We start with a brief critique on the tempest in a teapot that was set off by Rush Limbaugh's derisive comments about a 30 year old student who testified before the US Senate, demanding that college insurance plans be forced to pay for contraceptives. While it was clear that her testimony was a set-up, to distract the American People from focusing on the collapsing economy, the creeping totalitarianism, and the total unfettered government corruption, it's even more clear that Rush took the bait. 

Becoming a veritable dump site for statist and collectivist attacks, Rush lost advertisers and was forced to apologize. Stooping to the level of statists and collectivists is never a wise move. They have monopolized the ability to use meaningless debates and provocations as a means of blinding the populace to their real plans. The main stream captive media merely facilitates this strategy. One must look beyond the immediate issue to understand that their real goal is maintaining the status quo and keeping those currently in power to that end. The real debate, "What is the purpose of government and what should it be doing?" will be addressed sooner or later. Until this matter is addressed, no serious progress will be made solving the country's and the world's problems. 

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