Joe Alton talks about the first presidential debate of 2016.He's unimpressed with the performance of both candidates. Hillary Clinton was stodgy, smug, and, well, all the things that you've come to expect of Hillary Clinton. But Madame President (we might have to get used to that term) knew that she had Donald Trump squirming towards the end, so much so that she felt comfortable enough to play the "sexist" card.

Donald Trump started off strong and you thought that he might gain some new support from those that want a presidential, yet strong, commander-in-chief. And then his skin got in the way; his orange-pink, thin-as-a-slice-of-prosciutto skin.

Donald Trump has some gut instincts as to what will play before an audience, but he doesn't have the presence of mind that one-on-one debating requires; the ability to grasp upon something, just said by your opponent, that you can turn to your advantage.

That doesn't mean to say that he never takes an opening. When Clinton garbled that she wasn't in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, Trump jumped in with "You said it was the Gold Standard!"

In a discussion about jobs, Trump parried Clinton's standard stump blather with "But you haven't done that in 30 years!" To be honest, Trump would have won the debate if he had just said that after every one of her talking points. Just as Ronald Reagan used "There you go again" to unseat Jimmy Carter.

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John Rubino joined us for our Monday morning chat. Deutsche Bank's troubles are continuing and compounding. Something will have to be done soon or it's going to collapse. Our opinion is that it will be nationalized along with many or most of Europe's largest banks. It's all about derivatives and leverage and no one knows what the true state of the world's banks really is. 

We also discussed the Donald's taxes and much more. 

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Keith Neumeyer is a CEO who never stops moving. First Majestic Silver a major silver producer that he runs, has been extremely volatile this year, trading at a low of $2.50 to a high of over $19 and currently is selling for around $10.50. First Mining Finance, of which Keith is the Chairman, has seen similar volatility, trading between $.31 to $1.31 and is currently at $.85. Keith successfully completed 8 acquisitions at First Mining in a short time period. Recently First Mining exchanged some promising silver properties in exchange for equity in the newly listed Silver One Resources. He's highly optimistic about its prospects. We've been partnering with Keith for a long time now and we're at a mystery over when he finds time to sleep. But time waits for no man and Keith is so excited by the abundant opportunities that he's decided that sleep can wait, but the market cannot!

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Martin Armstrong joined us today. The European Banking Crisis is very real. They're damned if they bail out Deutsche Bank and damned if they don't. Bailing out a German bank will require a bail out of Italian banks and everyone else. Will Merkel go down in history as the woman who brought down the international financial system? 

Martin says the model is predicting a major Trump victory. While Clinton may be looking to fix the election, he doesn't see it as likely. 

Either way, the system is getting very weak and brittle and there's not much keeping it propped up at this point, other than self-important central bankers and there's a lot less to them than meets the eye. 

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Bix Weir joined the show today. Deutsche Bank is imploding before our very eyes. Their bonds will soon be worthless and no one is coming to their rescue. Bix thinks it's the end of the world economic system as we know it, and it can't come soon enough for Bix. There's nothing that can save it now. According to Bix the end is imminent, so buckle your seatbelts and be prepared. 

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Where We're Heading Next Wednesdays:

-Deutschebank (imminent collapse), the oil market (failed Algiers meeting), and the Fed (Humphrey-Hawkins testimony this morning)...
"Damage Control, of a Horse with Two Broken Legs" (title of article to be released in a few hours)
-The Debate...
"A Trump Victory would equal BrExit tims Ten<>"
-History's most maniacal PM suppression, let alone during yesterday's COMEX options expiration

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For Deutsche Bank the news keeps getting worse and worse. The German Government informed the bank that it will not be bailed out. Where does this leave the world financial system? Already weakened and in potentially terminal condition, the US government is trying to extract billions in fines from Deutsche. Is this an act of madness, deliberately gauged to bring down the bank and everything else with it? 

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Vicki Alger has spent years figuring out where America's educational system went wrong. Her conclusion, the Department of Education has been a complete waste of time and money. School choice has been proven a success time and time again. Home schooling can be extremely effective as well. It's not a question of money, rather it's a question of common sense. In the current election, there is only one candidate that favors choice in education. Can you guess who that is? 

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Professor Alain Sanders believes that there was no clear cut winner at last night's debate. Effectively, Hillary was Hillary and Trump was Trump. They were pretty much preaching to the choir. Will it have an effect at the margins, bringing over some unaligned voters? That remains to be seen. However, the differences between the two candidates could not have been clearer. Will the debate even matter in the long run? That remains to be seen. 

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Damion Lupo is a lifelong entrepreneur. He's been in a number of businesses since age 11! He believes that he's come across an ideal investment vehicle that can work for many self-employed small business people. It's called the QRP or better known as the Self-Directed 401k. It allows for higher yearly contributions, more freedom to invest and less red tape than a conventional self-directed IRA. Of course there are always rules that must be followed, so you need to be very careful and seek out the advice of professionals. The self-dealing limitations are less strict than those for IRA's and you're able to invest in real estate and precious metals far easier. Much to learn about here. 

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Jordan Goodman of believes that deflation is just around the corner. Commodity prices have been weak and going lower, a trend he believes will continue. However, at the same time prices have been rising in the service sector. Medical, education, taxes, etc. So in effect we are suffering from deflation and inflation at the same time. But as we know from Mises, consumer prices aren't the definition of inflation. Rather a rising money supply will eventually cause different areas of the economy to feel its affects. And money printing has not lost its appeal quite yet. 

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Gerard Lameiro has been closely following the election since the very beginning. He may have been early calling it for trump but so far he's been on the money. What will happen next in the election. Will Hillary's health hold up long enough to make it through? Is Trump's momentum going to carry him to the White House? It's all coming up next. 

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Status Report as of: September 22, 2016

Date business started: January 27, 2016 

Total sales to date: $387,329

Total units to date: 10720

Yesterday's sales  $4274

30 day sales: $107,763

30 day unit sales: 2925

Current Number of Products: 7

Current Number of Listings 11


 The three phases of starting an Amazon Business. Phase 1, launch your product and get 10 reviews and 10 sales per day. You'll be giving away products to get reviews and to bring you to the first page. Phase 2 you start tweaking your listing and adjust your key words. Try some different key words. You don't to throw money at it. Phase 3 means you've arrived. Your product is selling pretty well on its own and you're getting lots of sales. Now you've arrived and it's time to introduce the next product. It's that easy!

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Deutsche Bank is sinking and the German Government put out a statement saying that they would not bail it out. That can mean only one thing, get ready for the ultimate bailout. Will they nationalize it and toss out management? We can only guess, but something's gotta give. 

China has run up more debt is less time than any other country in history. But has it solved anything? Not really, it's only resulted in more mal-investment and corruption. Local banks are now loaning money to each other to keep the game going. How much longer can it last? 

The presidential debate between Hillary and the Donald is scheduled for tonight. Will it actually take place? Hillary is not looking too good these days. It's the equivalent of the Ali-Fraizer fight. But is it really? 

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David Sidoo and his company Advantage Lithium, along with his team of seasoned resource pros, including famed geologist Ross McElroy and Dev Randhawa are helping to lead the Lithium Revolution  It's been said that Lithium is the Oil of the 21st century. More and more electric cars are hitting the road leading to geometric increases in Lithium consumption. Prices have tripled in the past year alone and are now ranging from $12,000 to $20,000 per ton. They could go higher still. There's a limited number of places on the planet where Lithium can be found and Advantage Lithium is opportunistically pursuing opportunities at many of them.

Permitting for these mines is much simpler than other resource plays as governments welcome and try to foster the transition to clean energy. The Company's Clayton Nevada project holds much promise along with scarce high quantity water rights, a seemingly unbeatable combination. The Company is also exploring projects in Mexico, a relatively untapped potential source that holds much promise. 

As David said, he and his team are in it for the long haul and are looking to build value and a world class company. They may just have the right formula for high-powered returns. We look forward to a long partnership with them. 

Check them out at Share traded on the TSX.V symbol AAL. 

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Woody O'Brien's recent picks on precious metals stocks have been doing quite well. And he believes they're going to do a lot better. China's Yuan joins the SDR (IMF's Special Drawing Right) at the end of the month and that could dramatically change the international monetary landscape among other things. There's no telling what's going to happen. And Woody is also looking forward to increasing grain prices for the coming year. Lots going on in the world now. Be prepared and ready!

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What can you say about Bill Still? He a seasoned professional journalist, unlike many of us Johnny Come Lately's on the Internet. He's been all over this election, giving the best coverage of anyone, alternative media or mainstream. He believes that Trump will help payoff the national debt by taking the monetary system back from the Federal Reserve and that he's the last hope for the Rule of Law. Will Hillary even survive till November 8? 

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What's Happening Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

"Japan's New Framework for Hyperinflationary Failure"

Deutschebank stock closes at all-time low yesterday

The Fed set to completely, and finally, destroy its credibility later today,

And much more...

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Former congressman John LeBoutillier joined us for a look at the latest election developments. He believes that Hillary and Trump are each making their share of unforced errors and that whoever makes the last error will lose. Who's going to be the one is the question? But things have been tightening up and Trump is much closer than many ever expected, can he pull the ultimate shocker? 

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Joe Messina has no patience for sick Hillary. And he has no patience for the progressives who don't want to recognize the truth about radical Islam or the terrorist attacks we've been suffering for too long. He sees Hillary's campaign imploding and her along with it. His book is coming out shortly. Stay tuned!

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Dr. Carol M. Swain joined us and she's a major Trump supporter. She believes that the democrats don't care about America or your safety regardless what your race or religion may be. They can't even call it terrorism. She's sick of political correctness and she knows all about, being a college professor for decades. They went after her, but couldn't lay a glove on her. 

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Trump's strategy from the beginning was to out work Hillary because he's known from the beginning that Hillary was #sickhillary. The rumors about her health have been running rampant for months, if not years. And the non-stop coughing fits have been going for the better part of a year. 

Take a look at the new site

I personally know the medical group that Hillary's doctor belongs to. I used to go there for treatment. A very high quality medical group. They are cutting edge. 

The FDA wants to shut down the vaping industry. A booming sector of the economy that's growing like crazy all over the country. The only players left will be big tobacco. 

BART is trying to combat the urban problem of chronic urination. Good luck there. Too many scummy people and the progressives just don't see a problem. But leave it to BART to find a solution. Maybe.

Amazingly more guns seem to have brought less murders. A look at should help dispel any doubts on the topic. 

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Jason K. Roberts has been busy since we last spoke. He's not seeing the value in the Florida markets so he's been branching out to other states where there hasn't been as much appreciation. He looking for markets where the money has yet arrived or as Jason said, "He's going where the money isn't." A wise strategy for realizing higher returns. 

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Adam Meister has become somewhat of a goto guy when it comes to the topic of Bitcoin. There's so many options and if you're not sure what to do, Adam has a solution. He believes that Trezor is the way to go because it enables you to keep your private key off of the internet, which is a good thing. It's an external device that plugs into your computer. Then you can lock it up and no one can get to it. If it's lost or stolen, you get another on and retrieve your Bitcoins. Sounds like a great solution to me. 

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By now virtually everyone has seen the video of Hillary Clinton's physical breakdown at the 9/11 Memorial Service last Sunday. While the Mainstream Media says it was just a stumble while she got into the van, the tape doesn't lie. She appears to have had a seizure and then collapsed. Contrast the Everyday Trump who does 4 rallies on a slow day and doesn't still for a New York Minute. Who's more presidential? Who has the better optics? Which just shows that it's always better to be misunderestimated!

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