Jason Burack is a very savvy economic analyst who’s got his hand on the market’s pulse. He’s been following the markets for years, and he knows when a breakout is ready to occur. Jason has dedicated his life to helping you avoid getting taken by the Street. He created his company, Wall Street For Main Street, to empower the individuals and families of Main Street. He won’t hand your money over to Wall Streeters and other money managers; Burack is dedicated to teaching you how Wall Street manages money through research, risk management, and fundamental as well as technical analysis.  Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to level the playing field while taking your own best advice.

This is going to be a rocky time for all investors. However, if you’ve got the right strategy and truly understand exactly what’s going on and what that means for your investment returns, you will not only survive, but you’ll thrive in the New Economy.

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Yesterday was a watershed event. The Fed capitulated and acknowledged that the economy will require zero percent interest rates into the indefinite future. Just six months ago they were saying the policy would only continue through to the end of 2012. What happened to change their view of the economy? Perhaps, for once, they decided that honesty is the policy. But that would be too much to hope for. No, they are hell-bent on making things look as good as they possibly can for the upcoming election. And they had to acknowledge that the obvious that the economy is weak and looking even weaker. QE3-Quantitative Easing 3-is just around the corner and the world knows it.

If you've been listening to the show for past several weeks, I did something that I never do, I called a breakout in gold and silver. I usually avoid all pretenses at trying to predict any market. That's because there are so many people who do a better job than I could ever hope to. However, the storm clouds were gathering and it became so obvious, that I went out on a limband made the call. Now, gold is around 1725 and silver's over 33 and they both appear to be headed much much higher. And if this is the beginning of a new breakout, silver may well restart its 11 year bull market rise and we could see its gain far eclipse that of gold.

So keep listening and if I steel up my courage, I may make another call, which you can accept or reject-at your liking.

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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"Ranting" Andy Hoffman and I sat down again; fortunately, we did it a few days later than usual. We got to discuss the opening parabolic warm-up shot that gold and silver took today. If you've been listening to Andy and the Financial Survival Network, this should have been just another day at the office. We knew it was coming, it was always a matter of when not if. And today, we got our answer. Because the metals have been artificially depressed, there is still time for some real profits, meaning profits over and above the actual inflation rate. The key is to buy before the big move takes place. The energy and strength of today's upside move means the wait could well be over.

At the risk of being premature, FSN has been seeing unmistakable signs of an early spring awakening for gold and silver. And the stocks could be well-positioned, but my as well as Andy's primary focus is on the actual physical metals. Because no one knows what is going to happen to the economy, both locally and internationally, it is urgent that you have a core holding of physical metals. How much? That is a decision for each individual to make based upon their own circumstances. Some people say 10 percent of total assets is adequate. Others say the number is much higher. But in any event, there is no right or wrong answer. It's dependent upon your needs and wants. 

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Bob, "The International Forecaster" and I sat down for a brief chat about the economy, gold, silver and the mining shares.  Bob explains that frugal management, especially in the early years, is extremely important.  Management should be involved to make profits from the eventual success of the project, rather than cashing in on high salaries and other compensations; share structure is also quite important. When companies have hundreds of millions of shares outstanding, before producing one ounce, this will greatly lessen the potential future share appreciation.

Focus is also extremely important; concentration on a few or even just one project is very important for a junior minor. This will assure management makes the most of every opportunity. But in the final analysis, the price of gold and silver is going to be the main factor. And here Bob is emphatic it's going no where but up. 2012 could very well be the most important year in the history of modern finance. As we were talking, gold went up over $30 per ounce on news that the Fed would keep its foot on the monetary gas pedal. Subsequently, the outlook for the economy was diminished. It is these kinds of economic fundamentals that have shown Bob to be right far more than he's been wrong.

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Greg McCoach is a frequent guest on the show. As I've stated before, he is one of the most canny mining stock investors around. His MiningSpeculator is invaluable when it comes to the number of stocks it covers and the depth of analysis it provides. Greg is not one to sugar coat poor performance or less than stellar management. As you'll hear now, "he has a bone to pick" with several companies. But there's a number of other companies that he's extremely bullish about.

Greg is brutally honest and never boring. The Financial Survival Network's thesis for 2012 is this year will prove to be a Gold Rush of epic proportions. Unlike others, we're not going to hedge and give you a bunch of platitudes about if this, that, or the other happens then things will be good. Frankly, we see nothing on the horizon to undermine the newly found confidence in precious metals as preserver and insurer of wealth around the world. We believe that when 2012 is looked at in the rearview mirror, many people will be kicking themselves for missing such easy opportunities to protect and increase wealth.

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Ron Hera and I are live on the floor at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. There were over 500 companies exhibiting and Ron says that in 5 years, half of them won't exist. Ron explains that for a mining venture to be successful you need three things, experienced management with a track record, a property with decent ore grade and proximity to good infrastructure. Of course capital is required, but without these three important elements, you won't have to worry about raising money because there won't be any. 

Ron talks about several companies he thinks have good prospects. They are nearing production, have a good quality ore deposit, and should easily make the transition from development to production. Of course we do not ever recommend any stocks mentioned on the show, but we appreciate Ron's observations greatly. 

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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At the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, I caught up with an old friend of the show Kirsty Hogg. Kirsty's a gold bull and well known blogger about precious metals and protecting your wealth against the coming economic tsunami. Together we reviewed hundreds of different mining companies and went to a number of well informed company and market presentations.

While we may not agree on every company's prospects, we both agree that a gold/silver/natural resource boom is underway. Metals prices are poised to take off once again and the share prices of many miners will go along for the ride. The key is finding the right sources of information and doing your own due diligence. Two of our favorites are CaseyResearch.com and Mickey Fulp--MercenaryGeologist.com. Many of the stocks we reviewed are selling at tremendous discounts to the metal they have in the ground. We are firmly convinced this sector is about to take off.

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Greg McCoach believes that the Junior Gold and Silver Mining Stocks are ready to resume their upward path. He believes that gold and silver are poised for major breakouts. During the summer months and on vacations, it is not unusual to see him flying off to remote mines around the world, searching for great opportunities. He is very close with many of the mining company managers and has an excellent track record of picking winners and avoiding losers.

He took unscripted questions from the audience and showed a near encyclopedic knowledge of dozens of obscure miners, who are staking claims around the globe. He gave some great insights and was never guarded when offering his opinion. We will be posting another segment with Greg answering impromptu questions about specific companies curious investors looking for an edge. There's great information there.

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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I'm in Vancouver, BC at the Resource Conference. Nearly 600  mining companies will be telling their stories. Please forgive the less than stellar audio quality, on the road productions are always difficult. This is more of a personal Triple Lutz Report. I wanted you to know about my family and how they weathered the Great Depression. If Doug Casey is correct and this is the Greater Depression, then this story may have value for you.

While both sides of my family suffered during the depression, my mother's side eventually prospered and my father's side became impoverished. This is the tale of two families living just three miles apart and how they were affected by the Crash of 1929 and the resulting economic collapse that lasted for over 15 years. No, World War II did not end the depression, it simply changed the focus from the economy to national survival. Whether you survive and thrive of go off the cliff, to a large measure depends upon what you do. I hope this helps.

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Less than a week ago, we questioned Ron Paul's real impact upon the issues being discussed in the never ending series of debates that have left every American shaking his/her head. If the candidates were celebrities, their PR staff would have warned them against getting over exposed to their market. And as politics is often referred to as, Hollywood for the Ugly, you really have to wonder.

Now, there is clear evidence that Ron Paul has raised the bar. Candidate Newt Gingrich, who has more skeletons in his closet than a Roman Catacomb addressed a group several days ago imploring the return to a gold standard and warning of the ills of currency debasement. Will it matter? Good question  and our take is probably not, but we can always hope. And at least the proper issue about the future of America is finally being discussed. Time will tell.

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Mike "Mish" Shedlock finally made it on to FSN's distinguished guest list. While Mish is often controversial and frequently derided by other members of the prognostication class, he has a unique perspective, which is entitled to some respect. As he explains it, the massive destruction of assets, such as real estate and debt backed securities has actually led to a shrinking of the money in circulation. Even though the Monetary Base M0 has greatly expanded in recent years, none of these newly created dollars have found their way in to the money supply. The reason is simple, banks aren't lending because of the lack of credit worthy borrowers.

As a result, while governments have greatly stepped up borrowing, inflation, as he sees it, has remained subdued. Nonetheless, he believes that the declining confidence in government and the global monetary system is leading to ever increasing gold prices. He's a big gold proponent and believes that it's the place to be. While some may take issue with his take on inflation versus deflation, he appears to arrive at the right place--gold is going up.

He's got a blog at http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/ and is a registered investment advisor representative for Sitka Pacific Capital Management.

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Ayn Rand told me that there'd be days like this. In a chapter straight out of Atlas Shrugged, the mammoth Los Angeles Porn Industry is facing its biggest challenge yet. The City of Los Angeles is set to pass a law requiring all adult actors to wear condoms while producing pornographic movies. The industry is up in arms and is threatening to vacate the LA Valley for more libertarian climes. Putting aside what methods the City will use to enforce such intrusive regulation and who the lucky enforcers will be, one must wonder what the Mayor and his minions are thinking.

While the porn industry has been hit by the recession and the plethora of free internet porn spewing forth from users' computer screens, it is estimated that it stills contributes $8 billion per year to the economy. Will this be yet another industry that finds increased profits and freedom in the once People's Republic of China, or will they relocate to places that respect and honor providers of carnal pursuits, like Las Vegas. You know things are pretty bad when the solvency of a state could be hanging on the viability of the smut peddlers' tax payments.

Not that we are fans of the porn industry. This segment is responsible for much pain and suffering as well as the exploitation of young women. However, LA is not looking to ban the industry, but rather make it "safer." Obviously government regulation is unconcerned with decency or morality, but simply appearing to care about people's safety.

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G. Edward Griffin joined us today. For those not familiar with his work, he wrote the definitive book on the Federal Reserve--The Creature From Jekyll Island, which details the shady dealings that went on to pass the Federal Reserve Act through Congress. Unfortunately too few people are familiar with this tale. Griffin has remained active in the debate and believes that everything that's going on right now is a prelude to The New World Order and universal totalitarianism.

When faced with the decision to Get out of Dodge or to fight to restore the greatness of America, Griffin believes that there is nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide. He likens our contemporary struggle to that of the early founders of America. They didn't run off to Canada or Mexico, they stayed and claimed their heritage. And he doesn't propose violent resistance, which is doomed to failure, but rather a campaign of enlightenment and increasing the public's awareness of the mass criminality and ulterior agendas of those in power. He believes it only takes one percent of the country to lead the movement that can take back America. And he's not talking about Occupying Wall Street either.

He is hopeful that the tide can be reversed. The Internet is the great equalizer, which allows vast amounts of knowledge and truth to be imparted at the speed of light. And this is exactly why the government and the shadowy powers are trying to restrict your access and freedom to communicate on it.

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John Butler's upcoming book, The Golden Revolution could be a blockbuster. Unlike many of today's commentators and newsletter writers, John goes the extra mile and dares to see a world where fiat currencies have gone the way of the phonograph record. He's certain that plans are currently afoot to implement a new metallic money standard. It's clear that US monetary policy, besides being an abject failure, is destabilizing the world economic system. Many countries have come to this conclusion and understand that it is in their interest to come up with an alternative system, which will act as a store of value and will facilitate international trade.

John refuses to lay out a timetable for this eventuality, as he knows from history that dying systems can continue on longer than anyone believes possible. Predicting the time of death for the dollar has proven an exercise in futility and isn't really very useful. The key is to grasp the reality that it is going to happen, and then plan your affairs accordingly. While worrying about tomorrow is a pointless endeavor, preparing for it is only proper. 

John's publisher Wylie has fast-tracked his book, and we look forward to its release. Watch for it on www.Amazon.com

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Peter Grandich joins us for the first time today to discuss what's going on with oil & gas, precious metals, and the stock market. Peter has been writing his newsletter for many years, and his biggest present concern is US debt. He describes the US as being in an eye of the storm--we've had the first wave and the back end, which is always worse, is rapidly approaching. Peter refers to the financial professional community as the dont worry be happy crowd. He describes the constant industry refrain that, "Stocks and bonds are always a buy," is just mainstream media propaganda.

The US has so much debt, that there's no foreseeable production of cash flow to service the interest rate, let alone pay down principle. Peter says the inevitable result will be a combination of three things: the debt is repudiated, renegotiated and monetized. We both agree that, the can can't be kicked forever. However, the major problem with any reasonable solution, is that the people that we look to for solutions are the very same people that got us into this mess in the first place. It's not a matter of which party, the political process is truly broken. Government has grown so big, that soon there will be more government workers than private. Once this occurs, Peter states,  "We'll never get the reform we need." The day of reckoning is just as certain as "death and taxes."

Please send your questions/comments to KL@KerryLutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Sydney Phillips of www.thecollegeconservative.com shows you how to get food stamps without really trying. She's a college student who was conducting a social experiment on how difficult or as it turns out easy it is to get food stamps, now known as an EBT Card. She goes through the motions, not really complying with the necessary steps, failing to provide require earnings data and winds up getting her card in the mail a month later. And best of all, she can get $200 per month, to feed a hungry family of one. For many students, but not Sydney, this is the difference between being able to purchase marijuana, go to social events or even take a trip home to see the family.

This is just another case of indoctrination. Show the young college students that it's not really that big a deal going on the dole and that everyone does it! This helps break down that stigma of being a ward of the State and sets the individual up to be a lifelong participant in the entitlement state. Not that there are not people who really do need such assistance, of course there are many, but the danger is that people become addicted to free money and benefits, compliments of Uncle Sam. This is a danger to our way of life and to the continued economic viability of the country.

Please send your questions/comments to kl@kerrylutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Robert Ian has done a lot in his life. Magician, motivational speaker and consultant to large corporations. He has helped them navigate organizational change and he can help you do the same. Robert has been all over the financial collapse and in fact was ahead of the curve, recognizing it far earlier than most of the network pundits. He's got a strategy for dealing with it too. It involves investing in yourself to obtain the skills that will enable you to support your family and yourself when we enter the next phase.

While there may be many things that you cannot do to avoid the economic tsunami, no one is helpless in preparing for it. The key is to act now, don't wait for the inevitable to occur. These disruptions have occurred in the past and they will happen again, no matter how enlightened mankind may believe itself to be. The key to conquering and managing change is to anticipate and figure out how you can profit from it. It's really that simple.

Please send your questions/comments to kl@kerrylutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Miles Franklin's reigning precious metals guru Ranting Andy Hoffman told us today that Europe's economic system is toast. There's no way for the weaker economies to make a comeback and pay down all the debt they've accumulated over the past several decades. More importantly to us New Yorkers, however, is that the NY Giants defied conventional wisdom and the prognostications of the clueless mainstream media and defeated the Green Bay Packers. While I know that this is a disappointment to many of my Wisconsin friends, family and fans, nonetheless it made it easier to wake up this morning and come to work. Perhaps New York's wunderkind governor will also defy the odds and turn New York's economy around. However, I think the Giants are more likely to win the Superbowl than that occurring.

Nine European nations' credit ratings were slashed on Friday. France lost its coveted "Triple A" ranking and Italy was cut to just one level above junk. But Andy says, "That's all any of their debt is, junk." Time to take matters into your own hands and start stocking up on gold and silver. Prices have firmed and now it's just a matter of time.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has recently cut a deal with an obscure Malaysian Company to build a mega-casino at the Aquaduct Race Track in Queens Borough of New York City. At the same time he has put an indefinite hold on Hydro-Fracking natural gas drilling in virtually unpopulated sections of the New York State. So in other words, he wants you to become a low paid croupier, not a high paid gas driller. There has been virtually no discussion of the negative effects of gambling, increased crime, broken families and suicides. And as we've found out recently, for most people, gambling is a discretionary expense. 

Natural gas drilling workers earn over $100,000 per year on average. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry in neighboring Pennsylvania (which has also legalized casino gambling) and is accounting for thousands of jobs. So why not legalize Fracking and Casino Gambling? And more importantly, the deal that was cut to allow this mega-casino is a text book study in crony-capitalism. The shadowy Malaysian Company hired scores of top flight lobbyist and they got the deal done. Is this what New York and the United States have become?

Please send your questions/comments to kl@kerrylutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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We sat down with Andrew Schiff of EuroPacific Capital. Andrew and his brother Peter have built an alternative investment powerhouse. Together, they have written books and predicted much of the current worldwide economic depression. Andrew believes that around 30 percent of your portfolio should be held in cash, not the paper variety, but rather gold and silver. He's encouraging investors to protect themselves against the inevitable collapse of the dollar and fiat currencies around the globe. 

In addition, he really likes foreign high yield dividend stocks. This gives you the ability to participate in a growing company that is sharing its profits with the owners/shareholders, partially insulates the stock against future market disruptions and allows you protection against a declining dollar. Of course nothing is surefire, but the dollar's downward trend since 1971 has been continuous and there's very little reason to believe that it won't continue. While the buck has shown some strength recently, this is in large part due to the Euro's weakness. Eventually Schiff believes the fundamental trend will reassert itself.

Please send your questions/comments to kl@kerrylutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Many States are scrambling to build new casinos. They mistakenly believe that this is a surefire prescription for more tax revenue and jobs. They've bought into the false Las Vegas Myth--that if you build it and it has a blackjack table, a roulette wheel and a craps table--they will come. However, Vegas is looking more and more like Detroit, yet another failed US city. Do politicians believe that encouraging and subsidizing these parasitic industries is going to build wealth? As libertarians we are not against citizens starting and running gambling enterprises. They've been doing it since the before the Babylonians and they're going to be doing long after we're gone.

What we object to is the unholy alliance of government and big gambling. It is corrupt and it does not serve the public. Selling mega-casinos as a panacea for economic growth is completely fraudulent. The overall wealth of a society that engages in governmental sponsored gambling enterprises actually goes down. While there is an increase in taxe revenues, there's also a resulting decrease in consumer spending and an increase in social costs, which are never factored into the rigged gambling equation.

While on occasion we have unsuccessfully tested our luck at the tables, we all know that gambling is a vice that can destroy families, increase crime and harm society. Therefore, the government should stay out of it, whether it's running lotteries, booking sports/horse bets or embracing casinos as a fiscal cure all.

Please send your questions/comments to kl@kerrylutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Alex Daley is the editor of CaseyResearch.com's Casey Extraordinary Technology Newsletter. Alex isn't into technology, just for technology's sake, but also to achieve extraordinary returns. His record is the stuff of legends. He has an uncanny ability to identify emerging technological trends and then find the companies which are most likely to prosper greatly. All it takes is a disciplined approach and ability to see the world as it might when new tech takes hold. 

And Alex as an industry insider of the highest order,has been involved in numerous startups as an advisor to venture capital companies. He’s also a trusted advisor to the CEOs and strategic planners of some of the world’s largest tech companies. And he’s a successful angel investor in his own right, with a long history of spectacular investment successes.

He shares with us his take on a number of areas, such as revolutionary manufacturing technologies, natural gas distribution, electric cars, biotech and nanotechnology. His knowledge and grasp of the latest developments in these industries is quite impressive. And his insights could be the ticket to the high returns you're searching for.

Please send your questions/comments to kl@kerrylutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Answer--Very gently. 

Chris Duane and Kerry Lutz sit down for a discussion of psychopaths and what to do about them. We've all probably encountered them at work, in government, in friendships or perhaps even had a relationship with one. Chris explains how to identify them and what you can do. Sometimes it's best to flee. Other times confrontation works and then perhaps the most effective method is simply ignoring them. It all depends upon the situation you find yourself in. But whatever you do, you must get away from them if at all possible. 

The history of politics and government is riddled with these destructive personality types. From Napoleon, to Lenin, to Hitler, to Stalin, to Mao, these dangerous men are all been certified sociopaths (Chris likes psychopath better). They've killed millions and inflicted untold pain and suffering. However, it is often the lesser known psychopaths who are in a position reek the most havoc in your life, which is why you need to be on your guard to avoid all such engagements. 

Always fun, often irreverent Kerry Lutz and Chris Duane are helping to evolve thought and action in the New Economy.

Please send your questions/comments to kl@kerrylutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Danielle Park is a reformed attorney, like your host, a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a long time money manager to the wealthy. Today, she explains how the markets are simply doing what they always do; she states that with the proper understanding and the ability to go against the grain, large profits are obtainable to savvy investors. When things look great and it appears that nothing can go wrong, it's time to start preparing your portfolio for the inevitable crash. An understanding of history shows us that it's not really a new era, and this time ISN'T different. There is no such thing as the abolition of the business cycle. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Don't get taken in by the hype and remember that on Wall Street, conflicts of interest prevail. Finance people have to pay bills just like the rest of us. So therefore, you can't reasonably expect them to put their own interests behind yours. Although such individuals do exist, they are extremely rare and hard to find. But also remember that no matter how bad winter may appear to be, it is always followed by warmer weather. Economic winters can last much longer than we believe possible, however, just when hope is about to give out, the seasons change and the cycle repeats.

Danielle is an active speaker and writer; her work can be found on www. JugglingDynamite.com.

Please send your questions/comments to kl@kerrylutz.com or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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The former chief economist of Quantas Airlines believes that the super-sized set is costing airlines way too much. He claims that heavier passengers are costing an additional $472 per flight in added fuel costs. His solution, charge passengers by the pound. If you're above average in weight, pay a price for each additional pound. Not that he's going to give anorexic super models discounts even thought they're "saving" the airlines a fortune. After all, that lower BMI is money in the bank for the greedy airline industry. 

Neither does he address the nickel and diming that the flying public is continually subjected to. From overweight baggage fees, to extortionate food sales, to exorbitant flight change fees, the airlines are screwing their customers at every possible opportunity. Why can't they just level with the public and increase prices to achieve profitability. Everyone understands that soaring energy costs make it harder for them to stay in business. A little bit of honesty would go a long way. 

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