Mo Dawoud of fame joins us to discuss the best ways to protect your wealth and stop Wall Street from bankrupting you. Not an easy task, but it can be done. More and more, people are coming to understand the nature of the economic crisis in which we find ourselves and that there are no quick fixes. Therefore, as conventional paper invests get riskier and riskier, hard assets begin to shine. 

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Alan Rosenfeld, a New York City typing teacher was suspended in 2001 for ogling female students and making inappropriate comments to them. The Board of Education thought that he presented enough of a threat, that he was barred from the classroom. However, they botched his disciplinary hearing and due to strict union rules, were unable to terminate the alleged deviant. As a result, Rosenfeld spent 10 years in the rubber room, a place where teachers who are awaiting hearings or cannot be discharged are kept, out of the public view and fully paid.

During his suspension, he earned over $100,000 per year and received tax payer funded health benefits worth another $20,000 per annum. Finally, he realized it was time to retire. He now gets a tax-free pension of $85,000 per year and gets to keep his medical benefits for the remainder of his miserable life. And if Billy Joel is correct, that only the good die young, we'll be paying this miscreant for decades to come.

But it gets worse. Rosenfeld, an attorney, also ran a law practice from the rubber room during his suspension. And he also managed to amass a $10 million real estate portfolio. Is it any wonder that New York City's Schools have been failing for the past 50 years? And all Mayor "Nanny" Bloomberg can say is, "He should be managing City real estate."

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Howard has seen it all. 

He's been publishing The Ruff Times for thirty-four years, in bull and bear markets in stocks and the precious metals. As he says, "I've been around a long time, unlike most of the hot financial advisors and brokers today who weren't even born when I was already accurately predicting the markets. These big shots were the Invincible Optimists at the peak of the last bull market on Wall Street in the spring of 2000, and I was yelling at them (they didn't listen) to get out of the stock market. I think I am one of a handful of real adults in the Wall Street kindergarten with a long-range view of the world of money and an encyclopedic view of gold and silver."

While his health hasn't been great recently, he's still producing and still giving accurate commentary on the US and world financial situation. His wisdom is battle tested and his advice has proven extremely profitable over the years. 

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Ty Andros joins us today for an economic update covering the latest hotspots around the globe. Ty is not just an Austrian Economics admirer, he's put the philosophy to excellent use. Armed with his projections he's able to make common sense calls about the behavior and direction of markets that can lead to good profits. It's really not a matter of what you know, but how you use it.

QE3 is written all over the markets. You see its fingerprints in decreased volatility, the absence of individual activity and a sense that market signals are no longer functioning properly. Sell signals and buy signals have stopped working. So just being a market technician clearly will not work in the current environment. A deeper understanding of where things are heading is essential. So join us next week to find out more about watching for the new indicators. 

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Brother John F of is an amazingly popular blogger who's site regularly attracts many thousands of visitors. Through his YouTube Channel and his site, he's become a go to source of information about what's really going on in the economy. And we both agree, it ain't pretty. Declining employment rates, declining standards of living, and political instability are all indications of where the state of our nation and our economic prospects are headed.

However, John believes that you can avoid much of the economic deluge that is currently hitting our shores by the judicious purchase of silver. While the Financial Survival Network sometimes may appear to be a gigantic echo chamber, it is virtually impossible to get opposing viewpoints to go on the record. Perhaps they know something and don't want to leave a record behind. So folks like Brother John are left to spread the word and help us prepare. 

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Gary Gibson of and Jeff Berwick of join your humble host for a no holds barred discussion of why they believe anarchy is the best course for humanity. While one can question the practicality of a world without government, Gary and Jeff have really thought things through and believe that we are all grown-up enough to live without the guiding hand of all-knowing government. While this may or may not be the case, governments today are teetering on the edge. We may have no choice but to prepare for life without them.

Certainly government as it is now constituted, represents a threat to every individual's liberty around the planet. Whether it's getting into unnecessary wars, bailing out criminal financial miscreants, or spending their way into the poorhouse, there is something inherently wrong with government as it is now practiced. So if we can devise a transition to anarchy that will not result in humanity's descending into chaos, perhaps it's worth considering. In any event, discussion of anarchy inevitably leads to a discussion of the proper role and scope of government, and this is a debate that has been much too long in coming.

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David Morgan of and Chris Duane of Dont-Tread-On.Me join our second roundtable on silver investing. Did you know, based upon government numbers, the inflation adjusted price of silver, just to equal its prior high of $50 would be over $150 per ounce? If you were to use the true rate of inflation, pursuant to John Williams, the price would be over $400 per ounce. Right now, you can buy silver for less than $35 per ounce. Sounds like bargain basement prices to your us!

What form of silver to buy will vary according to your budget and other circumstances. There are no right or wrong answers. But David and Chris agree that Constitutional Silver--pre-1965 US 90% silver coins--should be part of anyone's silver inventory. After you have enough, then you can look at new US Silver Eagles, rounds, 100 ounce bars and anything else you so desire. Just beware of numismatic coins and make sure you understand the basics of coin collecting, if you choose to get involved there. But always be sure that you have a core holding of silver bullion. Lock it up and forget about it. Don't watch the paper price fluctuations, as this is simply a distraction that could make you start selling at exactly the wrong moment. 

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Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster, is back again discussing the imminent departure of Greece from the Euro. While it may seem extremely painful and destructive for now, in the long run it will be a plus. They won't be able to borrow money, which will force them to produce more at home and to build a sustainable economy. They will be on a COD basis with the rest of the world, but perhaps the Chinese and Russians will extend them some credit. And may be GE Capital will come to their rescue. Whenever there's a high profile bankruptcy stateside, GE is often seen rushing in wiht Debtor-In-Possession financing at reasonable rates with good terms. Because under the bankruptcy, their new debt gets paid before everyone else's. So perhaps they'll do the same for the birthplace of democracy.

Elsewhere, in the US things aren't looking a whole lot better. Bob foresees the right of basement revolutionaries. These are children who due to economic circumstances can't go out and buy homes for themselves, so they're forced to live in mom and dad's basement and make due. This generation has missed out on the American Dream and they're extremely unhappy about it. Will they start a new movement aimed at recapturing the American spirit and drive. We all hope so, but no one has seen them emerge from the basement apartments with pitch forks yet.

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Peter Grandich was still in a mild state of euphoria over the victory of his New York Giants. Peter works closely with a number of team members in a Bible Study Class. And just like there's some good pro ball players out there, there's some good solid investments, even in an environment like this one. Peter urges you not to be fooled by the so-called investment pros who are always trying to make things look much better than they really are. He calls them the, "Don't Worry, Be Happy," crowd, because they're always playing up the positive and dismissing the negative. Not a good plan for long term financial success.

Peter says everyone should have a written financial plan. This will help you avoid the emotional traps that await every successful investor at one time or another. There are sectors of the market that have great upside potential. Peter thinks this may finally be the year the juniors start to catch up with the ever escalating metals prices their value should be related to. While he is not yet ready to bet the farm on this hunch, he sees many signs that are making him more and more optimistic. But, Peter says you always need to invest with caution and a real certainty in your own fallibility. It's this attitude that has made Peter's career the success that it is.

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A new first for the Financial Survival Network--a virtual round table. Gary Wagner and David A. Banister joined me for a discussion about the current price direction of the precious metals and how best to maximize your profits. Strategy is everything. From personal experience, I can attest to the fact  there's no stronger intoxicant than a rapidly rising investment portfolio. Quick returns have been known to do in even the most experienced investors. Therefore, controlling your emotions and being open to advice from others can help. After all, learning from another's expensive mistake can help insure you don't do the same.

Gary and David agree the recent price increases in gold and silver are indicative of a major upward wave in prices. Right now, they believe gold is in a slight correction trend that shouldn't go much below 1690, if it goes that far. Therefore, buying on slight dips should prove profitable. Always remember, when an investment rises very quickly, it's quite possible it will experience a drop in price nearly as fast. And with your profits locked in, you'll be well positioned to invest in another asset with good prospects.

Send us your feedback. This is the first of many roundtables to help you prepare for the coming global financial reset.

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"Ranting" Andy Hoffman and I revel in the New York Giant's well earned Super Bowl victory. And of course we couldn't be happier with the Patriots' resounding and well deserved defeat. But while we are extremely happy on the sports' front, the economic arena continues to disappoint. While the Feds continue to release stupendous employment numbers, a closer look "under the hood," reveals a lot of statistical "hocus pocus" taking place. The economy actually lost 2.9 million jobs in January, but through the convenient magic of seasonal adjustments and the much maligned "birth-death" index, the reality is not so encouraging, to say the least.

What we actually have is a deteriorating job market and increasing unemployment. How do we scare that with the government's rosy scenario. Simple, it's election time and that means every statistic released by Washington is even more suspect than usual. The goal is to make the numbers look as good as possible to fool the public into believing the economy is recovering, when any thinking American knows the opposite is true. Will the Country wake-up, or are they beyond caring any longer? Being an optimist requires much hope, and even more faith in the ability of the public to honestly look themselves in the mirror and realize what's happening. Andy and I remain convinced this day of awakening is getting closer and closer. Let us know if you agree.

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When Mark Skousen started Freedom Fest in 2002 he didn't think he was giving birth to a movement. Now, it's a decade later and thousands of people around the world are aware of Freedom Fest and routinely attend its events. I caught up with Mark at the Global Financial Summit in the Bahamas last week. As a freedom loving person, Mark was anxious to create a place where fellow freedom lovers could gather and start fighting the ever increases governmental encroachments. Far from being a US phenomena, governments across the globe have had an ongoing undeclared war on individual freedom and rights. At first, the incursions were minor and seemingly innocent. Now, with the Patriot Act, SOPA and so many other anti-freedom acts, the real plan has emerged.

G. Edward Griffin has believed for decades that the ultimate goal of the global elitist financial cabal was totalitarianism and the extinguishment of individual rights. It now appears that his fears are confirmed on a regular basis. Freedom Fest needs to become a statement of mind and a global movement by individuals to reclaim their sovereign rights. Mark Skousen has made an excellent first step.

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Direct download: Mark_Skousen_02-04-2012.mp3
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Ty Andros of, a speaker at FreedomFest's Global Financial Summit, believes the economic system and the Dollar, as it presently exists, are facing an extinction event. Not that humanity is, these currency shifts have taken place many times before and will continue. They are simply part of human existence and no matter how we try, we cannot change that reality.

The solution is to understand where you are in the cycle and invest your resources accordingly. Precious metals are certainly an insurance policy against the resulting chaos, and Ty believes Silver is your greatest ally in protecting and building wealth. As a believer in the Austrian School of Economists, Ty says that the current crisis was long ago foreseen, and it was unavoidable. Better to be prepared than to be surprised.

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I'm live at Freedom Fest's Global Financial Summit 2012 in the Bahamas. Trevor Bradley of Georgetown Trust joins me to discuss global banking jurisdictions. Georgetown Trust specializes in helping you obtain asset protection, management, and diversification. All of their work is offshore and is protected with respect to privacy and confidentiality. Trevor and I agree, Belize is one of the best banking jurisdictions out there. Belize has never had a banking failure in its history, and banks in Belize are regulated to keep a 24% liquidity rate all year round.

You need to consider offshoring a portion of your wealth. Investments offshore are not illegal. If you are thinking about owning precious metals, an account in Belize can be facilitated through Zurich. For more information contact

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We caught up with Peter Schiff of EuroPacific Capital at FreedomFest's Global Economic Summit in the Bahamas. Peter is never shy about voicing his opinion about the impending crash of the US Dollar and the fiat monetary regime. While he's been warning us about the inevitable collapse, he's putting himself on the line now and believes that time is running short. He expects the event to occur within the next 1-2 years and believes that in addition to living on borrowed money, the government is also living on borrowed time.

As he sees it, interest rates have been suppressed for so long, that they have no place to go but up. Once this occurs, printing and borrowing to somehow achieve solvency will come to an end and then the political establishment is going to have to get serious about controlling spending and ending debt based economics. The unfortunate result will be a decrease in American living standards, however, there is a silver lining. And that is, should the Country adopt sound economic policies, we will rapidly emerge from the quagmire as an opportunity based economy once again. 

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Nick Santiago joins us today to discuss technical trading. His exceptional trading site, has been providing investment advice to help the average trader for the last five years. Santiago believes that at best, we’re in a short-term pull back mode. But soon, in the next two months or so, the dow will probably top out. Then, we’ll get a pretty sharp correction that could last a while. Ultimately, the central banks are going to deflate the banks again. If your looking at the Euro, it’s on a one-way train to the downside. The Euro’s going lower and that means the dollar’s going higher. The dollar is holding up pretty well for now. But eventually, the dollar will get deflated again. The only way the market goes up is when the dollar goes down. Now is the time to buy precious metals. You are going to want to own gold and silver. Now is the best buying opportunity we’ve had since the stock market crashed in 2008. Gold and silver are the ultimate indicators of money creation. Nick recommends buying silver. Silver is an industrial metal as well as a precious metal, and it’s cheaper than gold.

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Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist, joins us for a review of how different markets performed during the month of January 2012. If the old saw, "As January goes, so goes the year," holds true, then 2012 could be one for the record books. Platinum was up 20 percent, Gold 10 percent,  and Silver 18 percent. These are huge numbers that could be an indication of things to come or might prove to be a false indicator. The big loser for the month was natural gas down 20 percent! Warm winters in the Northeast, supply gluts, and new technology have made natural gas a perennial dud. But just like sugar, silver, and gold, remember that every dog has its day. And with oil staying up in the $100 per barrel range, it could be sooner rather than later. Time will tell, but Mickey always calls them the way he sees them.

The great news is Mickey's Market Wrap-Up will become a monthly feature at FSN, and few people are as qualified to give the opinion as the Mercenary Geologist himself.

Please send your questions/comments to or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Back for his weekly rant, we check in with Andy Hoffman to discuss gold breaking through its 200 day moving average. As per our expectations, gold's on the up side yet again. Andy however, warns you not to get caught up with short term movements. Consider the manipulation of the markets and the fast pace of the media-- always remember to look at the bigger picture! Don't watch the markets day to day, keep your expectations in the long-term. Gold has only traded below its 200 day moving average about 10% of the time over the last 11 years. The long-term technicals are actually more powerful in gold than in any other business. So don't let your emotions take control, keep your physical holdings--this is no Gold Bubble! Gold is and always has been money.

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David A. Banister is among a small select group of technical traders who foresaw the August 2011 top in gold before it occurred and his subscribers and public followers were not blindsided by the top. David doesn’t blindly follow technical indicators off the cliff, but rather he follows them while keeping the fundamental picture in view. Using his proprietary indicators, he is currently discovering a number of resource plays that are already moving nicely to the upside. When Gold was being overbought due to its parabolic rise and called for a correction, that proved uncannily correct. David applies a proprietary model of market and stock entry timing based on crowd behavioral theory and mathematics.

Now he believes the opposite case is true, and he's calling for a resumption of the bull market, probably heading up to 1880 and even higher. While there's a lot of noise in the day to day markets, the rising trend is unmistakable, and we will probably see record prices sometime during 2012 and beyond. So buckle your seat belts and get ready for the ride. It's going to be a rough one. But Dave believes there's great potential in many of the resource stocks, including gold and silver miners.

Please send your questions/comments to or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

Direct download: David_Banister_01-30-2012.mp3
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Jeff Clark, creator of the publication, Big Gold, reiterates that gold is the best insurance policy available today that will protect your wealth from reckless governmental monetary policies. Much of what he says is beyond dispute. He knows that the current US Dollar paradigm can't last much longer, and a new one will be created to take its place.

He's hoping we can avoid hyperinflation, but he doesn't sound too convinced it's feasible. But, he knows that gold will eventually become a core holding in almost everyone's portfolio--even Apple, no matter what happens with the monetary authorities. Until fiscal sanity is restored around the globe, this is the only protection available.  Should the world decide the benefits of a gold standard exceed the negatives, one will be implemented. After all, all throughout global history, gold has been money. All these factors point to a rising gold price, sooner rather than later. And that's why Jeff is bullish on gold.

Please send your questions/comments to or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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Jamie Oliver is a one man healthy food crusader, but he has met his match. He actually expected LA public school students to give up the flavor of a real beef cheeseburger for a wheat bread burger. After all, it's so much better for you. And like a liberal statist, he knows what's better for you and your kids than you do. However, when forced substitution of healthy foods was attempted, guess what happened? Kids voted with their knives and forks and dumped the healthy gruel into the garbage.

Hopefully the same thing will happen with the forced consumption of inferior educational services. The American public education system is an unmitigated failure. It's amazing that it went from being the best in the world, to being among the worst. The education decline took place at the same time as the ascendancy of teacher unionization. And there's nothing coincidental about this either. But now we are at a turning point. Apple just introduced newly created textbooks for the iPad2, and they're amazing. So do not despair, the internet is doing to the the educational monopoly what it did to the travel industry, the stock brokerage industry, the music industry and so many others before it. Pretty soon the educational experience will help students to soar to new heights.

Please send your questions/comments to or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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I finally got a chance to sit down with Chris Martenson. I've been reading his ChrisMaternsonReport for some time now. For years he's been saying the US was going to get into some sort of credit crisis, and "Da Boyz" were going to try and print our way out of it. Chris and I agree, we are all witnessing a debt super cycle that's in the process of coming to its conclusion.

We are living in the tail end of a 40 year global credit bubble. For the past four decades, the entire world has been growing credit/debt faster than underlying economies. Economic growth is measured by GDP, but GDP is a fraudulent measure. GDP doesn't really measure the wealth creation of an economy; it measures consumption, which in our society has become synonymous with wealth. But wealth is really something totally different than consumption. Chris and I agree, the calculation of GDP should not include the effects of going into debt simply to consume. Consider, Bernie Madoff who contributed 65 billion to GDP, but now all that money has just disappeared. Same with other entities that contribute to GDP like MF global.

The government continues to print money mostly for consumption, not investment. They are just kicking the can down the road, and overstating the wealth of the economy. We cannot print our way to prosperity.

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Dr. Yaron Brook has led the Ayn Rand Institute for the past 11 years. He believes the most important debate of out time is not economic but philosophic: you are not your brother's keeper. Rather, your primary purpose is to the live the best life that you possibly can. This means being your own master and living on YOUR terms. You will be the most successful when you are the freest to pursue your goals and dreams. Unfortunately, this important debate is all but ignored during most political campaigns. Until we address this threshold issue, not much human progress will be made.

As Dr. Brook puts it, all statists and collectivists assume your purpose on Earth is to care for your brothers in need, whether you want to or not. Even the Founding Fathers made this error, and we are all still paying the price. The big problem is that this thinking is so ingrained in all of our psyches, that very few us even know we should be questioning it. However, through the work of Ayn Rand and her followers, as well as the institute, a true debate about forced altruism is now being had. And this can only be a good thing that will eventually free man from the shackles of unlimited government. 

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Chris is selling his living and dining room furniture, and he's buying silver. He started buying years ago, but now he's arbitraging the furniture; selling the old stuff for cash, using the cash to invest in silver, and buying new stuff on interest-free credit with small payments. While we can't, in good faith, recommend this move to investors, it does open up limitless  possibilities. Perhaps stripping the copper out of your home's walls, selling it for scrap and putting it into gold and silver makes sense. Or, stripping your auto for parts--most cars are worth more dead than alive--and selling them off.

You get the point, you're sitting on items that you're not using or don't want. Those items could be sold for cash, with the proceeds invested in silver or gold. Look around your home! Whether it's tools, clothes, or furniture, go on eBay or CraigsList and get rid of them now. Take the cash you get and put it to work for you. We all have vast resources that we are not aware or conscious of. The time to become aware is now.

Please send your questions/comments to or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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