A dedicated group of young film makers is producing an animated full length feature film. The film is set in 2019, after a massive economic collapse has taken place. Tyranny, explosions, monetary mayhem, romance and a young rebel force take on the evil world financial controllers who report to the Fed. Ron Paul was asked to star in the movie, however it's set too far into the future for him to participate.

The production values of this movie are quite impressive as are the dedicated group who've made its release their life's work. They've been traveling around the country, seeking support for their cause, and they are finally nearing completion. Their goal is to educate and inform younger members of society, who feel disconnected and cheated but are uncertain of where their disdain comes from. As Megan Duffeld said, they are very sympathetic to the Occupy group, however, they want them to understand how the economy got to where it is now. 

We'll keep you posted and let you know when the film gets released. 

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