Bix Weir sat down with us to discuss the latest happenings in the ongoing global collapse. Glencore and Trafigura are essential components of the market riggers plot and they are now imploding. Can the system carry on without them? Will the Petrodollar soon cease to exist once these entities are gone? Interesting questions that Bix has the answer to and more. 

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What's About To Implode Next Wednesday With Andrew Hoffman:

FOMC/NFP reports - ZIRP to Infinity

Negative CPI in Europe - calls for expanded QE

Syria, and various "unspeakable horrors" arising from plunging economic activity

Abdication of MSM coverage of collapsing global economy

Peak manipulation of markets!

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_07.Oct.15.mp3
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Danielle Park was with us discussing the endemic corruption in the financial markets, which knows no end. However, better times are ahead. The system will eventually purge itself, it must if we are to survive and grow. Adversity is actually a good thing. It helps humanity thrive and transform and that's where we are headed now.  

Direct download: Danielle_Park_06.Oct.15.mp3
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David Morgan thinks that silver has likely bottomed. While another decline could occur, retail demand continues to be robust. David also speculates on what will become of the US Mint's Silver Eagle sales. David sees great future profits in the miners as supply problems will no doubt crop up, leading to a resurgence of this beaten down sector. 

Direct download: David_Morgan_06.Oct.15.mp3
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Can a once leading candidate rebrand herself and take back the lead? We will know the answer shortly as Hillary Clinton attempts to be a lighter, funnier and more warm individual. At this point in time, everyone knows who she is and what she's all about. Can she really be trained to be a warm and fuzzy individual? Loren Michaels appears to have let her campaign staff write the script and the mainstream media is a vital assistant in the effort. But the time for rebranding has probably expired. 

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Noted real estate expert from Tampa, Jamie Meloni and I discuss the new movie 99 Homes, coming out this Friday. Of course the banks, as always, are the bad guys in this movie about a foreclosure victim who realizes that if you can't beat them then the best way is to join them. Things get crazy from there and many distortions and exaggerations take place. But it's probably worth the watch. 

Direct download: Jamie_Meloni_05.Oct.15.mp3
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Everything is falling apart. John writes, "After the markets failed to embrace its most recent interest rate dither, the Fed dispatched pretty much its entire PR team to make sure we understood that rates would rise Next Month For Sure. 

Then everything kind of fell apart. Emerging market capital flight accelerated…"

Direct download: John_Rubino_05.Oct.15.mp3
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We spoke with Frank Vernuccio about the growing threats that the country faces. He sees the threats from Russia, China and Iran growing and little being done about it. Is it time to increase the defense budget and start taking things more seriously? Frank thinks it is. 

Direct download: Frank_Vernuccio_01.Oct.15.mp3
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Stock markets got slammed, especially the Toronto Venture, which is close to all time lows. Precious metals were down, especially platinum-due to the growing VW Scandal. Energy continues to decline back to earlier year lows. What's an investor to do? Mickey says buy gold and platinum as an insurance policy and keep some greenbacks close by as well. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_01.Oct.15.mp3
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Throughout all the turmoil in the various markets, Jason's business is booming. Stocks will come and go, but there are only so many single family homes and land as well. Foreign money is flowing into the US, seeking a safe haven. In addition, financial repression continues unabated, thereby providing very few investment alternatives that will yield a decent return, without taking huge risks, such as high yield junk bonds. In addition, Jason will be hosting an event in Orlando, Florida, where I will be attending and MC'ing. Go to and sign up now. There's a special offer for the FSN Community. I look forward to seeing many of you there. 

Direct download: Jason_Hartman_29.Sep.15.mp3
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Raul Villacis ranks in Top 1% of Hispanic Entrepreneurs and is a mentor and globally known influential speaker and business coach. He says that successful entrepreneurs are sometimes seen as super human. These people often defy all the odds and keep at their goals with relentless tenacity.

In actuality, there is something special about successful entrepreneurs, though perhaps not a superpower. Instead it’s a different way of thinking. For example, there are seven unique traits that virtually all successful entrepreneurs share. These traits show how their mindset differs from most people and thus leads them to find unimaginable success. Raul helps his clients get into that mindset and start acting like the successes they wish to become, with amazing results that follow. 



Direct download: Raul_Villacis_30.Sep.15.mp3
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Jason Burack joined us today to discuss the latest oil news, markets and precious metals. Not much movement in precious metals these days. Why, we can speculate about all day. Jason review various opportunities. 

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What Isn't Imploding Now Wednesdays:

Collapsing commodities, currencies - what else

New low in National Bank of Greece stock, as Greece heads to default

Catalonian elections!

End of quarter - time for miners to start writedowns/bankruptcies?

Record PM demand, collapsing inventories, etc.

Calls this morning - by S&P - for the ECB to more than double QE; and by JP Morgan, for the BOJ to increase QE next month!

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_30.Sep.15.mp3
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Lane Mendelsohn is the CEO of Market Technologies and developer of the VantagePoint financial trading software. Lane's father Louis, started trading stocks and commodities in the 1970s and, shortly after personal computers were invented, began developing technical analysis trading software for his own use as a commodities trader. In May 1983 he introduced the concept of strategy back-testing and optimization in trading software for personal computers in a series of articles published in Futures magazine and released of ProfitTaker Futures Trading Software, the world’s first commercially available technical analysis trading software that performed strategy back-testing and optimization on PCs." Even at that time his back tester was so sophisticated and intricate that it handled commodity contract rollovers and lock limit conditions. Currently, Lane claims that the software is 86 percent accurate and the firm has helped thousands to successfully trade in these increasingly volatile markets. 

Direct download: Lane_Mendolsohn_28.Sep.15.mp3
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Jordan Goodman joined us today. As we've discussed in the past, markets continue their downward trend and interest rates are staying artificially low, there aren't a lot of investment alternatives. Jordan still believes that paying down your debt is crucial. In addition, bridge financing is still yielding 6 percent returns, not bad when banks are paying nearly nothing. Jordan isn't overly optimistic about the near term future and is in a defensive posture until further notice. 

Direct download: Jordan_Goodman_28.Sep.15.mp3
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Wayne's new book The Power Of Relentless has taken the world by storm. His step by step guide covers everything you need to not just Survive, but Thrive in the New Economy. It's must reading for anyone looking to get ahead in this difficult economy. We also discuss John Boehner's resignation and what's coming up for the political season. 

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_28.Sep.15.mp3
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John writes, "The US markets awoke to news of several big, disturbing overseas events:

Glencore implodes. Think of Swiss commodities giant Glencore as a modern version of Enron, in the sense that it owns physical assets like mines and oil wells around the world and runs perhaps the biggest commodities derivatives trading desk. And — also like Enron — it’s apparently unprepared for extreme commodity price volatility. This morning its stock price plunged even further and its credit default swaps — the cost of insuring payment on its its bonds — blew out to record levels. 

If Glencore loses its investment grade rating as now seems likely, its access to cheap capital will evaporate and it will fail. This matters for several reasons, the most important of which is the company’s unspecified but certainly huge derivatives book which, like AIG’s in 2008, is a serious threat to the leveraged speculating community. 

Commodities from oil to gold are down hard on the news. 

Saudi Arabia cashes out. The world’s dominant oil exporter can’t pay its bills with crude at $50 a barrel so it’s spending down foreign exchange reserves and borrowing hand over fist. This morning it was reported that the Saudi sovereign wealth fund — a major player in global bond and equity markets — was cashing out and bringing its money back home. "


Direct download: John_Rubino_28.Sep.15.mp3
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Danielle Park joined us for a discussion about the Central Bankers' inability to keep the system going. As a result, stock prices are headed much lower and this will put pressure on governments to purge the system and bring back morality. How effective this restoration will be remains the questions. But also driving this transformation is technology, especially the breakthroughs coming in energy and transportation. The two combined together are forcing changes at all levels of society, and the financial system is hardly exempt. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_22.Sep.15_01.mp3
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What's About To Implode Next Wednesdays With Andrew Hoffman:

Collapsing mine production, exploding PM demand

-yesterday's and today's articles

Post Fed "no hike" 

Greek elections 

Plunging commodities!  all-time low currencies!

 75% of Americans are concerned about out of control government corruption.

Over half of Americans fear their government. 

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_23.Sep.15.mp3
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Donald Trump, while fabulously successful now has had his casino companies enter bankruptcy 4 times, losing a fortune in the process. Now he's finished with the NJ casino business, but his legacy lives on. While everything about The Donald is controversial, so is Jack Mohr's take on his exploits in Bankruptcy Court. 

Direct download: Jack_Mohr_22.Sep.15.mp3
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Keith Neumeyer of First Mining Finance joined us. He's been extremely busy. As a contrarian Keith is making a big play to scoop up good mining companies with solid projects. Since we last spoke First Mining is completing 3 acquisitions, 2 friendly and 1 hostile. And this is just the beginning. Keith is determined to make First Mining his third billion dollar company. Our "money" is on Keith to succeed yet again. 

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Top rated radio show host Joe Messina joined us today. He's amazed at what's transpiring in the 2016 Presidential Election Year. You just can't make this stuff up!

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Erik Hadik has been warning for a while that the Russian Bear would be rearing his ugly head. And he's absolutely correct. From Crimea to Syria Russia is on the move. This combined with other factors should lead to high volatility and higher precious metals prices. 2016 is the year to watch. 

Direct download: Erick_Hadik_21.Sep.15.mp3
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We spoke with John Rubino today about the intractable situation the Fed now finds itself in. To raise or rates or leave them where they are is the question. Raising them could further strengthen the dollar and thus hurt exports. Leaving rates at near zero isn't really helping things either as shown by the dismal economic stats. Perhaps there is no monetary solution to the quandary. More likely it calls for some true leadership that has been totally lacking up to this point. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_21.Sep.15.mp3
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Brien Lundin publishes the grand daddy of all resource newsletters Gold Newsletter. He learned the market from his mentor the legendary Jim Blanchard. Brien and the newsletter are unique in that they've been through multiple cycles during the past 41 years. Brien has a keen understanding of the Gold and Silver markets and believes they are currently poised for major growth. It's always great to have someone of his experience on the show sharing his opinions of this volatile sector. 

Direct download: Brien_Lundin_18.Sep.15.mp3
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