Federal News Radio just reported that morale among Federal Workers has taken a hit. They attribute the decline in worker happiness to a two year pay freeze, which really hasn't stopped workers from getting higher pay and constant bashing from Congress and the Public. From its website, it is difficult to tell whether this is a serious effort to inform the DC Federal Worker Community, or whether they're a union shill. To quote, "Federal News Radio features the talents of some of the best federal minds in the industry." We're not sure what a federal mind is, or what industry they're referring to, but in our opinion, if their minds were so great they wouldn't be working for the government in the first place.

Federal workers are unhappy because many of them are not suitably challenged by their work environment. Lack of challenge leads to worker unhappiness. If a person is not growing, they're going to be unhappy. Really simple concept that seems to have gone over the heads of Federal News. So perhaps it's time to encourage all those unhappy government employees to seek employment elsewhere, where they'll be more appreciated. And while we're at it, after the mass retirements take place, lets close down the departments where they used to work.

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