In Gerald Celente's latest Trends Journal he compares today's food with that of yester year. As might be expected, the quality is way down. Same with our dress and the way we speak and conduct ourselves. Gerald says if you want to change the country, change yourself. We all need to take responsibility for the way things are today. His new movement OccupyPeace.Us is the beginning. Think and act locally! 

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We just got back from an incredible event in Dallas, TX--Podcast Movement. There were over 600 Podcasters in attendance, producing programs on virtually any subject you can imagine, from pet care-to finance-to personal health. We're committed to expanding and distributing the newsletter up and running on a regular basis by the end of the month. We invite any loyal FSN member to get involved with this project. If you've got the time, there's a great opportunity here. Just write us at and let's see if we can work together here. We're also looking to help coach rising entrepreneurs. It's your way to success in the New Economy!

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • 10 Year yield plunging;
  • Horrible retail sales;
  • Decision time major Central Banks need to decide;
  • Europe need to do QE fast;
  • China housing prices are plunging;
  • Power consumption is plunging across China;
  • UK housing prices are dropping at record rates;
  • Canada employment report revised upward;
  • New silver fix—Friday first day;
  • Fed's Jackson Hole Meeting this Friday.
Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_18.Aug.14.mp3
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Hard to believe that August 15, 2014 marks the 43rd anniversary of Nixon's fateful decision to close the gold window. How much different would life be today had he instead chosen to devalue the dollar? Now the world finds itself on the brink of a new currency crisis. With wars breaking out around the globe, one must wonder--when will man learn from history? 

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James Hirsen was on discussing the suicide of Robin Williams. What is it about Hollywood and modern American celebrity life that causes so many of them to die before their time? James believes that it's a certain attitude towards life, living just for today's pleasure and never really understanding what the important things in life really are. This inevitably leads to drug abuse, alcoholism and other forms of self-medication and eventually tragedy. 

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Craig Hempke a/k/a Turd Ferguson joined us today for a look at precious metals trends. His last call was right on the money and this one will probably be too. As expected, gold hit 1345 and pulled back to 1278. Could 1392 be next? Today is the Silver Fix's last day in existence, after 117 years. It will be interesting to see if it all really matters. And the situation in the Ukraine and Iraq look ever more grim. 

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They used to call Gary Dorsch Sir Charts A Lot. He liked it so much that he started a website and business by that name. With over 30 years of market experience, Gary believes that the key to inflation is commodity prices, especially in light of how corrupted government statistics have become over the past couple of decades. Right now the signs are uncertain, but soon they should clear up and give a better picture. 

Direct download: Gary_Dorsch_13.Aug.14.mp3
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We spoke with Bill Holter today. There's a lot going on in the world today and much of it is bad for the dollar and the US. While the Iraq situation goes from bad to worse, the Ukraine situation slips from public attention, but gets all the more serious. More bilateral deals are taking place and the de-dollarization is picking up steam. Where will it all end? Thinking of buying Platinum of Palladium? Bill thinks it might not be a bad idea. 

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Ron and discuss his new book The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents. He presents far bigger and more consequential stories that are making headlines about our nation’s leaders and the agency sworn to protect them. Kessler widens his scope to include presidential candidates and former presidents after they leave the White House. In particular, he focuses on first ladies and their children and their relationships with the presidents. 

 From observing Vice President Joe Biden’s reckless behavior that jeopardizes the country’s safety, to escorting Bill Clinton’s blond mistress at Chappaqua, to overhearing First Lady Michelle Obama’s admonitions to the president, to witnessing President Nixon’s friends bring him a nude stripper, to seeing their own agency take risks that could result in an assassination, Secret Service agents know a secret world that Ronald Kessler exposes in breathtaking detail.

Direct download: Ron_Kessler_13.Aug.14.mp3
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As Danielle said, "The world is a messy place during the best of times." And these certainly aren't the best of times. So you need to minimize your risk, even if that means accepting a lower yield. Witness the slaughter that just took place in the high yield (junk) bond market. Return of investment is now far more important than return on investment, that's just the way it works after a credit bust. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_12.Aug.14.mp3
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Chareles writes, What can you say about a "healthcare" system in which 99% of all physicians will face a malpractice claim in their careers?  According to Malpractice Risk According to Physician Specialty (The New England Journal of Medicine), "It was estimated that by the age of 65 years, 75% of physicians in low-risk specialties had faced a malpractice claim, as compared with 99% of physicians in high-risk specialties." There has to be a better way. 


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Rob Kirby of joined the show for the first time today. As a seasoned finance professional Rob honed in on the exact causes 2008-9 financial collapse, which in fact started in 2007. It's seven years later and the damage has been extensive. Virtually every market in the world has been corrupted. Even those that haven't, have been extremely distorted by the flood of zero interest money. But, precious metals are the achilles heel of the system. One day in the not too distant future, the chickens will all come home to roost. 

Direct download: Rob_Kirby_12.Aug.14.mp3
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There's a new consumer credit bubble taking place. Some of it is obvious and some it is not so obvious. But it's happening nonetheless. But get ready because lessening FICO standards is only the beginning. You're going to see it with mortgages and credit cards and some many other types of credit. In a world where the banks are mere appendages of the government, when Uncle Sam wants credit expansion, he just has to say the word and it gets done, no matter how uncredit worthy the borrowers maybe. And who could be less creditworthy than Uncle Sam himself? He's hundreds of trillions in hoc and taking on more every second. 

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Postal service $47 billion in losses and counting;
  • Gold manipulation 59 Sundays in a row;
  • New hail Mary Treasuries;
  • $20 Silver;
  • Ukraine;
  • Iraq;
  • US Economy—Misery pictorial;
  • Largest pink elephant ever;
  • Biggest financial bubble in history;
  • Europe and Japan on verge of overt QE;
  • China stealth QE—Pledge Supplement Lending Program.
Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_11.Aug.14.mp3
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John Rubino joined us to discuss how the Keynesian geniuses over at Treasury are now resorting to FICO inflation to help lift the economy. For some reason, they believe that if they artificially inflate consumers' credit scores, this will lead to an increase in economic activity. More consumers will be able to get credit cards, buy autos and homes. While this may be true for a short time period, it will also help bring on another credit bust, eventually leading to a bust. How stupid can they be? 

We also discussed the new American bombing attacks in Iraq and what it means for the country and you. There's much here to digest. 


Direct download: John_Rubino_11.Aug.14.mp3
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Jerry Robinson, well known economist and author, joined us today. The US has started bombing ISIS in Iraq and Jerry thinks it's going to turn out badly. Make no mistrak these are some very barbaric evil people, even worse than Saddam Hussein. Wait, didn't the US remove Saddam. Anyway, Jerry's proprietary trading system just spit out another buy signal on Gold. This on the heals of his last one that saw gold go from 1265 to nearly 1345. We say, go for the Gold!

Direct download: Jerry_Robinson_08.Aug.14.mp3
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It seems no matter how the manipulators try they just can't keep gold under $1300 an ounce. Or maybe they aren't trying very hard. They've got silver just under $20, but how long can they keep it there? And Jerry Robinson's put out a buy on Gold. So What's Next? And now they're banning bake sales and soon cupcakes and brownies from schools across America. When will the indignities cease? Oh the humanity! All in the name of healthy meals for our undeserving children. And there's lots more. So listen on. 

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Dave Kranzler and I examine the weeks greatest frauds brought to you by the greatest Fraud Factory ever known to man, the US Government. First there's the housing boom, which is quickly turning into a major bust. But don't worry, there's a story circulating that the FHFA is planning a new mortage program called the Mirror Mortgage. If you can fog a mirror, the house is yours. Next, car sales, that wonderful economic indicator that shows an oh so healthy economy, that will eventually cost banks, meaning the taxpayer, hundreds of billions. Stay tunded for more. There's so much fraud going on today that it's getting harder to find the real economy. 

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Barry Stuppler, long time veteran of the rare coin and precious metals industry spoke to us live from the Rosemont Coin Show near Chicago. The mint just introduced the Kennedy gold coin. It's 3/4 of an ounce. It's selling at quite a premium, $1240. But the real news is that people are lined up around the block to purchase it. It's selling for several times that amount on eBay. Barry says the mania will soon die out and all that will remain is the memory of having overpaid. 

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Woody O'Brien, gentleman farmer and financial newsletter writer has a unique proposal to restore America. He says that when someone is raising 2 pigs, and you live nearby, you probably won't smell them. However, if they're raising 2,000 pigs, you probably won't stop smelling them. The financial sector is exactly the same. Therefore, the answer is simple, allow no more than 25 employees in any financial concern. This will wipe out the corruption and help restore the political system. 

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Wayne Allyn Root joined us today. His new book The Murder of the Middle Class is number 5 on Amazon. Surveying the wreckage of the country and the world is not for the faint of heart. Chaos appears to be the new normal. Hopefully this phase will pass and we can all get back to rebuilding the country and concentrating on what made the country great in the first place. 

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Mickey Fulp was on doing his monthly major market review. Volatility was the byword for July. While most of the major stock markets made new highs for the month, they backed off by month's end. Natural gas took a major hit. The Dollar was up, so the Euro was down. Oil too started sinking, as did Gold and Silver. Uranium looks like it might have ended its disastorous period. Interestlingly enough, Bitcoin was the model of stability. 

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Darryl Schoon saw the the real estate bust coming in 2007 and even wrote a well regarded paper about it. Now he sees the same thing coming for the US Government Bond Market, with results that could be catastrophic. He says that buying precious metals is like buying a single premium life insurance on the world economic system. You'll almost certainly be able to cash in on it. The world has become an out-patient drop in center that has run out of meds. Better not wait too long. 

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Rick Ackerman believes that the stock market is topping out now. Where will all that money go? Into the bond market of course. That will cause already low rates to tumble even further. But there's no other place for it to go. We're headed for more deflation and nothing can stop it now. 

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Following the logic, if a drug dealer is just an unlicensed pharmacist, than an illegal alien is simply an undocumented worker. No one is responsible for anything that they do anymore and the buck stops nowhere. And why should it, since the government never takes any responsibility for anything either. Whether it's Obamacare blowing up, or a flood of illegal aliens crossing the border, it's nobody's fault. 

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