Ron Hera of joined us today to share his latest opinions on why paper money is often equivalent to theft. While there are many things wrong with fiat money, the main thing is it enables government to easily pick winners and losers. If you want to take advantage of an opportunity and you're part of the in-group, all you need to do is contact your connections, get a government license or a cheap government loan/subsidy and you're in. If you're an insolvent banker who doesn't know how you're ever going to get all those mortgages paid off, you call your friendly Fed and the next thing you know, you've gotten a generous bailout and the bonuses are flowing.

Obviously such inequities increase resentment among the not-so-connected group. This group is being fleeced for the benefit of the elites and cons, and they want justice. Judging from the aftermath of the financial collapse, this group is never going to get vindication because the elites look after each other and keep one another from being held accountable. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the average citizen to invest in places where he/she will not be subject to government confiscation. Ron Hera is a master at this fine art of evasive investing. This was a far ranging but extremely relevant discussion. 

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