Michael Woody O'Brien has said, "Everybody with a 100 i.q. can see the Mother of All Financial Crashes is Coming...So why are so few people foaming their runways??" Which is just Michael's way of wondering why intelligent, well educated people refuse to see, what is as obvious as the nose on their faces. But we have all been through so much in the past decade, that our capacity to accept and anticipate still more negative events is at an end.

The fact is, the cruise ship is headed for the iceberg. The captain's been informed, but he refuses to take any action as he doesn't believe it's there. But there are a number of passengers who've seen it and know that a collision is inevitable. And they also know that there's not enough lifeboats to rescue everyone. They've decided that they are not going down with the ship and have already gotten into a boat that is most likely to survive and insure their escape from the disaster. Hopefully, you've done the same and you and your family will survive the inevitable sinking.

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