When it comes to taxes and the IRS, there's nobody out there like Sandy Botkin. Attorney, author and CPA, Sandy knows how to save you on taxes, big time. In fact he's made a career of it. So listen to the interview, there's at least three important tax saving tips and a number of ways to avoid an audit. 

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Jeff Berwick thought he had fournd paradise. He was going to co-develop Galt's Gulch Chile. Instead he's lost hundreds of thousands and damaged his reputation. He says he was duped along with numerous other investors. There's a lesson in it for Jeff and for you too. Beware of the sociopath, they're lying in wait for you and for me!

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How does an ordinary guy like Craig Bergman go on to make a movie that's going to be released in 700 theaters across the nation on October 14? It's an interesting story. Unfair the Movie details the corruption and perversion that's taken place at the nation's tax collector, the IRS. It's about abuse of power and abuse of citizens. But Bergman's work doesn't stop there. After the movie airs, there's going to be a panel discussion that deals with solutions, abolishing the dreading agency and instituting a national sales tax in its place. We love solutions at FSN

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Frank Vernuccio is editor-in-chief of New York Analysis of Policy & Government121. He believes that the Obama administration is clueless when it comes to the proper functioning of government and its use of power, both within the US and outside. When it comes to the IRS, the Justice Department, Bengazi and a host of other situations and scandals, Vernuccio says the administration acts not from legal and constitutional prinicipals, but rather from its own set of prinicipals, which don't appear to be written down anywhere and are completely unpredictable and unknowable. 


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Michelle Seiler-Tucker is sick of society's prevalent attitude that somehow two wrong's make a right. In Ferguson, MO, the rioters somehow mistakenly believed that if Michael Brown was wrongfully killed (which of course is still an open question) they could take matters into their own hands and riot and loot innocent businesses in their quest for justice. Michelle feels that it's time for people to start taking responsiblity for their actions and allow the system to work.

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David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research joined us for a look at the leading markets. Obviously the precious metals have taken a hit recently. However, David sees a tradable low coming in a few short weeks. Crude oil also is trending lower but will be going up as well. Look for the Aussie Dollar to resume its climb too. We touched on a number of other markets as well. Apple seems poised to continue hitting new all time highs, which David/Charles called over a year ago. Always interesting and make sure you pay attention to the war and weather cycles.They're affecting us all the time. 

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Danielle Barbieri is an entrepeneur who has created a unique site for couponers. It's well organized and helps you find coupons for commonly purchased items. She's rapidly expanding the site and in the New Economy, it's just what you make-it's what you keep. Danielle saves thousands every year and wants you to do the same. The site is picr.com. Check it out. 

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Kip Marlow, like your host, is a serial entrepreneur. He also helps others, especially young people, to follow their dreams and their passions and start new businesses. It's not always easy, but it certainly beats the rat race. Kip's got a radio show and he is very dedicated to his mission. Sounds like a great formula for success. 

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If it all hits the fan, there's a list of must have medical items that Dr. James Hubbard, TheSurvivalDoctor.com, has put together. It probably wouldn't cost more than $150 to assemble and yet it could save many lives. From natural disasters to man made disasters, the items he lists have many uses and could make all the difference in those early hours when the system is unable to respond. Duct could be a life saver. Find out why and get the list today!

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John writes in the Money Bubble, "In a very real sense, it is fractional reserve banking and not money itself that is the root of so many of today’s evils. Whenever fractional reserves are permitted, the banking system – including the one that exists today throughout the world – comes to resemble a classic Ponzi scheme which can only function as long as most people don’t try to get at their money."

A Better System
"Now, is this critique of the current monetary system just impotent ideological whining over something that, like the weather, can’t be changed? Or could fractional reserve banking and the resulting need for economic central planning actually be replaced by something better? Specifically, how could a banking system without fractional reserve lending accommodate depositors’ demand that their money be there when they want it andborrowers’ desire for 30-year mortgages which would tie up those deposits for decades? And could this market operate without the need for government oversight and management?"

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Manipulation Monday(Tuesday) with Andrew Hoffman

  • Operation Annihilation PM Part II;
  • ECB on Thursday Trillion Dollar QE;
  • Collapsing manufacturing data around the world;
  • Spain issuing new debt at low rates;
  • Currencies falling around the world thanks to Draghi;
  • Yen broke 105 yen to the buck;
  • Abenomics will be doubled up when it ends in April;Diffusion indexes keep going up right before the election;
  • Labor Day attack;
  • Ukraine is getting close to a real war with Russia;
  • ISIS our next 911. 
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That old Dow Jones keeps on rolling along. Uranium finally starts making its move. Palladium keeps going up. Gold is flat, silver is down, the Dollar is king. Oil takes a hit, but Henry recovers. This and more as the Mercenary Geologist prepares to go on a major road trip. We put the market into perspective. Oh and let's not forget, the 10 year rate is way down and so is Bitcoin. 

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