When Mark Skousen started Freedom Fest in 2002 he didn't think he was giving birth to a movement. Now, it's a decade later and thousands of people around the world are aware of Freedom Fest and routinely attend its events. I caught up with Mark at the Global Financial Summit in the Bahamas last week. As a freedom loving person, Mark was anxious to create a place where fellow freedom lovers could gather and start fighting the ever increases governmental encroachments. Far from being a US phenomena, governments across the globe have had an ongoing undeclared war on individual freedom and rights. At first, the incursions were minor and seemingly innocent. Now, with the Patriot Act, SOPA and so many other anti-freedom acts, the real plan has emerged.

G. Edward Griffin has believed for decades that the ultimate goal of the global elitist financial cabal was totalitarianism and the extinguishment of individual rights. It now appears that his fears are confirmed on a regular basis. Freedom Fest needs to become a statement of mind and a global movement by individuals to reclaim their sovereign rights. Mark Skousen has made an excellent first step.

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