When it comes to getting the inside story about what's really happening in the Whitehouse, Congress or elsewhere in the government, Ed Klein is the go to guy. His books often weave an amazing tapestry of our government, our leaders and their true agenda. This is certainly the case with Ed's new book Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary. He recounts a story where Hillary confronted Obama in the Oval Office and demand he call off the "effing" dogs. He also details the structure of the Clinton Crime Family and the contributions from foreign countries and leaders to get positive action out of Hillary when she was Secretary of State. It's an amazing look into the intricacies and actions of the Clintons. A great interview, chock full of facts. 

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Jerry Robinson joined us today. He believes we are at the end of the empire which is not necessarily a bad thing. Less military adventurism, eventually. In addition, Jerry is very skeptical of the current candidates running for president. He believes that Donald Trump can be bought. Finally, Jerry is adamant that individuals must become more economically self-sufficient by investing in themselves and developing multiple income streams. 

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In Greek plays the authors were never sure how to write the ending. They used a technique known as the deus ex machine, now referred to as the Hand of God to magically solve the seemingly unsolvable. John asks if the Fed is not modern man's deus ex machine. But perhaps they're running out of their magical god-like powers. How will they save Kentucky or Illinois's pension plans, or the thousands of other public pension plans that are heading towards insolvency? The answer isn't yet known, but perhaps the deus ex machine is being dusted off now. 

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Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman:

NFP/Fed "rate hike" - trapped like a rat, about to destroy everything in its path

OPEC (my monday article is "forget the Fed, OPEC just sealed the global economy's terrifying fate")

COTs on verge of going long gold for first time in 14 years

And much much more...

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Jason Hartman joined us to review the Orlando Creating Wealth and Property Tour. It was an amazing weekend and many properties were purchased by the investor group in attendance. 

Then we covered the recent inclusion of China's currency in the SDR (special drawing right) the IMF's so-called world currency. What does it mean for your future? Is it all part of the move for doing away with paper currency? Who would be surprised. As Jason says, "It's a totalitarian's dream."

Also go to JasonHartman.com/Lutz to get special pricing on Jason's upcoming Meet The Masters event. It's an event well worth your attendance. 

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As part of my due diligence when checking out the possibility of joining Liberty HealthShare I came across Chone Maddox's blog MyDebtEpiphany.com. In it she described her experience signing up and how the cost was less and the coverage was greater than her other options. Now, she's been a member since February of 2015 and things have worked out well. She needed an unexpected procedure and Liberty was there for her. She plans on getting married shortly and will probably be getting a family plan from Liberty. For myself the savings have been substantial, in the thousands in just a few short months. 

For more info, go to JoinLHS.com.

Direct download: Chonce_Maddox_02.Dec.15.mp3
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Bob Hoye, master economic historian joined us to discuss the appreciating dollar, declining precious metals prices and the addition of the Yuan to the IMF's SDR (special drawing rights). Bob predicted long ago that the world reserve currency, the USD, would hold up well during this credit bust. He's tracked the performance of every reserve currency for hundreds of years to understand how they behave in similar circumstances. The Dollar is behaving exactly the same way. Bob thinks that it might be time for a pull back and that gold stocks and shares could be the beneficiary. Also, he's not making any bets on the Yuan becoming the new reserve currency anytime soon. 

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What's About To Implode Next Wednesdays With Andrew Hoffman:

Not to be  monotonous, but this truly is the worst economy ever - per today's article "Raise Rates?  This is when the Fed typically lowers them!"

-ECB meeting tomorrow
-OPEC meeting Friday
-NFP Friday (and ADP today)
-Fed meeting

Collapsing commodities, currencies, etc.

Geopolitical stress, European secession movements, etc.
And a tribute to the Late Richard Russell, long time publisher of the Dow Theory Newsletter!
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Dr. Mark Thornton was with us today. As a senior fellow at the Mises Institute his works are very well known these days. He condemned New York State's overzealous attorney general for his unwarranted attack on fantasy football. Mark thinks it's hypocritical and asks why should governments being pushing Lotto, which really does victimize the poor. The payout ratios on legal gambling are pathetic. Customers get a much better deal from the neighborhood bookie.

Next we discussed the Skyscraper Index and how it's flashing a danger sign to Saudi Arabia. Their 1 kilometer edifice is perhaps getting too close to the sun. Their economy is plunging and they're quickly running out of money. It's scenario that has been oft repeated, from NYC in the depression, to Malaysia to China and now Saudi Arabia. It seems when man gets too close to the heavens, the Gods have a way of putting him in his place. Is New York City and the Freedom Tower next? 

Direct download: Mark_Thornton_01.Dec.15.mp3
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Jason was back with us today. His message is an important one, flipping is not for everyone. We all read the headlines about the massive profits that flippers are making these days. Jason says don't be deceived, there's a lot of potential pitfalls that you've got to be aware of before taking the plunge. Don't every pay too much for the property, and keep your emotions in check. Watch out for hidden surprises and be realistic. 

Direct download: Jason_Roberts__01.Dec.15.mp3
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It was a great month for the US Dollar and Bitcoin. Flat for most markets and bad for just about everything else. Carnage in the metals, copper slammed yet again. Oil and NatGas got put down as well. For now, everything is coming up US Dollars. How long can it last? Anyone's guess how long the Safe Haven will remain so. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_01.Dec.15.mp3
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Andrew Zaitlin joined us today. A major milestone was reached this year's Black Friday and we're not talking about the number of riots that took place. Rather, online sales were greater than sales at conventional brick and mortar stores. This is a first but no doubt a major trend. How much physical sales will eventually become cyber-sales isn't known at this time, but it could be major. Physical stores now need to find the right balance if they want to survive.  

Direct download: Andrew_Zaitlin_30.Nov.15.mp3
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Alan Phillips runs the website DroneLife.Com. He sees an exploding market that will encompass many industries. It's no longer a personal plaything for the rich, the drone is changing the face of agriculture, mining and many other industries. Delivery drones are just around the corner. Pizza, Amazon orders and much more could be drone delivered to your doorstep. A lot depends upon the FAA instituting sensible rules to keep the skies safe. There are many hurdles that need to be overcome, but eventually drones will reshape the way we live and do business. 

Direct download: Alan_Phillips_30.Nov.15.mp3
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John discussed two alarming trends taking place right now. First, tech is getting cheaper and therefore, there's less and less reason to buy expensive Apple products. Will the Apple Cachet carry them through slowing economies worldwide? Most of their profits come from the iPhone. And then we have a slowing China with more and more defaults taking place. Will this also result in people looking for tech on the cheap? And what will it mean for the Chinese and World Economies?

Direct download: John_Rubino_30.Nov.15.mp3
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Lowell Ponte has released another outstanding book entitled We Have Seen The Future And It Looks Like Baltimore. In it he details the continued destruction of Western Civilization and what's necessary to turn it around. The reality is not please, but we can only hope that enough Americans and people around the world become aware of the situation and demand change. 

Direct download: Lowell_Ponte_25.Nov.15.mp3
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David Jensen, noted metals expert and commentator has doubts about the gold being at the LBMA and the Comex. We've all shared these doubts for many years. Something just doesn't add up when trying to reconcile gold production and gold held in storage. Right now, the evidence is compelling, but not dispositive. It could be just a matter of time before it all unravels and the truth comes out. 

Direct download: David_Jensen_25.Nov.15.mp3
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What Can Possibly Implode Next-Wednesday:

Commodity collapse, currency implosion
               -global economy about to take a MAJOR stair-step down

Geopolitics - ISIS, etc.

Historic dislocation of "markets" (at least, last to go markets like stocks and PMs) and fundamentals

ECB about to take historic NIRP/QE step


Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_25.Nov.15.mp3
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Don Harrold has made money in silver, selling before and at the peak in 2011. He had a recent score on bitcoin. He started buying in January 2015 at $188. Right now it's at $323 but it hit $487 earlier in November. Don has no particular love for the crypto-currency, but correctly perceived that it would go higher. Don also believes that silver is currently a buy, although it could go lower first. But he believes that it will again go way up and better to be early to the party than to miss it altogether. 

Direct download: Don_Harrold_24.Nov.15.mp3
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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier has been around the political block many times. While everything is coming up Trump, beware, John is reminded of another outsider who never made it, Ross Perot. While of course there are substantial differences between the two and we're not just talking about height, John says Perot's crowds were just as enthusiastic. But were they? The times were different and so are the candidates. There's a lot of people who've bet against The Donald before and they've lived to regret it. Will this time be different? 

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 Adam Taggartis a co-founder of PeakProsperity.com along with our frequent guest Chris Martenson; developers of the educational video seminar series, “The Crash Course,” and co-authors of the new book, "PROSPER! How To Prepare For The Future & Create A World Worth Inheriting." We discussed the road ahead and where the world is going. If you're ready for it and prepared, it could be the greatest time of your life. Don't prepare and get ready, not so much. 


- How will the economy in the next 20 years be completely different from the past?

- What ecological destruction could we face?

- Where are areas people should be investing into the long-term future?

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John writes, "Between that Russian plane being taken down by a soda can bomb and the recent Paris attacks, travel is losing some of its appeal. 

Last night, for instance, I was at a party talking to a friend who’s retiring soon. When asked about his plans, he said he’d love to visit Italy, where he has some relatives. But not right now. “There’s a lot to see right here in the Pacific Northwest,” he said. “And you don’t have to fly to get there.”

With less tourism comes less trade, and with less trade comes less growth — as if the already-overleveraged and sputtering global economy needed another push towards the edge. See Container freight rates plummet 70% in 3 weeks. And there's news from a pig farm in China that there's a potential super bug epidemic brewing, for which there is no cure. Listen on and get the scoop. 


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Today we had a great roundtable discussion dealing with more Obamacare Fails. Dale Bellis, Executive Director of LibertyHealthShare and Dr. Elaina George joined us to discuss sound alternatives to conventional health insurance. Right now it's open enrollment for Obamacare and the system is just crumbling. Liberty is a breath of fresh air. We also discussed Dr. George's new book Big Medicine and her efforts to bring back a patient centered health system. It all starts with the Hippocratic oath. 

To find out more go to JoinLHS.com!

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Bill Tatro is concerned about survival, both economic and physical. He's concerned about the prospects of deflation. All the money being printed doesn't get out there, it's on the balance sheet of the banks. Traditionally, the only way to get out of deflationary spirals is through war. Is that where we're heading now? 

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George Matheis is a nationally known self-defense expert who's been on the show many times. We talked about the recent Paris Terror Attacks and what can be learned from them. The key is to plan and have some level of preparation. Also knowing some form of first aid can be crucial to helping yourself survive as well as others. It's not enough to have a gun, you have to know what to do with it. 

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When it comes to today's housing market, increasingly it’s all about the millennial.

“They are not only the future, they are the present for housing, but they are the biggest age group buying homes today.”

Millennial buyers currently account for almost 30 percent of nationwide home sales, with about

60 percent being first-time home shoppers. Does all this information mean the credit crunch on mortgages is behind us? Are loans becoming easier to obtain? Do these buyers have better credential now?

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