We review Michael Connelly's, the master detective novelist, latest effort The Drop, another Harry Bosch novel. Michael has been writing detective novels for twenty years. His portrayal of Harry Bosch, the rebellious, brilliant and tough as nails LAPD Homicide Detective is always riveting. When Bosch is on the scent, he will leave no stone unturned to find the responsible party and see that they wind up spending the rest of their life behind bars or six feet under.

Connelly works with many LAPD insiders in painting a scene of police politics and intrigue, that Bosch is somehow always able to surmount and solve the case,  despite unwarranted interference and meddling from the Brass. Harry's credo is "Everyone counts or nobody counts." Murder victims from the lowliest element of society to the upper echelons of the ruling class receive Harry's undivided attention and unrestrained efforts to close the case. And no one stands in Harry's way.

Whether you get the audio book or the printed edition, Bosch novels always keep you at the edge of your seat and the endings are always unpredictable.

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