Woody O'Brien joined us today to discuss the state of the economy and the state of the markets. The cost of many commodities is now below their cost of production. This will inevitably lead to supply crunches and market disruptions, whether it's oil or precious metals. When will the big major banks decide to reverse the flow and take the metals higher? When does the manipulation end, because Woody says it is going to end. That's a certainty. 

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From tornadoes, hurricanes and floods to fires, earthquakes and more, no one knows when or where a disaster might strike. Natural disasters can cripple cities and towns in their wake, leaving homeowners and businesses to clean up the mess for months – and sometimes – years to come.


While no one thinks or wants a disaster to strike close to home, businesses that are prepared beforehand have a better chance of surviving the damage that occurs afterwards.


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What's Imploding Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:


U.S. economy collapsing!

                -factory orders, trade deficit, ADP, consumer confidence, etc.

                -yet, fever pitch "misdirection" by Fed, Wall St., etc., of the recovery no one anywhere believes anymore


Commodities collapsing (as I predicted), and dollar soaring (as I predicted)

                -CRB breached 2008 lows this week, getting ready to breach 40 year lows

                -unprecedented carnage



                -Grexit coming!



                -market crash


Puerto Rico

                -defualted, tip of iceberg


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Dr. Swain writes, "In the first few days following the shooting deaths of the five servicemen in Chattanooga, investigating officials say they were stumped in seeking a motive to explain the murders apparently committed by Abdulazeez, the 24-year-old son of an immigrant Muslim family. Descriptive reactions to what took place, as reported in the media, have ranged from "ruthless" and "deranged" to "senseless" and "unfathomable."Ruthless for certain, but unfathomable? Has anyone been paying attention to what's been going on in the world lately? Meanwhile, investigators are attempting to piece together a working hypothesis that might explain what happened and why, in trying to trace, as Hoffer might say, Abdulazeez's genesis and outline his nature. Investigators make it sound like this is just another crime scene investigation – CSI: Chattanooga, while the media focuses on his alleged depression and drug use as if those two factors alone explain or justify his heinous acts."


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Our foreclosure expert Jason K. Roberts was back with us today. Florida's real estate market is holding strong, in the face of what's going on in the rest of the country. The opprotunity is still there and it translates into high cash-on-cash returns on rental properties. Nearly two thrids of Florida's RE sales are cash transactions. And the population of the third most populous state continues to increase. 

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Geoff Shepard reveals never-before-seen Watergate materials exposing the complete breakdown of the legal system


Shocking violations of ethical and legal standards colored the proceedings of the Watergate trial. Watergate’s judges and prosecutors were supposed to be unbiased mediators and protectors of the Constitution. Instead they were highly partisan Democrats who criminalized politics and went after Nixon “at all costs.” Carl Bernstein famously said of the Watergate trial: “The system worked.” New discoveries by Geoff Shepard, once the youngest lawyer of Nixon’s defense team, show how the prosecutors abused the system to rig the outcome.


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July was an extremely volatile month for Energy, Metals and everything else but the US Stock Markets. We all know about the hit precious metals tooks, especially gold and silver. WIT was down even more. Bitcoin has been up 10 percent for two months in a row. Copper was killed falling to levels not seen in years. There's no reason to panic, but remain cautious and ready for opportunities that may rapidly emerge. Mickey doesn't see another 2009 Crash happening, but prices have gone down considerably, with WTI breaking $50 per barrel. The Shanghai Correction has investors acting very scared. If it continues, then we'll have to change our assessment. 

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Bo Polny was back explaining why the recent lows in precious metals will have no affect upon the longer trend which is determinedly headed higher. The stock market and the dollar will eventually tell the story of gold and silver. Bo says there's a very important shorting point coming up later this year. So in conclusion, don't lose hope, gold and silver are headed much higher. The low appears to be in and now it's just sit back and wait for higher prices. 

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Realty Estate Expert Dale Nabors joined us on FSN to answer the following questions:


* Why does Tampa continually rank high for foreclosures?


* What are the reasons a home is foreclosed upon?


* What are the steps to stay out of this zone?


* How can the Real Estate market be a profitable source of income?


Most importantly do your research in advance and you'll avoid unpleasant surprises. 


Direct download: Dale_Nabors_29.Jul.15.mp3
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Financial expert and regular network contributor Jordan Goodman is just back from China where he has seen all the makings of what he considers to be a housing bubble ready to burst. Endless residential and commercial construction, giant buildings and shopping centers with no tenants - so called Ghost Cities' - and an economy that can no longer support the massive build-up. 


"What we have is a recipe for disaster in China and we are seeing it now with wild Chinese stock market fluctuations affecting world markets. The scariest thing however is that unlike what we saw in the US in 2008, this collapse will be much bigger and potentially more destructive to the world economy", says Goodman.


Goodman traveled all across China by rail where he saw with his own eyes buildings going up in cities too small to support their growth. Complicating the economic problems in the world's second largest economy is that China has no property tax therefore the only revenue cities can count on is real estate construction and sales.  

  • Is a housing collapse in China inevitable?
  • How will it affect our economy?
  • What should the average American do to brace for the worse case scenario?
  • is it too late to prevent a housing collapse in China?


Direct download: Jordan_Goodman_29.Jul.15.mp3
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Hear the latest prognostications from the Moneyball Economist Andrew Zatlin. 

- What is the latest Vice Index telling us?

- What do the latest jobless claims numbers say about the state of the economy?- How low can gold go?

China is slowing down and what effect will that have on the US and the rest of the world? In other words, when China sneezes, the rest of the world catches cold. 


Direct download: Andrew_Zatlin_28.Jul.15.mp3
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Jeremy Greenfield has successfully de-mystified the elusive high credit score and his story has taken over the lead here at TheStreet. It's easier to raise your credit score than you think. First get a copy from one of the three bureaus. Then start analyzing your balances and then listen to this show. 


Direct download: Jeremy_Greenfield_28.Jul.15.mp3
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Roger began his career as a Financial Advisor in 1991. This allowed him to witness first-hand the rise and fall of the “new economy” and the Dot-com bubble that ended in 2000. This experience solidified for him that financial management is about people, not money, and that they are served best by advisors that are fiduciaries to their clients and have the heart of a teacher. In 2003 he left, at the time, the largest private bank in the world and, with two wonderful partners, established WWK Wealth Advisors. Today, WWK Wealth Advisors are a firm of 14 professionals managing over $200 million in assets.


Direct download: Roger_Whitney_28.Jul.15.mp3
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Carleton English is a staff reporter at TheStreet.com for Banking and Wall Street. To Charge or Not to Charge – That is the question credit card holders face when it comes time to make a purchase or pay a bill. (and if they aren’t questioning…they should be!).


 It is VERY important to STOP and think before you swipe.  TheStreet’s personal finance team of experts have put together a list of the Best and Worst things to charge on your credit card – some of which may come as a surprise!  Our experts can explain what to charge and why! 

Direct download: Carleton_English_28.Jul.15.mp3
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The last time Eric Hadik was with us he was calling for a bottom in gold in July 2015. This was based soley on cycle research. Here we are in July and Eric once again appears to be right on money. Gold is hovering just below $1100 the ounce and appears to be at resistance. We will know in the next several weeks how accurate Eric's forecast was, but right now it's looking very canny. 

Direct download: Eric_Hadik_27.Jul.15.mp3
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Dr. Elaina George is concerned that health insurers are becoming so big that they will soon be Too big to fail. And she's right. That's why she's gone the route of Liberty HealthShare, where like minded people have co-opted together to pay their health care  bills together. Liberty HealthShare is a truly non-profit organization. Dr. George has been a member for the past 18 months and has gotten many of her friends and family members involved as well. It works! 

Direct download: Dr._Elaina_George_27.Jul.15.mp3
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Special Monday Edition with Andrew Hoffman:


Manipulation Is Starting To Collapse! 













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China's stock market is crashing, their efforts at Plunge Protection are failing miserably and no one knows what to do. The debt burden is crushing dozens of countries around the globe and the current system is doomed to failure. Where are we headed next? What's a central banker to do? Can the current economic system possibly survive? We shall soon find out. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_27.Jul.15.mp3
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Dales Bellis is currently the executive director of Liberty HealthShare. He led the reorg of Liberty Healthcare, which is the offspring of the the ACA/Obamacare. It provided an exception or loophole for healthcare sharing ministries. But Liberty’s origins actually go back to the ’80’s. Dale's work in healthcare goes back to the first cost-sharing group ever begun in modern times, in 1988 when he started with just 1,000 families. By 2001 there were 25,000 families sharing medical bills. He helped get legislation passed in 11 states exempting cost sharing organizations from insurance regulation. He's been a pioneer in the technological and administrative sides of the business as well. Dale's accomplishments have started a revolution in cost sharing and I'm extremely proud to have him on the show. 

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Aaron Clarey wrote a book The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty: For Black Men Who Demand Better, for which he has received the title racist by certain members of the black community. Fortunately, it has been a real boost to sales. Aaron's motives for writing the book have only been pure. He wanted to help young black men avoid the poverty trap. So Aaron proves that a white man can help blacks get out of the ghetto. 

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What's Imploding Now Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:



China - horrific economic data, Apple




U.S. Earnings - technology plunge, S&P down


Fed, White House pleading for higher rates - FOMC meeting next week


Sunday night gold massacre



-October's "Miles Franklin All-Star Silver Panel Webinar"

-February's "supply response"

-February's "initial mining earnings confirm peak gold"

-last week's "direst prediction of all, pt. 2 - mining armageddon"

-yesterday's "biggest commodity supply reaction in history"


U.S. Mint still out of Silver Eagles - premiums up



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Lowell Ponte explains the significance of Greece of it's history of blocking the expansion and dominance of Islam. 

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Hard to believe that the cure all legislation Dodd-Frank is now 5 years old. The damage that's been done by this law is incalculable. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is an agency run amok. It recently issued new rules replacing the venerable RESPA and HUD-1 Statement and is causing disruption in the mortgage market. But Danielle believes that better times are ahead as the banking system breaks down and lenders once again start knowing their borrower. Is the end of transactional banking ahead? 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_21.Jul.15.mp3
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James Turk joined us today. We discussed the Chinese Government's recent disclosure of their gold holdings. While the number may be true in a technical sense, they could have other custodians holding much more gold that they will not disclose until a later more advantageous time. Meanwhile, GoldMoney and BitGold have merged and this will profoundly affect the way the West uses gold at some point in the future, once Americans are allowed to use it as a payment mechanism. Interesting times ahead. James has not changed his view of the world's economic future. 

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Jamie Meloni has been called the Million Dollar Real Estate Agent and is a foreclosure sales specialist in the Tampa Florida Market. He says that while the hedge funds and private equity buyers aren't buying up single family home foreclosures in the records numbers they were in 2012, they're still active purchasers. This seems to fly in the face of the commonly held wisdom, but perhaps the Florida RE market has certain properties that make it more robust than others across the nation. Since it's so retiree dominated that makes it less employment driven, which is a real plus in today's flagging job market. 

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