First time guest Jordan Goodman came on the show today. Fellow New Yorker and Westchesterite, he's seeing the rest of Obamacare coming on line shortly. It's going to have an extremely negative impact on small businesses and the Republican Congress won't be able to repeal or mitigate it soon enough. Other negative impacts of the current administration are going to rear their ugly head shortly, so you need to be prepared. Jordan discovered an easy safe way to make above market returns on short term mortgages that Dodd-Frank has outlawed. No doubt more regulatory mayhem is on the way. 

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Tom Cloud has been selling gold and diamonds for 38 years. He knows what drives markets and he's been keenly watching the upcoming Swiss Gold referenda. Did you know that Paypal cut off all contributions to the cause earlier this month? Why would they do such a thing? Were they under pressure by the central banks? If the intiative passes, gold is going up, if it doesn't, gold will take it big hit--in the short run. Let's see if the powers that be can stop it. 

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Dr. Elaina George joined us today for an update on the toll that Obamacare has exacted. That toll continues to increase and the quality of care that Americans receive from the healthcare system continues to suffer. Procedures that used to be administered by doctors are now done by nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Look for this trend to accelerate. And now we find out that Americans were lied to and played for fools by the chief architect of the plan, because if they knew the truth, they would have rejected Obamacare long ago. Better late than never. 

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Craig a/k/a Turd joined us today for an in depth discussion of the insane precious metals markets. If you don't believe they're manipulated, just look at today's Financial Times and the article on UBS's reprimand by the Swiss financial regulator for frontrunning precious metals contracts. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. As Craig explains it, there's nothing but manipulation taking place, and then you have a day like Friday, when the open interest on the Comex goes crazy and the price of gold goes up $37.50, for no appartent reason. Craig also linked gold's woes to the Japanese Yen, showing that the recent decline in the Japanese currency went hand in hand with the decline in the price of the yellow metal. We'll see what will happen next and make sure you tune in to our webinar on November 25, 2014 at 9pm est with Craig. He'll be going much more in depth and you'll definitely want to catch it. 

Direct download: Craig_Hemke_12.Nov.14.mp3
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Frank Vernuccio, Jr., joined us and we talked about the federal government's attempt to control the internet both by the FCC's Net Neutrality rules and their Twitter contract with Indiana University, which led to numerous conservative accounts being cancelled. We also discussed the New York elections and Governor Cuomo's secret deal with the Senate Republicans that led to Comrade DeBlasio's defeat and helped defeat the Republican Candidate for Governor. Much palace intrigue in the Empire State.  

Direct download: Frank_Vernuccio_11-11-14.mp3
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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier reviews the extent of the Republican Congressional sweep and what they intend to do next, now that they've won control of the Congress. John believes that without a vision, they have very little chance of keeping control and the public will quickly become disillusioned. That remains to be seen. 

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In the more than two-hundred-year history of the American presidency, there has been one element present in each and every administration: alcohol.

In the beginning, there was George Washington, who sold whiskey distilled at Mount Vernon and preferred to quaff a well-crafted port. More than two hundred years later, Barack Obama beckoned some master brewers to advise his White House staff on how to make mouth-watering batches of White House Honey Ale with a key ingredient from Michelle Obama’s beehives.

And then there was the matter of the forty-two other gentlemen in between…

Journalist Mark Will-Weber strolls through our country’s memorable moments—from the Founding Fathers to the days of Prohibition, from impeachment hearings to diplomatic negotiations—and the role that a good stiff drink played in them in his new book, Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking.

Direct download: Mark_Will_Weber_11.Nov.14.mp3
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Gold and silver have taken a beating in the past few months. Friday for no explicable reason gold went up $37 and change. And then yesterday it gets hit and is down almost as much as it went up on Friday. We're so happy that it's a free market and that no manipulation is taking place. The concept of a publicly traded market has become a joke. That's why you shouldn't worry about the day to day price and you need to treat precious metals as an insurance policy. That way you'll never go wrong. 

Direct download: TRL_370.mp3
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John comments that the world’s central banks and derivatives traders have been having their usual fun with gold and silver lately, dumping huge volumes of futures contracts into thin markets to produce massive declines — just when precious metals SHOULD have been soaring in response to near-global debt monetization. 

But something interesting happened as this latest smack-down really got going. Physical buyers — who goldbugs have for years been expecting to ride to the rescue, finally did. Chinese and Indian gold imports, which had trailed off earlier in the year, soared in response to the recent price declines. There’s some debate about exactly how much these guys are buying, but it certainly looks like they’re talking all that’s being produced by the world’s mines, and then some. 


Direct download: John__Rubino_10.Nov.14.mp3
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Manipulaton Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

1. Catalonia

                -81% vote Yes to secession (Article not yet out, but on this topic today)


2. Swiss Referendum

                -Euro/CHF at two-year low, as speculation of peg being broken increases

                -Catalonia will only empower the Swiss further


3.  NFP report

                -horrible, as I expected - economic data, political reasons following Repub victory

                -accounting for unemployment rate didn't even make sense

                - 137,000 B/D jobs, same ugly internals

                - more in line with the "trifecta" of negative durable goods, factory orders, and construction spending in September

                                -let alone, 3Q GDP - lowest consumption spending since 2009, but surge in government defense spending to bomb isis, as more boots on the ground added


4.  The three death trends (per my article of same title) accelerating, with today a perfect example

                -plunging oil prices (ARTICLE: "Collapsing oil prices portend unspeakable horrors"), massive currency volatility (ARTICLE: "single most PM-bullish factor imaginable"), and currency wars, like what the BOJ and ECB are doing (ARTICLE "final currency war")

                                -not to mention, the major negative impact on U.S. corporate earnings from the "strong dollar" 

                                                -historically bad 3Q earnings, as more than half of all S&P 500 companies reduced earnings guidance

                                                -and would have been worse, if not for the massive, debt-leveraged buybacks catalyzed by a combination of ZIRP, the PPT, conflicted management option plans, and lack of investment opportunities


5.  Record physical demand!

                -Mint runs out of Silver Eagles.  October third biggest silver eagle month ever, and largest non-January month.  In November, sold half of October's volume in 2 1/2 days, before suspending sales.  Premiums, delivery times rising                 across the board for silver

                -China gold imports in October above the level of global production

                -massive drawdowns of GLD, COMEX, and Shanghai exchanges

                -historic backwardation of gold/silver

                -record ratio of COMEX silver Open Interest/Price

                -commercial shorts nearly low levels of June 2013 and Dec 2013 bottoms

                -all indications that global physical demand, for gold and silver, will be at or near 2013's record levels in 2014; and likely, higher for silver, as U.S. and Canadian Mints running ahead of 2013 levels


6.  Big PM surge Friday

                -gold nearly to $1,183 two year support level

                -and thus, today's typical "all great PM days must be followed by horrible ones"

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_10.Nov.14.mp3
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Dave Bego, well known union opponent, sees tough times ahead for unions after the Republican sweep of Congress and Statehouses. In fact, Dave is looking for more states to pass right to work legislation that will allow employees to opt out of forced unionization altogether. There are now 28 states with some type of right to work legislation and more are on the way. Add to that the re-election of Scott Walker in formerly Progressive Wisconsin and you're looking at a potential anti-union wave. 

Direct download: Dave_Bego__07.Nov.14.mp3
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Rick Ackerman understands markets. He's been trading options for decades. We asked him how one should go about protecting a portfolio from a sudden market decline. His answer was to invest in Treasury Strips. That way if the market takes a hit, money will presumably go rushing into treasuries, thereby lifting their prices and helping you make back much of your portfolio losses. At this point in the bull market, you need to be thinking about preserving your gains and your capital. 

Direct download: Rick_Ackerman_07.Nov.14.mp3
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Tekoa Da Silva of Sprott Global joined us today. While the miners and most resource companies have taken a major hit recently, this could be a great time to buy. Tekoa says that 50-60 companies are trading at or below their cash or liquidation value. In today's market, it's unusual to find any stocks trading this cheaply. Unless you believe that the mining industry will cease to exist, this could be the buy of a lifetime. One caveat however, you need to avoid stocks that will be bought out by competitors attracted by said discount, and there will probably be many. 

Direct download: Tekoa_DaVille_07.Nov.14.mp3
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Erstwhile writer and commentator Lowell Ponte joined the show today to discuss the Republican Victory and what if any effect it will have in making your bank account any safer. Lowell believes it will have no effect, as he thinks the President will continue his agenda for reshaping the electorate and trying to make the nation into a socialist paradise. Keep your eye on the ball and get Lowell's free book, it's a must read. 

Direct download: Lowell_Ponte_06.Nov.14.mp3
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Mickey Fulp joined us for the October major monthly market review. Virtually every market, besides Wall Street, was resoundingly down. Precious metals were slaughtered, both WTI and Brent Crude-hammered, Uranium up a bit. Bitcoin keeps going down. The key is that the US Dollar, for whatever reason keeps going up, which led the yield on the 10 year to go down to 2.35. The Euro has been slammed and it's long term viability is again in question. The volatility trend from September continued on through October and if the first few days of November are any indication, it's got a lot longer to go. 

Direct download: mickey_fulp_06.Nov.14_.mp3
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New guest on the show John R. Lott, famed author of More Guns Less Crime, joined us today. We discussed America's plunging violent crime rate. Most people are unaware that violent crime started dropping precipitously in 1991. Not coincidentally, gun ownership has increased dramatically since that time. It will be interesting to see if the Illinois crime rate decreases now that concealed carry permits are allowed. John says it's unfortunate that the costs of acquiring one are so high that it will prevent many poor people from going through the process. We also talked about the economic fall-out from the cost of the regulatory burdens imposed by government covered in his book Freedomnomics and what it means to the economy. John is at the forefront of free market thinking in America today. 

Direct download: John_R_Lott_Jr_06.Nov.14.mp3
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Ivan Eland continues his series on the worst presidents in American history. His analysis is based upon whether the president adhered to constitutional values and kept the country out of wars. Based on this criteria, the all time worst president is Woodrow Wilson. Wilson got the US into WWI which led to WWII and our current problems in the Mideast. He also helped create the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve and the income tax. It's hard to think of a president who caused more damage and harm to the republic than Wilson, but there are others who inflicted much harm and much pain. 

Direct download: Ivan_Eland_05.Nov.14.mp3
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Jason Burack was on today discussing the widely used and abused central bank practice of currency swaps. Seems that they have the potential to make QE obsolete or at least unnecessary when properly used. We also covered gold, silver and oil markets. The upheaval may have devastating consequences around the globe.

Direct download: Jason_Burack_05.Nov.14mp3.mp3
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Chris Martenson is Co-founder of and developer of the educational video seminar series, “The Crash Course,” and author of the bestselling book "THE CRASH COURSE: The Unsustainable Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And Environment." We talked about how is the Fed destroying consumer savings and how central banks will be to blame for the coming bond collapse. We also covered the economic and political situation in the US and how keeping gold and silver prices in check is vital to financial repression. Chris is one of the leaders of the internet alternative financial movement.


Direct download: Chris_Martenson_05.Nov.14.mp3
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We talked with Wayne Allyn Root just before the election. He knew that the Democrats were headed for a massacre. He was hopeful that the Republicans would grow a set and confront Obama directly. It's Wayne's desire that Obama would be impeached, convicted and removed from office. Wayne believes that this administration is the most corrupt and criminal on record. We talked about Obama's enemy list and the bugging of reporter Sharryl Atkinson's home and office computers while she worked at CBS. Seems the government is getting more dastardly by the day. 

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Jason Hartman joined us today and discussed his novel theory that buying a house is really a way to invest in commodities. After all, a house is an accumulation of lumber, copper, glass, aluminum and a number of other items that will invariably go up in price with inflation. Best of all, you get to use leverage to fix your costs and pay back debt is depreciated dollars. Jason's still running his contest for several seats at his Meet the Masters Event. Click here to enter now!

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Danielle Park stopped by for our bi-weekly chat. She  believes that the long awaited Black Swan arrived in the form of plunging energy and commodity prices. Rather than hyper-inflation, we're seeing deflationary commodity prices. While this trend will be awful for the US Government, banks and employers, it's not entirely bleak. Consumers will see their purchasing power increase, if they still have jobs that is. Emerging economies such as China are in for rough times and the illusion of prosperity that has been so convincing for so long will be shattered. 

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According to Bo Polny of, gold and silver are about to break out of their three year bear markets, big time! Bo is a cycle analyst; he believes that the stock market cycle has run out and the precious metals cycle is about to start up again. And he says it will take everyone by surprise, well almost everyone that is. It's worth taking a look at his newsletter. 

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Megan Megale a PR professional is dedicated to helping small businesses take their companies to the next level. That's how she conceived of Operation Minnow, which will help a few lucky businesses develop customized social media strategies that will grow them to the next level, all at a substantial discount. If you think your company can qualify to join, then write Megan at the Minnow Project and learn how to get evaluated for this unique opportunity.  

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John writed, with US QE about to end, the rest of the world faced the prospect of another “taper tantrum” financial crisis, one that this time around could suck the major economies into a deflationary vortex. So it should come as no surprise that the end of QE was countered with a series of offsetting treats for the global financial markets:

• The US Fed promised to keep interest rates low for a really long time.

• The European Central Bank announced that in November it would start buying asset backed bonds, in effect beginning an open-ended, potentially huge debt monetization program of its own.

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