Chris Duane is on to something here. Kony 2012 has become an overnight YouTube sensation with over 70,000,000 downloads in a matter of days. The video describes the exploitation of young children by Joseph Kony, a warlord in Uganda. However, it is rumored that Kony is no longer present there. The organization promoting this production has spent big bucks on it. They are known for taking in lots of money for worthy African Child protection efforts, but paying out relatively little for the purpose. Chris believes the purpose of this 30 minute short video may be worse than anyone thinks. There's lots of oil in Uganda, and the US has 100 troops there for the purpose of pursuing terrorists. Could the video be a means of building further support for greater intervention?

Time will tell. 

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A dedicated group of young film makers is producing an animated full length feature film. The film is set in 2019, after a massive economic collapse has taken place. Tyranny, explosions, monetary mayhem, romance and a young rebel force take on the evil world financial controllers who report to the Fed. Ron Paul was asked to star in the movie, however it's set too far into the future for him to participate.

The production values of this movie are quite impressive as are the dedicated group who've made its release their life's work. They've been traveling around the country, seeking support for their cause, and they are finally nearing completion. Their goal is to educate and inform younger members of society, who feel disconnected and cheated but are uncertain of where their disdain comes from. As Megan Duffeld said, they are very sympathetic to the Occupy group, however, they want them to understand how the economy got to where it is now. 

We'll keep you posted and let you know when the film gets released. 

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There are so many things going on in the world that it is virtually impossible for any one person to keep track of them all. Between Greek debt defaults, Portugal's on-going implosion, the debt bubble inflating at an unsustainable rate, to name just a few, we're all facing information overload. Fortunately, Ty Andros stays up late nights sifting through numerous sources to keep up better than just about anyone out there. 

We are fortunate to be able to review the most important and urgent events every Friday with him. Today, we covered Japan's upcoming debt implosion, Greece's never-ending debt default tragi-comedy, the Euro and ECB's juggling act, the dollar's effect on it all and much more.

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A trip to Home Depot this weekend revealed the shocking news that while some incandescent (Edison) bulbs are still available, our choice of bulbs has come down to: awful compact fluorescent bulbs that are hazardous to the environment and cost more; halogen bulbs, which cost many times the price of a regular bulb; and, the new and improved $50 LED bulb. While the LED bulbs are cool, 50 bucks is an outrageous price to be on the bleeding edge of technology. And for what purpose, to cut power consumption to stop non-existent global warming? I hope you're as outraged as I am.

While we're on the topic of the government screwing everything up, the Chevy Volt is truly a tragedy. Government intervention and plain-old bad marketing have turned a technological masterpiece into a product failure. My personal opinion is that when gasoline hits the $6 per gallon level, this car will reinvent itself and turn into a major best-seller. But, the damage to Government Motors and American technological prowess has already been done. 

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Julian D.W. Phillips of and acclaim has a long memory. He's been actively involved and profitting from world financial and metal markets since 1971. He's one of a few who has vivid memories of the last gold bull market and subsequent gold bear market. Being an international financier, he has a unique perspective that many Americans and Westerners will find disquieting.

With talk of gold confiscation in the air, Julian believes the US Government might want your gold because they will need it to pay back Germany and other allies. The US has been storing their gold in New York and other places for many years. There are legitimate questions as to whether they will be able to return that gold, if so demanded. If the answer is no, then at that point, gold will take off to the moon, and there will be serious repercussions. Since there is no transparency on the issue of US gold holdings, we are all left to speculate. But, one must wonder why the Fed refuses to end the rumor mongering once and for all. And yes Virginia, gold really is money, now and forever. 

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One would believe that from recent action this week particularly in the precious metals sector that “Dear Me, The Sky Is Falling!”. In reality, very little has changed in the specter that is haunting the global economy.

There is an old French saying, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”  Observe that the Germans are ambivalent about bearing more gifts to the Greeks. Portugal, Italy, Spain are still in fiscal trouble. The vaunted employment figures omit the millions of our citizens who are living on unemployment benefits. What about the millions of bread winners over 50 years of age who have given up the search for employment. 

So remember the next time the metals get slammed, there's more at work than just simple market forces.

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Mark Skousen, author and editor of The Journal of Economic Perspectives, is known as a“maverick” of economics for his contrarian and optimistic views, his sometimes-outrageous statements and predictions.

His more unusual predictions include:

  • Forecasting in the early 1980s that “Reaganomics will work!”
  • Sending a special alert to subscribers of Forecasts & Strategies to “Sell all stocks and mutual funds” on Sept. 8, 1987, just six weeks before the 1987 Stock Market Crash
  • Calling for the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of Soviet Communism
  • Predicting of the biggest bull market on Wall Street in the 20th century — the 1990s

So he was ideally suited to start Freedom Fest which has turned into the largest gathering of freedom seeking libertarians around. We touched on his favorite topic of how much government is just enough and he clued us into the upcoming festivities for FreedomFest 2012 coming up this July in Las Vegas. And we also discussed the best ways to restart real political dialog, which is an exchange of ideals and beliefs, minus the personal attacks and unneccesary we've recently witnessed.

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Mish Shedlock and I had a big laugh at the Fed's expense today. They announced they might buy bonds differently, printing up money out of thin air, and then sterilizing the proceeds of their bond purchases to prevent inflation from taking hold. However, this is pure folly. If their intention is to give business lending a jump-start, it will have the opposite effect because many businesses looking to borrow are not credit worthy. Those that are credit worthy aren't interested in borrowing since they have no profitable avenues in which to invest it.

Like putting the toothpaste back in the tube, the thought that somehow the Fed can print money, use it to monetize debt, and then stop the recipients of the new money from spending it is somewhat absurd. This hasn't worked before, and it won't work now. So sit back, buckle your seatbelt and enjoy the flight into the tumultuous financial skies. It's going to get quite turbulent, but having gold and silver might very well make the ride smoother. 

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The ever venerable Danielle Park joined us again today, 3/7/2012, to talk about the eroding rule of law and what it means to working people around the globe. While the future may always be uncertain, especially in these tumultuous times, there are many reasons to be hopeful and grateful that the super-trends of the past 30 years are ending. While growth may be slowing down around the world, the debt illusion has been popped. People are no longer rushing headlong into over leveraging their futures. We may once again become a nation of workers and savers, and what could possibly be wrong with that?

In the meantime, don't go looking for justice in all the wrong places. Don't you believe the medial slop-line that happy days are here again. It didn't work that way in the Great Depression, and it sure isn't working very well now. The debt stream-roller must run its course, and the key is to not allow yourself to be flattened. The problem with spending like there's no tomorrow is that there might be one, and soon. Then what are you going to do? Danielle give you her advice on that topic and more.

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Rush Limbaugh's insults and poor language towards a progressive poster child is still resonating. However, there isn't really a political debate occurring. Rather, it is simply emotional outrage masked as political discourse. This is exactly what's been wrong with the political system for the last 80 plus years: issues are no longer properly analyzed. The Statists have done their best to obfuscate the real debate because they have made every issue a personal attack.

The real debate is whether you should work for yourself or you should work for the State. Do your rights flow from nature? Or are your rights given to you by the government, like a teacher giving out gold stars to a class? If you believe the State is the fount of all rights, then you must admit that when you are offended, angry, or enraged, you want the State to make things right.  That means taking away the rights of others, such as their speech, property, and the right to pursue their own happiness.

Therefore, it really boils down to a debate between individual freedom and the authoritarian inclinations of the State. This is the great debate of our age and one that will eventually be addressed as economic collapses have a way of stripping things down to their basics.

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Ron Hera took time out today, 3/6/12, to review the latest action in gold and silver as well as the mining stocks. Ron's unfazed by the latest smack-downs. The first slam-down was certainly sponsored, and the current decline was most likely dollar related. What happens next is really the issue, however, Ron sees tremendous value in a number of mining shares that have been beaten up in the recent market action. According to its latest filings, there's a company that's sitting on 6 million ounces. 

Ron also explained why the mining sector is not for the faint of heart. There's a tremendous amount of technical knowledge required to effectively judge a mining company's prospects. There are also the valuation issues that require the ability to judge how difficult the ore is to get at it, the feasibility of the mine and the management's ability to tie it all together. Therefore, while the market may usually be efficient, it often misses mining stocks that have great potential.

We'll check in with Ron next month and see where it's all heading. 

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"Ranting" Andy joins us again this week to reassure you the Leap Day violation on gold and silver was as blatant of an attack as you could possible see in the paper markets. Andy reiterates that short term charts are meaningless, and he explains what we're seeing today is simply follow-through operation. The 200-day moving average of the precious metals, gold and silver, has been very consistent over the past eleven years; these are commodities that have rarely been under their 200-day moving average. Effectively, Da Boyz are not only painting the charts, they are trying to take your money! They are manipulating the charts to make the market look like its behaving in a way that it's really not. The long term chart patterns speak for themselves!

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We start with a brief critique on the tempest in a teapot that was set off by Rush Limbaugh's derisive comments about a 30 year old student who testified before the US Senate, demanding that college insurance plans be forced to pay for contraceptives. While it was clear that her testimony was a set-up, to distract the American People from focusing on the collapsing economy, the creeping totalitarianism, and the total unfettered government corruption, it's even more clear that Rush took the bait. 

Becoming a veritable dump site for statist and collectivist attacks, Rush lost advertisers and was forced to apologize. Stooping to the level of statists and collectivists is never a wise move. They have monopolized the ability to use meaningless debates and provocations as a means of blinding the populace to their real plans. The main stream captive media merely facilitates this strategy. One must look beyond the immediate issue to understand that their real goal is maintaining the status quo and keeping those currently in power to that end. The real debate, "What is the purpose of government and what should it be doing?" will be addressed sooner or later. Until this matter is addressed, no serious progress will be made solving the country's and the world's problems. 

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Surprise surprise, John Corzine, global elitist financier and flim-flam man will not be prosecuted for his role in the MF Global theft and fraud. It seems that the US Attorneys involved just can't figure out if any crime was committed. There's so much paper work for them to review and it's just too hard. Never mind bringing the entire senior executive ranks before a grand jury to squeeze the truth out of them. Never mind the fact that CME Chief Terry Duffy, the head of a national exchange, testified before Congress that he was told that Corzine was aware that customer funds were being siphoned off to pay off MF Global bets that went South.

Obviously the competence level of all government employees has eroded to the point where they can't prosecute a crime, even when it's handed to them gift-wrapped. And don't expect this matter to be resolved in civil suits either. Most of them will be handled by the Bankruptcy Court Judge and will probably be tossed. So what we have here is another connected insider getting a free pass from the government and the Justice Department. When the history of the early 21st century is written, this incident will be referred as a tipping point, when confidence in both the financial system and the government disintegrated. 

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Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist, took time out today to review a number of stock and commodity indexes and their relative performances for the entire month of February 2012. While gold was down slightly, most other markets performed well. No doubt the ever increasing supply of fresh fiat currency has been feeding the rally. Even with the world wide economic slow down, the demand for commodities has held steady around the world.

Natural Gas took it on the chin, while the flaming oil rally eased off in the last couple of days. Due to Iranian tensions and Middle East uncertainties, rumors of oil at $150 per barrel could certainly put a damper on the world financial markets. However, at the present time, it’s full steam ahead. Eventually, all parties end. This one will too, but while it’s going on, you should make the most of it. Don’t forget platinum’s price is getting very close to gold’s and all things considered, it will probably pass it shortly.

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Did you know the Fed bought a new building just to house their manipulation and trading schemes? Seems they've run out of space, and they are greatly expanding their market interventions through the Plunge Protection Team or PPT as it's known in the trade. When will it all end? We no longer have free markets, and we no longer have the rule of law. This is a major concern not just in the US but in Europe as well.

Ty Andros joined us for the weekly market wrap-up, and we discussed defaults. Since when is a default not a default? The answer is when the banks say so! The big banks will have to pay out if Greece is ruled to have defaulted. In our insurance crazed world, people buy insurance in an attempt to protect themselves from virtually any risk. However, insurance against credit risks has just gotten much riskier. Now, refusing to pay off 80 percent of your debt is not even considered an event of default. It's hard to imagine a scenario that would ever trigger these contracts because they would result in the world's major banks having to pay out trillions in claims. 

As we said in Triple Lutz Report Episode #157, these elaborate insurance contracts will never get paid. These ridiculous contracts were simply part of a scam to make money for the elites. Now that they'll soon be gone, you can be certain a new scheme will be hatched, and the dance will continue on.

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David Morgan sits down and gives us an excellent post-mortem report of the Leap Day Metals Massacre. No, it wasn't little green aliens who have a fetish for the shiny metal that drove the price down yesterday, Leap Day 2012. Rather, it was the usual suspects who flooded the markets with sell orders that led to large losses for the day. It's indisputable that the paper silver and gold markets are dominated by certain non-profit sellers, whose main mission is to make the reserve currency look good. For that reason, when the traders see this series of events occurring, they will either step aside and wait until it's safe to go outside again, or they will pile on and extract easy profits.

This is why physical metals purchasers must buy on dips. The dips come often. With volatility on the rise, the dips will keep coming. Therefore, just be aware that prices will remain in a constant state of flux until a new economic system replaces the current failing one. There's really no other way for the individual to protect himself, except by staying out of the cross-fire. Keep your head down and your metals safe. 

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If you bought a lot of precious metals on February 28, 2012, then Leap Day was your nightmare come true. Gold down over $80 per ounce and Silver down over $2. However, today is a new day, and they're both up. While it may take a while for them to achieve new highs, they are quickly going through technical resistance points, and it could happen a lot faster than any of the "experts" believe possible. The key is to accumulate precious metals over time, never make big one-time purchases, unless you can do so at extremely attractive terms and prices. Slow and steady is the way to win the precious metals price race. At times you'll be averaging up and at others you'll be averaging down. But, you won't be experiencing the buyer's remorse that occurs after one of these dramatic pullbacks.

Remember, the price only matters when you're buying. Because, if you're like most precious metals investors, you won't be selling until much later and at much more advantageous prices. Or you may never sell, because gold and silver will be the only currencies accepted universally. Either way, if the time comes to start selling your metals hoard, you'll be purchasing stocks and real estate that are yielding 30 percent per year or more. So turn down the talking heads at CNBC, pop open a beer, and utter some prayers of thanks.

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Chris Duane on the Leap Day Metals Massacre--02-29-2012

Leap Day, February 29, 2012 was a momentous day for the precious metals markets. Gold and silver were slammed from 10am EST onward. Millions of ounces of unbacked paper gold and silver stampeded into the markets, destroying all weak holders in the process. But one must wonder how many real weak metals holders are left. Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke testified before Congress today, and coincidentally, precious metals raids often occur before, during, and after his testimony. 

It's interesting to note the purchasing power of silver has been increasing over the past 50 years. In the early 1960's one silver dollar bought about four gallons of gasoline. Today, the same silver dollar buys around 8 gallons, but it has gone as high as 12 gallons. So much for paper based "assets."

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"Ranting" Andy--Leap Year Only Comes Once Every Four Years, But The Fed Intervenes Every Day--02-29-2012

"Ranting" Andy Hoffman made a special appearance today to discuss one of the most transparent Fed moves in recent memory. Today "Da Boyz" put the brakes on gold and silver. The unbacked Paper Silver and Paper Gold was flowing like Tanqueray and Tonic at a Charlie Sheen rehab party! While these one day results have been quite impressive, the US will be in financial rehab for decades to come. This and so many other market manipulations have all but destroyed any semblance of a Free Market Economy.

What we are witnessing now is nothing short of a financial cataclysm that will leave an impression on the financial world similar to that of the Grand Canyon on the geological landscape. The nation will be divided between those who have the precious metals and those who wish they had it. Time is running short. 

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Bob "The International Forecaster" Chapman is watching the precious metals raid and even he can't believe the depth and depravity of the efforts the Elite are using to stop gold and silver's rallies dead in their tracks. According to Bob, and we must agree, the raid will fail. It can't work in the long term, the underlying fundamentals show that fiat currencies are going the way of the buggy whip and the floppy disk. This is just another part of the concerted effort to try and undermine our faith in precious metals and jack up the confidence in paper currencies/ assets. But just like the London Gold Pool of the 1970's, you can't change the course of a market with platitudes. The market always speaks truth to power. 

The only way to stop the advance of precious metals, would be a massive increase in interest rates and a reversals of Quantitative Easing to Infinity. Realistically, what are the chances of this occurring? About the same as the United States and the World voluntarily going back on a gold standard. And while this may be the final result, there's a lot of manipulation and play that will take place before it happens. 

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Darryl Schoon was way ahead of the curve when in March 2007 he wrote, How To Survive The Crisis And Prosper In The Process." This paper was prepared for a private club Darryl had joined, The Positive Deviant NetworkThe report turned out to be quite prophetic, and it helped launch Darryl's career as a major authority in the precious metals and financial survival investment world.

To quote Darryl, "Today, central bankers, the mandarins of capitalism, are in disarray. Their attempts to contain capitalism’s current crisis increasingly resemble the tactics of a defeated army in retreat. Like Napoleon and Hitler’s respective 'Moscow moments', the 21st century economic crisis has brought to an end the bankers’ spectacular 300 year run at the table of power and wealth."

Since 2007, Darryl has not changed his tune in the least bit. He believes the Buck Minster Fuller was spot on by predicting a transformational global economic collapse. Darryl also believes there will be a much better world once this has taken place. 

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Byron King of Agora Financial is a geologist by trade, and he has actually been to the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR). Contrary to popular belief, the ANWR is a desolate place because very few tourists ever make it up there. So the price America is currently paying for NOT developing this extremely valuable resource is amazingly high. Without the added production from ANWR, the Alaska Pipeline may be close to closing, which would be an extreme loss to the nation and our energy security. While energy exploration and production always involves risks, they have been greatly reduced by better technology and risk management.

Byron explains that contrary to popular belief, there's very little risk to the environment from Hydraulic Fracking, or Hydro Fracking. The wells are thousands of feet below the water table and aquifers; therefore, it presents little risk of well water pollution. The uninformed, knee jerk opponents need to take a deep breath and understand the potential damage they are doing to America's ability to be energy self-sufficient. Old memes die hard, and the baby-boomers have painful memories of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill and the Exxon Valdez's sinking. 

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Over the weekend, I learned the NYC Board of Education released evaluations of every teacher in New York City. I found this extremely interesting, however, finding the list was nearly impossible. Alas I found it here, but I was dismayed to see the usability of the site's search engine is almost nonexistent. After spending several hours inputting common last names and random zip codes, I was shocked by the results I found. The top-rated teachers are easy to find, but finding people who are rated low is very nearly beyond the bounds of possibility. Check it out for yourself to see if you can find your child's teachers or schools, and please let us know what your thoughts are regarding these evaluations.

Please send your questions/comments to or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

Direct download: TLR_164.mp3
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"Ranting" Andy Hoffman may not always be right, but he's never in doubt. Andy has been following the precious metals markets for too long to be fooled by the obvious hand of governmental sponsored manipulation. According to Andy, unbacked paper contracts are losing their affect on the physical metals prices. While it's been a long time coming, it's obvious now the market is getting away from the manipulators and is seeking its true free market value.

As we all know, markets can be manipulated in the short run. However in the long term, they will trade at their free market value. Unfortunately, every market the government meddles with results in malinvestment and irrational price movement and discovery. This is exactly what's happening in the mortgage, housing, and student loan markets as well as in the precious metals markets. Like all good things, however, it eventually comes to an end. So you should start thinking about picking up some silver eagles, maple leafs, 90% silver-pre 1965 coins, and whatever else suits your preference. But do it soon because the odds are the next big move is happening now. 

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