it through the next phase of the collapse. That's why he's sworn off all alcohol and you probably should too, although I haven't yet. There's nothing rational about the current economy and it is enough to make you want to hit the bottle. But go for things with lasting value and you'll do okay in the long run. Just don't expect to be able to make sense of things before the reset, even the so-called professionals can't do that. 

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Joel Pollack, editor at visits FSN to give a post mortem of what really happened at the Democratic Convention. And the truth ain't pretty. Contrary to what the mainstream media conveyed, there was much division and angst. Bernie's followers were up in arms and were not  gladly following Hillary. Not to mention the demonstrators who protested throughout the convention. Net takeaway, there's trouble in paradise. 

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Andy Schectman of noted bullion dealer MilesFranklin joined us in Vancouver. He just developed a new storage option with Brinks Canada that is completely off the grid. It's a one key safe deposit box, unlike conventional boxes where the depositor gets a key and the bank has a key. Because Brinks is not a financial institution, you need not report the existence of the safe deposit box on your tax return. It's exempt from various laws such as FATCA. The box is physically located in the Brinks facility in Vancouver Canada, so it's an easy trip over the border. Something to consider. 

Direct download: Andy_Schectman_29.Jul.16.mp3
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We sat down live with the Mercenary Geologist in Vancouver to go over the month's market action. Surprise, the stock markets are going up again, the Nasdaq and the Russell 2000 were the big winners around 6 percent. But the TSX.V is killing it! The metals are coming back, especially platinum, but gold and silver didn't do too badly as well. Dollar was down a little, Euro up a bit. Oil hit the skids. Bitcoin down a little. Listen to the rest and see what all the other markets did. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_29.Jul.16.mp3
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After the recent presidential conventions Dr. Lameiro is convinced that the demise of the parties is upon us. The democrats were completely out of touch with what's happening around the world with terrorism and with law and order and the republicans are out of touch with their support of crony capitalism and illegal immigration. All of it is looking more and more like the parties have outlived their usefulness. 

Direct download: Gerard_Lameiro_01.Aug.16.mp3
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What a difference 6 months can make. The gold/silver mining industry was in a major bear market for the past 5 years. Now it appears to be back with a vengeance. At the recent Sprott Resource Conference in Vancouver 50 plus quality mining companies had booths and over 700 people attended. This represented a dramatic turnaround from prior years. The question is will it stick? We'll have to what happens next. 

Direct download: Rick_Rule_29.Jul.16.mp3
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When last we talked with Bryan Slusarchuk K92 Mining had just gone public and there was much optimism. Production at this world class mine was expected to commence by the end of 2016. Fast forward to the end of July and our sponsor has great news. The project has gone better than anyone had a right to expect. Production is going to start in mere days and will build-up rapidly and they're under budget. That's great news in an industry that's often plagued by lengthy delays and excessive cost overruns. 

Direct download: Brian_K92_28.Jul.16.mp3
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Rob McEwen sat down with us in Vancouver. For those not in the know, Rob's a legend in the mining business. He helped build Goldcorp into a powerhouse and now he's looking to repeat the process with McEwen Mining. He says it's something that gets in your blood and you just get hooked on it. And while the business has certainly gotten more complex and more regulated, the opportunities for huge profits haven't gone away. His current company is well situated to take advantage of the current bull market. We wish him well. 

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We're Screwed Wednesdays With Andrew Hoffman:

The Fed meets its maker today
Abysmal Deutschebank earnings
Crashing oil prices
Japan Helicopter Money

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_27.Jul.16.mp3
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Noted Economist and author Richard Duncan joined us for an in depth discussion of the continuing economic malaise. Richard reviews the causes of the collapse and what governments and central banks have done to try and arrest the decline. He believes the whatever it takes mentality will continue on and that no politician or banker will risk a prolonged depression or collapse. Therefore, look for more of the same only worse, as the alternative is even more frightening. There's a special offer for FSN community members for Richard's Macrowatch service. Go to and use the code survival. 

Direct download: Richard_Duncan_25.Jul.16.mp3
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The latest Wikileaks document dump is proving particularly disastrous to the democrats. It has forced party chair Deborah Wasserman Schultz to resign and has shown devious alignment between the media and the party. Also disclosed, potential appointments to wealthy donors--I'm shocked! What started out as a Philadelphia lovefest is quickly turning into a nightmare as Bernie Sanders allegations of a rigged process have been proven all too true. Next up, Clinton Foundation Emails, where the bodies are really buried. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_25.Jul.16.mp3
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Ellory Wells woke up one day in 2009 and found himself unemployed. He stayed that way for 3 months. While he found other employment in the tech industry, he was dissatisfied. This led to his creation of an Exit Strategy. Now he shows others how to do what he did. For him it was the key to finding happiness. Getting out of the rat race made all the difference. For you, it's time to start planning yours now. 

Direct download: Ellory_Wells_20.Jul.16.mp3
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Whatever It Takes Wednesdays With Andrew Hoffman:


Turkey Coup

Collapsing Oil

Cartel desperation

Euro to fall below 1.10, as Commodity Currencies implode

End game approaching!

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_20.Jul.16.mp3
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Not much usually comes of presidential conventions, but perhaps this time will be different. Donald Trump has called for the reimposition of the Glass-Steagall Act. That was the Depression Era law which split commercial banking from investment banking. It helped keep the financial sector safe for nearly 60 years. During the Clinton Admin, it was done away with and we all know what happened next. Now we have Dodd-Frank, which has done absolutely nothing to prevent another financial crisis. While it has imposed certain controls upon the big banks, the Too Big To Fails keep getting ever bigger, virtually insuring the next crisis is even larger. Glass-Steagall is exactly what's needed now and Trump's plan is a major step in the right direction. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_19.Jul.16.mp3
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The United States was an accident of history. However, it led to an unprecedented expansion of individual rights and liberty never before seen in the history of man. Now it's all in jeopardy. The collectivists are winning the battle, opening the way for China, Russia and the Islamists to destroy freedom. Never before has freedom's grip hung so tenuously. Is Donald Trump freedom's last chance? While he's an imperfect messenger, Trevor believes he's all we have. 

Direct download: Trevor_Louden_18.Jul.16.mp3
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You never know what you're going to find at Freedomfest. John Mulvey's New Zealand Vault allow's you to open a safe deposit box online and accept bullion deliveries remotely. You watch it all online and a major accounting firm takes delivery for you. And then they send you the keys. Could it be any easier? Just one of the many quirky little services you'll find at Freedomfest.

Direct download: John_Miley_15.Jul.16.mp3
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John joined us to discuss the coup in Turkey and his inability to get his podcast out because there was too much happening because events were moving too quickly. The Turkish Coup is rapidly evolving into a dictatorship. It has some elements of a false flag. Where did he learn that. Cop shootings all over the US. The terrorist attack in France using a truck which means that it's impossible to stop. And how do you stop cop killings?

Direct download: John_Rubino_18.Jul.16.mp3
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Dan Johnson of the Tax Revolution Institute has a novel idea, audit the IRS. The first thing is to know the enemy. They're surveying people to understand what the IRS is doing. They want find out how the agency is overstepping it's bounds. How is it exceeding its statutory limitations, is it actually doing it at all? Once this information is known then it will be published and hopefully solutions will be proposed. As we all know ignorance of law is no defense, but people of average intelligence should be able to understand these laws without possessing an advanced degree. 

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Peter and I have been speaking for 5 years now. We're seeing state sponsored civil unrest. 2016 is the beginning of the process that Peter has been warning of. People have been distracted by the bubble that the Fed blew. Bernanke was the hero. However, the reality is that everything that was done actually made the problems much worse and now we're heading for a much worse disaster for which there are now bail-outs. There is no riding out this disaster. 

Direct download: Peter_Schiff_15.Jul.16.mp3
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Matt Bellis is communications director of Liberty HealthShare. In the past year enrollment has grown to 25,000 families and 65,000 people. The reason for this growth is quite simple, the nature of healthcare cost sharing is that it shifts control from government bureaucrats and insurance company employees back to you the patient. And the cost is as much as 80% less than conventional health insurance. I have personally save thousands in the past year. Recently I had minor surgery and Liberty took care of it all. Liberty is truly a revolution in healthcare cost payment and sharing. 

Direct download: Matt_Bellis_15.Jul.15.mp3
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Doug Casey has done so much in his life. Investor, speculator, best-selling writer, real estate investor and much more. Now he's entered the realm of fiction write. His upcoming series of novels will start with The Speculator. It promises to be an entertaining yet educating series. As Doug says, I can now say things that I could never says before, since I'm writing fiction. The book will be out in September, we can't wait!

Direct download: Doug_Casey_15.Jul.16.mp3
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Jeff joined us at Freedomfest. As always he was ranting against the overreach of the state and it's increasing demands and extortion of the people. Jeff believes that the world is leaning more towards anarcho-capitalism. The Freedomfest group now opposes all criminalization of drugs and much government control of the market. Bitcoin's assent is another example. And here's a great Churchill quote, "One day, Winston Churchill went to the bathroom and ran into the head of the Labour Party, who was his political opponent. Churchill took the urinal furthest from him. The head of the Labour Party asked Churchill if he was just being modest. Churchill responded, 'Not at all. It’s just that whenever you Labourite chaps see something that is large, privately owned and working well, you want to nationalize it.” His rival burst out laughing, and the Labour Party abandoned the nationalization bill it was planning to introduce.'"

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