A new banking crisis is upon us. From China to Canada to Italy to Germany, the banks are under major stress and you can guess what's coming next. The Wall Street Journal's apologies aside, the banks got us to where we are now and they're helping to take us down the drain yet again. Where will it stop? How will it end? It won't be long now. 

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When it comes to selling your house, creativity always helps. Cast your net wide because you never know where your buyer will come from. Facebook campaigns emphasizing the weather, getting a chef to prepare some interesting tidbits to eat can all help. The more websites your house is listed on the better. One time Dale put up so many signs that he had over 35 people at the open house and sold it within a week! The more who look like they might want your house, the better the chances of a sale. Sending out cards to neighbors that are higher end along with relevant statistics. Always  put up as many pictures as possible. The more things you try, the more likely it is that something will work. 

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When Comrade deBlasio was elected, I predicted that he would shortly drive the City down the tubes and eventually bankrupt it. It was inevitable. He proudly honeymooned in Havana and was impressed by the all that Castro had accomplished. I'm sorry to say that he has more than lived up to my expectations. Crime is up, there's a slasher(s) running loose on the subway, my daughter describes 14th Street as scene out of a Zombie Apocalypse and homelessness has risen to epidemic proportions. 

Marcella Sills, the worst school principal in New York City, and there's loads of competition for the title, has finally been fired. She's emblematic of the government's failing efforts to get anything important done. Shout out to Frank for sending it to me. 

Gold is up and closing in on $1200 the ounce. Silver is over $15. Will it last, I won't feel confident till it is closing in on $1300. But keep your eyes on the shiny metal.  And more...

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Who is the worst president we've ever had? I'll give you nine guesses… or you could just read author and historian Brion McClanahan’s controversial new book, 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America—And Four Who Tried to Save Her.

In 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America, McClanahan dives deep into the history of our U.S. presidents, explaining that abuse of the Constitution and the overgrowth of the executive branch began long before President Barack Obama took office—but McClanahan doesn’t let him off the hook, either.

Among the things exposed in 9 President Who Screwed Up America:
• Lincoln violated the Constitution because as commander-in-chief he believed he had to “subdue the enemy,” no matter the collateral damage. His violations created a blueprint for more executive abuse in the future.
• By the time Obama leaves office in 2017, Americans will have suffered under twenty-eight consecutive years of unconstitutional executive usurpation of power.
• Over a two-year period, the Obama administration delayed the implementation of the Affordable Care Act twenty-eight times, ostensibly to give employers time to comply with the law. This was a blatantly unconstitutional power grab by the executive office.
• History has shown that presidents tend to abuse their power in their second term, and that the best presidents tend to serve less than eight years in office.

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Italian Banks are in big trouble with a non-performing loan ratio at 16% with one bank hitting 33%! And they're not alone, other banks around the world are nursing impaired balance sheets that are probably just as bad. And that probably doesn't include their government bond portfolios which haven't been marked down nearly enough. If you think it's bad now, just wait for China to start facing reality. 

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The Street finally found out it was wrong, imagine that? They woke up last week to the reality that the Fed is finished raising rates and meaning the Dollar is going to drop. The stock market is in a bear trend and the Street is translating the stock market's behavior into Fed action. The Dollar has broken the trend line. Gold has rallied this week past its 200 moving average. How long will this move continue, look for a correction once it hits $1150. Then it will back down to the moving average and then it's on to $1184. And silver won't be far behind. 

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Did you ever wonder how entrepreneurs got started? Did great entrepreneurs like Walt Disney, R H Macy, and Mark Cuban take special risks and fail before success? People who create businesses create change—and in the process make life easier, richer and better for millions. If you examine the stories of great entrepreneurs, some themes recur. All of the founders had vision and earned capital at crucial points. But the thread that stands out is the ability to absorb failure and turn it into success.

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Wipe out Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

BOJ NIRP - already a failure, and Kuroda promised MORE today!

Fed "policy error" - Bill Dudley essentially admitted it today!

Tightening physical gold/silver fundamentals;

The relentless, expanding, historic deflation tsunami.

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Stock markets were down again in January. This followed a down month in December. Two down months in a row have been very rare during the past 4 years. Oil was also down, Natgas was up, Precious Metals had an up month, yields on Treasuries fell and Bitcoin took a hit. Listen to the report for more interesting items. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_02.Feb.16.mp3
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Wayne Allyn Root was expecting a Trump loss in Iowa. Wayne recounts a story about his career as a professional public speaker. He brought down the house in every state he appeared in except one, Iowa. When he got back the audience evaluation forms, the reason was quite a shocker, seems the Iowans don't like fast-talking New Yorkers! Ring a bell? Wayne still believes that Trump will prevail, but New Hampshire is now a must win. 

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_02.Feb.16.mp3
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Mr. Moneyball Economics Andrew Zatlin spoke with us today. While he believes that the stock market advance is over for 2016, he doesn't a major down trend in the general economy. While other countries are certainly having their problems, in the US the service sector is still doing fairly well. Also, while new claims for unemployment are up, they're not out of control at the present time. While he doesn't see gold taking more big hits, he's not bullish about it either. Perhaps it will remain in a holding pattern. 

Direct download: Andrew_Zatlin_02.Feb.16.mp3
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John Rubino visited us today. Japan finally went negative, cutting their interest rates below zero. They followed the example of the European Central Bank and no doubt the rest of the world will follow their example. Will it really solve the problem, John thinks not. The world is still taking on record amounts of public and private debt with no end in site. We've still got a major debt problem and nothing will change until that's solved. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_31.Jan.16.mp3
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Has crude oil bottomed? According to Mickey, it might very well have done so. Now above $30 a barrel, crude could be going higher, especially in light of the potential war brewing between the Sunni's and the Shiite's. The US is still pumping near record amounts of oil. At present the world consumes about 95mm barrels per day. However production is about 2mm barrels above that. It's really not that much of a surplus and if the world economy ever starts growing again, the surplus would quickly disappear. But until it picks up, oil will continue in the doldrums. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_Special_Oil_Report_29.Jan.16.mp3
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Dennis Higgs is Chairman of Nevada Exploration. He and his family now own 31% of the company, which they've acquired in the past year. He's extremely bullish about their technology, which analyzes well water samples to determine the presence of gold and other minerals. The company has a database of many thousands of water samples. Armed with this data, it should allow for major new discoveries. And Dennis believes that just one major strike will propel the company forward.  

Direct download: Dennis_Higgs_26.Jan.16.mp3
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A Minnesota high school basketball team is being kicked out of the league because they're too good. The loser teams' parents were upset over this state of affairs and threatened to boycott future games if the winners weren't ejected. Welcome to modern America today. What will it mean for the future, when you can't strive for excellence because it might make someone else feel badly. 

Direct download: Joe_Messina_27.Jan.16.mp3
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Martin Armstrong was back with us today. He says that the politicians are the problem. They will never admit a mistake. Why are they defending the Euro. That's why we're having so many outsider politicians getting elected around the globe. And it also explains the rise of Trump. The establishment is fighting this trend but they can't do anything about it. As Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem by using the same thinking that brought it on." Martin says that the computer model is still foreseeing a large rise in the stock market as funds flow in from the distressed public debt. And now if you owe $50,000 or more in taxes, the IRS can revoke your passport. 

Direct download: Martin_Armstrong_27.Jan.16.mp3
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There's a revolution taking place in healthcare and Dr. Elaina George is helping to lead it. In her recently released book Big Medicine: The Cost of Corporate Control and How Doctors and Patients Working Together Can Help Rebuild A Better System, outlines the many problems besetting our healthcare delivery system. Her biggest contribution is the solutions she proposes. which includes joining a Healthcare Cost Sharing Ministry. Dr. George is extremely optimistic about the future because she believes we are entering a new era where patients and doctors retake control of the system and your healthcare. 

Direct download: Dr._Elaina_George_27.Jan.16.mp3
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Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

 Fed meeting today, with entire global economy collapsing - What can they possibly say
 Is this "the Big One?"  And if not, can TPTB possibly kick the can much longer?

 Miles Franklin Q&A meeting in Denver/Boulder Thursday night - Huge turnout, shows just how rapidly interest in Precious Metals - and fear of what's occuring - is growing

Miles Franklin "2016 Silver Outlook Webinar today (Wednesday), with David Morgan, Chris Marchese, and Andy Schectman

COMEX nearly out of gold - 73% of registered inventory taken out yesterday!


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Noted CPA and attorney reminds us yet again that it's IRS Scam time. We're not talking about what the IRS is doing but rather scammers pretending to be from the government and either demanding money from you or demanding data that they can use to steal your identity. The first rule to understand is that the IRS will never call you first, asking for money. Their primary collection tool is the US Mail. If someone calls you asking for money, hang up. That will eliminate many potential scams and keep you safe. 

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Where will American Foreign Policy go after the election. Ivan believes that while foreign policy might not be dead, it's on life support. Everyone talks big on the campaign trail and indulges in Sledge Hammer Diplomacy. Trump is espousing a non-interventionist policy unless a direct American Interest is threatened. The main stream establishment candidates are very hawkish, but the American Public has no appetite for any overseas military engagement. Will the public's view on the subject prevail? 

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Danielle Park has been warning you for years about the unsustainability of the stock market's upward trajectory. Sure enough, right after the new year the bear market officially started. You've got a consistent pattern of lower lows and lower highs, which is never a good sign. The only real question is how long will it last, which no one knows for sure, but Danielle believes that if you've taken your profits, you'll have enough cash on hand to be a bargain hunter when the time comes. 

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Nearly two years ago we wrote about Operation Dirty Money (click here to read). Effectively, this was the beginning of the War on Cash. Since that time we have seen governments around the world take measures to ween their citizenry off of the dreaded paper currency.  

At the present time 80 percent of the population carries less than $50 in their pocket. 40 percent carry $20 or less or no money at all! Less than 7 percent of all transactions in the country take place using currency. So the war is over and depending upon your point of view it's either been lost or if you're the government it has been won. 

Get ready for the Panic of 2016, it's happening now according to Gerald Celente. Hopefully, you're ready for what's next!

Finally, the FDA (Food and Drug Admin) is planning to ban the use of stem cells, even when you're treated with your own. They have their reasons, but overall the therapy appears to be extremely safe. They're having a public meeting on April 13, 2016 to get input and decide when to issue the ban. The proposed rules have already been issued a while and it's all over except the crying. 

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Another brutal Monday. Stocks down, oil down and gold is up. In the Davos Conference the billionaires say not to play the game anymore and instead go to cash. What affect will they have on real estate and stocks. They own most of the assets that we consider to be wealth now and there will be a lot of sell orders hitting the market. The average person doesn't have the money to invest, let alone any money for emergencies. 

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Patrick Donnelly is a geologist and an MBA by training. He's president of First Mining Finance. He's helping the Company make sound acquisitions of promising gold mining properties. He believes in buying undervalued assets and is looking to buy gold at $10 per ounce in the ground. In the current environment, Patrick says he's getting at least 1 call per day from interested sellers. But, the target company must meet a strict checklist of requirements before Patrick will even look at it. With this type of discipline, First Mining is getting ready for the next resource boom, which eventually must happen. 

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The critical presidential election of 2016 is shaping up to be the most profound presidential election since the election of 1896. Gerard's book makes ten surprising predictions that are bold and powerful. It predicts some historic events for America that will take place before, during and after the 2016 presidential election.

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