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Tonight's most important debate ever, ahead of the most important election ever
Fed rate hike in December?  LOL, what will America look like in December?
Historic Precious Metals buying opportunity

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The media has been exposed as being corrupt to its very core. And with so is everything else. Propaganda has been keeping the markets propped up. How much longer can it continue on? Probably not much longer than the election. People are wising up and know it's time to get serious about the serious problems facing humanity. 

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Jason Stevens from Sprott joined us today. With the recent large move in the Gold and Silver miners the time might be right to start looking at other beaten down parts of the resource sector, particularly Uranium and Copper. Uranium is now trading at near decade lows, but new reactors are being built at a record rate. Copper has also been hit hard but at some point will recover. Other base metals are similarly situated. Strategic investing can pay big dividends. 

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Things are heating up in Syria and Hillary Clinton thinks the US should be taking a more aggressive posture. The question is who do we support? There's a lot of players and we don't really know who are friends are? In addition, it could lead to a confrontation with Russia. Ivan thinks our best move is to sit back and see what happens and let Russia have their quagmire. Sometimes non-intervention works best. 

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According to Andrew Zatlin the economic data are starting to conflict and that could mean we are approaching an inflection point. Less people are dining out in restaurants, buying diamonds and expensive Manhattan real estate. This can't be a good indicator for the economy. Will it turn into a recession or will the Fed come to the rescue? Lady Janet Yellen is now throwing around the notion of buying stocks, which might be good for the stock market, but will it help the overall economy? 

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It's all playing out as expected. Central banks are stepping on the monetary accelerator in hopes that this time really will be different. Where have we heard that before? At the same time political instability is increasing. Wikileaks is keeping up the rate of document dumps, further underscoring the systemic corruption that we've all known has become endemic. Have we all become jaded and immune to it? Hopefully not, but don't count on it. 

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Since starting their amazon business in January 2016, Matt and Mike are at nearly $500,000 in sales to date. They've been so successful on Amazon that they are now teaching others their secrets to success. 

We are here in YiWu China with a group of their students. We just toured the largest Wholesale General Merchandise Mall in the world. It was amazing. Thousands of product ideas for the students to take away. 

Until you've been to China, you really have no understanding of what's going on in the world. 

Find out more at amazonsecrets.net

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I'm with Matt Behdjou and we're riding a train at 200 miles per hour to the commercial center of YiWu. It's an amazing experience. There's 12 of us attending an intensive course on how to sell on Amazon and online. Mike and Matt have been doing it since January of 2016 and have netted nearly $250k. And that's just the beginning. There's amazing this taking place in this group. Friendships are being make and life long business associations. It's a very special time and I'm so excited to be a part of it. 

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Jason Burack says we're in an economic minefield. Everywhere we step there's the potential for things to blow up. Oil, European banking, gold/silver and so many other areas are dangerously perched. Manipulation is getting worse before it's getting better. The gold miners are in much better shape than they were last year. Will they go back to where they were then? Jason thinks not. It's a correction brought on by paper price manipulation. Short term gyrations do not equal long term trends. 

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David Fischer has been a bullion dealer since 1993. He's seen ups and downs in the metals market, but that's not what really concerns him now. Rather, it's the rampant economic mismanagement and profligate spending that has him worried. The bubbles are being blown and no one is really talking about the important issues. Until the country gets serious about addressing the debt and unsustainable economic trends, we are heading towards major systemic problems that will result in huge crash. What will the Fed do then? 

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Over the course of years, few people have called the ups and downs of the precious metals cycle, the stock market and political cycle as has Eric Hadik. When we first spoke with him, he forecast a large move for gold in 2016. As if on schedule, gold took off, almost from the first of the year. In July, he called for a correction. And sure enough, it happened. He thinks there's still a bit more to come, $1200 for gold and $16 for silver, probably by year's end. But 2017 should see a resumption of the upward trend. As for the stock market, it's displaying many signs of a top and investors should be very wary. Don't be so quick to write off the US Dollar yet. The Yuan might very well become the reserve currency in the future, but at this point it's by no means assured and even if it should come to pass, it's a process that won't occur overnight, irrespective of the SDR. It's always fascinating hearing his take on things. There's much to absorb in this interview. 

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Rick Ackerman believes that interest rates are going lower still. That means that Treasuries will be the place to be. He's not worried about the US Government defaulting at this point. That's for later. He's watching where Buffet is putting his money, into real things. Now is not the time to be searching for return. Now is the time to be looking for safety. Finding safety in a dangerous world is extremely difficult and that will lead to declining government bond yields, for sure. 

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Retired Lt. Colonel Denny Gilem has been doing a radio gig for the past decade. He was a highly decorated soldier and went on to hold a number of high placed defense related positions. He believes that when Obama took over in the White House things were looking up in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fast forward 8 years later and we have Isis and a faltering Afghan war. What happened? Why? Denny has his own theories about where we went wrong and they start with our well announced withdrawal from Iraq. 

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In light of tense racial relations, Regnery author and renowned economist John Lott discussed how Trump’s policies would help African Americans. Despite what the  Clinton campaign says, Trump’s stances on the 2nd Amendment, school choice, immigration, and prisons prove he’s the candidate to improve race relations, according to Lott.

As Lott says in his latest op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Clinton appears more focused on helping criminals, not victims.”

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Ned Schmidt joined us for a review of the metals markets. As he described it, the 2nd Battle of Britain is underway. This led to a slamming of gold and the pound by the banks in reaction to the British Government's progression towards Brexit. Ned believes that the banks/The City are sticking it to the leadership as they have been completely opposed to Brexit from the get go. This led US traders to believe that happy days were here again for the dollar and that there would shortly be an interest rate hike. Really? Let's see how far that goes. Ned believes that prices won't just recover but that they'll be going every higher very shortly. So stay tuned!

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First hurricane since moving to South Florida 4 years ago. You think you're prepared and then disaster gets ready to strike and you find out that your plan isn't really worth much. I've got water, emergency preparedness food and other survival tools, but I quickly realized it's just not enough. As I drove around Northern Palm Beach County looking for an open gas station it all hit me. There just weren't any open. I finally found a station selling ethanol-free gas. The average citizen had no idea what this stuff was and shunned it. Knowing a little something about cars, I jumped at it, even though it was priced at $3.50 per gallon, but at least I got a full tank. 

But what if the economy had collapsed and these stations weren't going to reopen in a few days? What if the supermarket shelves weren't going to be restocked? Where would we be then? This was a localized potential disaster of limited duration. I could easily escape it by fleeing to Florida's West Coast. Fortunately Palm Beach County dodged the bullet and the storm didn't hit us. Were it a widespread national or international disaster there would be no place to hide. Time to rethink that plan and figure something else out. 

Lots more in this installment. NYC's Taxi drivers no longer need to no English. Why learn English when you have GPS? 

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Business networking is a way for you to make the maxim, "It's not what you know, it's who you know.” work for you. 

If you're on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you will see people running their own businesses, like India Hicks, Rodan and Fields, and Thirty-One just to name a few, solely using a wi-fi connection. These companies are so successful in drawing people into to sell their stuff because you can do it from almost anywhere.

If you speak to someone who runs a Rodan and Fields business they claim they can make upwards of six to seven figures a year from a Wi-Fi connection on their laptop or smartphone. Even though you do not have the overhead of a conventional startup you still have to treat it as one by marketing it and growing it so that it's profitable.

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Hillary Clinton called TPP “the gold standard.” The most focused statement Clinton made about the TPP was as follows: "I’m going to have a special prosecutor. We’re going to enforce the trade deals we have, and we’re going to hold people accountable." That statement is absurd. First, trade deals are generally enforced by taking grievances to the World Trade Organization and/or the global courts, via the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism. These contentious situations often take years to be resolved. And while the aggrieved parties await resolutions, American industry suffers. For example, the U.S. steel industry's production fell 27% in 2015, largely due to currency manipulation and illegal dumping on the part of Asian nations, especially China. If Clinton were going to appoint a special prosecutor - and we're assuming here that such a person would actually have the power to make a dent in trade problems - why didn't she influence the appointment of such a person at any point during the last 30 years? 

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What's Happening Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

The Deutschebank Destruction Raid - WHY?

Was the raid on gold about Deutschebank?

How can anyone be complacent any longer?

No one believes the central banks can do anything anymore?

And more...

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When legendary real estate figure Jimmy Kuhn graduated from college, his father begged him not to get into real estate. Fortunately Jimmy ignored the advice and the rest is history. He's been into all phases throughout his career and has been partners with many figures who are household names. He doesn't believe that the market is headed for a collapse as it was in 2008-09 but he believes that the NYC condo market is in a precarious position. Retail malls around the country are also not well situated, at least the B and C properties. But it's all part of a real estate market that continues to evolve. 

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Dr. Buck Joffrey, MD is an accomplished Physician, Entrepreneur, Asset Manager and Podcaster, his long-standing passion is Asset Management. He started out giving advice to his colleagues, and it soon grew into a thriving podcast and more successful entrepreneurship.

• How high paid professionals such as doctors often make a lot of money and create a world of “golden handcuffs” for themselves.
• How the old paradigm of saving and investing for the long term in the stock market is an outdated and dangerous paradigm.
• How formulas calculating how much is needed to retire are not accurate. Using cash flow investing to more reliably predict when you can retire.
• Investing in real assets to hedge inflation and create true and perpetual wealth.

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Chris Vermeulen, the Gold and Oil Guy, believes that the stock market is getting closer and closer to a peak. At some point it's going down and going down hard. The key is getting out before that happens. That also means that it's time to take a closer look at commodities. And perhaps going short as well. Chris sees the highflying gold and silver stocks taking a breather now, probably retracing by 10-13 percent. He believes that this is just a short term pullback and if done properly it's a major opportunity. 

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Stock markets hit all time highs on September 6. NASDAQ had an amazing month as did the Russell 2000. Not much movement in the currency markets. Bitcoin was up 6 percent. Gold and silver are up strongly for the year but are currently range bound. Palladium is showing some strength. Energy was up this month with WTI up 7% and Henry Hub was up 5.3%. Uranium crashed finishing up at 22.25. How much lower can it go? It's down 125 for the month, 16% for the quarter and 48% for the year! Disaster for the Uranium Sector. 

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Joe Alton talks about the first presidential debate of 2016.He's unimpressed with the performance of both candidates. Hillary Clinton was stodgy, smug, and, well, all the things that you've come to expect of Hillary Clinton. But Madame President (we might have to get used to that term) knew that she had Donald Trump squirming towards the end, so much so that she felt comfortable enough to play the "sexist" card.

Donald Trump started off strong and you thought that he might gain some new support from those that want a presidential, yet strong, commander-in-chief. And then his skin got in the way; his orange-pink, thin-as-a-slice-of-prosciutto skin.

Donald Trump has some gut instincts as to what will play before an audience, but he doesn't have the presence of mind that one-on-one debating requires; the ability to grasp upon something, just said by your opponent, that you can turn to your advantage.

That doesn't mean to say that he never takes an opening. When Clinton garbled that she wasn't in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, Trump jumped in with "You said it was the Gold Standard!"

In a discussion about jobs, Trump parried Clinton's standard stump blather with "But you haven't done that in 30 years!" To be honest, Trump would have won the debate if he had just said that after every one of her talking points. Just as Ronald Reagan used "There you go again" to unseat Jimmy Carter.

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John Rubino joined us for our Monday morning chat. Deutsche Bank's troubles are continuing and compounding. Something will have to be done soon or it's going to collapse. Our opinion is that it will be nationalized along with many or most of Europe's largest banks. It's all about derivatives and leverage and no one knows what the true state of the world's banks really is. 

We also discussed the Donald's taxes and much more. 

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