We start with a brief critique on the tempest in a teapot that was set off by Rush Limbaugh's derisive comments about a 30 year old student who testified before the US Senate, demanding that college insurance plans be forced to pay for contraceptives. While it was clear that her testimony was a set-up, to distract the American People from focusing on the collapsing economy, the creeping totalitarianism, and the total unfettered government corruption, it's even more clear that Rush took the bait. 

Becoming a veritable dump site for statist and collectivist attacks, Rush lost advertisers and was forced to apologize. Stooping to the level of statists and collectivists is never a wise move. They have monopolized the ability to use meaningless debates and provocations as a means of blinding the populace to their real plans. The main stream captive media merely facilitates this strategy. One must look beyond the immediate issue to understand that their real goal is maintaining the status quo and keeping those currently in power to that end. The real debate, "What is the purpose of government and what should it be doing?" will be addressed sooner or later. Until this matter is addressed, no serious progress will be made solving the country's and the world's problems. 

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Surprise surprise, John Corzine, global elitist financier and flim-flam man will not be prosecuted for his role in the MF Global theft and fraud. It seems that the US Attorneys involved just can't figure out if any crime was committed. There's so much paper work for them to review and it's just too hard. Never mind bringing the entire senior executive ranks before a grand jury to squeeze the truth out of them. Never mind the fact that CME Chief Terry Duffy, the head of a national exchange, testified before Congress that he was told that Corzine was aware that customer funds were being siphoned off to pay off MF Global bets that went South.

Obviously the competence level of all government employees has eroded to the point where they can't prosecute a crime, even when it's handed to them gift-wrapped. And don't expect this matter to be resolved in civil suits either. Most of them will be handled by the Bankruptcy Court Judge and will probably be tossed. So what we have here is another connected insider getting a free pass from the government and the Justice Department. When the history of the early 21st century is written, this incident will be referred as a tipping point, when confidence in both the financial system and the government disintegrated. 

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Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist, took time out today to review a number of stock and commodity indexes and their relative performances for the entire month of February 2012. While gold was down slightly, most other markets performed well. No doubt the ever increasing supply of fresh fiat currency has been feeding the rally. Even with the world wide economic slow down, the demand for commodities has held steady around the world.

Natural Gas took it on the chin, while the flaming oil rally eased off in the last couple of days. Due to Iranian tensions and Middle East uncertainties, rumors of oil at $150 per barrel could certainly put a damper on the world financial markets. However, at the present time, it’s full steam ahead. Eventually, all parties end. This one will too, but while it’s going on, you should make the most of it. Don’t forget platinum’s price is getting very close to gold’s and all things considered, it will probably pass it shortly.

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Did you know the Fed bought a new building just to house their manipulation and trading schemes? Seems they've run out of space, and they are greatly expanding their market interventions through the Plunge Protection Team or PPT as it's known in the trade. When will it all end? We no longer have free markets, and we no longer have the rule of law. This is a major concern not just in the US but in Europe as well.

Ty Andros joined us for the weekly market wrap-up, and we discussed defaults. Since when is a default not a default? The answer is when the banks say so! The big banks will have to pay out if Greece is ruled to have defaulted. In our insurance crazed world, people buy insurance in an attempt to protect themselves from virtually any risk. However, insurance against credit risks has just gotten much riskier. Now, refusing to pay off 80 percent of your debt is not even considered an event of default. It's hard to imagine a scenario that would ever trigger these contracts because they would result in the world's major banks having to pay out trillions in claims. 

As we said in Triple Lutz Report Episode #157, these elaborate insurance contracts will never get paid. These ridiculous contracts were simply part of a scam to make money for the elites. Now that they'll soon be gone, you can be certain a new scheme will be hatched, and the dance will continue on.

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David Morgan sits down and gives us an excellent post-mortem report of the Leap Day Metals Massacre. No, it wasn't little green aliens who have a fetish for the shiny metal that drove the price down yesterday, Leap Day 2012. Rather, it was the usual suspects who flooded the markets with sell orders that led to large losses for the day. It's indisputable that the paper silver and gold markets are dominated by certain non-profit sellers, whose main mission is to make the reserve currency look good. For that reason, when the traders see this series of events occurring, they will either step aside and wait until it's safe to go outside again, or they will pile on and extract easy profits.

This is why physical metals purchasers must buy on dips. The dips come often. With volatility on the rise, the dips will keep coming. Therefore, just be aware that prices will remain in a constant state of flux until a new economic system replaces the current failing one. There's really no other way for the individual to protect himself, except by staying out of the cross-fire. Keep your head down and your metals safe. 

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If you bought a lot of precious metals on February 28, 2012, then Leap Day was your nightmare come true. Gold down over $80 per ounce and Silver down over $2. However, today is a new day, and they're both up. While it may take a while for them to achieve new highs, they are quickly going through technical resistance points, and it could happen a lot faster than any of the "experts" believe possible. The key is to accumulate precious metals over time, never make big one-time purchases, unless you can do so at extremely attractive terms and prices. Slow and steady is the way to win the precious metals price race. At times you'll be averaging up and at others you'll be averaging down. But, you won't be experiencing the buyer's remorse that occurs after one of these dramatic pullbacks.

Remember, the price only matters when you're buying. Because, if you're like most precious metals investors, you won't be selling until much later and at much more advantageous prices. Or you may never sell, because gold and silver will be the only currencies accepted universally. Either way, if the time comes to start selling your metals hoard, you'll be purchasing stocks and real estate that are yielding 30 percent per year or more. So turn down the talking heads at CNBC, pop open a beer, and utter some prayers of thanks.

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