Danielle Park was with us discussing the endemic corruption in the financial markets, which knows no end. However, better times are ahead. The system will eventually purge itself, it must if we are to survive and grow. Adversity is actually a good thing. It helps humanity thrive and transform and that's where we are headed now.  

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David Morgan thinks that silver has likely bottomed. While another decline could occur, retail demand continues to be robust. David also speculates on what will become of the US Mint's Silver Eagle sales. David sees great future profits in the miners as supply problems will no doubt crop up, leading to a resurgence of this beaten down sector. 

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Can a once leading candidate rebrand herself and take back the lead? We will know the answer shortly as Hillary Clinton attempts to be a lighter, funnier and more warm individual. At this point in time, everyone knows who she is and what she's all about. Can she really be trained to be a warm and fuzzy individual? Loren Michaels appears to have let her campaign staff write the script and the mainstream media is a vital assistant in the effort. But the time for rebranding has probably expired. 

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Noted real estate expert from Tampa, Jamie Meloni and I discuss the new movie 99 Homes, coming out this Friday. Of course the banks, as always, are the bad guys in this movie about a foreclosure victim who realizes that if you can't beat them then the best way is to join them. Things get crazy from there and many distortions and exaggerations take place. But it's probably worth the watch. 

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Everything is falling apart. John writes, "After the markets failed to embrace its most recent interest rate dither, the Fed dispatched pretty much its entire PR team to make sure we understood that rates would rise Next Month For Sure. 

Then everything kind of fell apart. Emerging market capital flight accelerated…"

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We spoke with Frank Vernuccio about the growing threats that the country faces. He sees the threats from Russia, China and Iran growing and little being done about it. Is it time to increase the defense budget and start taking things more seriously? Frank thinks it is. 

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Stock markets got slammed, especially the Toronto Venture, which is close to all time lows. Precious metals were down, especially platinum-due to the growing VW Scandal. Energy continues to decline back to earlier year lows. What's an investor to do? Mickey says buy gold and platinum as an insurance policy and keep some greenbacks close by as well. 

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