As if we needed more proof of New York City's impending fail, this just came in--New York County DA Cyrus Vance, Jr. announced that his office would no long prosecute offenders who are caught urinating in public, engaging in public consumption of alcohol and a number of other low level offenses. Since Comrade DeBlasio took over as mayor, The City Council has been pushing to decriminalize these acts. (See NY Observer Article)

Now it appears that Vance has done the dirty work for them. However, take heart, the offenders can still be issued summones and will be arrested if they have outstanding warrants. Mr. Vance spun his moves as an efficiency measure that will enable his office to concentrate on serious crime and it will reduce the DA's and  Courts' overburdened docket. Note, this is policy applies to just one of New York's 5 boros, but how long will it be until the others adopt this work saving measure?

Gold just broke the 1263 resistance point, is the confirmation of a new bull market in the precious metals sector? It could very well prove so, I'll be convinced when it breaks 1300, even though that number has less technical significance. 

A former drug dealer/federal prisoner proves that you can learn valuable skills in prison and be rehabilitated. Joe Roddick learned poker in prison and became a professional high stakes player upon his departure. He's now proven that there's life after prison, becoming a millionaire in the process. 

Please end the Republican campaign and just acknowledge that Trump is the winner. Can't stand another one of these debates!

And much, much more...

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