Leslie Pappas wrote the book on 1031 Real Estate Exchanges. She goes through the steps that can you help avoid taxes on gains from Real Estate that you've sold at a substantial profit. It's not hard to do, but there's a number of steps that you need to take to avoid the tax ax from falling upon you. 

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Danielle joined us today. Why wasn't debt paid down when times were good? When the economy was going well, everyone was congratulating themselves for their brilliance. However, when the economy is going down, they're not taking any responsibility for it. These Masters of th Universe. While everyone is claiming that no one could see the oil crash coming, that's incorrect, numerous people did see it coming, along time ago. Where we head from now is the important issue. Will we learn from history? 

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Arch Crawford the noted astrological financial forecaster joined us today after a long hiatus. He's down on the share markets but finally is seeing the possibility of a long overdue precious metals rally. There's so much uncertainty in the world with financial disruptions a possibility and potential wars ready to break out all over, it's certainly worth having a PM position. 

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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier isn't convinced that Donald Trump will be the republican presidential nominee. Rather he believes that the remaining opponents will get their act together, the weakest will drop out leaving the remaining candidate stronger than Trump. When this will happen is the question. So far no one is budging and time is running out. And the theory is questionable, the belief that all of a dropping candidate's votes would go solidly against Trump. When the Donald emerges from Super-Tuesday with the lion's share of votes, many more will likely jump on the winning band wagon.

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Jordan Goodman joined us today for a look at the worsening economy and what it means to investors and business people alike. Jordan believes that the Fed will keep tightening under the justification of dropping unemployment and low inflation. Even though the numbers are artificial, he believes they'll keep doing, until further notice. This means an appreciating US Dollar and worsening trade numbers and is generally bad for investors. Your choices are limited and you need to start finding alternatives. Keeping a significant cash position is certainly an option as is shorter term low risk investments. 

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You know that times are crazy when you have right-wingers and left-wingers in the UK uniting against Britain's membership in the EU. They want out and so do many people in the UK. Negative interest rates have all sorts of unintended consequences but this one should come as no surprise to anyone; there's a run on safes in Japan as people opt for cash instead of seeing their savings confiscated while being kept safe at the local bank. If you're thinking about buying a safe, be careful, don't skimp out and expect your valuables to be safe. Spend at least $1k, but it's best to have an insurance-rated safe. Finally oil prices see no real recovery in site. Which is bad for the world economy, bad for you bank, bad for your pension fund and just plain bad for everything. 

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Shawn Wallace is President and CEO of Auryn (TSXV: AUG and OTC: GGTCF). FSN partnered with a number of miners such as Auryn, who are in it for the long haul. Shawn has been down this road numerous times. In 2005, he and his partner founded Keegan Resources, a $1 stock that saw a 900% return over 5 years! 

In 2014 during one of the worst gold bear markets of all time, they helped investors see over 5 times their money with their second company Cayden Resources. With a $0.67 share price in 2013, they sold the company for $3.79 per share a year later, in the depths of a one of the deepest resource sector depressions ever. 

Now Shawn intends to make Auryn his greatest offering yet and a resurgent precious metals market, a shortage of good projects and an increasing appetite for acquisitions by the Majors could all be aligning for an amazing result!


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Porter Stansberry is a legend in the alternative investing/newsletter world. He started his company in 1999 with a borrowed computer and some space at the kitchen table. Now he's got one of biggest and most successful investment research companies out there. All of this hasn't gotten to Porter's head. He's still doing what he does best, finding opportunities that are under-appreciated by other market participants. He believes that big money will be made in the future from corporate bonds. You just have to know where to look. For average investors he suggests simply making monthly contributions to a high yield bond fund and an index fund and just letting it ride. Also, he sees oil in a secular bear market, which will take years to get out of. Oh, almost forgot, he believes that it's a good time to own gold and silver. 

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Matthew Behdjou is an expert when it comes to boosting traffic to your website and making sales. He's helped many people turn dormant websites into real moneymakers. Using just a few of his techniques he helped several companies make millions. It's easy if you know what you're doing, whether it's SEO, YouTube videos or some of his proprietary techniques, it doesn't cost much, but you've got to take action. And that's where Matthew is at his best. 

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Jason Reddish and his partner appeared on Shark Tank in 2013. They were seeking a Shark to partner with in order to expand their company, which provides financing to small businesses by giving advances on credit card receivables. Initially they got an offer from Kevin O'Leary, a/k/a Mr. Wonderful. While they never actually did a deal, their appearance on The Tank helped them expand their business by nearly 500 percent over a two year period. This the inside story. 

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John Richardson has been trading since the 1980's. He believes that anyone can learn the skills necessary to become a successful trader. He says that his system will help reduce risk to a manageable level and provide consistent returns. His course will teach you how he's done it and is doing right now. 

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The current financial market "eye of the hurricane" - caused by an unprecedentedly blatant support of stocks, and suppression of Precious Metals, as all hell breaks loose economically.

The "Death Throes of Deutchebank" (today's article title); as well as Glencore; thousands of other companies of all types; commodities; currencies; and sovereign government finances.

Per yesterday's article, "WE ARE NEO!"  That is, Neo from the Matrix, when at the end of the movie he realizes he is more powerful than the intimidating, manipulative Mr. Smiths
How close are we to physical PM shortages?
Etc., etc.

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Bix Weir believes that the Good Guys have been trying to take the system down and pretty soon they'll be successful. Many dismiss Bix's theories, but the way things look now, he might just be right. Bix says no more bailouts for the banks and that means disaster could be lurking around the corner. He sees the recent statements about eliminating the 500 Euro Note and the 100 Dollar Note as confirmation that things can't go on much longer. Bix says to watch out for Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland. But is he right? 

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Barry Farber was a talk radio pioneer in New York. I used to listen to him when I was riding with my father and mother, a long time ago. He speaks or has working knowledge of 25 languages. He's very pro-immigration, but he's sounding the alarm on the most recent wave of Muslim immigrants. He agrees with Donald Trump in that until they can be properly screened and vetted, they should not be allowed in the country. 

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John joined us today for a recap of recent developments. China's economy is rapidly shrinking, but their imports are dropping quicker which means their trade surplus actually increased. Japan's economy is also contracting even after a long application of Abenomics, which has failed miserably.  Central banks will do what they always do and it's no longer working!

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Jason and I reviewed what's going on in the world today and the benefits of US Capitalism versus the socialist paradise of Cuba. Jason believes that the Millennial Generation presents one of the greatest opportunities available to you right now. Home ownership rates are down and going lower. Jason believes that it will drop to around 50-55%. For every 1% drop in the ownership rate, there will be 1 million more potential tenants. This means the opportunity to own rental property is huge and is getting better.  Also beware of the potential pitfalls of AirBNB. Jason gives you the downside of the Sharing economy. 

Jason is holding another special event, this time in Park City Utah. I highly recommend that you attend, and if you're sign fast enough, you just might get it for free! 

Click here to sign up now!

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Gordon T. Long says that the credit cycle has turned. This is an ominous development for the stock market and the economy. Corporate revenue growth has been negative for a while. Earnings are now down and cash flow has hit the skids. Debt continues to accelerate and pretty soon there will be major credit problems, especially in the energy sector. Where's will the economy go next? 

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Noted author and former Reagan Political Director Jeffrey Lord joined us today. He was the only one smiling on CNN Tuesday as Trump absolutely crushed the competition and Hillary got a true shlonging compliments of Bernie "the aging commie" Sanders. None of this comes as a surprise to Jeff. He's been around the block and sees qualities in Trump that others have missed. While there's still a long way to go, Trump certainly has the in wind at his back at this point in the election. 

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Eric Hadik of www.insiidetrack.com joined us today. While he's entitled to take a victory lap for forecasting in 2014 that 2016 would be gold's year. He also called the decline in the stock market that we're now seeing. Eric shares his views on a number of topics and makes some bold statements about the future of oil prices. Of all the people interviewed on the show, Eric's forecasts appear to have been most prescient. 

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Wayne Allyn Root joined us to discuss the Trump victory and the Clinton defeat. Wayne is hoping that Bernie Sanders will never be allowed to be the Democratic candidate. He's so way out that the leaders will not allow him to be the nominee. That would insure Trump's election. After his victory last night, he becomes the frontrunner and likely candidate. 

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According to recent research, by 2020, more than 40 per cent of the US workforce will be made up of contingent or freelance workers. Maria Matarelli is one step ahead of the trend. Several years ago she gave up her cubicle and her apartment and started traveling the world, going wherever her freelance assignments took her. She hasn't looked back. While she might not do it for the rest of her life, she's quite content traveling to numerous gigs around the globe. Right now it's working great and that's all that matters. 

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Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

As Andy has been predicting for months, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen has started doing the inevitable, walking back on future rate hikes. Right now she's talking about slowing the rate hikes down, but as Andy has said many times before, she will soon have little choice but to start cutting rates and begin yet another round of Quantitative Easing. She's running out of choices and she has limited alternatives. What will be the effect on gold and precious metals and will The Powers That Be lose control of the markets?

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Daniela Perdomo saw a need for off-grid communications and founded www.gotenna.com. By simply using a smartphone, a device and an app, it allows people to set up their own communication networks, even when there's no cell tower or phone service available. The device is inexpensive and allows users to text and call each other, wherever they may be. The range is currently limited to several miles, but it can be a lifesaver for skiers and hunters, who have gone outside the coverage area of their cell carrier. It also works for those seeking privacy from snooping governments. She's sold thousands of the units and is foreseeing further growth as word gets out. 

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Obamacare is in bad shape. What are Hillary and Bernie running on, keeping Obamacare safe from the Republicans and making it even better. Frank believes that eliminating down state barriers that prevent insurance companies from competing in other states will be a big help. In addition, tort reform is a must. Malpractice insurance costs are prohibitive and there's too many frivolous law suits. Finally, mandated coverages by state regulators has driven up the cost of health insurance. Requiring carriers to pay for expensive fertility treatments, overpriced drug treatments, etc., has increased the health insurance costs. 

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Mish Shedlock joined us today for an unvarnished look at the US and World Economies. And it ain't pretty. European banks are in a world of pain, with non-performing loans out of control and getting worse, especially in Italy. Employment numbers are weakening as we speak. We might very well be in a recession now, but we probably won't know for another year, when the powers that be tell us what we already know.  

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