Greg McCoach is a frequent guest on the show. As I've stated before, he is one of the most canny mining stock investors around. His MiningSpeculator is invaluable when it comes to the number of stocks it covers and the depth of analysis it provides. Greg is not one to sugar coat poor performance or less than stellar management. As you'll hear now, "he has a bone to pick" with several companies. But there's a number of other companies that he's extremely bullish about.

Greg is brutally honest and never boring. The Financial Survival Network's thesis for 2012 is this year will prove to be a Gold Rush of epic proportions. Unlike others, we're not going to hedge and give you a bunch of platitudes about if this, that, or the other happens then things will be good. Frankly, we see nothing on the horizon to undermine the newly found confidence in precious metals as preserver and insurer of wealth around the world. We believe that when 2012 is looked at in the rearview mirror, many people will be kicking themselves for missing such easy opportunities to protect and increase wealth.

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