Brexit rather than being the beginning of the end of the world has actually created numerous opportunities in the UK and Europe. Prices, which were near peak have receded and created better values. Kemi is also seeing opportunity on the other side of the Pond in some lesser loved US real estate markets, i.e. Texas and Ohio. Which is proof that Black Swans can be profitable birds of opportunity!

Direct download: Kemi_Egan_13.Sep.16.mp3
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Danielle and I connected after a 1 month hiatus. Much has happened during that period. Wells Fargo just got nicked by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It came to light that Wells had fired 5300 employees for fraudulently opening new accounts without the depositor's permission. Clearly a symptom of the larger problem in today's Bankster dominated financial sector where the ills of cross-promotion have cost society dearly. But the end is coming and will happen in a burst of madness, perhaps will the coming demise of Deutsche Bank. If them, then someone else, but it going to happen. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_13.Sep.16.mp3
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David Morgan has been at this game for a long time. He knows a bull market when he sees it. And he sees it big time now. He's been down this path before. You need to be ready to take advantage but don't get too greedy or intoxicated, should you be successful. Remember what happens to pigs on Wall Street. It's always easier to call a market top than a market bottom. So beware!

Direct download: David_Morgan_12.Sep.16.mp3
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[From Amazon]Phyllis Schlafly passed away on September 5, 2016, the day before the release of this book. In it, she addresses her fellow conservatives with a passionate plea to ignore establishment kingmakers and support controversial GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

 “The stakes are unmistakably high,” Schlafly writes in the introduction. “I know that some well-meaning conservatives find Trump puzzling or even offensive, but I trust that this book—the culmination, for me, of more than seventy years of active involvement in Republican politics—might help sway them.”

Schlafly, the conservative icon whose celebrated classic A Choice Not An Echo (over 3 million copies sold) upended the 1964 Republican Convention, persuasively argues that Donald Trump is worthy of every conservative’s vote. Joined by Ed Martin, the former head of the Missouri Republican Party, and Brett Decker, formerly an editorial writer with the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times, Schlafly presents the real Trump, the Trump she and her colleagues have met with and interviewed, the Trump who is far more conservative than you think.

In The Conservative Case for Trump, Schlafly reveals:

1. How Trump’s appointees to the Supreme Court (on which Schlafly advised him) could be the most consequential in a century

2. How, unlike any other Republican, Trump could actually fix the nation’s immigration mess

3. Why his economic platform could spark an economic revival on the scale of the Reagan boom of the 1980s (it is based on much the same plan)

4. How Trump will defend the First Amendment—guaranteeing freedom of speech and religion—against an ever more dictatorial Left

5. Why Trump’s fresh thinking on defense and foreign policy is long overdue—and could send terrorism into rapid retreat

Donald Trump is the most controversial Republican presidential candidate since Barry Goldwater, and could be the most conservative and successful president since Ronald Reagan. In her very last contribution to the conservative movement, Phyllis Schlafly, the “sweet-heart of the Silent Majority,” makes an irrefutable case that needs to be shared with every wavering voter. Nothing less than the future of our country is at stake.


Direct download: Ed_Martin_12.Sep.16.mp3
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By now it should be no secret to you that Hillary Clinton has some major health problems. In addition, it should be no secret that the world economy has some major health problems too. Is one a reflection of the other or are they intimately connected to everything else that's happening. The Fed has lost it, every week there's a new spokesman who has some new concept of what's wrong and how to fix it. But is it all beyond help? Well the debt certainly can't be repaid, what else can go right?

Direct download: John_Rubino_12.Sep.16.mp3
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 Status Report as of: September 8, 2016 3pm

Date business started: January 27, 2016 

Total sales to date: $334,753.44

Total units to date: 9250

Todays sales as of 11:04 am $2,730.21

30 day sales: $90,691.17

30 day unit sales: 2453

Current Number of Products: 7

Current Number of Listings 11


You've been asking how to figure out what products are the most profitable to sell on Amazon. As usual Mike delivers and then some. Jungle Scout is the ultimate Amazon sales analysis tool. Just do a product, click the button and it instantly tells you approximate dollar sales for the past month, unit sales, ranking and reviews. From there, just figure out how much the product costs to make, your soft costs and you'll know if you have a winner or not. There's a lot more to successful selling on Amazon  and the internet. Mike's been doing it for over a decade. Just go to:

Direct download: Mike_Gazzola_08.Sep.16.mp3
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 Where's It Heading Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Goldman lowers "rate hike odds" one day after raising them, as I predicted...
Upcoming Brexit's 2 through 7, as the Powers that be lose control
Surging PM prices, despite all the "bearish predictions," etc.

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_07.Sep.16.mp3
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While Laurence Kotlikoff's chances of being elected president on a write-in campaign are quite slim, he has by far the best platform of any announced campaign. But he's an economist, so what do you expect? Economists always know what's best, unfortunately, they're never in a position to actually implement their ideas. Thus, we're left with politicians who sell the country down the river. If Trump is elected, perhaps the Professor would consider a high ranking cabinet position. His ideas are first rate, from Social Security, to Taxation, to Defense, we haven't heard anyone come close. We wish you the best Professor K!

Direct download: Laurence_Kotlikoff_07.Sep.16.mp3
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We finally caught up with Wayne Allyn Root. He's been hot on the Trump Campaign Trial. He just released his new book Angry White Men: How the Donald Trump Phenomenon is Changing America--and What We Can All Do to Save the Middle Class.  Wayne has been on a non-stop crusade to help get the Donald elected. He's been appearing on TV, Radio and in Newspaper interviews regularly. We hadn't talked with him in months. He still believes that Trump is the One. We will find out soon enough if he's right. 

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_07.Sep.16.mp3
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Ned says there may be a shortage of soybeans this time next year. The world is eating too many of them. There's a limited number of places where you can grow them. There are two bands one in the Northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern Hemisphere where they can be grown.

And of course on September 30, 2016 the IMF will be including China's currency in the SDR, Special Drawing Rights. China is already selling SDR backed bonds. Is this the end of the Dollar's reserve currency status? Perhaps the beginning of the end. 

Direct download: Ned_Schmidt_06.Sep.16.mp3
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As the world's workers come back from summer vacation, the world that greets them is a complete mess. The US service sector, the one bright spot of the US economy is showing major weakness. The Fed is in seeming disarray. The election is going into full chaos mode with Hillary's health issues taking center stage. How will save us? Answer, no one. In God and gold we trust!

Direct download: John_Rubino_06.Sep.16.mp3
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Another month has come and gone. The Dow and S&P were essentially flat. NASDAQ, Russell 2000 and Emerging markets were all up. TSX flat and the Venture was down a bit. Dollar up and Euro down. Bitcoin down 13%. 10yr yield up slightly. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium were all down along with copper. Oil up, NatGas down. Uranium308 at 25.25 and Mikey's betting headed to lower lows? Seasonally gold could be going up as we're headed towards holiday and wedding season in India. It's a good time to be a groom! Till next month. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_02.Sep.16.mp3
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Get a free training session with Mike Gazzola this coming Tuesday at 9pm Eastern Time. Mike will be showing you how to market on Amazon and on the Internet as well. He's been doing it successfully for 12 years and has sold millions in real estate and other products. It's time to get other income streams going. 

Sign up now at

Latest states as of 9-1-16 on Mike's Amazon Store

Total sales to date: $309244

Total units to date: 8562

Yesterdays sales $5097.31

30 day sales: $83582.91 

30 day unit sales: 2249 

Current Number of Products: 7

Current Number of Listings 11

Direct download: Mike_Gazzola_01.Sep.16.mp3
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Andrew Zatlin of MoneyBallEconomics has surveyed the economic landscape and he believes it has plateaued and it's a gradual decline from this point on. From layoffs in Michigan, to declining Apple sales, there's really not many bright spots. Even when companies do out perform their forecasts, they're not being rewarded. All of this points a challenging economic environment ahead and a lackluster, even declining stock market as well. 

Direct download: Andrew_Zatlin_31.Aug.16.mp3
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Everyday we the world becomes more and more tech. Even burger flippers at McDonalds can't escape it. Tech means change. Dwayne Golden came to the conclusion that rather than running from change it was time to start embracing it. That's why after the crash he turned his attention to Latin America and actually writing software in the native language and he hasn't looked back. What are you doing to embrace change? 

Direct download: Dwayne_Golden_31.Aug.16.mp3
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What's Happening New Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Jackson Hole - massively inflationary implications<>

An upcoming, potentially historic weekend

-          Friday "jobs" report

-          Sunday/Monday G-20 meeting

-          End of the "summer doldrums"

-          Horrible Chicago PMI!

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_31.Aug.16.mp3
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John Williams is an economist who's been following government statistics for 30 years. A lot has changed during this time. Like everything else in the country, unemployment and economic statistics have been politicized. On the surface 5 percent unemployment looks great. By the government's own statistics U6-it's actually 10%. When you look at John's adjusted statistics it's hovering around 23%! Who do you trust? 

Direct download: John_Williams_30.Aug.16.mp3
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Ivan Eland joined us to discuss the $6.5 trillion hole in the defense budget. What are we paying for and what are we receiving in return? We have no idea. Some of it's hidden and a lot of it's wasted. We need to know the truth. but nobody is talking. 

Direct download: Ivan_Eland_30.Aug.16.mp3
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When I first spoke with Erick Hadik on December 23. 2014 he correctly forecast that gold would be going up in 2016. As if on cue, it gold and silver have been the best performing assets this year. He believes that we're in for brief pause or perhaps a decline right now, but that the real action will be starting a new in 2017 and 2018. The dollar has another rally left in it as well. Oil not much to be said. The stock, not looking good. So stayed for 2017, it promises to be exciting!

Direct download: Erik_Hadik_29.Aug.16.mp3
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Chris Vermeulen joined us today. He's highly bullish on gold and silver and sees new highs ahead once gold breaks the $1400 mark. And that's not too far ahead. It's been building and when it hits, there's no telling how high it will go. And it will take the gold stocks with it. So get ready.

The Gold And Oil Guy is a daily video newsletter with stock & ETF trade signals. This is a popular resource for both traders and long-term investors of all asset classes. As a trader and contributor to several leading financial websites and radio shows since 1997, Chris brings experience and knowledge not easily found elsewhere.



Direct download: Chris_Vermeullen_29.Aug.16.mp3
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Yellen has made her speech and the other Fed Governors contradicted her, thereby cancelling her out, net result is nothing. So who knows what evil lurks in the heart of central bankers? Monetary policy has been a multi-decade catastrophe. Now that the stock market is too big to fail, they must be extremely careful what they say. So it was good for a week and now the pop is over. The party is over and reality is back. There's no there, there. So now it's on to the next Fed meeting. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_29.Aug.16.mp3
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Status Report as of: August 24, 2016 12pm

Date business started: January 27, 2016

Total sales to date: $265,021

Total units to date: 7,858

Yesterday’s Sales:  $3,132

30 day sales: $75,450

30 day unit sales: 2061

Current Number of Products: 7 products 11 


Mike and Matt started the business on a whim. They were at a branding conference and a Russian fellow was telling them how he was making $2000-3000 per day selling on Amazon. Mike leaned over and told Matt they were going to start their own Amazon store. And the rest is history. At this rate, over the next 12 months, if things continue the way they're going, they'll easily break the $1 million dollar sales mark. And even if Amazon went out of business tomorrow, the skills they've learned will enable them to keep on selling. And the profit margin on these sales is enormous, over 50 percent! 

Take a look at their video at!

Direct download: Mike_Gazzola_24.Aug.16.mp3
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Insider Trading on Capitol Hill, who would've thunk it.

Christopher Markowski is America’s Watchdog on Wall Street and Opens up Our Eyes to all Insider Trading Secrets and Stories that You can only hear here FIRST!

A few weeks before the government announced a funding cut for some home-health-care services in 2013, a player in Washington’s political-intelligence business tipped off a hedge-fund manager, according to public documents. 

The next day, the hedge fund signed a $100,000 annual contract with the alleged tipster in Washington. Who was it you ask? None other than health-care-policy expert David Blaszczak, who has regularly been ahead in foretelling moves by CMS, the world’s largest buyer of heart stents, hospital stays, arthritis pills, knee replacements and other medical care and services. Hedge funds routinely buy or sell stocks based on his predictions of political-intelligence

Mr. Blaszczak’s alleged tip is one spoke of a broad federal investigation and is becoming one of the most significant insider-trading investigations involving Washington’s political-intelligence industry.

Direct download: Chris_Markowsi_24.Aug.16.mp3
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We connected with Dr. Elaina George to get updated on the latest Obamacare disaster. There's no good news coming out of the country's latest effort at socialized medicine. And there's nothing that can save it. The cooperatives are all failing and the largest health insurers are pulling out from the marketplaces. But there's hope. Liberty HealthShare is going like gangbusters. Dr. George also gave us a source for low cost blood tests and for discount drugs. 

Direct download: Dr._Elaina_George_24.Aug.16.mp3
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Where's It Going Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Per yesterday's article, "I've never been angrier - or less worried."
-This morning's COMEX opening smash symptomatic of Cartel desperation to slow PM sentiment, amidst ultra-thin holiday conditions
-Have no fear, we are WINNING - even though this week, it doesn't feel like it
Today's MUST READ article, NIRP vs. Gold, Pt. VIII
-insurance companies, pension plans, BOE QE failures, ECB QE deformations

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_24.Aug.16.mp3
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