Leave it to the fascist state to eliminate the little guy, when they perceive even the slightest threat. Phil Accordino thought he had the solution to exorbitant cigarette prices. Invent and market a machine that enables consumers to roll their own cigarettes, on the spot, thereby saving tons of taxes in the process. Seems Congress, as usual, screwed up when they last increased cigarette taxes. They left pipe tobacco alone and only applied the increase to cigarettes and cigars. 

Sensing an opportunity Accordino started marketing these machines to tobacco shops around the country. He cleaned up but will soon have to stop operations if Congress and Big Tobacco have their way. While they won't be raising taxes on pipe tobacco, they are going to kill his business with over-regulation. Any company producing tobacco anywhere, will be subject to killer regulations and safety rules. This means the stores will have to affix warnings to all cigarettes that are produced on their premises. Another step towards Turnkey Totalitarianism!

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