Mickey and I sat down for our monthly market review. Stock markets were down along with the metals. Gold -3% and Silver almost -7%. Copper seems to have found a little support and was unchanged. Dollar has a substantial 3% move. Bitcoin rose 15%. Oil down 2% and Natgas rallied up to 3.03. Uranium is still in a world of hurt, hitting the skids at 18.75 per lb. Volatility has returned with a vengeance. Is it all election related or is there something deeper happening. Stay tuned for next month's review!

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Don Mazzella gives us his opinion on the Election and Obamacare's impact upon it. The huge premium increases are having an impact. There's virtually no hope that it can be salvaged and it's blowing up now. How will the voters react. 

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Ralph DiBugnara, expert in real estate finance, believes that regardless what happens in this election, the RE market will not be greatly affected. The reason is simple, interest rates seem to be locked for the foreseeable future, even if the Fed decides to raise rates in December. The market hasn't gotten out of control as it was in 2006, the fundamentals have completely changed in the past decade. If incomes rise and millennials start home shopping then the future would certainly be brighter. 

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In today’s world there are more and more small businesses. A lot of those businesses start from a small idea but often don’t succeed due to lack of a proper business plan or the inability to grow their business efficiently.

As small business entrepreneur learning what steps to follow in order to make your business profitable is key. Insight into how to make more money in your business, how to systematize your business, have better operations, and also to learn the most advanced marketing tools would give you a step up in the business world.

Rashid Brown uses his book “Careergonomics: A Practical Guide for Mastering Personal Development and Employment Success in the 21st Century” to provide insight into how you can optimize your business’ growth while freeing up some time. His experience in the industry lends him the skills necessary to assist you through the steps needed to build a strong and competitive business.

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What's Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Today's article, "all-out political war" - on what the election campaign has become, and what America faces in 2017;

Yesterday's article, "what will be the Fed's excuse this time?" - on how the Fed's ultimate mea culpa is rapidly approaching, as soon as next month if (when) Trump wins;

Gold and silver rapidly approaching their 200 month moving averages of $1,303/oz and $18.93/oz, respectively.

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Noted anarchist Jeff Berwick sees the end of Hillary Clinton's run for president. It's obvious that the Powers that Be are turning the screws. With Wikileaks has there been too much attention for them to accept? It does seem that the worm has turned. But what does it really mean if Trump is elected? Jeff believes that Hillary and Donald are just two flavors on the same ice cream cone. Trump is into big government and militaristic adventurism. Is he right? We might just find out next Tuesday. 

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Noted physician Dr. Elaina George has been spearheading the effort to empower patients and to find viable alternatives to the broken healthcare system. She gives solid examples of what you can do to save money and start taking control of your healthcare spending. 





Check them out and see what it's like to manage your healthcare and spending and take control. 

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Rev. Robert Bakke, says “Pastors need to stop living in financial fear.”

Robert Bakke, America’s fastest rising preacher, is doing what most pastors are afraid to do, which is publically endorse a presidential candidate. “I’m endorsing Trump because I’m not afraid of liberal blowback and I’m not afraid of losing my non-profit status,” says Bakke, “The future of America and the world’s economy is at stake.” Bakke says pastors and evangelicals must get to the polls to stop a Democratic platform that will bankrupt America both morally and financially.

According to federal law, churches that operate as a 501C (3) non-profit are forbidden from endorsing political candidates. Doing so could cost the church its 501 status, thereby eliminating the tax deduction available to congregants for their financial support, ultimately bankrupting the church. “The original intent of ‘Separation of Church & State’ was to stop the government from interfering with churches,” says Bakke, “Not to exclude them from the process.” Bakke says he’s taking the lead on this because his ministry operates as a for-profit ministry. “We’re not a 501C anything, “says Bakke, “Trump has committed to fight the language that restrains pastors and 501’s, so it won’t be long before all churches will be following our lead.”

Bakke, who is also an Amazon #1 Best-Selling author, strongly believes America needs a successful businessperson in the White House. “Many significant figures in the Bible were the wealthiest and most powerful men on earth, which puts Trump in good company,” says Bakke, who continues, “God is a God of love, power and wealth, and he absolutely loves it when America prospers. Pastors need to help get Trump into office if America is going to survive. God will provide the rest.”

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Noted radio personality Josh Bernstein joined us for a look at the latest election insanity. Just when you thought it was safe to punch out a hanging chad, the news breaks and Hillary's being investigated again. Seems a cache of 650,000 emails was found on her trusty aid Huma Abedin's computer. Looks like it could be the beginning of the end for Hillary's presidential aspirations.

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John Rubino joined us today. The economy is looking up, having grown last quarter at a 2.9 rate. However, the negative side to the story is that debt grew way faster. Is this any way to run an economy? It might make the Fed's job of raising rates a little easier. But let's wait for the adjustments. And of course the election is in complete turmoil due to FBI Director Comey's announcement of the reopening of Hillary's email investigation, just 11 days before the election. What will happen next? 

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In the midst of an election for which foreign policy has played an unusually large role, Daniel R. Joseph has produced both a book, The China Learning Curve: Critical Differences and a related award-winning documentary, Democracy Road, that provides unique insights into two of America's most critical foreign policy challenges - how to engage China and how to support democracy while avoiding the failure we've seen in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. 

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Danielle joined us today. Happy Days are here again or are they? The Case Schiller Index is almost back to where it was in 2006. While the housing sector has recovered somewhat, housing's contribution to GDP is around half of where it was at its peak. Incomes and employment are still depressed so how high can it really go? In Canada they're still at peak levels, but it shows signs of cracking. Will Canada repeat the US's performance. Maybe now is not the time to be buying homes in Vancouver and elsewhere. 

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Jason Hartman believes that the world has changed and not all for the bad. His new theme is self-sufficiency for the New Economy. Whether it's how you make your money or make your investments, you need to be in control. That means taking responsibility for yourself and making informed decisions. It's a matter of survival. Technology now allows property owners to self-manage their property almost any place in the country. There's challenges, but there's huge rewards too. 

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What Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

A globally dangerous, and unquestionably inflectionary point in history, centered around November 8th;
Markets never more rigged, and ripe for "unrigging" - particularly if Trump wins;
OPEC production cut, Deutsche Bank solvency, and other epic con jobs shortly to be destroyed;
Precious Metal prices never more undervalued relative to fundamentals, since they started "freely trading" four decades ago.

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The election is right around the corner and so is a massive dump of all of Hillary's 33,000 emails. One can only hazard a guess as to what's in there, but Bix Weir thinks it's going to be devastating and that as a result Hillary will be gone. Far-fetched, perhaps, but impossible, certainly not. This has been an insane election and no one knows where it will wind up. The drip-drip of daily Wikileaks leaks has been amazing in its scope and detail, exposing the powers-that-be, for what they are. Bix believes this is the final fight between the Goodguys and the Badguys. What will be the outcome? 

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Ed Martin joined us to discuss the conservative case for Trump. As an author and head of the Eagle Forum Fund he believes that Trump hit on some major themes that his campaign is built upon in the last debate—just in time to sway some uncertain conservative voters his way. Most importantly, the vanishing middle class, regardless of their race, understand that Trump is on their side. 

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Wayne Allyn Root joined us today for the latest on the election. He's concerned about the rigging and the fraud. Early voting was designed to give democratic voters a prolonged opportunity to get out and vote, perhaps early and often. Is it too big an obstacle for Trump to overcome? We'll know in just two weeks. 

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Greg Mannarino joined us for a frank discussion of the way things are. He's found a way to prosper in the false economy, at least in the short term. Because trading never really looks at the underlying fundamentals, you can do well even when the world is burning. Greg believes that ultimately protection and salvation will be found in real assets like gold and silver, which have been artificially capped and held range bound. No one knows when the day of reckoning is coming, but it is certainly closer than ever. 

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Several years ago Chris Duane was a major voice in the alternative media. His YouTube videos got millions of views. His treatises were widely read. His websites were constantly visited. And then, he felt he'd done enough. He dropped out of the public eye and devoted himself to designing his custom silver coins. These were unlike any that were ever done before. They carried a powerful message. Among them, debt and death sustained Western Civilization. He's now put out over 100 custom coins and shows no signs of slowing down. The world is changing and Chris believes that the people must become aware in order for them to survive and prosper and take back control. 

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Over the weekend it was announced that AT&T plans to take over Time Warner. Are happy days here again or is this the sign of another market peak? These gigantic mergers usually happen right at the peak, as history has shown time and again. Now the media is singing a happy tune for the EU. Things are supposedly looking up across the pond. Is it really real or is it a meme? 

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Status Report as of: October 20, 2016

Date business started: January 27, 2016 

Total sales to date: $462,718

Total units to date: 13021

Yesterday's sales  $3021

30 day sales: $81,608

30 day unit sales: 2501

Current Number of Products: 7

Current Number of Listings 11


Sales at Mike and Matt's Amazon Store are still extremely strong, despite the fact that they've ran out of inventory on their two hottest items. But these are good problems to have. After all, they're selling three times more products than they expected. So while they've lost thousands in sales, in a way they've become a victim of their own success. But not to worry, they have over $500,000 of inventory on hand and this problem will never happen again. 

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Bruce Bragagnolo has a long history building mining companies. He was the co-founder and former CEO of Timmins Gold gold producer. He was also the co-founder and the former CEO of Silvermex Resources which was acquired by First Majestic Silver in 2011 for $120 million. So when he had the opportunity to become Chairman of Inca One, he jumped at it. Inca One has a licensed gold milling facility in Peru, servicing government-permitted small-scale miners. A highly mineral-rich country, Peru is one of the world’s top producers of gold, silver, copper and zinc, with substantial production coming from small scale miners who need government permitted milling facilities to process their gold bearing material (such as the Company’s Chala plant). He's sees many opportunities in Peru and the Company is well situated to take advantage of them. 

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Bryan Slusarchuck President of K92 Mining and FSN partner joined us today. When we last spoke, the Irumafimpa mine was just ramping up. As of October 5 production has started. As if that wasn't enough, a preliminary economic assessment shows that the nearby Kora project has great prospects with a net present value of $400 million and all in costs of just $619 per ounce. As a reminder, the K92 went public in May of this year. Barrick had invested nearly $250 million into the project and sold it off to K92 for just pennies on the dollar. Now it looks like that bet is about to pay off big time. 

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​Thinking far into the future isn’t something that everyone does as we always assume that we will have time for that later when we’re older. This is a huge misconception and estate planning should happen at important stages in your life such as marriage, family, retirement, etc.

Having the right estate plan in place is important as it is the only way to protect your wishes and it provides a plan as to how your assets, property, and health should be handled in the event you can no longer do it yourself. An estate plan protects your interests as well as your family’s interests should anything happen to you.

Estate Planning Expert Bob Woolsey uses his background to help you further understand the estate planning process and the key things you should have written into your plan. His expertise allows him to tell you what to look for when searching for an estate planning attorney.


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Before Gordon T. Long joined the financial world, he was an engineer working at large manufacturing companies. That's why he's particularly well placed to pick up on an emerging trend, the deterioration of the global supply chain. From autos to computers to virtually any other product you use today, quality seems to be going down. In the corporate rush to cut costs, they're overlooking some very important fundamentals. In the long run this will wind up costing them profits and market share. But right now it feels great and it's keeping profits artificially inflated. Sounds like a win-win. 

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