When Comrade deBlasio was elected, I predicted that he would shortly drive the City down the tubes and eventually bankrupt it. It was inevitable. He proudly honeymooned in Havana and was impressed by the all that Castro had accomplished. I'm sorry to say that he has more than lived up to my expectations. Crime is up, there's a slasher(s) running loose on the subway, my daughter describes 14th Street as scene out of a Zombie Apocalypse and homelessness has risen to epidemic proportions. 

Marcella Sills, the worst school principal in New York City, and there's loads of competition for the title, has finally been fired. She's emblematic of the government's failing efforts to get anything important done. Shout out to Frank for sending it to me. 

Gold is up and closing in on $1200 the ounce. Silver is over $15. Will it last, I won't feel confident till it is closing in on $1300. But keep your eyes on the shiny metal.  And more...

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