The Keynsians are at their wits ends. The world economy has fallen and it can't get back up. Never mind the fact that it's broken because of the Keynsians and Progressives in the first place. So take their advice with a grain. War on cash, negative interest rates, refusal to redeem cash, these are just a few of their off the wall ideas to get the economy going. Of course they'll all meet with the same fate as their other ideas. 

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This is the week when the Fed is supposed to raise rates. While unemployment may appear to be lower, in reality work force participation is at levels that haven't been seen since the 1970's. Consumer spending is depressed. Are we about to make the same mistakes that were made during the 1930's? Bill thinks yes and that's why he thinks interest rates aren't going higher. 

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Danielle Park was back with us. Amazing news about the state of modern corporate finance. The IRS has been allowing tax-free stock buybacks in contravention of the US tax code, since 1976. This will eventually lead to massive economic damage, when the economy and the stock market turn down. We also talked about the "new" Justice Department policy of holding invididual corporate wrong doers responsible for the criminal acts of their businesses. What a novel concept that only goes back hundreds of years. 

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Abe is re-elected. The triumph of hope of disasterous experience. It reminds one of Einstein's old saying about the definition of the word insanity. If massive QE and stock market intervention doesn't work, keep on keepin' on. Well re-elect the bum of course. They've tried every Keynsian trick in the book and nothing seems to work. Is there a limit to the debt? How about a tax holiday for everyone in the world and we just print the difference? 

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Victora Shtainer is a top flight New York City Real Estate Specialist. She see the floodgates of Chinese flight capital opening up shortly. While the Chinese currency continues to de-value, Chinese individuals are also being actively encouraged to buy abroad by their government. While many thought this volatility would cease foreign buying, the exact opposite is happening whereby the rich are accelerating their need for investment outside of China. Until now, Chinese individuals have been allowed to convert $50,000 into other currencies annually though there are ways to skirt the regulation. That is about to change, with the Chinese government readying the launch of the Qualified Domestic Individual Investor Program, an overseas-investment scheme that would allow Chinese citizens to invest overseas directly. Those with at least $160,000 in financial assets qualify. The program is likely to launch this year and will bolster overseas real-estate purchases. Its possible we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of Chinese buyers in New York City.


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Dale Bellis is truly a healthcare visionary. While others saw disaster after the passage of Obamacare, Dale saw opportunity. He reorganized his group's health cost sharing organization and Liberty HealthShare was born. Now there are over 25,000 people enrolled and it's growing rapidly. I am personally saving $950 per month in premiums alone, and that's before copayments and coinsurance. Dale is on a mission to change the way everyone thinks about their health and about how it gets paid for. Join him now. 

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My recent trip to Argentina ended up with my passport being stolen and having to deal with the tourist police and the American Embassy. While it wasn't a fun episode, it made glad to return home to the good old US of A. The food was great and we had a great trip in spite of the negative event. 

We also discuss the advent of Liberty HealthShare and medical cost sharing, which is starting to sweep the country. And much more. 

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Charles Nenner is one of the world's pre-eminent cylcle forecasters. We've been following him for years. Recently he called selling oil at $97 the barrel and we all know what happened next. He's seeing a market bottom within two weeks. Then the market will be in a trading range until 2017 and then it's Dow 5000. Forget about the world's banks and insurance. Your best bet is owning small apartments and homes. Precious metals have another down year ahead, but then will pick up. And those emerging markets, they've got a long while before they really emerge. Many more interesting insights from this market master. 

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This Can't Be Happening Thursdays With Andrew Hoffman:

Collapsing silver and gold inventories

-coming end of COMEX


Exploding, near record silver demand

-coming 2008 shortage


FOMC meeting next week, and coming end of belief in Central banks


Commodity/currency crash ramifications



-Brazil downgraded to junk

-China all-in on riggging, as economy collapses

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Jason Hartman believes that when push comes to shove and stock markets around the globe start retreating, investors will go to the world's proven asset class, residential real estate. Everyone needs a roof over their heads and that means that residential real estate isn't a luxury, but rather a necessity. The risks are low if you know what you're doing, so eventually large numbers of investors will wind up here yet again. 

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Susan Antilla of exposed lax online security at Vanguard, the world's largest mutual fund company. It seems that they're not phased by the recent wave of hacks and data breaches that have beset many of the world's largest companies and banks. Like many large companies, hard security is just too much trouble, until the inevitable hack happens, in which case it will be too late. 

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