Ian Farrar was fortunate to connect with legendary investor Jim Sinclair. Sinclair has been one of the acknowledged masters of precious metals investing. And he should be, he's been doing it for many decades now. In 2001, he predicted that gold would hit $1650 per ounce by January 11, 2011. He was only a few months off, a pretty amazing call made so many years ago.

What did Jim Sinclair know that the rest of us didn't? He understood what governments do in times of trouble, and he understood that the greatest currency collapse in history was on the horizon. While it is very difficult to predict the price of any security or commodity in the short term, some people are able to recognize and follow a long term trend. Gold and Silver have been in 11 year bull markets. You can trace the beginnings of their moves back to the end of the DotComm (DotBomb) era.

While many others have piled on into the precious metals bandwagon and have provided valuable commentary, only a few were spot on in 2001. Ian has followed Jim's advice to the "T" and has gotten through much of the Global Financial Collapse unscathed. But the good news is, it's not too late for you to do the same.

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