A security researcher, Trevor Eckhart, recently made a startling discovery. Hidden inside every Android and iPhone is a program called Carrier IQ (CIQ), which is capable of monitoring virtually everything you do on a SmartPhone. And then it has the ability to send all that data back to your wireless carrier and then who knows where it will wind up and how it will be used. Perhaps these phones have become too Smart for our own good.

This is our worst nightmare potentially being realized. With our freedoms being eroded at a rapid rate, this is a biggie. A cellphone is an incredibly personal device that we all assumed was private. Now we find out that even if, Big Brother or Big Sis (Janet Napolitano-Secretary of Homeland Security) haven't actually been listening, they could have been. There's percious little that you can do to disable this program, even if you knew it was working.

CIQ claims that it's all being done for our benefit, to help carriers improve the quality of the service they deliver. Well that makes me feel much better. Perhaps now my calls will no longer be dropped when I pass by a bird feeder or go over a long suspension bridge. The carriers, the phone manufacturers and all responsible parties need to be investigated and punished accordingly.

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