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We arrived at Nassau, Bahamas for Mark Skousen's Global Financial Summit, which is a Freedom Fest production. The changes on the island were striking. First we arrived at the new airport, a project that took nearly 5 years to complete. The Bahamian Government gave it over to a Canadian Company in exchange for future payments. Controversial perhaps, but they got the job done for next to nothing. Next, the Chinese are building a $2.6 hotel casino--Baha Mar. The project seems to be economically unviable. Is the real purpose to colonize the Bahamas, stash money out of the reach of the Communist Party, establish a forward operating base for a future conflict with the US or all of the above? We're not sure, but they shipped in 5,000 plus Chinese workers who are living on the site, in temporary housing that's fenced in. Some might call it a concentration camp. It is distrubing that such a workers' paradise just sprang up so close to the US. 

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